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Get Out and VOTE America! – Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and the Importance of Americans Participating in the Life of The American Republic Which Includes VOTING! – Former Idaho Head Coach Robb Akey Evidently Can’t “Feed His Family” On $165,000 A Year – Memo to Robb Akey: There Are A Helluva Lot of Americans That “Feed Their Families” For A Helluva Lot LESS Than $165K A Year and If You Had Any Clue About What Is Going On in the REAL World Akey Would Understand That Reality – Lane Kiffin, Pat Haden and the Future of USC Football

Get Out and VOTE America!

We here at Coaches Hot Seat could care less what your political beliefs are and how or who you will vote for but as a Citizen of the American Republic it is Very Damn Important that you…

Get Out and VOTE!

….and if for nothing else you as a Citizen of this Great Country of OURS should Get Out and Vote because over the last 230 plus years…

1.4 Million Plus Americans

…gave their lives in the 35 Major or Minor conflicts and wars that OUR country has fought since the American Revolution and when you as an American Citizen make a choice NOT to vote you are just saying that ultimate sacrifice that was made by those 1.4 Million Americans really wasn’t that important and isn’t worth your precious time to participate in this Grand Experiment that is still unfolding called the….

American Republic

There are lots of us here at Coaches Hot Seat that have traveled around the world both during our service in the US Military and after the military on vacations and business trips and there are Billions of Human Beings on this planet Earth of ours that are desperate to have the Freedoms and Liberties that far too many Americans take for granted with the preeminent right being that….


….hold the ultimate power in OUR Republic to elect and remove our “public servants” from office and the Americans that VOTE today in Federal, State and Local races are thus acting in a uniquely American way.

Any American that doesn’t cherish his Freedoms and Liberties and thus participates in the Life of OUR Republic should if he or she can travel to Europe and Germany in particular and seek out Germans that lived in East Germany before the Berlin Wall fell in October 1989….

…and ask them how precious Freedom, Liberty and Democracy is when you don’t have it and then maybe you will begin to understand what a very unique nation the American Republic really is in the history of Man and Woman on our planet.

Perhaps the best justification for ALL Americans to participate in the Life of their country including getting out and Voting in each election was Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address which was delivered by President Lincoln on the afternoon of November 19, 1863 at the dedication of the Soldiers National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Below is a handwritten copy of the Gettysburg Address with corrections by President Lincoln which he made on the train ride to Gettysburg and which is now in the possession of the Library of Congress.

Now on to the Gettysburg Address and if this speech by President Lincoln can’t get you as American Citizen off your lazy ass out to vote….THEN NOTHING WILL!

Good Luck to President Obama and Governor Romney in the Presidential Race and also Good Luck to the Tens of Thousands of other Americans that are running for public office to act as “Servants of the People” if elected on Tuesday.

YES, Get Out and VOTE America and God Bless America!


Former Idaho Head Coach Robb Akey and “Feeding His Family” on $165K a Year

Sometimes we read things here at Coaches Hot Seat that makes us become literally unglued and on Monday evening while a few of us were going over some last minute plans to get Americans out to vote on Tuesday a CHS member was on Pete Roussel’s CoachingSearch.com website and saw the following headline and story that he then read out loud to the entire room:

Idaho won’t pay Robb Akey 1/3 of his salary, CoachingSearch.com

“Former Idaho head coach Robb Akey says the university cut ties with its coach during the season in part due to financial reasons.

According to the Twin Falls Times-News, Akey was set to receive $105,000 of his roughly $375,000 total compensation at the end of the 2012 season. By being let go with a month of the season remaining, Akey will only receive his base annual salary of $165,796 through the end of 2014 if he does not accept another job.

Akey said, “If I had coached four more games, they would have had to pay me a third of my salary. You lose a third of your salary it affects your ability to feed your family, so it’s a little disappointing.”

What the Hell?

We don’t have a clue if Idaho fired Robb Akey during the season so they could avoid paying Akey a portion of his salary BUT something we do know is that IF Robb Akey cannot “feed his family” on the…

$165,000 A Year or $13,750 A Month

…that Akey will receive through the end of 2014 for doing NOTHING then Robb Akey really has lost touch with reality!

