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Is ESPN’s Sean McDonough Georgia Tech DC Al Groh’s Agent? – 2012 Post Week 1 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Top 10 Coaches On the Hot Seat! – No. 1 Frank Spaziani – No. 2 Jeff Tedford – No. 3 Mike Riley – No. 4 Randy Edsall – No. 5 Robb Akey – No. 6 Tommy Tuberville – No. 7 Derek Dooley – No. 8 Dan Enos – No. 9 Joker Phillips – No. 10 Mack Brown – Keith Jackson and Frank Broyles….The Best College Football TV Announcing Duo Ever!

Before we get to the First Coaches Hot Seat Rankings of the 2012 College Football Season we were wondering if anyone else knew or not if ESPN Play-By-Play Announcer on the Virginia Tech – Georgia Tech game last night, Sean McDonough, is Georgia Tech defensive coordinator Al Groh’s agent or not because McDonough sure seemed to be talking up Al on TV during the game on ESPN last night!

Oh, you don’t know the answer to that question then how about can someone explain to us why Georgia Tech’s defense was in the “Victory Defense!” against the Hokies when they had a 3 point lead with 44 seconds to go in the game and Virginia Tech having to go about 50 yards to get a shot at a tying field goal?

Check out the below video and witness how the pitiful Georgia Tech defense of Al Groh’s snatched defeat from the Jaws of Victory last night starting at the 12:32 mark where the Hokies wide receivers are allowed to run all over the field with NO ONE covering them!

Oh, Geez, check out the above video again at the 12:43 mark and notice that on 4 th down and the Hokies looking for enough yardage to get a shot at a field goal Georgia Tech DC Al Groh has his defensive back playing 8 YARDS off the Virginia Tech wide receiver who ran a simple IN-ROUTE for a gain of 23 YARDS which led to the tying field goal and the snatching of defeat from the Jaws of Victory for Georgia Tech!

Here’s a thought for Georgia Tech if they want to WIN the next close game: Play Defense like REAL MEN and REAL AMERICANS and put the defensive backs up on the wide receivers and jam their Damn asses and let the 3 safeties be in the game in that situation clean-up anything that gets around the DBs!

Oh, just some by the way info….

Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson has now lost SIX of his last EIGHT games and is about to find his rear-end on the Hot Seat if he doesn’t get both the Tech defense and offense straightened out!

We would like to welcome back the Great Johnny Cash as the opening act for the SIXTH Season of the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings!

Give ‘Em Hell Johnny!

2012 Post Week 1 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Top 10 Coaches on the HOT SEAT!

1.  Frank Spaziani, Boston College – Call us old-fashioned if you like but if we were sitting on a record of….

Overall: 20 – 19
ACC: 12 – 12

…in three seasons as the head coach at Boston College and we were opening the season AT HOME against a Miami team that went 6 – 6 in 2011 and is also under the cloud of a major NCAA investigation we would make Damn sure that our football team played like their hair was on fire and their Mammas and Daddies futures were on the line based upon the outcome of that opening game against the Hurricanes and what did Boston College under Frank Spaziani do to open the 2012 season:

Miami – 41
Boston College – 32

Oh, BC did come out playing like their hair was on fire as Jack McCloskey of ESPN Boston points out BUT….

Hurricanes overwhelm Eagles’ initial burst, ESPN Boston

“The Eagles called this game a benchmark, saying it would be a good indication of how far they need to go to be where they want to be.

If that’s the case, there’s still a long way to go.

Chase Rettig and the new-look offense started out Saturday like a house on fire, moving the ball efficiently and scoring touchdowns on their first two possessions.

Then the house just burned to the ground.”

Now that is FUNNY Jack!

Well, at least Boston College plays Big-Time Cupcake Maine next and then there is a trip to play at Northwestern which should be a mighty entertaining game and WILL BE one of the defining games of Frank Spaziani’s head coaching career because a 1 – 2 start would be a very unhealthy way for Spaziani to start the 2012 season especially with games against Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame and Virginia Tech still on the schedule!

2.  Jeff Tedford, California – It CANNOT be a good sign that the very week you are scheduled to coach the Cal Bears in the newly renovated Memorial Stadium that you put your $5.35 Million Dollar house on the market but that is EXACTLY what happened last week for Cal head coach Jeff Tedford who put his home up for sale at the very, very, very nice East Bay Blackhawk subdivision and a mighty nice house it is Coach Tedford!

Cal Bears coach Jeff Tedford Lists Danville Estate for $5.35 M, Realtor.com

Is there something you know about your future that we don’t Jeff?

