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Joker Phillips Fired at Kentucky – Post Week 10 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – It’s Getting HOT So Give ‘Em Hell Johnny Cash!

Joker Phillips Fired at Kentucky

There aren’t a whole lot of I-A (FBS) college football head coaches that we would do anything we could do for if he was in trouble and asked for our help but one of those head coaches we would go to great lengths to help is….

Joker Phillips

…and as much as we hated putting Joker on the Hot Seat we certainly wish Phillips GOOD LUCK in his future endeavors and as a young man that is not to the age of 50 yet Phillips could if he has the drive to stay in the coaching game could get another shot a head coaching job down the line somewhere.

Kentucky football is a tough but not impossible nut to crack and if you look at the win/loss records of the last FIVE Head Coaches at Kentucky….

Bill Curry  (1990 – 1996)
Overall:  26 – 52
SEC:  14 – 40

Hal Mumme  (1997 – 2000)
Overall:  20 – 26
SEC:  10 – 22

Guy Morriss  (2001 – 2002)
Overall:  9 – 14
SEC:  4 – 12

Rich Brooks  (2003 – 2009)
Overall:  39 – 47
SEC:  16 – 39

Joker Phillips  (2010 – 2012)
Overall:  12 – 23
SEC:  4 – 19

….one is hard-pressed to find a head coach that has done a Helluva lot at UK, but we also don’t see what we call a “game-changing” type of head coach among the above names and if Kentucky football is going to compete in the SEC it needs above all a coach that can energize and change the football culture at Kentucky and can do that in the very LARGE shadow of Kentucky basketball which will take a very special person that is confident in himself and has life in perspective and his ego in check.

There is one very bright spot in recent Kentucky football though and that is Rich Brooks last four seasons at UK…

2006:  8 – 5
2007:  8 – 5
2008:  7 – 6
2009:  7 – 6

…and Joker Phillips’ first season at UK…

2010:  6 – 7  (lost in bowl game)

….which tells us that IF Kentucky can hire a coach that knows how to get a competitive team on the field each Saturday UK football will win its share of games and at Kentucky when you win your share of your games in football you will become a Kentucky athletics legend and by our count there are 20 to 25 head and assistant coaches across the country that could energize Kentucky football and win at least on par with what Rich Brooks did at Kentucky and it is now up to UK AD Mitch Barnhart to find the football coach that can do just that.


Post Week 10 Coaches Hot Seat Ranking

It’s getting HOT Johnny so Tell them LIKE IT IS!

1.  Frank Spaziani, Boston College – The loss to Wake Forest on Saturday probably seals Frank Spaziani’s eventual departure from Boston College come December because the Eagles are now…

2 – 7

….on the season and 1 – 5 in ACC play and this is now the second-straight losing season for BC football and just another confirmation of the downward slide of Boston College football under Spaziani over the past four years.

Frank Spaziani took over a Boston College football team in 2009 that had won….

47 Games

….in the previous five seasons under head coaches Jeff Jagodzinski and Tom O’Brien and below is what Spaziani did with what was one of the top football programs in the ACC Conference over the past five seasons:

2008 – 1 – 0 (Coached and won bowl game)
2009 – 8 – 5
2010 – 7 – 6
2011 – 4 – 8
2012 – 2 – 7

Overall:  22 – 26
ACC:  13 – 17

Sorry, but when you take over a football program that is winning games and conference divisions and you turn it into a mediocre or worse football program you SHOULD BE FIRED and we have no doubt that Frank Spaziani will be fired sometime in the next 30 days and the only thing we are wondering is IF the Boston College football team will QUIT or not over the next three games against…

Notre Dame
Virginia Tech
NC State

2.  Jeff Tedford, California – We have seen a lot of bad football over the years but that Friday night football game between Washington and California was especially….


Washington got the win 21 – 13 over Jeff Tedford and Cal in the brand-spanking new and renovated Memorial Stadium which runs Cal’s record against I-A (FBS) teams in 2012 at their brand-spanking new and renovated Memorial Stadium to…

1 – 4

….which cannot be the performance that Cal alumni, boosters and fans were dreaming of when they paid-out and promised to spend Tens of Thousands or even Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars over the next 20 plus years to PAY FOR that brand-spanking new and renovated Memorial Stadium.