Here’s a little FACTOID for Robb Akey as he struggles to “feed his family” on $165,000 a year for the next two years plus while doing NOTHING and that FACTOID is that the Median Household Income in America in 2012 is….


….which is usually what two adults in an American household make and have to use to support and “feed their family” on and in case Robb Akey was wondering someone living in a Household making more than $150,000 a year in is in the top…


….of American Households in OUR country which is where Robb Akey and the Akey family will be over the next two years plus and somehow those Americans families in the top 3 percent are able to “feed their families” but Robb Akey isn’t able to?

Geez, one can only wonder…..

We can only wish that Robb Akey who has lived his entire life in the Fantasyland of working on a college campus and coaching football could see the Massive Struggles that Millions of American families in America are going through right now trying to survive on a Helluva lot less than $165K a year that Robb Akey will evidently not be able to “feed his family” on and if Akey was able to meet those REAL struggling Americans then maybe he would have some understanding of what is going on in the REAL World where REAL Unemployment in America is north of 12 percent and where there are 25 Americans out-of-work for every job opening in the country and where routinely we post job openings at our companies and get between 200 and 500 applications for ONE JOB!

It is our firm conviction here at Coaches Hot Seat that violence and fighting should only be reserved for a time when someone is directly threatening us or our families in a violent way which of course should and will be responded to in a very direct way by us and there were certainly a few Coaches Hot Seat members on Monday night in a hotel conference room in Columbus, Ohio who were wishing that Robb Akey was trying to steal something from them so we could…

Pop Robb Akey in the mouth!

….and then maybe take Akey on a tour of middle class neighborhoods around Columbus, Ohio where there are Americans with college degrees in their 30s, 40s, and 50s that worked their entire lives until the last few years and now send out thousands of resumes a year to apply for jobs they are way overqualified for as they work in retail and service jobs that they are Massively overqualified for just to keep a roof over their head and to “feed their families” for about 20 percent of what Robb Akey evidently cannot “feed his family” for in Idaho!

Here’s a thought for Robb Akey on his salary being cut in recent weeks:

In six seasons at Idaho Robb Akey won…

20 Games

…and if Akey wanted to keep making that $375,000 a year and even more all he had to do was….

WIN More Football Games

….and he right now would not be making $165K a year for the next two years plus for doing NOTHING which Akey evidently will struggle to “feed your family” on!

Hey Robb, what about you coming to work for one of us here at Coaches Hot Seat Robb Akey where you can work 8 hours a day in a manufacturing facility making $25.00 Dollars an Hour or about $50K a year doing very hard work with two weeks of paid vacation, health care insurance with premiums going up all the time and a world where American companies are selling out their employees and shipping jobs overseas to places like China where companies like Apple have Millions of Chinese people working for slave wages under slave conditions to make products they ship back into American with HUGE profit margins which makes our jobs in trying to do things the right way and make things here in America harder everyday.

Do you want to trade that $165K a year for the next two years for doing NOTHING for that Robb Akey?

Didn’t think so…..so why don’t you just Shut the Hell up Akey about struggling to “feed your family” on $165K a year and while you are sitting around doing NOTHING for the next couple of years maybe you can venture out into the REAL World and find out what is going on with REAL Americans that are working their collective asses off as they REALLY struggle to “feed their families” in this great country of ours for a Helluva lot less than $165K a year?

Is that too much to ask for you to do Robb Akey?

Didn’t think so!


Lane Kiffin, Pat Haden and the Future of USC Football

USC athletic director Pat Haden is a class act so of course up until the moment that Haden decides that USC needs to go in a different direction he will back his head football coach Lane Kiffin….