Oh, and in case you didn’t know it Cal’s home loss to Nevada on Saturday is not going over so well among our Cal alumni friends who reached DEEP into their pockets to pony-up some serious BUCKS to help pay for that Hundreds of Millions of Dollars renovation of Memorial Stadium or as one of those Cal alumni friends told us over the phone on Sunday night:

“Two losses to Nevada in three years? Are you FREAKING kidding me Tedford?”

(We substituted “FREAKING” for another unnamed but easily assumed word since this is a family blog!)

Here’s the REAL problem for Jeff Tedford….

He is being paid around $3 Million Dollars a year


Since Cal won the Pac-10 title in 2006 the Bears are under Tedford…

Overall:  36 – 28
Pac-10/12: 21 – 24

….which for some reason the TWO above things….

The $3 Million Dollar Salary


The Mediocre Win/Loss Record and the LOSING record in the Pac-10/12 over the past 5 seasons

…just don’t seem to add up especially to California Bears football fans who also CANNOT forget that Tedford has lost 3 of the last 5 Big Games against Stanford!

Here’s the REALLY bad part for Jeff Tedford and Cal football in 2012 though…

We had the Cal Bears going 5 – 7 in 2012 and that included BEATING Nevada!

Uh – Oh!

Next up for Cal is Big-Time Cupcake Southern Utah which is a game that if Tedford loses he WILL BE fired right after the game, but up next after Southern Utah is…

At Ohio State


Can you say starting the 2012 season 1 – 3 for the Cal Bears?


Memo to Jeff Tedford:  It was probably wise to go ahead and downsize from that Blackhawk mansion especially since you have the Cal logo on the basketball court at your crib….

…..which would be kind of eyesore if Cal ran you out of Berkeley so selling the house now is probably for the best!

Hey, Bravo to Cal AD Sandy Barbour for dropping DirecTV and picking up Comcast so she could the Pac-12 Network at her home!

Give ‘em Hell Sandy and maybe that will send a message to the Sorry Ass Bastards at DirecTV that will not make a deal with the Pac-12 Conference to carry the Pac-12 Network. All of the 100-plus members of Coaches Hot Seat have DirecTV and many of us also have one line of cable from the local cable TV company into our homes as well and it would Oh So Damn easy for us to drop DirecTV as well and switch over to cable and if DirecTV doesn’t do a deal to carry the Pac-12 Network that is exactly what we will do and next summer in Sun Valley, Idaho we will make a point of chewing out DirecTV CEO Michael White in person over this issue which will be a great pleasure which will probably go something like this….

CHS:  “Oh, there is the guy I have been looking for. You are Michael White the CEO of DirecTV right?”

Michael White (with his Candy Ass cashmere cardigan sweater tied around his neck):  “Yes, and who do I have the pleasure in talking to?”

CHS:  “This is no pleasure visit White. Just what in the Hell is your problem in not carrying the Pac-12 Network? Come on spit it out and I want a straight answer!”

Michael White (taken aback that someone in prim and proper Sun Valley would dare question the “Great” Michael White):  “Well….Well…..I…”

CHS:  “Cut the crap White. I know you went to Boston College and have a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins so right out of the chute you know and I know you don’t know Bumpkis about football and intercollegiate athletics and we (points back to several CHS gang-bangers that jumped out of the bushes at the Sun Valley Resort each holding a 3-wood or driver and ready to use them if necessary) believe that you have something against the Pac-12 Conference. Now am I right or am I RIGHT?”

Michael White (reaches for his cell phone in his pocket and makes a call):  “Hey, I need security down here at the swiss coffee shop and pronto!”

CHS:  “Now White, these guys you are looking at behind me not only played sports in college they also helped to bring down the Freaking Berlin Wall…

….so I don’t think some Candy Ass Sun Valley security cops are going to do much for you this situation which can be easily solved by saying you will call Pac-12 commish Larry Scott when you get back to your room and cut a deal to put the Pac-12 Network on DirecTV. Capiche?”

Michael White:  OK, OK….I will call that hustler Larry Scott and cut a deal to put the Pac-12 Network on DirecTV, BUT if you tell Mike Slive and that Damn SEC Network he is working about this whole….whatever the Hell you call you threatening me and 10 of your goons jumping out of the bushes in golf attire with golf clubs at the ready….then the deal with the Pac-12 is off! OK?”

CHS:  “Mike Slive? Who is Mike Slive?”

3.  Mike Riley, Oregon State – The worst news for Oregon State and Mike Riley this week was that the Big-Time Cupcake game against Nicholls State was postponed due to weather and now the Beavers instead of opening up the season with a SURE WIN are now hosting WISCONSIN this Saturday in Corvallis to open up the season…..

