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Week 10 Coaches Hot Seat MUST Win Games for Coaches and Teams – 27 Coaches and Teams Facing MUST WIN Games In Week 10

Week 10 Coaches Hot Seat MUST Win Games for Coaches and Teams

27 Coaches and Teams Facing MUST WIN Games In Week 10

Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech vs. Miami – Frank Beamer has been on quite a roll at Virginia Tech as the follow records attest…

2004:  10 – 3
2005:  11 – 2
2006:  10 – 3
2007:  11 – 3
2008:  10 – 4
2009:  10 – 3
2010:  11 – 3
2011:  11 – 3

….but in 2012 the Hokies are…

4 – 4

….with LOSSES to THREE TEAMS that Virginia Tech has MORE talent than…

Pitt, Cincinnati and North Carolina

…and another LOSS at Clemson which is no shame the way Clemson is playing these days but then how does one possibly explain those LOSSES to Pitt, Cincinnati and North Carolina?

There is NO good explanation for those losses and thus why Virginia Tech cannot afford a loss on Thursday night at Miami because with these games left after the Hurricanes…

Florida State
At Boston College

…if Va. Tech does lose to the Canes they might not get to 6 wins in 2012 and that would be a mighty fall for a program that has been at the top of college football for almost a decade now and again their would be NO legitimate explanation for why or how Virginia Tech fell so far.

Al Golden, Miami vs. Virginia Tech – For all of the talk about what a “great job” that Al Golden has done at Miami there is no getting around Golden’s win/loss record with the Canes…

Overall:  10 – 10
ACC:  6 – 7

….and here comes a Virginia Tech team with 4 losses into what will probably be half-full stadium on Thursday night in south Florida and if Golden and the Canes lose this game with these games left….

At Virginia
South Florida
At Duke

….Miami may not get to MEDIOCRE in 2012 and thus be able to yell out the “Call of the Candy Asses” meaning “we are bowl-eligible” and with the NCAA all over the Miami program this year might be the last year for awhile that Miami will be able to go to a bowl game so beating Va. Tech is mighty Damn important.

Steve Sarkisian, Washington vs. California – Steve Sarkisian and Washington got a MUST Win over Oregon State last Saturday night not that many college football fans got to see the game since it was on the almost private Pac-12 Network which is overseen in our opinion by…

Pompous Arrogant Asses that believe they are God’s Gift to Planet Earth

….which is a CANCER that will bring down the American Republic if too many of those Pompous Arrogant Asses get into positions of power in our country BUT we digress and the issue at hand here is that Washington is now…

4 – 4

…on the season and they need two wins out of their last four games to be MEDIOCRE and thus “bowl-eligible” against the following teams…

At California
At Colorado
At Washington State

…which makes this game against a reeling Cal football team very Damn BIG for Sarkisian and his Huskies.

Jeff Tedford, California vs. Washington – Out of 9 games played in 2012 California has lost 6 of those games against…

Nevada, Ohio State, USC, Arizona State, Stanford and Utah

…and the Golden Bears have these games left….

At Oregon State

….and if Cal loses this game they will probably finish the season at 3 – 9 which even in the Land of the Crazies otherwise known as Berkeley, California would be a Complete Disaster!

Bob Stoops, Oklahoma vs. Iowa State – A couple of years ago when Oklahoma played Connecticut in the Fiesta Bowl a few Coaches Hot Seat members were in Scottsdale, Arizona on business and we met at our hotel and had a couple of breakfasts with a Oklahoma football fan and rancher from the Great State of Oklahoma and he voiced his concerns then about the direction of the Sooners football program and its “toughness” and that lack of “toughness” by Oklahoma football was on full display against Notre Dame last Saturday.

YES, it’s time to face FACTS about Bob Stoops and Oklahoma….in our humble opinion of course: Bob Stoops has his Millions of Dollars, he has built himself a nice big house and now Bob Stoops has GONE SOFT and his Oklahoma Sooners have GONE SOFT as well and that is easily proven because there is more contact between geeks bumping into each other while looking down at their IPhones at a computer trade show in Silicon Valley there is an ANY Oklahoma practice these days!

YES, the Oklahoma Sooners under the Stoops Brothers have…..


In Oklahoma’s last 14 games the Sooners record is…

9 – 5

…with LOSSES to…

Texas Tech, at Baylor, at Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Notre Dame

…and in 2012 the Sooners still have to play…

At Iowa State
At West Virginia
Oklahoma State

Could Oklahoma possibly lose 4 or more games in 2012?