Pat Haden backs Lane Kiffin, Pedro Moura, ESPN Los Angeles

….but in the aftermath of the last two weeks which saw the Trojans get beat by Arizona and Oregon in very high scoring games…

Arizona – 39
USC – 35


Oregon – 62
USC – 51

….which dropped the Trojans 2012 records to…

Overall:  6 – 3
Pac-12:  4 – 2

…and with these games left…

Arizona State
Notre Dame

….there are more than a few of our USC-alum friends that are talking amongst themselves and telling us that the “powers that be” at USC might just make a move in the near future with the Trojans football program to fundamentally change the direction of USC football for years to come.

What could possibly change the USC football program for years to come you ask?

Well, a head coaching change of course, but not just ANY coaching change but a new head coach for USC football that would turn USC football in a completely different direction and more in-line with the way that USC AD Pat Haden believes that Trojans football should be played and the way a head football coach at USC should act and as one scans the landscape of college football we only find ONE current head football coach that fits the bill of someone that would “fundamentally change” USC football for the better both immediately and for a long time into the future.

Who is that ONE current head football coach you ask?

Well, at dinner last week in Denver, Colorado as we were discussing Pac-12 football and eventually Lane Kiffin and USC football a friend of ours from the Pacific Northwest said something that made the table go quiet as we pondered what he said for a moment or two:

“Someone who would know told me recently that there are only three jobs in America that Boise State head coach Chris Petersen would consider leaving Boise State for and those three jobs are…..Oregon, Texas and….USC.”

We all let that comment sink in for a moment as we pondered the thought of Chris Petersen whose record in seven seasons at Boise State is….

80 – 8  (.909)

….coaching at Oregon if Chip Kelly left for the NFL or even Boston College, or at Texas if Mack Brown got fed up with the Longhorn Network folks and decided to return home for the Tennessee head coaching job or Chris Petersen as the head coach at USC instead of Lane Kiffin which is the most tantalizing thought of all since a….

Great Coach and Class Act Guy like Chris Petersen + USC Football

….along with Pat Haden as the AD at USC is at the same time an Energizing and Terrifying thought at least for fans of other schools in the Pac-12 Conference since we have no doubt that Chris Petersen as the head coach at USC would turn the Trojans back into a national power in Major College Football in a hurry and for a Helluva long time as well since Petersen is only 48 years old.

YES, Chris Petersen likes the safety and security of Boise State….BUT….Chris Petersen could become a college football coaching legend at USC and with Pat Haden sitting in the AD spot at USC backing up his head coach all the way and knowing exactly the kind of commitment that is needed and required to put a championship football team on the field each week it is hard to imagine that Chris Petersen would turn down Haden if he came calling with an offer to coach the USC Trojans and does anyone REALLY think that Chris Petersen would choose playing in the Big East Conference which Boise State is headed to next year and having to fly thousands of miles to play games each year OVER coaching a school in the Pac-12 Conference where Petersen could recruit many of his players from southern California and be home a Helluva lot more than he is now as the head coach at Boise?

Please, that decision in the NO-Brainer of all-time with USC football being the easy choice over staying at Boise State.

Hell, there are NO jobs BETTER than USC football although we would put…

Ohio State
Florida State
Notre Dame

…in relatively the same spot as the Trojans job but now come on….

The USC football head coaching job….

How could anyone turn that down?

YES, we would recommend that Lane Kiffin and Monte Kiffin coach very hard over the next three games against Arizona State, UCLA and Notre Dame or the Kiffins might just might come to work one morning in early December and find out there is going to be a head coaching change with USC football and the…

Kiffins would be out!

As you ponder that thought remember this…

Pat Haden was the quarterback and a three-time letterman at USC in 1973 – 1974 – 1975 while playing for the Great John McKay and Haden’s USC teams played in

Three Rose Bowls

…and won…

Two National Championships in 1972 and 1974

….and Pat Haden…

Graduated from USC magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa and was a Rhodes Scholar

….and if you think for even an instant that Pat Haden is going to tolerate USC football being anything but the best in the Pac-12 Conference and a major player nationally in college football each season then you certainly don’t understand what drives Pat Haden which is….

Winning on the Football Field


Winning in the Classroom

….and if USC ever gets back to doing the above then Major College Football better watch the Hell out!

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