Oh the Joy for Mike Riley that must be!

Oh, by the way after playing Wisconsin at home the Beavers have to play their next two games on the road at UCLA and at Arizona which are football teams that seem to have head coaches that are Very Damn Hungry for wins which reminds us that a few years ago Mike Riley was a head coach that was Very Damn Hungry for wins which just goes to show if you hand a man nearly $1 Million Dollars a year in a place like Oregon where you can live like a king on $100K a year one will often find that the motivation to win games and maybe even championships goes floating away in the wind and the thing about motivation when it goes floating away in the wind….it is Very Damn Hard to get it back!

4.  Randy Edsall, Maryland – What the Hell?

Maryland – 7
William & Mary – 6

What in the Hell was that to start the 2012 season for the Maryland Terrapins Randy Edsall?

Oh, by the way….

William & Mary was 5 – 6 in 2011!

After going a disastrous 2 – 10 in his first season at Maryland head coach Randy Edsall almost lost a game to William & Mary that would have sealed his fate because a loss to The Tribe for Edsall would have been an unmitigated disaster especially as fewer and fewer fans turn our for Maryland football games which makes next week’s game at Temple one of the biggest if not THE BIGGEST game of Randy Edsall’s coaching career.

Lose to Temple on the road and Maryland will return home to play Connecticut (Randy Edsall’s last coaching job) before a half empty or even less Byrd Stadium and if UConn wins that game there will be at least a 50 – 50 chance that Maryland will not win another game the rest of the year!

No, Randy Edsall is not on the Hot Seat….

Randy Edsall is on the “What exactly does the Face of the Sun feel like on your ass Randy” Seat?

5.  Robb Akey, Idaho – Hey, Eastern Washington has a nice I-AA football program…BUT….Idaho and especially Vandals head coach Robb Akey REALLY needed to beat Eastern Washington in that opening game because the next four games are TOUGH:

At Bowling Green (who could have beaten Florida in Week 1)
At LSU (Uhhhh, nothing to say here)
Wyoming (Playing very well these days the Cowboys are)
At North Carolina (In Chapel Hill? Oh, that will be tough!)

Can you say Idaho will start the 2012 season at 0 – 4?


Oh, check-out the rest of the schedule for the Vandals as well….

New Mexico State
At Texas State
At La. Tech
San Jose State
Texas – San Antonio
At Utah State

Uhhhhh……Robb Akey, if you have a big house that has a basketball court with the Vandals logo on it we would recommend putting that house up for sale and we mean quick!

Here’s a serious thought for Idaho football and Idaho athletics: Forget about I-A football and join the Big Sky Conference in ALL sports. Believe us, it is much more fun to be a BIG Fish in a small pond than a small Fish in a BIG pond and Idaho athletics would be doing itself a BIG favor if it went back to the Big Sky which by the way is now a Helluva sports conference!

6.  Tommy Tuberville, Texas Tech – Well, that Big-Time Cupcake for Tuberville and the Red Raiders (Northwestern State) was easy enough and now Tech has a Cupcake in Week 2 in Texas State…


Texas State, coached by none other than Dennis Franchione, went down to Houston in Week 1 and whipped some Houston Cougar ass…

30 – 13

…which means that Tommy Tuberville in Week 2 of the 2012 College Football Season will be playing a game at Texas State (why is Texas Tech playing a game AT Texas State? Please, can someone explain that Idiocy?) that could END Tommy Tuberville’s head coaching career because if “Tubbs” loses to Franchione in this game we would recommend that Tommy put his house up for sale outside Lubbock and start looking for a home in Florida somewhere near a golf course and see if Little Debbie Boy in Memphis can get ESPN on the line and see if they have any openings for analysts on football games for the bowl season and 2013!

The word out of Lubbock from our friends that are still Pissed-Off that Texas Tech ran off Mike Leach is that….

“The Pirate averaged 8 wins a year and if Tommy wins 8 games this year at Tech he will return in 2013. Anything less and Tubbs will have plenty of time to play golf next year!”

Uhhhh, Tommy, we would recommend you and your Red Raiders beat Texas State on Saturday and then New Mexico in Week 3 because that Big 12 is looking mighty Damn tough this year!

7.  Derek Dooley, Tennessee – Hey, a few of us here at Coaches Hot Seat got to see Tennessee put that beat-down on NC State in person at the Georgia Dome on Friday night and the Vols looked much better than they looked last season BUT we are talking about NC State….right? RIGHT!

Up next is Big-Time Cupcake Georgia State in Week 2 for the Vols and then the Florida Gators come to Neyland Stadium in Week 3 after spending a Saturday out in College Station, Texas which promises to be an intense trip especially after Will Muschamp’s “comments” about College Station a place you wouldn’t want to visit more than once!

