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The Out-Years: The Future Cost of the BCS to Collegiate Athletics

As has been pointed out to us here at Coaches Hot Seat in the last day or so, that the BCS has cost collegiate athletics $4.83+ BILLION DOLLARS over the past 10 years is only half the story.  What about the future, the out years, if the BCS continues along and keeps crowning bogus National Champions, how much will that cost collegiate athletics?  Well, those are fairly easy numbers to figure up as well.  As we wrote in our last blog entry, in January 2009 the BCS will have cost collegiate athletics $5.52 BILLION DOLLARS over the 11 years of its life, because it exists instead of a 16 team college football playoff, which is the type of format for every other National Championship in collegiate athletics.  Now let’s look out a few years, and since the BCS Boys so proudly claim that ABC has a contract with Rose Bowl through 2014, let’s use that as the end year to see just how much money will not be going into collegiate athletic programs because of the BCS:


In January of the following years the BCS will have cost collegiate athletics the below amount of money (the numbers below are a running total):


2009 – $5.52 BILLION DOLLARS


2010 – $6.24 BILLION DOLLARS


2011 – $6.90 BILLION DOLLARS


2012 - $7.65 BILLION DOLLARS


2013 – $8.15 BILLION DOLLARS


2014 – $8.72 BILLION DOLLARS


2015 - $9.40 BILLOIN DOLLARS


Yes, that’s right, if the BCS stays in place instead of having a 16 team college football playoff, the BCS will have cost collegiate athletic programs $9.40 BILLION DOLLARS by January 2015.  In the 2014 season the BCS will be in its 16th year of existence and no doubt if it makes it that far there will have never been an institution that drained so many BILLIONS of DOLLARS from collegiate athletic programs and still did not crown a legitimate National Champion.


$9.40 BILLION DOLLARS!  Yes, that is indeed a lot of money, but let’s break that down a little.  Over the life of the BCS (through January 2015) its existence would have cost each of the 120 athletic programs that play I-A football: 



One can easily imagine what kind of impact that the BILLIONS of DOLLARS that are being left on the table by the existence of BCS on our collegiate athletic programs.  No doubt, the kind of money that the BCS Boys so stubbornly, so arrogantly, so foolishly don’t believe is important to the athletic departments of our colleges and universities, is indeed badly needed, even at top BCS conference programs.  One must ask, for what reason is the antiquated bowl system that does not crown a legitimate champion being kept around?  The BCS does not even come close to determining who is the best college football team each year, but rather is just a series of exhibition games that are basically meaningless, so why indeed does the BCS exist?  As Deep Throat (who we all know now was FBI agent Mark Fine) told Bob Woodward, “Follow the money.”  Yes indeed, if you follow the money in the BCS Boys case it is very easy to see why the BCS continues to exist even though it does not crown a legitimate champion and it denies BILLIONS of DOLLARS to our athletic programs.  It is THE MONEY; or rather THE CONTROL OF THE MONEY by the BCS Boys that is at the root of this stupidity, and one can only laugh at members of the media that defend the fraud that is the BCS.  If the BCS was actually legit, it would instituted in every sport in collegiate athletics, but that would be laughable, but it is the BCS Boys that are laughing (yes, they actually do laugh at members of the media that carry on this fraud and carry the water for them), but as they laugh athletic departments that badly need more funds to operate are being denied that money because of the BCS Boys’ arrogance.


What a nice little, and very bogus, system the BCS Boys have set-up here.  No legitimate National Champion, but that is of very little concern to them, because this is all about THE MONEY, and no one should ever forget that.  Just like Watergate, once all of the players in major college football, from the AD, to the college presidents, to the school trustees, to the big donors, down to the most important people, the fans who are increasingly being asked to pony up more dollars, learn about what an insidious and totally hypocritical operation the BCS really is, it will disappear with hardly a whimper.  Until then, the BCS rolls on costing athletic departments across this country over $15,000 DOLLARS everyday.


Yes, college football is going to have a playoff, and it will not be too long off into the future when everyone will look back at the BCS and wonder how anyone could have possibly supported such a bogus, fraudulent, and costly system for so long.      

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