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The San Francisco Giants – WORLD CHAMPIONS! – Post Week 9 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

The San Francisco Giants – WORLD CHAMPIONS!

It would be impossible for us to express how incredibly PROUD we are of the new WORLD CHAMPIONS….

The San Francisco Giants

….for the way they have played in 2012 both in the regular and postseason and in the way they Completely Dominated and SWEPT the Detroit Tigers to…

WIN the 2012 World Series!

Above all The San Francisco Giants are a….


…and the Great Babe Ruth said it better than we can about a what a TEAM really is ….

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.”

…..and we could not agree with you more Babe as you described the 2012 San Francisco Giants!

Just like in 2010 with us watching the San Francisco Giants play most of their games in 2012 and seeing how the Giants have developed and grown in positive ways during the season by the moves made by General Manager Brian Sabean we must beyond giving credit to the GIANTS players for an Incredible Job WELL DONE we also must recognize that GREAT TEAMS area led by GREAT coaches and the Giants have just that in manager…

Bruce Bochy

In addition to the GREAT work done by Bruce Bochy with the Giants in 2012 all of the other coaches did a GREAT job as well but we must especially note the work of Giants pitching coach Dave Righetti who during his playing career as a starting pitcher and later one of the top closers in Major League Baseball was always one of our favorite players and who did nothing short of masterful work with the Giants pitching staff this season and whatever the Giants are paying Dave Righetti it isn’t enough!

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants for a JOB WELL DONE and for bringing HOME another…

World Series Championship

….to the San Francisco Bay area and with the Giants current roster which has by our count 5 or 6 future Baseball Hall of Famers (and Bruce Bochy who should now go in as a manager) the San Francisco Giants are NOT GOING AWAY anytime soon!

Let’s have a GREAT parade on Wednesday for the Giants in San Francisco and then we will see the Giants in Scottsdale, Arizona in the spring!


Let’s make it two in a row and three World Series titles in four seasons in 2013!


Post Week 9 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

No, Johnny not “Get Rhythm”…..

….what we need in this spot for these coaches is…


1.  Gene Chizik, Auburn – Please, just what in the Hell was that?

Texas A&M – 63
Auburn – 21

What the Hell?

Of course, the 42 points that Texas A&M beat Auburn by on Saturday night could have easily been a…

50, 60 or even 70 point margin

….and when one realizes that Auburn has more raw talent standing on its sideline than A&M has on its sideline and that the game was played AT AUBURN in Jordan-Hare Stadium on Pat Dye Field then one realizes that Auburn has one Helluva problem on its hands and to tell you the TRUTH we are starting to wonder if Gene Chizik has it in him to get out the Auburn football program out of its current downward spiral.

Let’s just go ahead and say what people in the state of Alabama have been telling us for weeks now about what is going on inside the Auburn football program and which is THEIR opinion:

There are NCAA investigators looking into all kinds of things about the recruiting, high school grades and actions of recruits that ended up at Auburn AND several other SEC schools and there are some worries at Auburn that some of those investigations might find their ways to Auburn’s doorstep eventually and that has had some dampening and chilling effect on the Auburn football program whether anyone at Auburn wants to admit it or not.

Auburn assistant coach Curtis Luper was passed over for the offensive coordinator position by Gene Chizik (when Gus Malzahn left for the Arkansas State job) who hired Scott Loeffler instead and that move coupled with Loeffler and Chizik’s decision to move away from a spread offense to more of a power running and passing game has led to some dissension on the Auburn staff which is obvious to anyone that watches what is happening on the Auburn sideline during a game.

Even though Gene Chizik’s background is on the defensive side of the ball the new Auburn defensive coordinator is Brian VanGorder pretty much has autonomy to run the Tigers defense as he sees fit which has led to Auburn becoming not only becoming two different coaching staffs, offensive and defensive, but also two different coaches staffs that have dissension going on inside and among them and Gene Chizik for whatever reason has not stepped in as of yet and told them to ether start working together or their asses will be run out of Auburn.

