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From the Great State of Ohio Some First Sunday In November 2012 Observations About…..Stanford Football AND Colorado Football

Cincinnati, Ohio

Some First Sunday in November 2012 Observations….

“First Things First” as our old commanders used to say the Stanford football team on Saturday played a mediocre I-AA (FCS) team in Colorado and played the Cardinal played pretty mediocre itself in getting a 48 – 0 WIN over that mediocre I-AA (FCS) team in Colorado AND with these games left for Stanford…

Oregon State
At Oregon

…the Cardinal will have to play MUCH BETTER to win 2 out of their last 3 games since there is nothing short of Alabama that can stop the Oregon Ducks although the Stanford defense when playing well is as good as anyone in the country and that should make that game in Eugene in a couple of weeks mighty Damn entertaining and we will be at Autzen Stadium to see the Ducks in person which is always one of our favorite trips.

The Stanford offense looked better under backup QB Hogan who seemed to play without the fear that starting QB Josh Nunes tends to play with at times and to that we can only ask…

“What are you scared of Josh Nunes?”

Messing up OR….maybe even scared of performing well?

As the Great Billie Jean King once very accurately observed….

“A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning.”

Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Joe Montana, Willie Mays, Vince Lombardi ALL HATED LOSING and would fight like Hell NOT to lose because they as Americans understand that losing is what not only separates winners from losers but it also separates successful teams, societies and countries from losing teams, societies and countries and in the end dictates the terms and shape of history.

With Oregon State, Oregon and UCLA left its time for the Stanford Cardinal football team to start playing football with not only a passion for winning but also with a HATRED of LOSING because losing is something worthy of being HATED.

On that Mediocre I-AA (FCS) team known as Colorado Football….

In 2011 Stanford beat Colorado on The Farm…

48 – 7

….with Andrew Luck and without Luck in 2012 Stanford beat Colorado in Boulder…

48 – 0

….and on Saturday and the last couple of days we have been poking around the Colorado football program with a couple of CHS members that remember very well the great Colorado teams under Bill McCartney and what we found is very troubling indeed.

After Stanford beat Colorado 48 – 0 Colorado athletic director Mike Bohn made a few comments about the state of Colorado football…

Colorado AD Mike Bohn vows changes for program, Kyle Ringo, Daily Camera

“Hours after the University of Colorado’s latest embarrassment on the football field Saturday, athletic director Mike Bohn promised changes are coming without saying exactly what he has in mind in a brief interview with the Daily Camera.

The Buffs were stomped Saturday 48-0 by Stanford in the annual homecoming game at Folsom Field. It was the fifth consecutive blowout loss for coach Jon Embree’s program and the sixth lopsided loss in the past seven games.

“We’re not where we want to be,” Bohn said. “No one is happy with what has happened on the field, players, coaches, staff, fans.”

Bohn said he would not comment about whether changes will be made to the coaching staff.”

….and from what we saw in Boulder over the last few days either there will be BIG CHANGES to Colorado football in the very immediate future or the Colorado football program is going to be playing football on the I-AA (FCS) level for years to come.

Although we will say that Colorado would right now probably be ranked in the Top 25 in I-AA (FCS) Football Rankings because back in Week 2 the Buffs barely lost to Sacramento State on their home field and on Saturday Sacramento State almost beat the No. 3 ranked Montana State team in Sacramento so IF Colorado did want to drop down to the I-AA (FCS) level in football they would be pretty competitive in Year 1!

On a more serious note we took a good look at the Colorado football team on Saturday and the TRUTH is that Colorado looks to us to be one of the…

Weakest Strength Wise



….not to mention slowest BCS-level football teams we have seen in years and in watching the sidelines in the Stanford – Colorado game very closely we don’t really see a football team as much as we see a lot of unfocused players and coaches that really don’t know what the Hell they want to do with their football team.

Hey, we here at Coaches Hot Seat like Jon Embree and a couple of us actually know Jon Embree and Jon is a likable guy that was a very tough football player in his days at Colorado BUT since we are always the harshest on those we believe can do better we are just going to tell it like it is to Colorado head coach Jon Embree:

1.  YOUR football team is WEAK and OUT-OF-SHAPE and VERY DAMN SLOW

2.  YOU do not have the players to run the offensive scheme YOUR team is now trying to run

3.  It would be better if Colorado football ran the ball more on offense but YOUR offensive line is so WEAK they couldn’t block the Sisters of the Poor’s defensive line

4.  The Colorado defensive players are out-of-position on almost EVERY PLAY of the game and thus that is why YOUR football team gives up so many plays

5.  YOUR team is NOT motivated enough and NOT tough enough to play in the Pac-12 Conference….PERIOD.

Hell, if not for a miracle last second win over Mike Leach’s hapless Washington State team which is filled with LOSERS that we would not hire to mow our lawns the Colorado Buffs would NOT HAVE WON A GAME in 2012 and in our opinion a very good case can be made that the 2012 Colorado football team is…


…than the 2011 Colorado football in Jon Embree’s first season which went 3 – 10 and beat….