Jeff Tedford and Cal are now…

Overall:  3 – 7
Pac-12:  2 – 5

…on the 2012 season and the Golden Bears have left…

At Oregon State

…to which we can only say GOOD LUCK TO YOU Golden Bears!

Here’s the REAL stunning win/loss numbers for Jeff Tedford and Cal:

2010 – 2012

Overall:  15 – 20
Pac-10/12:  9 – 16

NO, the above is not the win/loss numbers of an ICON….BUT….if Cal AD Sandy Barbour wants to keep Jeff Tedford around for a few more years the fans of Stanford Football here at Coaches Hot Seat can only say….

Rock On and Go Bears Sandy!

Hell, we might be able to run that BIG Game Winning Streak to 10 games in a row if the “ICON” is kept around in the Land of the Crazies (Berkeley, California) long enough!

3.  Gene Chizik, Auburn – Exactly how bad is the team that Gene Chizik and Auburn beat on Saturday in New Mexico State?

Well, before the Auburn game over the past FIVE SEASONS New Mexico State’s win/loss record under Hal Mumme and DeWayne Walker was…

13 – 45

….which is an average of 2.6 wins a year playing in the WAC Conference which means Auburn beating New Mexico State would be like the San Francisco 49ers beating the Coaches Hot Seat flag-football team or in other words….

BIG Whoop!

Gene Chizik and the Auburn Tigers are now 2 – 7 overall on the season and 0 – 6 in SEC play and the Tigers have these games left…

Alabama A&M
At Alabama

…and since even Auburn couldn’t possibly lose to I-AA (FCS) Alabama A&M and Auburn has NO CHANCE to beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa the entire season and probably Gene Chizik’s future comes down to the game on The Plains on Saturday night against the Georgia Bulldogs who are playing for a place in the SEC Championship Game and thus should be a team primed and motivated to win and win BIG over one of their biggest rivals in Auburn.

What IF?

What IF Auburn loses to Georgia, beats Alabama A&M and then loses to Alabama will Gene Chizik be back for the 2013 football season?

Well, the above scenario would give Chizik and Auburn records of…

Overall:  3 – 9
SEC:  0 – 8

…in 2012 and Chizik’s win/loss records at Auburn would then be….

Overall:  33 – 19
SEC:  15 – 17

…and if you take out the Cam Newton year of 2010 then Chizik’s records at Auburn would be….

Overall:  19 – 19
SEC:  7 – 15

….and the above “Cam Newton-less” win/loss records raises an even more important question:

What IF the Auburn administration had actually been working in the “best interests” and future of Auburn University when negotiating Gene Chizik’s new contract after the 2010 Cam Newton – National Championship season when no doubt Chizik deserved a raise BUT certainly the Hell did not deserve the kind of Massive Guaranteed Monies he has been promised whether he is working at Auburn or not which would add up to…

$7.5 Million Dollars

….IF Chizik was fired this December and which SHOULD have been IF the Auburn administration had actually been working in the “best interests” and future of Auburn University would have been in the…

$1.0 to $1.5 Million Dollar

…range for a buyout would Gene Chizik be fired for going 3 – 9 and 0 – 8 in the SEC in 2012?

The answer to that question is Very Damn Easy:

OF COURSE Gene Chizik would be fired.


The above issue of Gene Chizik being given a guaranteed contract and no reasonable buyout (if Chizik had to be fired for non-performance and certainly NOT winning a game in the SEC at Auburn is non performance) after Auburn won the Bogus BCS National Championship in 2010 raises a very important issue and that issue is contract negotiation with a prospective and/or current employee that a school wants to pay appropriately or reward for a job well-done.