ALL of the above has turned the Auburn football team into just a group of 18 – 22 year old college football players that have no direction, no goals and no leadership and when they look to their coaches for direction they see that the coaches from Gene Chizik on down are not acting like coaches but rather are arguing with each other and blaming each other and the result of that is things like this…

Texas A&M – 63
Auburn – 21

The current situation at Auburn where the train has gone completely off the tracks and seemingly the head coach is unable to do anything about it is why college athletic departments and college boards of trustees should NOT be signing off on contracts for their coaches that do not have reasonable buyouts for both the school and the coach in those contracts and certainly there is NO DAMN REASON that Auburn should be facing the decision right now of either…

Letting the Auburn football program be destroyed


Pay Gene Chizik a $7.5 Million Dollar Buyout if he is fired after December 1, 2012

Simply the above is an ABSURD position for any college to put itself into and ONLY…

Very Damn Stupid People

…would have agreed to such a contract for Gene Chizik and just for that reason alone anyone that was involved in or agreed to give Chizik such a lucrative contract should be…



Auburn is now a stunning 1 – 7 overall and 0 – 6 in the SEC on the season and the Tigers have left…

New Mexico State
Alabama A&M
At Alabama

…and since Gilligan….

….could have won 7 games coaching Auburn in 2012 if he had arrived on campus just before the season started we wish someone would explain to us how Auburn can possibly bring back Gene Chizik for another season that would most certainly with the problems going on inside the Auburn football program just be another Complete Disaster?

Here’s a thought for the folks at Auburn:  Gene Chizik’s buyout drops to $5 Million Dollars on December 1, 2013 and $3.5 Million Dollars on December 1, 2014 (YES, an absurdity!) and if Auburn decides that they would be willing to give Gene Chizik one more year to turn things around they should found out if Chizik REALLY WANTS to keep the Auburn job and propose to him that either he can be fired this year and take his $7.5 Million Dollar buyout OR Chizik can reduce his buyout to $1 Million Dollars after December 1, 2013 and if Chizik would do that Auburn would give him another season to see what he could do. The above would lay out in no uncertain terms whether Gene Chizik is interested in the….


….or is he motivated by the idea of being the head football coach at Auburn and since Chizik is making $3.5 Million Dollars Plus a year if Chizik REALLY WANTS to stay on as the Auburn head coach he would take the above deal in a nanosecond and if he didn’t take it then he shouldn’t be the Auburn coach because Chizik already as a wealthy man would be putting $$$$$$$$$$$ ahead of Auburn University and who the Hell wants someone like that coaching their football team?

2.  Jeff Tedford, California – While the Auburn sidelines are almost dead and devoid of emotion during games the California sidelines are filled with passion and profanity with the only problem being….

The profanity is flying between and at the Cal coaches from other Cal coaches!

We are not quite sure when things started to go wrong for Jeff Tedford at Cal, but if we were forced to point to one game when things went off the tracks in Berkeley we would point to the 2007 season which was only a year after Cal put up a record of…

10 – 3

…and were co-champions of Pac-10 Conference and the game when things started going wrong in 2007 was the November 10 game against Pete Carroll’s USC team at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley and the final score of that game was…

USC – 24
Cal – 17

….and with that loss to the Trojans the Golden Bears dropped to 6 – 4 on the season and then lost their next two games to…




….and finished the season at 7 – 6 after beating Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl.

Oh, by the way, 2007 was Jim Harbaugh’s first year as head coach at Stanford so in Jeff Tedford’s sixth year at California when he had beaten Stanford SIX TIMES in a row it was first year Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh that got the win in The Big Game over Jeff Tedford in 2007.

Starting with that November 10, 2007 Cal loss to USC Jeff Tedford’s records at Cal have been….

Overall:  33 – 31
Pac-10/12:  20 – 25

….and since 2007 Tedford’s record in the BIG GAME against Stanford is…

2 – 4

Now maybe the above overall, conference and BIG GAME records are good enough for the folks in the Land of the Crazies otherwise known as Berkeley, California OR maybe because there are also some Very Damn Stupid People working at Cal just like there are some Very Damn Stupid People working at Auburn and Jeff Tedford has a…

$6.9 Million Dollar Buyout

….if he was fired in December that could very well stop Cal from firing Jeff Tedford which in our opinion Cal should do unless of course they are happy with…


….at the University of California but then we are talking about California which now has this kind of Unemployment Rate….

…and has been turned into the Broken State from the Golden State as the state government in California wages an All-Out and Direct War EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK on the Business Owners, Job Creators, Entrepreneurs and People That Work for A Living so maybe….


….is A-OK for the people at Cal and if that’s the case then MORE THE POWER TO THEM!

After Cal’s 49 – 27 LOSS to Utah on Saturday the Golden Bears are now 3 – 6 on the season and they have left…

At Oregon State

….and one can only wonder if Cal does find a way to beat Washington at home and finishes the season at 4 – 8 will MEDIOCRITY be celebrated or will the folks at Cal eat that almost $7 Million Dollars to buyout Tedford and go out and hire a head football coach that at least has his assistants on the same page and working together to win football games?

