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2012 Post Week 4 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – John L. Smith, Jeff Long, Bobby Petrino and the Complete Disaster That Is Arkansas Football

Before we get to the Post Week 4 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings we believe it has become self-evident to anyone that has been paying attention that after starting the season 1 – 3 and losing to Rutgers at home in Fayetteville on Saturday that Arkansas head coach John L. Smith WILL NOT be back as the head coach of Arkansas in 2012 so we have moved Smith to the same area of our CHS Rankings as UTEP head coach Mike Price of coaches that will NOT be returning to the sidelines with current their team in 2013. We do note though Mike Price is in the 30 th and last year of his legendary coaching career which included head coaching jobs at Weber State, Washington, Alabama (Oh, so briefly and job that Mike Price should have NEVER taken) and now at UTEP.

As for what lies ahead for the University of Arkansas football program after their 1 – 3 start while playing FOUR home games with their only win coming over I-AA Jacksonville State and with this remaining schedule…

At Texas A&M
At Auburn
Ole Miss
At South Carolina
At Mississippi State

….there is a very good chance that one of the most talented teams in Major College Football will only win THREE games in 2012 which has to be a Damn crying shame for Arkansas fans.

We don’t blame current Arkansas head coach John L. Smith for this current debacle because he accepted a non-turndown offer from Arkansas AD Jeff Long and we also don’t blame Jeff Long either for this disaster with the Arkansas football program because….


…lies with none other Bobby Petrino who from what we have read over the past few months LIED to his boss AD Jeff Long not one time in the aftermath of the motorcycle wreck of exactly what happened and who was involved but TWICE during the hiring process of Petrino’s girlfriend Jessica Dorrell for a job within the Arkansas football program.

As for if we would hire Bobby Petrino as a head football coach or to wash our cars when one considers the full-length of Bobby Petrino’s coaching career including the “Jet-Gate” incident when he was at Louisville and he met secretly with Auburn boosters that wanted to replace Tommy Tuberville (Tuberville had hired as Petrino as Auburn’s offensive coordinator only a couple of years before), the numerous incidents in our opinion of Petrino lying to people about interviewing for other jobs, notably LSU, when Petrino was the head coach at Louisville, the way that Petrino left the Louisville job for the Atlanta Falcons and the way that Petrino left the Falcons in mid-season for the Arkansas job we can only say that…


…on the hiring of Bobby Petrino to wash our cars because the simple TRUTH is we would not trust Bobby Petrino to wash our cars without us having to watch him all of the time.

Toss in also our opinion that Bobby Petrino is a Pompous Arrogant Ass that believes he is God’s Gift to Planet Earth and we are going to be very interested to see IF any athletic director and college president considers or does hire Bobby Petrino later this season to “lead” their football program because that will have to be a school that is so Damn desperate to win football games that it will toss out integrity, ethics, honesty, decency, discretion and a few other things to hire someone who we will say is a very good football coach but not much of a human being.

IF Bobby Petrino is a human being and the jury is still out on that here at Coaches Hot Seat Petrino must be going through a LIVING HELL right now after all that has transpired over the past year and we certainly feel for Bobby in his current situation and wish him and his family the best….BUT….forgetting the personal issues relative to Bobby Petrino and his family it really does BURN US UP that such a selfish and pitiful man put his own personal desires ahead of not only his family, not only his football team BUT ALL of the fans of Arkansas football that are now paying a heavy price as they watch what is nothing less than the Complete Meltdown of THEIR Arkansas football team as things fall to pieces right before their eyes.

This is a spot where we might say SHAME on you Bobby Petrino but does anyone really think that Bobby Petrino gives two rips about the current state of Arkansas football?


Now on to the Post Week 4 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings!

Tell them the ugly TRUTH Johnny!

Post Week 4 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

Top 10 Coaches on the Post Week 4 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Frank Spaziani, Boston College – In his 4 th season as the head coach at Boston College Frank Spaziani has put up a record of…

Overall:  21 – 21
ACC:  13 – 13

…which brings new meaning to the word AVERAGE and make no mistake about it Frank Spaziani did NOT take over an AVERAGE BC football program from the previous two head coaches Jeff Jagodzinski and Tom O’Brien.

Now at 1 – 2 on the season BC has left…

At Army
At Florida State
At Georgia Tech
At Wake Forest
Notre Dame
Virginia Tech
At NC State

…and to our eyes here at Coaches Hot Seat when looking over the above games if BC does not play a lot better than they have in the first three games of the year the Eagles will be lucky to win…

4 Games in 2012!

If Frank Spaziani and BC only win 4 games in 2012 or even don’t make it to a bowl game there will be a head coaching change on Chestnut Hill and from where we sit we would walk from where we are at right now 2,000 plus miles to the West in the High Rockies for the head coaching job of Boston College because we love the city of Boston (not counting the Wacko Liberal Nuts that are around every corner!) and it is our opinion that there is no reason in the world that BC cannot be the best Major College Football team in the Northeast section of the United States and in FACT there is no excuse why BC is not a Major College Football power in the Eastern United States right now.