What the AD, the college president and the board of trustees often lose sight of when negotiating and agreeing to pay a football coach “X” amount of money is that the school should always put THE SCHOOL first and any coach second and thus ANY SCHOOL that has a head football coach on its payroll that does not have a reasonable buyout in his contract if that head coach is fired for non-performance in the future is in our opinion neglecting and abusing the fiduciary role that MUST BE PLAYED by the AD, college president and board of trustees to protect the “best interests” and future of the school they work for and are bound to serve especially when negotiation contracts that are worth more than Ten Million Dollars over “X” period of time into the future.

Besides the Complete Stupidity of ANY SCHOOL guaranteeing an entire contract for a head football coach whether the coach is winning or not or working for the school or not there is another issue that people in positions of power at colleges and universities forget and which they could learn a Helluva lot about if they would just wander on over to the psychology department at their institution of higher learning and talk to any psychology professor that works in the field of human psychology.

Head Football Coaches are HUMAN BEINGS and HUMAN BEINGS for as long as they have been on this Earth which most scientists peg at around 200,000 years or so ago as detailed in the National Geographic film Bones of Turkana by the great filmmaker John Heminway and features paleontologist Richard Leakey…

….have been driven by a few simple desires, wants and emotions and the Very Worst Damn Thing you can do to most HUMAN BEINGS is to take away their drive to obtain those simple drives, wants and emotions and thus why only incredibly stupid HUMAN BEINGS give other HUMAN BEINGS contracts that tell them they will be paid in the future whether they actually do their Damn jobs or not and thus why only Very Damn stupid HUMAN BEINGS negotiate contracts with highly paid people that do not have a simple way for both the organization and/or the highly paid person to get out of the contract for a reasonable amount of money if the future either side would want to get out of that contract.

Easily the STUPIDEST Damn reason to give a head football coach guaranteed contract of “X” amount of money in the future is the fear that the head coach might go to another school for another head coaching job and thus an AD thinks that he must “lock-down” a coach with a strong buyout for both the coach and the school which is actually the WORST DAMN THING a school can do since the best policy to have with any employee is that you should want him or her to work for us as long as they are performing at high level AND more importantly they are motivated to work for your company or organization AND if they want to work for another company or organization where they will be more motivated then we sure the Hell don’t want them to be working for us ONLY BECAUSE we have them under some strict contract since we are REAL AMERICANS and we believe that people should work wherever the Hell THEY WANT TO WORK and thus why only Very Damn Stupid People negotiate contracts with HUMAN BEINGS that promises those HUMAN BEINGS absurd amounts of money in the future whether they are working for you or not and sadly there are…

Lots of Very Damn Stupid People Running College Athletic Departments

….these days and Gene Chizik is far from being the only college head football coach that has a contract that will pay him into the future Millions of Dollars whether he is working or not and thus that contract with Chizik may very well force Auburn to keep Chizik on for another year instead of paying him…

$7.5 Million Dollars to do NOTHING for the next five years

…when Coaches Hot Seat sitting in the AD chair at Auburn in the aftermath of the 2010 Bogus BCS National Championship would NOT have agreed to any new contract for Gene Chizik that didn’t have a buyout of no more than $1.5 Million Dollars if not less IF we had to fire Gene Chizik before the end of his contract for non-performance and the reason we would have insisted on such a buyout is that we would have been working in the “best interests” and the future of Auburn University and not as it seems as Auburn when the AD and others were working in the “best interests” and future of Gene Chizik.

Bottom-Line:  If Coaches Hot Seat had been the Auburn AD in the Spring of 2011 Gene Chizik would have had a buyout of NO MORE than $1.5 Million Dollars right now and if Gene Chizik is fired in December of this year we would have saved Auburn…

$6.0 Million Dollars

….and if Auburn fires Gene Chizik in December 2013 we would have saved Auburn athletics…

$3.5 Million Dollars

…and with the non-state subsidized tuition, books, room and board at Auburn University running around $40,000 Dollars a year Coaches Hot Seat would have saved the cost of….

143 Athletic Scholarships if Chizik is fired in 2012


83 Athletic Scholarships if Chizik is fired in 2013

….and we would have only charged $10,000 for that advice which athletic directors, presidents of universities and boards of trustees just got FOR FREE!