Since this is Berkeley, California Freaking ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

3.  Frank Spaziani, Boston College – In a game featuring two coaches that have been on the Hot Seat for most of the last two seasons in BC’s Frank Spaziani and Maryland’s Randy Edsall the coach with the Hotter Seat won this HOT SEAT Match-Up in the last minute of the game as BC came back to beat Maryland and Bravo on the BC players for playing hard until the end of the game against the Terps.

As for the BC head coach Frank Spaziani in four seasons on Chestnut Hill Spaziani’s records are…

Overall:  22 – 25
ACC:  13 – 16

…and those records were put up after Spaziani took over one of the strongest football programs in the ACC Conference at Boston College and now BC is one of if not the worst football program in the ACC.

Boston College is now 2 – 6 on the season and they have left…

At Wake Forest
Notre Dame
Virginia Tech
At NC State

…and IF Frank Spaziani and the Eagles can WIN the rest of their games which would include a WIN over Notre Dame then Frank Spaziani might be back for the 2013 season and boy we would just love to see BC beat the Fighting Frenchmen in two weeks in Boston!

4.  Derek Dooley, Tennessee – Steve Spurrier and South Carolina did their Damndest to try and give that game away to Tennessee on Saturday and luckily for Spurrier it was the Vols again making mistakes and turning the ball over which is now like saying the Sun comes up in the East and sets in the West for Tennessee football anymore and this repeating and very bad dream has to be driving Tennessee football fans crazy.

In three seasons at Tennessee Derek Dooley records are…

Overall:  14 – 19
SEC:  4 – 17

….and the Vols are in 2012…

Overall:  3 – 5
SEC:  0 – 5

….and Tennessee has left….

At Vanderbilt

…and Derek Dooley may very well have to WIN the last four games of the season to return in 2013.

We are talking about Tennessee football here where there is ALWAYS plenty of talent to complete with almost ANY team in the SEC and country and when realizes that in three seasons on the job that Derek Dooley has ONLY WON…

4 SEC Games

…out of 21 SEC Games played and Lane Kiffin WON 4 SEC Games in his only season at Tennessee then one can understand why Derek Dooley’s rear-end is ON FIRE right now!

Based upon what we have been hearing about the feelers that have been put out about “X” or “Y” coaches and if they “would be interested in the Tennessee job if it came open” we would recommend that Derek Dooley and the Vols win their last four games.

5.  Joker Phillips, Kentucky – In three seasons at Kentucky Joker Phillips’ records are…

Overall:  15 – 22
SEC:  4 – 18

….and now at 1 – 8 overall and 0 – 6 in the SEC and with these games left…

At Vanderbilt
At Tennessee

….Kentucky AD Mitch Barnhart is in a Helluva tough situation and we are going to be very interested to how Barnhart handles things with Joker Phillips and Kentucky football over the next few weeks because he could go in a lot of different directions but the decision on whether to retain Joker Phillips or not should always come back to…

Is the Kentucky football program overall both on and off the field going in…

The RIGHT Direction


The WRONG Direction

….which always involves a lot of things beyond wins and loss on the field and things that people on the outside often do not have the ability to judge or discern in an accurate way.

As for what Kentucky football fans should EXPECT out of their football program with the amount of money that the SEC Conference is now generating for ALL the schools in the conference Kentucky should be AT LEAST a .500 football program year-in-and-year-out and 2012 will be the second straight year that UK has not gone to a bowl game after the Wildcats went to four straight bowls in Rich Brooks last four years at the school before Phillips took over.

Bottom-Line:  RIGHT Direction or WRONG Direction is THE question on the Kentucky football program.

6.  Charlie Weis, Kansas – Charlie Weis and his Kansas Jayhawks had Texas BEAT on Saturday in Lawrence and if not for several breakdowns by the Kansas defense on the Longhorns drive to win in the last minute of the game Kansas would have gotten a BIG win and Mack Brown would be on the Hot Seat right now instead of Weis.

The most stunning statistics for Kansas in the game against Texas were…

Total Yards on Offense: 273
Passing Yards: 39
Passing Comp – Att: 3 – 9
Rushing Yards: 234


Charlie Weis didn’t even try to throw the ball against Texas which has seen their defensive backs get lit-up by Oklahoma State, West Virginia, Oklahoma and Baylor this season which either says that Weis knows he doesn’t have a QB that he trusts to throw the football around or Weis knew that the Texas offense just wasn’t that good and that 17 points SHOULD HAVE been good enough to beat the Longhorns which it would have been if not for the Kansas defense just flat-out breaking down on the last drive of the game.

