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5 Great Players and Only 1 Winner of the Heisman Trophy – Congratulations to Mark Ingram – College Bowl Payouts Don’t Always Add Up – Sadly, Nothing New With the Real Reality of Bowl Math – CHS Final Regular Season Rankings Coming Up AND More Critiques/Rankings On the Way – Meanwhile in the Real World…. – The “Climate Change” Travesty And What Has Happened in California Can Teach You About Current Events

One thing for sure, there were 5 great football players at the Heisman Trophy ceremony last night and any of them would have a legitimate claim on the best football player in the land.  We have never been big on individual awards in team sports because it is the team that surrounds a superstar that leads to the individual accolades and one rarely hears the names of those players that opened up holes, blocked or occupied others or otherwise were great team members.  Still, the Heisman Trophy winner is a marker of sorts of what happened in each college football season and there certainly have been some great football players of years past that when we think of them we often think of the Heisman Trophy. 

Mark Ingram had a very nice year at Alabama playing in a very tough conference but like the rest of the 2009 college football season it is not easy for us to recall the reason he ended up with the Heisman or why 2 of 5 unbeaten teams were chosen to play in a bogus title game.  Such is absurdity of college football in 2009 where no one can honestly look you in the eyes and say that this team or this player is better than another team or player when they have not faced off on the field, because the difference between teams and players has never been smaller.  Guess what?  It will only get smaller in the coming years and that reality will really make the BCS look stupid, but then Bill Hancock and his PR hack Ari Fleischer say all is well!  Yes, all is well if you are a Candy Ass!

Pete Fiutak of College Football News in his latest, Instant Analysis – Ingram’s Heisman Win, makes some great points about the 2009 Heisman voting and some reforms that the folks running the Heisman might consider in the future.  As Fiutak points out, one of the biggest problems with the Heisman and in college football is that there are too many people that have votes and influence that watch relatively very few football games.  That the head coaches voting in Coaches Poll watch less football than your Aunt Edna is well known by anyone with a working brain, that the Harris Poll voters are participating in what is nothing more than a rigged poll thrown together to try and create some legitimacy for the Bogus BCS is known to all, and the computer polls are…..well, anyone stupid enough to allow or support using computers that are programmed by computer geeks to help decide the champion in the game of college football….well, they are beyond help.  There is core group of national, regional and local media members, approximately 200 to 300 people, that follow the game of college football very closely and probably have the best handle on which teams and players are best in any given week and over and entire season, but the geniuses running the BCS tossed their AP poll out because they would not guarantee their final vote for the winner of a bogus title game.  Again, such is life in college football in 2009 when you have a bunch of Candy Asses backed up by another group of Candy Asses in charge of the game of college football.  Yes, that makes a lot of sense!  If you are a Candy Ass!

We have a hellava situation with college football:  Real men both coaching and playing the game of college football supported by real fans that give a damn about their teams and schools and the entire shooting match is run by a bunch of Candy Asses.  Yes, that makes sense, but then any American that can actually defend the BCS with a straight face has in our opinion sacrificed their right to call themselves an American because Americans are not Candy Asses….Unless you work in, for, or support the Bogus BCS…

Congratulations to Mark Ingram for winning the 2009 Heisman Trophy and best of luck to you in the future.  Like all 5 of the Heisman finalists, Ingram is a great football player and a class act off the field and we need all the men like Mark Ingram that we can find.