YES they could, and the rest of Oklahoma’s season starts with a game at Iowa State on Saturday which is game where the Sooners have FOUR to FIVE TIMES more talent than the Cyclones and like Notre Dame this Iowa State team will pop Oklahoma in the mouth and teams that have popped the GONE SOFT Oklahoma team in the mouth in recent years have BEATEN the Sooners!

Coach hard Bob Stoops because if you lose this game it will be time to put your “working at about 50 percent” of your capability and GONE SOFT rear-end on the Hot Seat!

Joker Phillips, Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt – Now at 1 – 8 on the season and 0 – 6 in the SEC Kentucky and its head coach Joker Phillips REALLY need a win and a loss to Vanderbilt in this spot at home in Lexington when Vandy was a program way behind UK football only a couple of years ago would be nothing shot of a Complete Disaster.

Kentucky at 1 – 8 has left…

At Tennessee

….and that makes this Vanderbilt game a MUST, MUST Win game for Phillips and his Wildcats because Samford is a I-AA team and a win in that game will mean NOTHING and Tennessee and Derek Dooley will be a desperate for a win in the last game of the season and a 2 – 10 record in 2012 will be might hard for the “powers that be” at Kentucky to defense even if Kentucky basketball is the best in the land which it might very well be!

Tony Levine, Houston vs. East Carolina – Houston was such a hot program under their last head coach Kevin Sumlin that Tony Levine really needs to keep things rolling at Houston in 2012 and that means at LEAST get the Cougars to a bowl game and with Houston football now at 4 – 4 and with these games left…

At East Carolina
At Marshall

…and win against East Carolina is a MUST!

Rich Ellerson, Army vs. Air Force – 2012 has been nothing short of a Complete Disaster for Army football and with 1 win and 7 losses a win over Air Force at West Point would be especially meaningful and if Army can beat Boston College at home then one would think they could beat Air Force as well. Army’s chances to go to a bowl game are gone, but the Commander in Chief’s Trophy is still up for grabs and wins over Air Force on Saturday and Navy on December 8 would turn a Complete Disaster of a season into a Successful Season for the Cadets so GO ARMY!

Derek Dooley, Tennessee vs. Troy – Derek Dooley and his Vols task for the rest of 2012 is very simple with Tennessee now at 3 – 5 on the season that very simple task is:

Tennessee MUST WIN their last four games against…

At Vanderbilt

…or Tennessee AD Dave Hart will be forced around Thanksgiving to consider making a change in the leadership of Tennessee football and since in our opinion Tennessee is a school that a lot of coaches would be interested in talking to the “powers that be” at the University of Tennessee about Dave Hart’s choice IF Dooley and the Vols don’t get to at least 7 wins in 2012 will be either….

Stay with Mediocrity


Take a chance on Something Better

One thing for sure Tennessee AD Dave Hart does not want to see is a Vols team in 2013 that is fighting to get to a .500 record again as the best teams in the SEC continue to get better and better and better.

Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech vs. Maryland – Paul Johnson had a great coaching record at Georgia Southern and Navy and in his first two years at Georgia Tech when the Yellow Jackets won…

Two Coastal Division Titles
One ACC Conference Title


20 Games

…but Tech has fallen on hard times the last three seasons and since the beginning of the 2010 season the Yellow Jackets are…

Overall:  17 – 17
ACC:  11 – 10

….and Paul Johnson must sit in his office in the Tech athletic facilities and wonder just what in the Hell has gone wrong?

Let us answer your question for you Coach Johnson:

First, Paul Johnson should have NEVER fired Dave Wommack as his defensive coordinator in January 2010 after Tech’s loss in the Orange Bowl to Iowa (Wommack is now the Ole Miss DC) and certainly Johnson should have NEVER replaced Wommack with Al Groh because more than anything else those two moves contributed to the downfall of Georgia Tech football over the past three seasons.

Secondly, the problem with Paul Johnson’s triple-option offense is that in today’s world where defensive linebackers, defensive ends and defensive safeties are so fast it is very hard to get any rhythm going with a triple-option attack UNLESS you have a credible passing game that can keep the linebackers, ends and safeties honest and Georgia Tech just flat-out has not had and does not have a credible passing attack under Paul Johnson.