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2.  Robb Akey, Idaho – Robb Akey and his Idaho Vandals almost got a win on Saturday at home losing to Wyoming in overtime and now after starting the 2012 season 0 – 4 the schedule lightens up a bit BUT not before a trip to Chapel Hill to play North Carolina. With the following games left….

At North Carolina
New Mexico State
At Texas State
At La. Tech
San Jose State
Texas – San Antonio
At Utah State

….Akey and his Vandals could play very Damn hard and maybe not win more than 3 games in 2012 which would be just another step backwards for Idaho football which won the Humanitarian Bowl in 2009 under Akey and has mostly struggled since.

Our recommendation to the folks at the University of Idaho:  If the Mountain West Conference is not going to add Idaho athletics to their conference in the very near future a smart move would be a move to the Big Sky Conference and the FCS division for football and Division I in the NCAA for all their other sports although from what we hear there are plenty of boosters of Idaho football that would rather see their football team get the Hell beat out of them every year than have to drop back down to the Big Sky Conference which we say again is a Helluva sports conference and getting bigger and better it seems every year.

3.  Jeff Tedford, California – The report from our USC buddies that were at the LA Coliseum on Saturday for the Cal – USC game was that both Cal and USC played pretty average football and that if Cal had made fewer mistakes (where have we heard that before?) they would have given the Trojans a better game BUT another loss by Cal to USC means that is…..

10 Straight Losses by Cal to USC!

Jeff Tedford’s record at Cal since 2006 when Cal won the Pac-10 Conference title is…

Overall:  37 – 31
Pac-10/12:  21 – 25

…which is only AVERAGE at best for us here at Coaches Hot Seat but is the record of an…


…..for the folks in Berkeley!

Now at 1 – 3 on the season Cal has left…

Arizona State
At Washington State
At Utah
At Oregon State

….which is a Helluva tough remaining schedule and means that in today’s…

Age of the Candy Ass when “Everyone’s A Winner!”

….Tedford and Cal will need to win 5 of their remaining 8 games to go to a bowl and if you are…

6 – 6

….in Berkeley YOU ARE GOLDEN!

4.  Randy Edsall, Maryland – More years ago than we would want to admit a fairly well-known former head coach on the I-A level told one of us here at CHS before taking over a head coaching job with a team that would need some major rebuilding to get it back to being a winning football program said in response to the CHS member asking how he was going to rebuild that program:

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Since that came out of the mouth of a very tough football coach that was about to lay down the law with his new football team it was a comment that has always opened our eyes here at Coaches Hot Seat and which we have seen play out during dozens of command and executive changes over the years when new leaders make missteps at their start of their new job when they ask a lot of their new troops, employees or football players without making it very clear in both verbal and non-verbal ways how much that new leader cares about his or her people.

Maryland head coach Randy Edsall unfortunately made a series of major and minor missteps when taking over the Terrapins football program STARTING WITH how Edsall left his UConn players in the middle of the night without saying goodbye and thanking them for playing so hard for him while he was at UConn which Edsall then followed up with a dozen or more gaffes at Maryland that unnecessarily alienated players, fans and boosters and what was has been the result on the field for Edsall at Maryland?

Overall:  4 – 12
ACC: 1 – 7

After the somewhat close loss to a very good West Virginia team on Saturday Maryland enters ACC play in two weeks playing Wake Forest at home which may be one of the biggest games of Randy Edsall’s coaching career because Wake Forest may very well be the easiest game left on Maryland’s schedule…

Wake Forest
At Virginia
NC State
At Boston College
Georgia Tech
At Clemson
Florida State
At North Carolina

…and Edsall and the Terrapins need 6 wins this season in the worst way to get a bowl game and if you see 4 wins out of the 8 games Maryland still has to play please raise your hand?

NO, we do not see very many hands raised!

5.  Derek Dooley, Tennessee – With the way the MAC Conference has been playing this season whipping up on Bogus BCS Conference teams we should give more credit to Tennessee beating Terry Bowden’s Akron team 47 – 26 BUT we are talking about Tennessee football playing at Neyland Stadium…right?


Thus Derek Dooley is still on the Hot Seat after starting the season at 3 – 1 and now it gets tough for Dooley and his Vols with…

At Georgia
At Mississippi State
At South Carolina
At Vanderbilt

Why do we get the feeling that Tennessee might very well have to win that season ending game against Kentucky to get 6 wins and get a trip to a bowl game?

Because that is one Damn tough schedule the Vols have left that’s why!

Of course, Tennessee could waltz into Sanford Stadium next Saturday and beat the Georgia Bulldogs which would get Dooley off the Hot Seat and the Tennessee Vols rolling….BUT….does anyone see that happening?

What do you think Lewis?

6.  Kevin Wilson, Indiana – Indiana is 2 – 1 on the year after wins over I-AA Indiana State and Massachusetts and a loss to MAC Conference team Ball State and now the TOUGH part of the schedule begins with…

At Northwestern
Michigan State
Ohio State
At Navy
At Illinois
At Penn State
At Purdue

….and to that schedule we can only ask…..

Indiana supposed to be good in basketball this year….right?