The Bottom-Bottom Line:  Will Gene Chizik be fired if he goes 0 – 8 in the SEC in 2012?

The even better question is what do you think Gene Chizik’s record in the SEC will be in 2013?

IF the answer to that question is NOT 4 – 4 or better in the SEC in 2013 then Gene Chizik should be fired if he loses to Georgia and Alabama to finish the 2012 season.

4.  Randy Edsall, Maryland – All football coaches everywhere should use Randy Edsall as an example of what COULD HAPPEN if you get Karma going in the wrong way which Edsall certainly did in the way he snuck out the back door without talking to his UConn players before taking the Maryland head coaching job and now almost through his second season with the Terps Randy Edsall has really been through the ringer and has gotten a Helluva lot of bad luck and out in the REAL World that is called….


Randy Edsall’s records at Maryland are…

Overall:  6 – 15
ACC:  3 – 10

….and now at 4 – 5 overall on the season the Terps have left…

At Clemson
Florida State
At North Carolina

…and barring a miracle Maryland will for the second-straight season not get to a .500 record and thus be able to do the Call of the Candy Asses:

“We’re bowl eligible, we’re bowl eligible!”

Here’s the problem for Randy Edsall at Maryland:

EVEN IF he finds a quarterback will the Terps EVER be able to become more than a team that finishes around .500 each season which is nothing but…


Who the Hell knows but it looks like to us that Randy Edsall and Maryland are going to finish the 2012 season at…

4 – 8

…and that is after a…

2 – 10

…record in 2011 which some people might say is a 100% improvement on last season and to people that say things like that we can only ask:

“What city in the Soviet Union were you raised in because there is no way you are a REAL American?”

5.  Derek Dooley, Tennessee – Oh, Boy, that was a close one for Derek Dooley’s future on Saturday as the Vols struggled mightily to beat Sun Belt team Troy at home in Neyland Stadium and NO DOUBT if Tennessee had lost to Troy Derek Dooley would right now be brushing up on his lawyering skills because his head coaching career would have already come to an end.

With that being said the Tennessee Vols are now 4 – 5 overall and a dreadful 0 – 5 in the SEC in 2012 and UT has left….

At Vanderbilt

….and Derek Dooley probably needs to win his last three games to NOT be reading over depositions in a lawyer’s office outside of Atlanta come next football season!

We are going to give the Kentucky game to Tennessee with the departure of Joker Phillips so the Vols season and Derek Dooley’s head coaching career come down to…

Missouri at home in Neyland Stadium
Vanderbilt in Nashville

…and since Tennessee MUST WIN both of those games why talk about anything but beating Missouri on Saturday?

Oh, but IF Tennessee does beat Missouri on Saturday that will be one mighty Damn interesting game against Vanderbilt in Nashville on November 17!

6.  Kirk Ferentz, Iowa – Starting in 2005 Kirk Ferentz’s record at Iowa in Big Ten play is…

32 – 29  (.525)

…and on Saturday the Hawkeyes lost to Indiana which before Saturday had won…

4 Big Ten Conference Games

….in the last FIVE SEASONS and thus Iowa became the FIFTH Big Ten Conference Game foe Indiana has beaten over the last 5 seasons!

Woo Hoo for Kirk Ferentz not that Kirk Ferentz gives two-rips or not in our opinion if Iowa wins another game during his coaching tenure at Iowa since…

Kirk Ferentz will be paid by Iowa Athletics OVER $20 Million Dollars between now and January 2020

…whether Iowa wins another game or not!

Hell, these people at Iowa may be STUPIDER than the people at Auburn University!

Over the last three seasons (2010 – 2012) Kirk Ferentz’s records at Iowa are…

Overall:  19 – 16
Big Ten:  10 – 11

….and we will give you THREE GUESSES when Iowa gave Kirk Ferentz that BIG NEW contract?

Yes, you guessed right!