Thirdly, when Coaches Hot Seat members can sit at Coaches Hot Seat Central 1,500 miles from where Georgia Tech is playing while watching at Tech came on TV and call out the upcoming play even before the ball is snapped do you think that defensive coordinators that are paid to find trends in offensive sets and alignments also might be able to predict what Tech is about to run as well?

HELL YES!…..is the answer to that question which means that Georgia Tech’s offense in addition to NOT having a credible passing attack is also very Damn predictable and thus why Johnson should be able to see on game-tapes that safeties and linebackers are ending up on the side of the field where Tech is running their triple-option so much of the time and why the Tech offense has been getting stuffed so much over the past three seasons.

What Paul Johnson needs right now is….

A legitimate defensive coordinator….someone like Dave Wommack

A credible passing attack for his offense

The Tech offense needs to be LESS predictable and it needs to quit tipping off the opposing defenses on the play it is about to run.

With all of the above being said the Yellow Jackets are 3 – 5 on the season and have left..

At Maryland
At North Carolina
At Georgia

….and if Georgia Tech doesn’t beat Maryland on Saturday we don’t think Tech will even be MEDIOCRE and be able to yell out the Call of the Candy Asses: “We are bowl eligible!”

Randy Edsall, Maryland vs. Georgia Tech – After going 2 – 10 in his first season on the job at Maryland the Terps are 4 – 4 in Randy Edsall’s second season in College Park and because getting to at least MEDIOCRE and a 6 – 6 record is paramount if Edsall wants to get anything going with the Maryland football program beating Georgia Tech on Saturday is a MUST.

Maryland is 4 – 4 and they have left…

Georgia Tech
At Clemson
Florida State
At North Carolina

….so not only is beating Georgia Tech a MUST to get to a .500 record this season the Terps will have to beat one of their last three opponents which the Terps will be heavy underdogs to as well.

Jon Embree, Colorado vs. Stanford – In his second season at Colorado Jon Embree’s records are…

Overall:  4 – 17
Pac-12:  3 – 11

…and Embree really needs to start getting some wins or there are going to be a lot of Colorado alums and boosters that are going to start asking questions that Colorado AD Mike Bohn has NO good answers for like….

”Just where in the Hell is the Colorado football program going?”

Colorado is 1 – 7 on the season with their lone win was a last minute comeback against woeful Washington State and the Buffs have left…

At Arizona

…..and by all rights Colorado should have at least a decent shot to win ALL of their remaining games but winning one or ALL of their remaining games is a different matter entirely.

The most troubling statistics for Colorado after 8 games:

Colorado is 124 th overall out of 124 teams in giving up points giving up an average of….

46 points a game

Colorado is 117 th overall out of 124 teams in giving up points scoring an average of…

18.1 points a game

NO, when you are giving up an average of 46 points a game and only scoring 18.1 points per game you are NOT going to win many games and if there is one saving grace for the Buffs on Saturday it is that the Stanford offense is only scoring 27 points per game so its not likely another blowout is in the offing for Colorado.

David Shaw, Stanford vs. Colorado – IF and it is a BIG IF but IF Stanford had any offense at all it would be 7 – 0 right now and in the Top 5 in the country.

The Stanford offense was only able to score 6 POINTS against both Washington and Notre Dame (which the Stanford defense outscored in both games) earlier this year while wasting great efforts by the Stanford defense in the process and wasting the great win over USC and now 8 weeks into the season the Stanford offense is…

91 st overall in Passing Yards – 204.4 yards per game

66 th overall in Rushing Yards – 161.6 yards per game

70 th overall in Points Scored – 27 points per game

…and with these games left after Colorado…

Oregon State
At Oregon

…if the Stanford offense doesn’t improve soon The Cardinal will finish the season with 5 losses and Captain Kangaroo….

…could have WON 9 games with this Stanford football team EASY.

As for the Colorado game with the Buffs getting blown out by Oregon, USC, Arizona State, UCLA, Fresno State and even beaten by I-AA Sacramento State on their home field IF Stanford loses to Colorado then the ENTIRE Stanford coaching staff should resign immediately after the game because they will be FIRED IMMEDIATELY upon their return to the Stanford campus and be asked to IMMEDIATELY to clean out their offices and leave the premises because if Stanford loses to Colorado there would be NO DOUBT that David Shaw and his coaching staff were destroying the Stanford football program that took 4 years and lots of hard work to build which included Tens of Millions of Dollars to renovate Stanford Stadium and provide the resources to put Stanford among the elite in college football.