Speaking of Candy Asses running an absurd college football bowl system, Kevin Gorman of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review blows a hole in the idea that the current bowl system is somehow a big windfall money wise for college football programs in his column:  College bowl payouts don’t always add up.  In fact, most college football teams that are heading to bowl games often hope to not lose money on the trip, forget about some kind of bogus windfall that is trumpeted by the bowl executives and their supporters that rather enjoy the money they put into their pockets off the backs of our teams.  Bowl games are what they are, they are meaningless exhibition games and if would be laughable if basketball, baseball, soccer or any other intercollegiate sport used the same post-season system that college football has because in the real world teams go to the post-season to play for a championship, not to go on vacation.  Hey, its great that college football teams get a vacation, get some extra practices, get to play in a meaningless exhibition game, but coaches, players, ADs, and fans are just kidding themselves if they think 6-6 or even 7-5 teams with a win over a I-AA team is anything other mediocrity being rewarded.  Of course, with the NCAA basketball tournament looking at expanding from 64 teams to 90-something teams, we are just seeing more folks in intercollegiate athletics trying to figure out a way to reward mediocrity which is probably one of the biggest themes running throughout American society right now.  No, when Johnny says that 2 + 2 = 5 he is not “wrong” but merely confused momentarily, but most off all he is a “winner” whatever he does because God-forbid we have a child think he or she’s not a winner.  No, we can’t have that, because it is evil for a child to think he is a loser.  When the folks that are perpetuating mediocrity in our country wake up one day and everyone around them believes that they are winners because that is what they have been told their entire life, whether they won or not, and realize that America is no longer competitive in the world, please don’t forget the mantra that college football players now dream of shouting:  “Bowl eligible, we are Bowl Eligible!”  Uh, while America is dumbing down our youth and we have student-athletes screaming out “Bowl Eligible” the rest of the world is reading about the things that made America great, freedom, liberty, capitalism, competitiveness and very shortly they are going to whip our ass at our own game.  Of course, we will have teams playing in bowl games with 6-6 records, “So we have that going for us!”

Early next week we will be out with the Final Regular Season Coaches Hot Seat Rankings and also the final Winningest Active Coaches Ranking after the ’09 regular season which is one of our favorite rankings here at Coaches Hot Seat.  CHS subscribers can see all of our rankings right now, but we will also put them in to the CHS blog next week.

We are also still working on a couple of other items that we plan to publish before Christmas, the Top 100 Assistant Coaches List and the CHS Television Media Critique (Rankings?) which got thrown off-track when a lot of us here at CHS and our families came down with H1N1 in November.  We have been working on both of the above lists/rankings with gusto and they should be great fun to go over in the upcoming long and absurd lull between the end of the regular season and the bowl games.  Again, only a Candy Ass could dream up and defend the Bogus College Football Postseason.  Only a real Candy Ass!


Meanwhile in the real world…..

On this Sunday morning on the West Coast of America we have been watching with great interest the developments in Copenhagen, Denmark with the “Global Climate Summit.”  Like all Americans that give a damn about their country and their children/grandchildren’s future we pay attention to anything that could affect the future and the crowd that has gathered around the ideas of global warming and climate change in the last 20 years are of a great concern to us.  The one thing that everyone here at Coaches Hot Seat is still waiting on is real evidence, we mean real scientific evidence that CO2 is responsible for the 1.4 F temperature degree rise in the last 30 or so years.  We have yet to ever read about anyone, ever met anyone or come across anyone that can actually connect the rise in CO2 in recent years to a very small 1.4 F degree rise and we would be thrilled if there is anyone on this planet that can actually prove with real facts, not bogus models that have bogus data and parameters plugged into them, but real science that CO2 has cause the Earth to warm 1.4 F degrees or is in fact causing climate change.  We are not holding our breath on that challenge, because far from the science of global warming or climate change being settled, the entire field of “climate science” is built upon models that have up to this point been dramatically wrong in their predictions and anyone that believes that a human can predict what the climate will be like on our planet a year from now forget about 10, 20, or even 100 years from now is way beyond the stupidity of the BCS Boys, you have lost all sense of reality.

Yes, there has been a 1.4 F degree change in the last 30 years, but where exactly does that fit in the history of the Earth, at least as far back as we can determine with our most advanced technologies and science?  We are glad you asked, because below is chart that shows temperature changes on the Earth from the Greenland Ice Cores which is by far the most accurate way to determine what the Earth was like in its history, especially compared to the bogus studies using “selected” tree rings and “rigged” temperature data that for some reason the folks responsible for compiling the date cannot now find.  Let’s see just where the latest 1.4 F degree change fits in relative to temperature changes on the Earth in the last 15,000 years.


Do you see the current “global warming” and “climate change” that is claimed by the Chicken Little crowd that is screaming to anyone that will listen that the world is coming to and end?  As you can plainly see, the recent 1.4 F degree rise is but a very small change in the last 15,000 years, but for some reason many of our elected officials think that Americans should dramatically alter their lives to save the planet but we cannot find a shred of evidence that what these folks are claiming is actually true.  In fact, the recent ClimateGate emails and the hiding and losing of real temperature data has only confirmed what we have thought for a long time about the global warming crown….It is HORSESHIT!  Far from the world coming to an end, we do not believe there is shred of evidence that can be produced by any reputable scientist that the recent 1.4 F degree change has been caused by the rise in CO2, but that is not stopping our own government and people from around the world that are meeting in Copenhagen to make plans to dramatically alter the way industrialized nations and their citizens live their lives and to that we must call…BULLSHIT.