Kansas is 1- 7 overall and 0 – 5 in Big 12 play in 2012 and they have left..

At Baylor
At Texas Tech
Iowa State
At West Virginia

…and it looks like the Jayhawks are headed for a…

1 – 11

…season and ZERO wins in Big 12 play which would mean that over the past four seasons Kansas will have won…

TWO conference games!

Geez, was it really only five years ago in 2007 that Kansas went 13 – 1 and won the Orange Bowl?

Hard to Freaking Believe!

7.  Skip Holtz, South Florida – In another stunning finish on Saturday the Syracuse Orangemen scored with just 3 seconds left on the clock to beat Skip Holtz and his South Florida team 37 – 36 after the Orangemen were down by 20 points at halftime!

Unfortunately for Skip Holtz and South Florida a LOSS is a LOSS and that LOSS to Syracuse was South Florida’s…

SIXTH straight LOSS

….after opening the season with wins over I-AA Chattanooga and at Nevada and now at 2 – 6 overall and 0 – 4 in Big East play the Bulls have left….

At Miami
At Cincinnati

….and Skip Holtz REALLY needs to win these last four games because if he doesn’t that would be TWO straight sub-.500 records for Holtz at South Florida and that’s after taking over a USF team that had gone to FIVE straight bowl games under former head coach Jim Leavitt.

The pressure is now on Skip Holtz and his South Florida football team because we don’t know if Holtz can survive not getting to at least a .500 record in two of his three seasons on the job because the USF alums we talked to in Tampa at the GOP Convention in Tampa in August were under the impression that there were hiring a head coach in Skip Holtz that was going to take South Florida football to “another level” and they most certainly thought that other “level” would be….



8.  Randy Edsall, Maryland – Even with lots of injuries this season Randy Edsall seemed to have righted the ship at Maryland with wins over Wake Forest and Virginia to raise the Terps record to 4 -2 BUT after losses to NC State and at hapless Boston College the Maryland record is now 4 – 4 and with these games left..

Georgia Tech
Florida State
At North Carolina

….it is going to be very Damn hard for the Terps to get to at least 6 wins in 2012 and two straight losing seasons for Edsall at Maryland would be a disastrous start to Edsall’s tenure in College Park.

9.  Kirk Ferentz, Iowa – In 2009 Kirk Ferentz and Iowa went 11 – 2 and won the Orange Bowl.

Since 2009 Kirk Ferentz and Iowa are…

Overall:  19 – 15
Big Ten:  10 – 10

….and in 2012 the Hawkeyes are 4 – 4 overall and 2 – 2 in Big Ten play and with these games left…

At Indiana
At Michigan

….there is a chance that Iowa might not even get to the MEDIOCRE 6 – 6 record in 2012 and how one explains that a coach making over $3.6 Million Dollars a year can’t even get his team to a .500 record with TWO MAC Conference Teams and ONE I-AA Team on the schedule is certainly the Hell lost on us!

This coming Saturday’s game at Indiana is a BIG one for Kirk Ferentz and Iowa because a loss in this spot to a struggling Indiana team would say a whole lot about where the Iowa football program is right now and that would be…..

NOT very Damn good!

10.  Jon Embree, Colorado – Boulder Daily Camera columnist Ryan Thorburn wrote a column this past weekend after Colorado got whipped by Oregon…

Oregon – 70
Colorado – 14

….on the head football coaching search that Colorado conducted in the aftermath of Dan Hawkins firing at CU which raises the same questions we had about the Colorado coaching search that led to Jon Embree being hired to coach the Buffs:

Despite debacles it’s too soon to fire CU Buffs’ Jon Embree, Ryan Thorburn, Daily Camera

“The story reminds me of the response to a column I wrote about two years ago when Colorado fired Hawk-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and was in the market for a new football coach.

My suggestion: Take a serious look at Brady Hoke and consider making the San Diego State coach an offer he couldn’t refuse.

The guy had an amazing history of turning downtrodden programs into 10-game winners quickly. And Hoke was already familiar with recruiting in Southern California, which would come in handy as the Buffs transitioned to the Pac-12.

I received a number of emails and even a hand-written letter from CU fanatics who were upset by my indecent proposal. Two great ex-Buffs quarterbacks invited me on their radio show to publicly mock my advocacy of Hoke.

They were all bothered that I was writing about an outsider and not beating the drum for a member of their beloved CU family.

Clearly, landing Hoke would have been a long shot anyway. If contacted by the Buffs, he probably would have said no thanks and waited for Michigan to call.

The alumni, fan base and fraternity of former players also made it crystal clear to athletic director Mike Bohn what the next head coach needed to be:

A CU man.