Kyle Whittingham, Utah vs. Washington State – Kyle Whittingham and his Utes got a much needed win over California last Saturday and now at 3 – 5 on the season unless Utah football wants to fall completely off the map they really need to get to 6 wins in 2012 and with these games left…

Washington State
At Washington
At Colorado

….Utah will need to beat a couple of teams it will be the underdog against to get to MEDIOCRE and 6 wins which makes this game against Washington State a MUST Win for the Utes.

Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia vs. TCU – After starting out 5 – 0 and beating…

Marshall, James Madison, Maryland, Baylor and Texas

…with last two games being very close shootouts Dana Holgorsen and West Virginia fell flat on their faces against teams that actually play defense, Texas Tech and Kansas State, and here come another team that plays defense in TCU and if Holgorsen doesn’t rally his Mountaineers in this game the 2012 season could turn into a complete debacle because after TCU the Mountaineers have left…

At Oklahoma State
At Iowa State

…and ONLY Kansas among those remaining 4 games is an almost sure-fire win.

YES, the West Virginia offense and defense needs to show up on Saturday or the Mountaineers will drop to 5 – 3.

Mark Richt, Georgia vs. Ole Miss – Georgia got a nice win over Florida on Saturday but Mark Richt and his Bulldogs must keep things going this week with Ole Miss coming to Athens because a loss in this spot and the “Mark Richt can’t win the important and big games” will come out again and this isn’t even an important or big game against Ole Miss….UNLESS YOU LOSE IT!

Now at 7 – 1 on the season Georgia has left…

Ole Miss
At Auburn
Georgia Southern
Georgia Tech

…and by all rights the Bulldogs should finish the season at 11 – 1….BUT….why do we have the sneaking suspicion that Mark Richt and the Bulldogs are going to “choke” one of their remaining games and open the door for someone else to go to the SEC Championship Game?

Answer: Because it has happened so many times before that’s why!

Kirk Ferentz, Iowa vs. Indiana – Now at 4 – 4 on the season Mr. 3.65 Million Dollars otherwise known at Kirk Ferentz has his Hawkeyes on the verge of not making a bowl game in 2012 after going 7 – 5 in 2011 and barely making a bowl game last season.

Iowa has left…

At Indiana
At Michigan

…which REALLY makes this game against Indiana a MUST Win Game and if the Hawkeyes lose in this spot Iowa fans everywhere will start to wonder why they are paying Kirk Ferentz more than $3.5 Million Dollars a year when any random cow….

…from any farm in Iowa could coach the Hawkeyes to a bowl game EVERY season and the cow would cost even with high corn and grain prices only a few thousand dollars a year!

Kevin Wilson, Indiana vs. Iowa – Kevin Wilson and Indiana got their Big Ten Conference win in a couple of seasons and now at 3 – 5 on the season and with these games left…

At Penn State
At Purdue

….if Indiana wants any chance to go bowling this year then they MUST BEAT Iowa on Saturday. PERIOD.

Brian Kelly, Notre Dame vs. Pitt – After the BIG win over Oklahoma last Saturday Brian Kelly and Notre Dame now faces MUST Win situations in their last four games against…

At Boston College
Wake Forest

….and if Notre Dame is for REAL they should easily roll over Pitt, Boston College and Wake Forest before their trip to play USC in Los Angeles on November 24.

Two scores from this past Saturday that should scare the Hell out of the fans of Notre Dame football were…

Minnesota – 44
Purdue – 28

Stanford – 24
Washington State – 17

….because Notre Dame had a tough time beating BOTH Purdue and Stanford this season and with both Purdue and Stanford struggled against below average teams this past weekend and with the Oklahoma Sooners now being softer than Pillsbury Dough Boy one has to really wonder if Notre Dame has played ANYONE in 2012.

Answer: Notre Dame hasn’t really played ANYONE in 2012.

Bo Pelini, Nebraska vs. Michigan State – What Bo Pelini must completely understand is that the…


….for the Nebraska head football coach and after that nice win over Michigan last Saturday the Cornhuskers face another big game this week against a struggling Michigan State team.

Nebraska is 6 – 2 on the season and has these games left…

At Michigan State
Penn State

..and there is NO REASON IN THE WORLD why Nebraska shouldn’t win out the rest of their games but winning out starts with Michigan State on Saturday.

A WIN over Michigan State would be great


A LOSS to Michigan State would be bad for Nebraska and Bo Pelini.