Colorado State (LOST TO in 2012)
Arizona (PLAYS in Tucson on Saturday)
Utah (Plays at home on November 23)

…which means that Colorado football is going backwards right now.

Last week Denver Post columnist John Henderson wrote a column quoting Jon Embree about how bad Colorado football was when Embree was playing for Bill McCartney at CU in the mid-1980s….

CU Buffs coach Jon Embree has proof that the program can recover, John Henderson, Denver Post

….but the BIG difference between the mid-1980s and 2012 is that college football in general and especially in the Pac-12 conference is played on a MUCH HIGHER level than it was when Bill McCartney rebuilt the Colorado football program in the Big Eight Conference and thus why it is going to take a herculean effort by Embree or someone else just to make CU football even competitive in the Pac-12 Conference forget about winning conference titles and championships.

Just considering the Pac-12 Conference do the folks in Boulder believe that….

Arizona football is going backwards under Rich Rodriguez?

UCLA football will not keep improving under Jim Mora?

Arizona State is going to lay down with Todd Graham now in Tempe?

Kyle Whittingham is going to tolerate much more losing at Utah?

USC is going to let their football program slip that much more under Lane Kiffin?

Oregon is going anywhere but staying on the top of college football?

Mike Riley will allow Oregon State to slip-up again?

Washington will allow their football program to fall anymore?

California football is satisfied with Mediocrity under Jeff Tedford?

Mike Leach won’t turn around Washington State?

Stanford will allow their football program to fall off by much after the Harbaugh – Luck days?

Colorado football must NOT ONLY be rebuilt from the ground-up it will have to become BETTER than a majority of the above Pac-12 teams just to become…


…and to become a .500 and “bowl-eligible” team each season and since Colorado football is LOSING by and average of…

30 Points A Game

…right now and has LOST TO….


…in 2012 that have First Year Head Coaches in Colorado State, Fresno State and UCLA with the LOSSES to Fresno State and UCLA being blowouts then we are not talking about a “climb” to rebuild Colorado football but…..


….that CU and Jon Embree will have to cross just to get to the MEDIOCRE LEVEL in I-A (FBS) football which brings us back to the FACT that right now Colorado football is just a…

Little Above Average I-AA (FCS) Football Program

….and is playing in one of the toughest I-A (FBS) football leagues in the country in the Pac-12 Conference.

Getting back to “First Things First” the FIRST THING that Jon Embree MUST DO is….

Get his Colorado football team INTO SHAPE and along those same lines the Buffs must become MUCH STRONGER both physically and mentally as well.

Until the Colorado football team is…




….along with becoming MUCH FASTER as well Colorado football has little hope of beating Arizona or anyone else in the near future.

At Arizona on Saturday will be a tough game for Colorado, but the last two games of the year at home in Boulder against Washington and Utah which are only average or below average teams in the Pac-12 in 2012 will say a HELLUVA lot about where the Colorado football program is going and IF Colorado loses its last three games to finish at…

1 – 11

…in 2012 then Colorado President Bruce Benson will have to do a lot of serious thinking about where the CU football AND athletics program is going right now and if faltering Colorado football program could become a liability that could hurt both athletics department and for the entire University of Colorado as well.

If Jon Embree does return for the 2013 season we here at Coaches Hot Seat would be more than happy to take the Colorado football team to our own “Junction” come next fall camp up in the High Rocky Mountains where we would separate the strong from the weak among the Buffs and one thing for Damn sure the Colorado football team that returned to Boulder a week before CU’s first game of the 2013 football season would be made-up of MEN that would fight the opposing teams EVERY second of EVERY game instead of that pitiful and disgraceful Colorado team on Saturday that just…

Flat-Out QUIT

…against Stanford and if the Buffs will QUIT against Stanford at home they will more than likely QUIT in the last three games of the season as well.

So what is it going to be Colorado Buffs?

Are you going to QUIT against Arizona, Washington and Utah?


Are you going to go out and FIGHT like REAL Americans to finish the 2012 season?

We shall ALL see.

Coach Hard Jon Embree like your job and your assistants jobs are on the line..





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