Of course, the elected officials and the Chicken Little crowd that are very quick to say the world is coming to an end often have no idea how their ideas and policies will actually impact the real world since very few of these people have ever had to make a living not working for government or a quasi-government agency.  People that work for the government have very little understanding that every time they raise taxes, put in new regulations, and put burdens onto the backs of businesses and individuals they have a dramatic impact upon on economies and the lives of citizens and we have experienced that reality first hand here in California.  Long before the Chicken Little crowd gained the upper-hand in Washington DC the fruitcakes in the state of California that have been waging an ongoing battle against business for a couple of decades now and recently they passed their own “global warming” bill, AB 32 in September 2006, and the impact of that bill has been terribly detrimental to the state.  The goal of AB 32 is reduce man-made California greenhouse gas emissions back to 1990 levels by 2020 and the affect of that bill is that the electricity and power bills of all Californians has doubled and in some cases tripled in a very short amount of time.  Imagine for a moment if something like California’s AB 32 passed the Congress and was signed by into law by the President of the impact it would have across the US on all Americans, because all of us here at Coaches Hot Seat have seen dramatic increased in our home power bills and the current “climate change” bill that has passed the US House and is now about to be considered in the US Senate would raise power and electricity rates even higher and subject CO2 to a “Cap and Trade” market which would effectively put the greedy bastards on Wall Street in charge of your home power bill.  Yes, lock in higher power bills for all Americans all based on faulty science that no scientist can actually prove with real scientific data and then turn over the future price of energy to the greedy bastards on Wall Street that are all too happy to steal money from the American people.  Yes, that make a lot of sense… If you are a moron… 

What elected officials do not realize is that every time you create a new or raise a current tax, every dollar that you take out of the hands of Americans has a direct impact upon the private economy.  Most liberals do not understand that idea because they believe that they no better how to spend the money we earn than we do and thus the reason that Washington DC has turned into a cess pool where both Democrat and Republican politicians believe that the US Treasury is little more than their own personal piggy bank and that if we have to issue more debt to satisfy their needs, “Then issue more debt, the country be damned!”  Here in California as the cost of electricity, power, and gasoline have gone up in recent years hundreds of billions of dollars have been removed from the bank accounts and pocketbooks of all Californians and redistributed to create a pittance of “green jobs” that have not to this point and never will in the future have a dramatic impact up on the state’s economy (There never will be a large wave of new “green jobs” in the US or anywhere else because energy is just too small of a part of the economy even when the government intervenes and gives massive incentives to power/energy companies, which they have been doing for years to very little real effect on the economy).  It is just common sense that when you double or triple the cost of electricity and power that the money that is now being spent by consumers on power is then not then being spent in the private economy and that is how you end up with jobs, businesses, families, companies fleeing California and even the US and setting up in places where the cost of doing business is more reasonable.  The cost of living in and doing business in California has gotten so high in the last 10 years that just moving across the state line to Nevada will easily half or even more the costs of the average business and for an individual that makes over $100,000 dollars a year, it will save his family over 10 percent in income taxes.  That is real money and liberals that believe you can just keep raising taxes and piling on higher energy bills and it will not have an impact upon the economy, have evidently not been in California lately which is being destroyed by high taxes, massive amounts of regulations and out of control spending.  Sound familiar?  If a climate change bill gets signed into law at the federal level the US will turn into California which is right now nothing more than a broke state that is just a whisper from total and complete insolvency. 

Getting back to the direct impact of AB 32, the California climate change bill, we will give you a real idea of how this bill has affected the lives of Coaches Hot Seat members and how a climate change bill would affect your life out there in America if something like it on the national level was ever signed into law.  Most of the Coaches Hot Seat members live very near the San Francisco Bay and thus we are lucky to live in place that has some of the best weather on the planet.  Most of us never turn on an air conditioner in our houses and we usually only run our heaters for 45 to 60 days each year in our very short winter.  Yes, we are very lucky to live in a place that has great weather, but even though we never run an air conditioner and the heater in our houses gets run less than 20 percent in any given year our average home power bills (electricity and natural gas) have gone up in the last 5 years from around $200 bucks a month on average to over $500 bucks a month.  For friends of ours that live out away from the SF Bay area that have to run their air conditioners and heaters some of the year but by all means not a majority of the year they have experienced their home power bills rising from around $400 bucks a month on average to $1,000 dollars or even a lot more per month.  If you are living out there in America we can tell you that no matter what your elected officials tell you about the costs of the current climate change legislation that is being considered in the Congress, you can at least double and maybe even triple your current home power bill and that is what you will experience if a climate change bill becomes law.  Those are facts and the reality right now here in California and the same thing will happen in America is a climate change bill is signed into law at the federal level.