That is just the FACTS OF LIFE at the University of Nebraska and there is NO getting around the FACTS OF LIFE.

Frank Spaziani, Boston College vs. Wake Forest – Frank Spaziani has ONE chance to hold onto his job at Boston College!

Boston College MUST WIN out the rest of their games against…

At Wake Forest
Notre Dame
Virginia Tech
At NC State

…and to that idea we say….

“Good Luck with that Frank Spaziani!”

Hey, in a normal year with just an average Boston College football team ALL four of BC’s remaining games would be winnable BUT this is a below average BC team that lost to Army earlier in the season so we expect for the Boston College football team to fold the tent against Wake Forest, not show up against Notre Dame, quit against Virginia Tech and barely play against NC State.

Oh, the Boston College players don’t agree with the Coaches Hot Seat opinion of them?


Charlie Weis, Kansas vs. Baylor – After a close loss to Texas which had no business beating the Jayhawks last Saturday after Kansas outplayed the Longhorns all day long the KU football team has to go on the road to play a Baylor team that is scoring an average of…

44.1 points a game

…BUT is giving up an average of…

42.7 points a game

….which means that Charlie Weis better get that Kansas offense rolling or Baylor will roll to a big win in Waco and run the Kansas losing streak to 7 and with these games remaining on the schedule for KU…

At Texas Tech
Iowa State
At West Virginia

….the Kansas losing streak will probably be standing at 11 straight games come early December.

Mack Brown, Texas vs. Texas Tech – Mack Brown and Texas are only two last second wins over Oklahoma State and Kansas from being…

4 – 4

…right now which would have lit Brown’s rear-end ON FIRE but with the Longhorns now at 6 – 2 on the season and 3 – 2 in Big 12 play the Horns have left…

At Texas Tech
Iowa State
At Kansas State

…and Texas has plenty of talent on their roster to WIN ALL of their remaining games but how many games will the Horns win is the question.

Well, anything less than 8 wins a season at place like Texas is a Complete Disaster bordering on Armageddon and that makes this Saturday’s game at Texas Tech a MUST WIN Game because that last game of the year at Kansas States looks completely Un-Winnable.

Lane Kiffin, USC vs. Oregon – As any college head football coach that has an IQ over room temperature knows the biggest threat to his job security is NOT the callers to radio shows, NOT the columnists in the local newspapers, NOT members of the news media and NOT Coaches Hot Seat BUT the biggest threat is in FACT the boosters and alumni to the school that the head coach rarely sees or talks to but have huge sway and influence behind the scenes and will when a head coach is struggling usually be weighing in with the “powers that be” at the school long before the head coach realizes his job security and job is in question.

Case in point:  Lane Kiffin at USC

When one is talking about the University of Southern California which is kind of like a cross between Stanford University and the University of Alabama and which has tens of thousands of very accomplished alumni that have one and often more than one degree from USC and when they in the little time they have in their busy working lives pick up the Los Angeles Times and read stories like this one…

Lane Kiffin is so promising – and so immature, T.J. Simers, Los Angeles Times

….about how the USC head football coach is acting in a piss-ant and immature way they don’t laugh and say something like “that’s just football” or “that’s just Kiffin being Kiffin,” but rather they shake their heads in disgust and when they see another USC grad at work, at lunch or somewhere else usually the first thing that is said between them is something like…

“Can you believe what Kiffin did again?”

…which is usually answered by the other USC grad with something like….

“Yes, I saw that. I wonder if Lane Kiffin will grow up before or after he gets fired?”

….with a reply of something like….

“My guess is that when Lane is fired he will not know why and will probably never know why.”

Early this week we reached out to USC grad friend of ours who has THREE degrees from USC and is tremendously proud of his school and its sports teams and although this USC friend of ours has always been willing to give Lane Kiffin the benefit of the doubt since Lane Kiffin really wasn’t a Pompous, Arrogant Ass when he was on Pete Carroll’s staff at USC because Carroll would not have tolerated such behavior….BUT….this USC grad is getting fed-up with Lane Kiffin and if Lane Kiffin is going to be an immature ass AND not win LOTS of football games and championships then the question is….

“Why the Hell is Lane Kiffin the USC head football coach?”

Lane Kiffin’s records at USC are…

Overall: 24 – 9 (.686)
Pac-12: 16 – 8 (.667)

…and since we are talking about USC football where a Surfer from Huntington Beach….

