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YES, There Is Something WORSE Than the Stanford Offense! – The Oklahoma Sooners Offense! – Oklahoma Only Rushed For 15 Yards Against the Fighting Frenchmen? – Geez, Bob Stoops, Just How Many BIG Games Are You Going To CHOKE AWAY In Your Coaching Career? – We Count 16 BIG Games CHOKED AWAY So Far Bob…..and Still Counting! – Oh, Geez, Lane Kiffin Is the Only Thing Left That Can Stop the Fighting Frenchmen and Lane Is Wasting His Time Having the Trojans Swap Out Their Jerseys To Convert Two-Point Conversions! – Stop the Damn Insanity Lane! – Does Lane Kiffin Know Where Chico, California Is At? – If Not, He Should Find Out and Quick! – Tiger Woods Comes Up Just Short in the Final Round of the CIMB Classic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Sherwood Country Club and Duke’s in Malibu – Go GIANTS! – The Rockford Files

We believe we have found something WORSE than the Stanford offense which on Saturday could only get 256 Total Yards against a Washington State defense that is ranked 102 overall in Total Defense and was giving up 463 yards a game to opponents before arriving on The Farm and that thing WORSE than the Stanford offense is…

The Oklahoma Sooners Offense!

Please, can someone explain to us how the Oklahoma football team can gain ONLY…

15 Yards in a Football Game?

Geez, ALL of us should say a prayer tonight saying thanks that Bob Stoops went into coaching after his playing days at Iowa because if Little Game Bob Stoops had gone into the military or joined the CIA in the 1980s when the Cold War was still going on the Berlin Wall would probably still be up…

….and One Hundred Plus Million Eastern Europeans would be still be living under the tyranny of the FASCISTS running the Soviet Union and of course the USSR would still be around!

After Saturday’s Oklahoma LOSS to Notre Dame on their homefield in Norman by our count that is…..

16 Games

…that Little Game and BIG TIME CHOKER Bob Stoops has LOST since 2000 while costing Oklahoma a good shot at now…

8 Bogus BCS Championships!

Give credit to Notre Dame for going down to Oklahoma and beating the Sooners in front of all those Oklahoma fans BUT come on….

Oklahoma is a joke of a football team coached by a BIG TIME CHOKER!

Memo to Bob Stoops:  Bob, have you thought about having your Oklahoma football team RUN THE FOOTBALL a little more instead of having No. 12 back their throwing the ball so much when half of the people sitting in the stadium have more poise and are more accurate throwers than your QB?

Notre Dame is now 8 – 0 and has left….

At Boston College
Wake Forest

….and it will probably be up to Lane Kiffin and the Trojans to stop the Fighting Frenchmen on November 24 at the LA Coliseum and as we saw on Saturday the Trojans can’t even beat Arizona Wildcats which have been mediocre for years and have a first-year head coach on the job!

Oh, and let’s not even talk about that Incredibly STUPID move by Lane Kiffin last week against Colorado when he had an USC player changing his jersey number on the sideline so USC could convert a two-point play against hapless Colorado which LA Times columnist T.J. Simers wrote about this past week…

Lane Kiffin is so promising – and so immature, Los Angeles Times

Oh, T. J., the BIGGEST THREAT to Lane Kiffin’s future which will probably be the head coach of a junior high football team in Chico, California is of course…

Lane Kiffin

….who will probably kick away the USC job that fell into his lap like manna-from-heaven by doing Incredibly Stupid things like having a player swap out a jersey so USC could convert a two point play against a team that USC was killing and on that point we have a newsflash for Lane Kiffin:

Your wife will NOT like living in Chico so stop the Bullshit!

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Final Round of the CIMB Classic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As we sit here in Palo Alto watching the final round of the CIMB Classic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia finish up on The Golf Channel Tiger Woods played pretty well and shot a final round 63 (-8) and it looks like he will finish tied for third with an overall score of 19 under which is three shots back from the winner Nick Watney who shot a final round 61 (-10) and 22 under overall.

Great playing Nick!

That’s some pretty good golf for Tiger Woods and as the 2012 golf season winds down it looks like Tiger is ready to play some great golf in 2013 and get back on the Major Championship winning track next year.

Maybe a few of us will come up with some kind of business meeting we have to be at in the Los Angeles area in late November so we can attend Tiger’s World Challenge at Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks which is great fun and only 24 miles from Duke’s in Malibu!

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How about those San Francisco Giants!

UP 3 – 0 on the Detroit Tigers in the World Series and the Giants are sending their ACE pitcher…

Matt Cain

…to the mound in Game 4!

Do we really need to say…



Bring back another World Series Championship to San Francisco?

Didn’t think so….BUT…


With Malibu, California on our minds we cannot help but think of the Great James Garner and The Rockford Files which you can watch the first three seasons of on Hulu.com for free!

The Rockford Files – The Aaron Ironwood School of Success – Season 2, Episode 1 – Aired on 09/12/1975

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