In addition to your home power bill going up by at least double, expect the cost of your gasoline to go up as well because for most of us here at Coaches Hot Seat, we are still paying over $3.00 dollars a gallon because of the high taxes on gas in the state of California.  Yes, the impact upon your life will be dramatic, but what the folks that are barreling ahead with climate change legislation in the US do not understand is that in a country like the US where Americans for the most part live paycheck to paycheck is that when you dramatically increase the cost of their home power bills and the cost of gasoline, the impact upon private economy will be huge.  Just imagine that for the average family that makes around $60,000 a year if they are suddenly hit with an extra 300 to 400 dollars in higher home power bills and another 50 dollars a month for the cost of gasoline and you are very quickly talking about adding $500 bucks a month in fixed costs to the average American family’s budget.  Do elected officials, especially liberal elected officials that love to run around and brag about how they are saving the world with all the bills they are passing understand that basic family budgeting arithmetic?  We don’t think so, and that is why Americans should be paying very close attention to not only what is happening in Washington DC when it comes to climate change legislation, which we consider one of the worst and possibly disastrous bills to ever be considered by the Congress, but also what is now going on with this Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen. 

The thing has most struck us as very odd about President Obama and the people he has around him that advise him climate issues, is that how few of them have ever held a real job in the real world.  In fact, President Obama has some scientists around him that we would not trust to turn on a Bunsen Burner but somehow they have gotten into influential positions to advise the President and others on climate change issues and they have no idea of how a dramatic impact their preferred polices would have upon the American people.  President Obama also has another group of people around him advising him on climate issues, we call these folks the jackals, because they clearly represent private citizens and companies that will make a huge windfall in the hundreds of billions of dollars if a bogus climate bill is passed by the Congress and signed into law.  What a striking difference it is that President Obama has clueless scientists and what we consider to be jackals looking out for themselves and their friends that advise him on climate issues and the way that Obama considered all sides of the issues relative to Afghanistan before committing more troops to that conflict.  On Afghanistan, President Obama looks at all sides of every issue, hearing from people that are pro, con and in between, but on climate issues Obama is surrounded by people that have one point of view and even worse stand to benefit personally if a climate change bill is signed into law in the US.  Yes, those are the facts as we see them, and it is not just lately that President Obama has been surrounded people on climate issues that are spouting what we consider to be little more than propaganda, because way back when then Senator Obama was beginning his run for the Presidency he added members to his campaign team that have been feeding him that same propaganda for years now.  Do you not believe that President Obama wants to do to the country what AB 32 and these fruitcake wackos have done to the people of California?  Let’s go to the videotape:


The above videotape is from when then Senator Obama sat down with the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board in early 2008 when he was running for President.  Here’s what he said:

Senator Obama:  “Under my plan of a Cap and Trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

Well, President Obama, electricity rates have already skyrocketed here in California and it is our opinion that electricity rates across the United States would skyrocket, going from around 10 to 15 cents per KW to over 30 cents per KW as we now have here in California.  There really is no getting around then Senator Obama’s words and we believe that unless the American people are ready to add another $500 bucks a month in power costs to their monthly budget they better damn get their elected representatives on the phone and tell them to put the KABOSH on the Climate Chang bill that has already passed the US House and is about to be brought up in the Senate.

As for what should really be on the national agenda when it comes to Energy in America, the United States needs a comprehensive Energy Policy that will move us away from imported oil to the US using more of the our own energy right here at home.  Our own oil, natural gas, solar, wind, oil shale, coal, nuclear power, battery technologies and other new energy ideas that are now being considered should all be part of the mix for our Energy future, but we do not believe that the current proposals being considered in Copenhagen and Washington DC will do a thing about global warming and climate change, but will rather do what they are really designed to do, transfer TRILLIONS of dollars from the American people to other countries around the world.  Far from the President and Congress considering a comprehensive Energy bill that could transform our economy, the current Climate Change bills before the Congress do little more than transfer hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars from the American people to power companies, “green” companies, venture capitalists, greedy bastards on Wall Street and every other vulture that can find a few bucks to hire a lobbyist to get his company into the bill and onto the government dole. 