7.  Joker Phillips, Kentucky – In his third season at Kentucky Joker Phillips records are…

Overall:  12 – 17
SEC:  4 – 13

…and now at 1 – 3 on the season after the Wildcats got the Hell beat out of them by the Gators on Saturday Kentucky has left…

South Carolina
Mississippi State
At Arkansas
At Missouri
At Tennessee

….and to that schedule we can only ask…

Kentucky supposed to be good in basketball this year…right?


On a more serious note if Joker Phillips and his Wildcats can win 5 of their next 8 games to get to 6 – 6 on the year then Phillips should be Coach of the Year in the SEC and to that possibility we can only ask….

Kentucky supposed to be good in basketball this year…right?


8.  Kirk Ferentz, Iowa – The first time that any of us here at Coaches Hot Seat first laid our eyes on the state of Iowa was in the Fall of 1979 when we went to Iowa (and New Hampshire) to work in the Presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan who was running for the 1980 GOP nomination and that trip to Iowa 30 plus years ago now was a defining moment in many of our lives because of the big impact that the very good Damn people of Iowa of all political persuasions had on us and for the most part Iowa is still in our opinion filled with some of the best and hardest working people in America.

With the above in mind we have a question….

How in the Hell is it possible for someone in Iowa to make almost $4 Million Dollars a year…

Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz

….while doing only Average or Below Average Work?

No, it just doesn’t make sense that the Iowa football alums and fans would pay someone almost $4 Million Dollars a Year to put up this kind of record over the past three seasons…

Overall:  17 – 14
Big Ten:  8 – 8

….because in Iowa or California almost $4 Million Dollars a Year is SERIOUS MONEY and when you are making SERIOUS MONEY should you EVER lose to a MAC Conference team at home that had won…

7 Games over the past 3 seasons?

NO is the Very Damn Easy answer to that question!

Here’s what should scare the Hell out of Iowa fans….

Iowa hasn’t even played a Big Ten Conference game yet and they are 2 – 2 on the season with losses to Iowa State and Central Michigan and wins over Northern Illinois and Northern Iowa and with these games now still remaining:

At Michigan State
Penn State
At Northwestern
At Indiana
At Michigan

Putting aside for a moment that Big Ten Football now EQUALS Powder Puff Football is there anyone else that thinks that the Hawkeyes are going to have a hard time getting to 6 wins in 2012 if they keep playing the way they played in their first four games?

Oh, there seem to be lots of hands up saying that the Hawkeyes are going to have a hard time getting to 6 wins in 2012? We agree!

Please, if Iowa football fans and alumni end up paying someone almost $4 Million Dollars a Year (Yes, Iowa fans and alumni ARE PAYING Kirk Ferentz’s almost $4 Million Dollars a Year salary) that cannot even coach his team to 6 wins when playing two MAC Conference teams and one I-AA team out-of-conference then Kirk Ferentz has to be…

The MOST Overpaid Human Being on Planet Earth!

Who seems to have an agent that can roll a few folks in Iowa at the negotiating table!

9.  Charlie Weis, Kansas – Earlier this spring we here at Coaches Hot Seat sent out a poll question to our members that asked:

“After what game in the 2012 season will Kansas head coach Charlie Weis be in the Top 10 of the Coaches Hot Seat Ranking?”

We also attached Kansas’ 2012 schedule to the above question:

South Carolina State
At Northern Illinois
At Kansas State
Oklahoma State
At Oklahoma
At Baylor
At Texas Tech
Iowa State
At West Virginia

The majority of Coaches Hot Seat members answered the question….

“After what game in the 2012 season will Kansas head coach Charlie Weis be in the Top 10 of the Coaches Hot Seat Ranking?”

And the answer was:  NORTHERN ILLINOIS!

What a surprise…..NOT….that Charlie Weis checks in after the NORTHERN ILLINOIS game at No. 9 on the Post Week 4 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings!

Now at 1 – 3 on the year and with the Jayhawks only win over I-AA South Carolina State and these games remaining…

At Kansas State
Oklahoma State
At Oklahoma
At Baylor
At Texas Tech
Iowa State
At West Virginia

…is there anyone else besides us here at CHS that thinks the Kansas Jayhawks have their ONE WIN for the 2012 season?

Oh, that is lot of people nodding YES there in the crowd!

To those nods of your heads we can only ask…

Kansas supposed to be good in basketball this year…right?


10.  Tommy Tuberville, Texas Tech – We predicted that Tommy Tuberville and his Red Raiders would start the 2012 season at 3 – 0….

CHS Tommy Tuberville and Texas Tech 2012 Prediction

….BUT that Tubbs and Tech would finish the year at 5 – 7 in the increasingly tough Big 12 Conference.

Now that Texas Tech’s THREE CUPCAKES are out of the way (NW State, Texas State and New Mexico) Big 12 Conference play gets underway and here is what Tech has left…

At Iowa State
West Virginia
At Kansas State
At Oklahoma State

Ouch! Save Oklahoma which has NO quarterback and NO offense and Charlie Weis’ Kansas team there is not an easy game left on Texas Tech’s schedule and in a season where Tubbs probably needs 7 wins to keep the Red Raider fans at bay we can only say…

Coach hard Tubbs!

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