Can Tennessee beat Georgia State, Florida and Akron to run their record to 4 – 0 before that September 29 game at Georgia in the stadium (Sanford Stadium) that Derek’s father Vince had a big hand in building?


But Dooley and the Vols better Damn be ready for Georgia State because that is a game that does not matter….unless YOU LOSE IT!

8.  Dan Enos, Central Michigan – Dan Enos did what he had to do in Week 1 and beat SE Missouri State BUT here comes a very TOUGH stretch of football…

Michigan State
At Iowa
At Northern Illinois
At Toledo


That is a tough stretch of five games that Enos and his Central Michigan team will be lucky to go 2 – 3 in and with records of…

Overall: 6 – 18
MAC: 4 – 12

…coming into the 2012 season at CMU Dan Enos is going to need EVERY WIN he can possibly get and with that tough out-of-conference schedule finding some wins in the MAC this season will be paramount for Dan Enos and his head coaching future.

9.  Joker Phillips, Kentucky – In his third season at Kentucky head coach Joker Phillips is finding out in a hurry that beating Louisville is very Damn important especially when your team is hovering around the .500 mark at the end of the year and after a second straight loss to the Louisville Cardinal things only get tougher from here on out for the Kentucky Wildcats.

MAC Conference team Kent State is up next for Kentucky in Week 2 and we hate to say this is a MUST WIN game for Joker Phillips but the TRUTH is that Kentucky just flat-out CANNOT lose to a MAC Conference team with the schedule they have coming up including a game in Week 3 against a very tough Western Kentucky squad which would just love to beat Big Bad Kentucky in any sport and especially football!

Take a look at Kentucky’s SEC schedule in 2012:

At Florida
South Carolina
Mississippi State
At Arkansas
At Missouri
At Tennessee

Wow! Now that is a TOUGH schedule and if Kentucky and Phillips could win 3 of the above games we would call that Very Good and splitting the above games at 4 – 4 would be a minor or even major miracle which means the Wildcats MUST beat Kent State and Western Kentucky in the next two weeks (and Samford out-of-conference in Week 11) and somehow find 3 other wins on the schedule to get to a bowl game because for Kentucky football the “Mendoza Line” is getting the team to .500 and taking the team to a bowl game with anything more than 6 wins being gravy….BUT…..5 wins or less at UK is looked at as underachieving in Lexington.

10.  Mack Brown, Texas – Our fishing buddies in Austin that are the kind of guys that have the University of Texas athletic logo on about Damn near everything they put on or touch when asked about the current state of the Texas football program and future of head coach Mack Brown let out one of those long sighs followed by something like….

“Hell, I don’t know. Does Mack really want to be the head coach at Texas?”

Long silent pause….

“Hell, I don’t know. One thing for Damn sure though….these last two seasons have been no Damn fun for us or Mack.”

Before we go any further take a look at Mack Brown’s yearly Win/Loss records at Texas from 2001 – 2009:

2001 – 11 – 2
2002 – 11 – 2
2003 – 10 – 3
2004 – 11 – 1
2005 – 13 – 0
2006 – 10 – 3
2007 – 10 – 3
2008 – 13 – 1
2009 – 13 – 1


Last two seasons for Mack Brown at Texas:

Overall: 13 – 12
Big 12: 6 – 11


As Mack Brown has been telling anyone who will listen the past few months (paraphrase):

“Used to when we had a down year here at Texas we won 10 games and the last two years the team has just gotten away from me and that is something we are in the process of changing to get back to the way we used to be.”

Well, we are about to find out how much Mack Brown REALLY wants to get Texas back to the top of Major College Football as the Longhorns were for most of the past decade including the 2006 Rose Bowl game which most of us here at Coaches Hot Seat were at before CHS ever existed.

Memo to Mack Brown:  Watch the below Fourth Quarter of the 2006 Rose Bowl, Texas vs. USC, with the call being made by the Great Keith Jackson (and Dan Fouts….OK Dan…you are Great Too!) and remember back to how badly you wanted the ‘Horns to beat the Trojans that night and ask yourself….

“Do you still have the same fire in your belly to win in 2012 like you did in 2006?”

If so….CARRY ON and take Texas Football back to the top!

If not….go play golf and go fishing and let someone else coach the Longhorns at the end of this year and if you were interested we are pretty sure someone in TV land would be willing to see if YOU Mack Brown were the next Frank Broyles who with Keith Jackson was in our opinion the BEST EVER college football announcing combination.

Some college football games with Keith Jackson and Frank Broyles on the call

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