…could WIN 8 Games a year the standard that Lane Kiffin will be measured against are the Win/Loss records of three former and legendary USC head coaches…

Pete Carroll – 9 Seasons at USC
Overall: 83 – 19 (.814)
Pac-10: 53 – 14 (.791)

2 National Titles
6 Pac-10 Championships

John Robinson – 12 Seasons at USC
Overall: 104 – 35 – 4 (.727)
Pac-10: 53 – 23 – 3 (.671)

1 National Title
5 Pac-10 Championships

John McKay – 16 Seasons at USC
Overall: 127 – 40 – 8 (.726)
Pac-8: 70 – 17 – 3 (.778)

4 National Titles
9 Pac-8 Championships

…and either Lane Kiffin will MEET or EXCEED the coaching and championship records of Carroll, Robinson and McKay at USC or very simply….

One day Lane Kiffin will be asked to come to USC AD Pat Haden’s office and Lane will be told in a very calm and measured voice that USC was moving in a different direction and that Lane and his assistants will have a “couple of days” to clear out their offices.

USC is now 6 – 2 on the season and 4 – 2 in Pac-12 play and the Trojans have left…

Arizona State
Notre Dame

….and if Arizona can beat USC then ALL of the above four teams can as well and we would not recommend that Lane Kiffin have his USC team finish with a 6 – 6 record in 2012 when you have the top QB in the country under center and MORE talent on the USC roster than every team the Trojans are playing this season save the Oregon Ducks who have roughly even talent to USC now which shows everyone how far the Oregon football program has come in recent years.

It’s put-up or shut-up time for Lane Kiffin in the USC – Oregon game on Saturday and for “Switch those jerseys out” Kiffin either….




Ellis Johnson, Southern Miss vs. UAB – Southern Miss head coach Ellis Johnson has to be the first year coach with the Hottest Seat in recent college football history after taking over a Southern Miss team from Larry Fedora that won…

34 games in 4 seasons

….and with Ellis Johnson off to a 1 – 8 start and is coming off a devastating loss to Rice last Saturday.

With these four games left…

At Memphis

….Johnson and his Southern Miss team NEED A WIN in the worst way and a loss to a woeful UAB team in this spot would put Ellis Johnson’s return in 2013 as the Southern Miss head coach in jeopardy.

Les Miles, LSU vs. Alabama – Here are Les Miles year-by-year records at LSU…

2005:  11 – 2 – SEC West Division Title
2006:  11 – 2
2007:  12 – 2 – SEC Champion and National Title
2008:  8 – 5
2009:  9 – 4
2010:  11 – 2
2011:  13 – 1 – SEC Champion
2012:  7 – 1

….which adds up to a great winning percentage for Miles BUT in 7 seasons only…

TWO SEC Championships
ONE National Championships

…and considering the kind of program that Miles took over for Saban at LSU it seems that LSU should have won more games and championships…..yes?

We think so and thus why this Alabama game is MUST Win for Les Miles and the LSU Tigers because a loss in this spot to Saban and Alabama would bring up the same questions that came up after LSU’s loss to Alabama in the Bogus BCS national title game in January (someone make sure Bobby Hebert gets into Les Miles post-Bama game press conference if LSU loses because Bobby is the ONLY member of the media asking REAL questions of Miles) and it would firmly establish that Alabama as the BEST team in the SEC Conference and that reality would not go down well in Baton Rouge.

So the question relative to the LSU – Alabama game is…

What do you got Les Miles and LSU?

Our opinion:  Les Miles and the LSU Tigers are Scared and Intimidated by Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide and we see the Tide Rolling in Baton Rouge on Saturday Night!

Like we just said:

What do you got Les Miles and LSU?

That sound you hear is Nick Saban cursing in his office and wondering aloud why Coaches Hot Seat is questioning Les Miles and LSU’s manhood!

Because we can Nick…..AND….because after that Debacle in New Orleans last January Les Miles and LSU’s manhood IS IN QUESTION!

Gene Chizik, Auburn vs. New Mexico State – Auburn and Gene Chizik’s game against New Mexico State on Saturday isn’t so much a MUST WIN Game as it is a…

Better the Hell NOT Lose It Game!

…because if Auburn loses to a 1 – 7 New Mexico State team that has won 10 games over the past four seasons then Gene Chizik can just leave Jordan-Hare Stadium after the LOSS and proceed straight to his office in the Auburn athletic facility and START PACKING because Chizik’s time on The Plains WILL BE OVER!

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