That last line brings us to the current Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen and what his Summit and Climate Change is really about.  No, for the vast majority of the people in Copenhagen and others that are behind this movement this is not about global warming or climate change or saving the world or anything else, rather it is about…..


That’s right, this entire Climate Change Summit is about how much money will America and other western countries “give” to developing countries, even China, because of the CO2 we emit to power our economies.  You didn’t know or understand that?  Well, it is about time that you woke up and realized what global warming and climate change is really about when you get down to where the rubber meets the road, or in Copenhagen behind the curtain where they are this very moment dividing up how much of the American people’s money countries from around the world are going to get.

Still don’t believe that?

Read this column by Dr. Bill Gray, the renowned hurricane forecaster and Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University:

Puncturing the Climate Balloon “There has been an unrelenting quarter century of one-sided indoctrination”

Or even better is this column by Weather Channel founder John Coleman on the “six legged monster” that is the Climate Change industry:

David and Goliath:  Climate Change and the Six Legged Monster

Or George Will’s ripping apart of the Climate Change myths and just what is behind the travesty in Copenhagen…

The Climate Change Travesty

Another place to go to find information on “global warming” and “climate change” that for the most part you will not find in the mainstream media is..


Yes, there is a lot at stake for our country in the coming weeks and months at Copenhagen, in Washington DC and around the kitchen table of average Americans, because the folks driving this “Climate Change” train have plans to dramatically increase how much you pay for energy (i.e. “electricity would necessarily skyrocket”) and they are doing it all for something that we believe cannot be proved by any scientist on this planet with actual real data, that CO2 is responsible for the 1.4 F degree rise in the last 30 or so years.  Scientists involved on the pro-global warming side of this debate know they cannot prove that CO2 causes the Earth to warm so they rely on bogus models that are filled with bogus temperature data, all in the name of saving the planet, while really they are just picking our pockets.

Maybe just maybe we will get your attention on this “Climate Change” issue and you will call your US House member and US Senator in Washington DC and see if their staffs have an explanation for why they want to turn the rest of the country into the same thing we have here in California, which when it comes to energy is “skyrocketing” power bills and believe it or not even more plans by the same fruitcake wackos to run those bills up even more!  Yes, these folks really are that stupid, but maybe 12.5 percent unemployment plus is not high enough for them so they want to put even more regulations and restrictions on the state.  We say ENOUGH!  We are tired of people that have never made a payroll, never run a business, never worked in a job that was not paid for by the taxpayers, sitting around dreaming up how they can save the world for the rest of us while they are picking our pockets.

Luckily there are elected representatives in Washington DC that are willing to stand up for the American people, such as Democratic Senator Jim Webb from Virginia who wrote a letter to President Obama on Copenhagen…

Webb warns Obama on Copenhagen trip

Let’s just hope that there are millions of Americans that are ready and willing to stand up to Congress and stop the Climate Change legislation that is now being considered in the US Senate, Kerry-Lieberman-Graham-Boxer-Waxman-Markey bill, and demand that it be replaced with a real Energy bill that will address the very real problems we have with obtaining, generating, and using energy in the United States.  If they do find a way to get a Climate Change bill through the Congress and signed into law and electricity prices skyrocket across the US like they have here in California then all of our elected officials, not just the Democrats and a few Republicans that are sponsoring or let this Climate Change legislation pass will have to answer to the American people and that will be a Hellava answer they will have to give that in the middle of a very deep recession with double-digit unemployment that the Congress and the President are going to pile on even more taxes on the American people.  If that makes sense to you, then you must have learned at the feet of the Candy Ass BCS Boys!