Someone who understands the pride and tradition of the program and the unique challenges of building a winner in Boulder.

So not quite two years later, I’m writing the not-so silent majority back to remind you that your wish was granted.

You wanted Jon Embree, Eric Bieniemy, Brian Cabral or Bill McCartney.

You got three of the four. And the legendary Coach Mac has the other Buffs’ backs.

We can all agree that the first 21 games of this era have been a fiasco.”

What is the “fiasco” that Ryan Thorburn is writing about at Colorado?

Jon Embree’s records at Colorado:

2011:  3 – 10 (2 – 7)
2012:  1 – 7 (1 – 4)

Overall:  4 – 17 (.190)
Pac-12:  3 – 11 (.214)

Here are Dan Hawkins’ records at Colorado:

Overall:  19 – 39 (.327)
Big 12:  10 – 27 (.270)

The above looks like a “fiasco” followed by another developing “fiasco” which goes back to what Ryan Thorburn is writing about above which is the Colorado coaching search that led to Jon Embree being hired at CU who was at the time of his hiring the…

Tight-Ends Coach with the Washington Redskins

Sorry, but when you are hiring a head coach at a major school like Colorado that is a member of the Pac-12 you DO NOT hire a coach that has not even been a coordinator ON ANY LEVEL and yet Colorado did hire Jon Embree at the urging of former CU head coach Bill McCartney and 21 games into his tenure at CU the Buffs just got beat by….

56 points

…by the Oregon Ducks and it could have been by…

100 points

….if Chip Kelly hadn’t been in such a charitable mood on Saturday.

Do we REALLY need to write in this spot that an athletic director when hiring a head coach should do ONE THING and ONE THING ONLY and that is…

Hire the Very Best Damn Coach You Can Find

…and if Jon Embree was the Very Best Damn Coach that Colorado AD Mike Bohn could have found two years ago then great….BUT….Ryan Thorburn and everyone else knows that the pressure was immense for Bohn to hire “a CU man” and “a CU man” Colorado got in Jon Embree.

In 2003 Alabama hired “an Alabama man” in former Alabama QB Mike Shula and in four years at Bama Shula put up records of…

Overall:  26 – 23
SEC:  13 – 19

….and in the wake of Shula being fired in 2006 Alabama went out and…

Hired the Very Best Damn Coach They Could Find

….in Nick Saban and Saban’s records over the past six seasons at Alabama are…

Overall:  63 – 12
SEC:  37 – 8

….and if there is a moral to that story it is that athletic directors should focus like a laser beam on hiring in every position in their athletic departments but especially in head football and basketball coaches men that have a proven track record of achievement during their coaching careers and a coach that cannot meet that standard of high achievement during his coaching career either at or very close to the head coaching position (think very successful offensive or defensive coordinators) should NEVER be on that athletic director’s list of potential coaches NO MATTER what school he may have attended.

With all of the above being said Jon Embree has been put into a very difficult situation at Colorado that even one of the experienced head coaches that Colorado could have hired two years ago would now be having a tough time overcoming BUT that doesn’t change the FACT that Embree needs to start winning football games and with the Buffs now at 1 – 7 overall and 1 – 4 in the Pac-12 and with these games left…

At Arizona

….the Buffs will have a chance to win some games starting with Stanford on Saturday which will being to Boulder a very tough defense BUT one of the worst offenses in I-A football.

We here at Coaches Hot Seat love the Boulder, Colorado area and if Boulder wasn’t run by a lot of Wacko Liberal Nuts that HATE Capitalism, Free Markets and Free Enterprise we would have long ago moved our families and businesses to the area and next Saturday at Folsom Field on the beautiful campus of the University of Colorado most of the Coaches Hot Seat Members will be in attendance for the Stanford – Colorado game and we will get to see first-hand what Stanford can do on the road and what Jon Ebree’s CU Buffs can do against The Cardinal.

IF Stanford plays like they did against Washington State this past Saturday Jon Embree and Colorado just might be able to get their second win of the season which would get Jon Embree OFF the Hot Seat and send Stanford head coach David Shaw TO the Hot Seat!

Since Colorado is a major battleground state for the 2012 election there are already a dozen or so Coaches Hot Seat Members working in the Denver, Ft. Collins and Colorado Springs areas right now and many of us will be arriving on the Front Range later this week and we look forward to talking to our Colorado-alum buddies to see what they think of the CU football program and pick-up some intelligence as well on where the CU football program is going in the future.

Coach Hard this week Jon Embree….the Stanford Cardinal is coming to Boulder!

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