After the 2009 season when Iowa went 11 – 2 when Ferentz should have been rewarded with increased pay BUT Ferentz should have NEVER been guaranteed to be paid whether Iowa football wins or not or whether Kirk Ferentz is working at Iowa or not and that is because Kirk Ferentz is a…


…and when you take away basic drives, desires and emotions from a HUMAN BEING he or she doesn’t work as hard and it is our opinion that Kirk Ferentz is working at around…

50 Percent

….compared to the way he worked pre-2010 and Ferentz’s win/loss record backs up our opinion but then what the Hell does Kirk Ferentz care since he GETS PAID $20 Million Dollars whether Iowa football wins or not!

Yes, the people working at the University of Iowa that negotiated and approved Kirk Ferentz’s new contract are just very simply….

Very Damn Stupid Human Beings.


7.  Dan Enos, Central Michigan – In 2010 Dan Enos took over a Central Michigan football program that had won…

36 Games

…over the past four seasons under the previous two CMU head coaches Butch Jones and Brian Kelly and Dan Enos records at CMU are now…

Overall:  9 – 24
MAC:  5 – 16

…and if that isn’t taking a college football program backwards then we don’t know what the Hell taking a college football program backwards is!

8.  Danny Hope, Purdue – The natives not to mention the administration at Purdue are getting restless with the direction of the Boilermaker football program and with the loss to Penn State on Saturday (34 – 9) which is the SIXTH straight loss for Purdue Danny Hope’s records are now…

Overall:  19 – 27
Big Ten:  10 – 19

….which includes an 0 – 5 record in Big Ten play in 2012 in what has to be one of the weakest conferences in Major College Football.

Purdue has left on their schedule in 2012….

At Iowa
At Illinois

….which sets-up a Hot Seat vs. Hot Seat coaching match-up next week in Iowa City against Kirk “I will get paid REGARDLESS” Ferentz and the Hawkeyes and our recommendation to Danny Hope is that he and his Boilermakers win these last three games or it sounds like the folks making the decisions at Purdue might be in the market for a new head football coach come December.

9.  Ellis Johnson, Southern Miss – There is just no getting around the following number for Southern Miss head coach Ellis Johnson…

0 – 9

…and the MAIN REASON why Ellis Johnson cannot get around that ZERO WINS and NINE LOSSES in 2012 is that Johnson took over a Southern Miss football program that won…

34 Games

….over the past four seasons under Larry Fedora and never won less than SIX games in any season under the head coach before Fedora in Jeff Bower!

Southern Miss now at 0 – 9 has left on the schedule…

At Memphis

….and a 0 – 12 record has at least a 50 – 50 chance of happening which leads us to this question:

Could Ellis Johnson be fired after only one season at Southern Miss?

YES, is the answer to that question and IF Ellis Johnson is fired no doubt he would be in high demand for coaches looking for a very good defensive coordinator like….

Paul Johnson at Georgia Tech!

Coach Hard Ellis!

10.  Charlie Weis, Kansas – The LOSSES keep coming for Charlie Weis and the Kansas Jayhawks and now at 1 – 8 on the season and 0 – 6 in Big 12 play with KU’s only win coming over…

I-AA South Carolina State

….the only question now is will Kansas finish at…

1 – 11 Overall


0 – 9 in Big 12 play in 2012?

Well, with these games left…

At Texas Tech
Iowa State
At West Virginia

…if Kansas plays like they did against Baylor (Lost 41 – 14) the winter is going to be long, hard and cold one in Lawrence, Kansas but then Kansas athletics has promised to spend a Helluva lot of money to ferry Charlie Weis back and forth to Florida on a jet to spend time with his family so Charlie will probably be spending most of his time in Warm and Sunny Florida while it will be cold and bleak in Kansas this winter!

YES, we have another nomination for…

Very Damn Stupid People Running College Athletic Departments

…at the University of Kansas who promised to pay Charlie Weis $2.5 Million Dollars a year for FIVE YEARS whether Kansas football is winning or not OR if Charlie Weis is coaching at Kansas or not which may be the MOST ABSURD THING we have read about or heard in our time alive on Planet Earth!

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