President Obama and his “climate change” advisors (In our mind clueless scientists and people that have friends that will make billions of dollars if a climate change bill is passed and signed into law in the US) are scheduled to travel to Copenhagen later this week for the “Climate Change Summit.”  No doubt, right now in Copenhagen countries and others from around the world are salivating over how they will spend the trillions of dollars that will flow from the bank accounts and pocketbooks of average Americans to what will be nothing less than pouring money down a rat hole.  President Obama knows that he cannot commit the United States to any binding treaty without that treaty being ratified by the US Senate and if Obama believes that the US is going to as George Will says in the column referenced above…

“Barack Obama, understanding the histrionics required in climate change debates, promises that U.S. emissions in 2050 will be 83 percent below 2005 levels. If so, 2050 emissions will equal those in 1910, when there were 92 million Americans. But there will be 420 million in 2050, so Obama’s promise means that per capita emissions then will be about what they were in 1875. That. Will. Not. Happen.”

No, that will never happen, but there is one thing we do know will happen and that is if the US Congress and President sign a bill into law that causes electricity prices and thus bills of the American people to “skyrocket” then everyone in Washington DC should take a good look at the people around them, because by 2012 there will be a wholesale change in our elected leaders at the national level. 

Yes, it has gotten to a point here in California where it really makes no sense to start a business in this state and with the same fruitcake wackos that put in place AB 32 that has doubled and tripled our energy prices hoping to put into place hundreds of billions more in energy taxes, it makes little sense for us and our families to live in this state as well.  There are plenty of great places to live in America where government is not at war with business and where capitalist and businessmen are not hated because they pursue profit.  Imagine that, a state where profit is not an evil word, but rather a term that is paired with a successful business or enterprise that is growing and adding employees and thus helping the state rather than bringing it down!  Yes, with the 2009 college football season winding down and 2010 only a few weeks away there have been more and more emails among Coaches Hot Seat members that start out like:  “What do you think or know about Reno, Austin, Jacksonville, FL, Asheville, NC, Seattle, WA, Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, Destin, FL, Tampa, FL, Nashville, TN, Bend, OR, etc…..”  Yes, we are at point with California where it makes little sense to remain in this state, because believe it or not California is facing the possibility that it could elect as Governor in 2010 a man that would only make things much worse, current attorney general and former Gov. Jerry Brown.  There is a very good chance, much better than 50 – 50 that even before the current school year ends for our children that many of us will be sitting down with our families to talk about what we have all been talking about for several years now, leaving California and the wackos that are destroying this former great state for good.  Since most of us here at Coaches Hot Seat have traveled extensively across the US, we can think of a lot of cities, towns and states where not only the quality of life is better, but places where we can grow our businesses without worrying about the all out attack on business that now exists in California.  Oh, that would be nice and what great fun it would be to live in place where one was not demonized for trying to run a successful business that created good paying jobs with health care for Americans.  With that in mind all of us here at Coaches Hot Seat live by the words of the greatest Americans Henry Ford when it comes to business:

“There is one rule for the industrialist and that is:  Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest price possible, paying the highest wages. – A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits.  They will be embarrassingly large.”

Unfortunately, in the state of California business and entrepreneurs are evil people that are to be taxed to death and to be punished.  We know for sure there are better places to do business from in this great country of ours and no doubt the emails and discussions here at Coaches Hot Seat will be very intense on that subject in the coming months.

What is really scary to consider that in addition to trillions of new energy taxes and dozens of new taxes in the health care bills that are before the US House and Senate that add up to hundreds of billions of dollars that will be dropped on the American people in the coming years these bastards in Washington DC are dreaming up another way to get into your wallet and pocketbook with a “VAT” Value Added Tax that will add trillions more in taxes in the coming years.  Don’t believe it?  Read this article in the New York Times about what these bastards care cooking up now….

Many See VAT Option as the Cure for Deficits

Will it ever end?  Yes, it will end when the American people start holding our elected officials accountable for their actions and this out of control spending that will bankrupt our country, undermine the dollar and destroy our children’s future is it is not stopped.  College football is a nice diversion from the daily grind of work and the BCS is a travesty, but something much more important, the future of our country will be determined in the coming years and we will be damned if we are just going to sit on the sidelines and let these bastards destroy our children’s future.  No, that is not going to happen.

All of the above means get off your ass and call your elected officials and give them a piece of your mind, whether you agree with us or not.

38 Responses to “5 Great Players and Only 1 Winner of the Heisman Trophy – Congratulations to Mark Ingram – College Bowl Payouts Don’t Always Add Up – Sadly, Nothing New With the Real Reality of Bowl Math – CHS Final Regular Season Rankings Coming Up AND More Critiques/Rankings On the Way – Meanwhile in the Real World…. – The “Climate Change” Travesty And What Has Happened in California Can Teach You About Current Events”

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