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RIP and God Speed to the Great Darrell Royal – The 2012 Election and How the Republican Party Has Gone Off the Tracks and What Can Be Done to Save It…Or NOT – Week 11 Coaches Hot Seat MUST Win Games for Coaches and Teams

First Things First….

RIP and God Speed to the Great Darrell Royal – 1924 – 2012

It is such a cliché these days but in the case of the Great Darrell Royal it is more than TRUE….

Men just don’t come any finer than Darrell Royal.


We have a CHS Member here that has a personal tie to Darrell Royal’s time as the head football coach at the University of Texas and that CHS Member cannot say enough good things about Coach Royal as a Man and Football Coach and the most STUNNING THING about Royal’s time at Texas is that after putting up a record of

167 – 47 – 5  (.763)

…and winning….

3 National Championships


11 Southwest Conference Championships

…..Darrell Royal retired from Texas at the age of 52 after the 1976 football season after 20 seasons coaching the Longhorns which makes Royal’s accomplishments as the head coach at Texas even that much more remarkable.

One thing we would like to say about Darrell Royal as a football coach is that Coach Royal was literally from another time in football history when head football coaches on all levels ruled the roost and could pretty much get away with anything as long as they were winning football games.

Around the time that Darrell Royal coached his last game at Texas in 1976 most of us here at Coaches Hot Seat were playing Pee Wee, Junior High or High School football and as we think back on those very tough practices that our coaches put us through and compare them to the practices of even “tough” coaches today we can only laugh out loud because we have no doubt that today’s players could not and would not have been able to deal with the physical and mental anguish that our coaches put us through to get us ready to play winning and championship football and now in this world of Absurd Political-Correctness when a coach calls out his players or challenges them in a direct way in practice the coach’s actions seem to always end up in the news media and no doubt shock most in modern day America otherwise known as the….

Land of the Candy Asses!

Some of those practices we were put through in the 1970s and 1980s were so physically and often mentally tough that we do go back and forth on whether some of our coaches went over-the-top in what they should have been allowed to do to their players during practice, but then those of us that were in the US Military can say without a doubt that there is NO coach in football today that comes close to some of the training we experienced in the US Military and thus we say and believe that….

Tough Football Practices Builds TOUGH MEN

….and America needs all the TOUGH MEN it can get in this Age of the Candy Asses.

God Speed and RIP to Darrell K Royal.

You will be terribly missed Coach Royal.


The 2012 Presidential Election and the Republican Party

First we must congratulate President Obama for winning a second-term as President and the Obama campaign team for whipping Mitt Romney and the Republicans where it really counted which is…

Getting Out the Vote

….and since many of us here at Coaches Hot Seat got to see the Obama campaign’s Get Out the Vote operation in person in several of the key battleground states we can flat-out say that IF not for folks like us here at Coaches Hot Seat, Americans for Prosperity and other groups which did yeoman’s work in helping to get Americans out to vote for Republicans and Conservatives in 2012 the final outcome of the Presidential Race would have been much worse for Mitt Romney.

There were SIX States that Mitt Romney really needed to WIN to beat President Obama…

Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, Florida, Virginia and Colorado

…which add up to 85 Electoral College Votes and yet in all of the above SIX States Mitt Romney’s actual vote totals were below or barely above John McCain’s vote totals in 2008 and it is our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that John McCain was the WORST Republican Presidential nominee since Herbert Hoover ran against Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932 when FDR crushed Hoover in the Electoral College (Wikipedia – 1932 Presidential Election):

Where exactly the Republican Party goes from here after getting whipped in the Presidential Election and losing seats in both the US House and Senate is hard for us to predict but one thing for Damn sure it is time for the Republican Party to quit nominating….

Overeducated Ivy League Candy Ass Pussies

….for the Presidency who wouldn’t know an honest day’s work if it hit them in the ass and frankly could care the Hell less about Americans that make less than $250K a year!

One thing we heard over and over again in the past six months from Americans of all political persuasions was that they really didn’t think much of the Presidency of George W. Bush and that they believed “W” did tremendous harm and damage to America by….

Running Up $5 Plus Trillion Dollars of Debt in 8 Years (Obama is even worse having run up $6 Trillion Dollars of Debt in LESS than 4 Years!)


Getting America into a Bogus War in Iraq against a Two-Bit dictator in Saddam Hussein and beginning a Bogus “nation-building” operation in Afghanistan when we should have been focused solely on destroying the Bastards that actually attacked America on 9/11: The Al Qaeda


Not finding and killing Osama bin Laden in 7 years when the IRS can find your ass anywhere on the Planet if you owe them $5 Bucks


Letting the Wall Street Bastards run wild as they created Tens of Trillions of Dollars of Bets (called Credit Default Swaps but they were just plain bets) on America Real Estate which blew-up the US Financial System in 2008


Above all acting like a Pompous Arrogant Ass that believes to this day that he is God’s Gift to Planet Earth and since there are a few of us here at Coaches Hot Seat that knew “W” when he was the punk son of Vice President Bush in the Reagan Administration who we would not have trusted to park our cars, wash our cars or take out our trash we can agree with our fellow Americans that George W. Bush is a…

Pompous Arrogant Ass that also happens to be in our opinion a Draft Dodger, Trust Fund Boy Candy Ass Pussy that also in our opinion would hide his Precious Ass in the Canadian Rockies with most of official Washington DC if America ever got into another REAL shooting war.

YES, George W. Bush’s idiocy and legacy are still doing tremendous damage to the Republican Party not that we are Republicans here at Coaches Hot Seat because we got off the GOP train in the mid-1990s after the Republican Party began to drift from its core principles which was confirmed to us with the nomination of “W” as the Republican Presidential candidate in 2000 which led to yet another election in that year when the American People basically had NO choice between….

TWO Overeducated Ivy League Candy Ass Pussies

…..in George W. Bush and Al Gore and as they say the rest is history and an ugly American history it is with the Republicans in much of the 2000s holding the White House, Senate and House while spending money and running up debt like a drunken sailor on leave with someone else’s money while not keeping an eye on the Wall Street Bastards while also waging Bogus Wars in the Middle East and not finding Osama bin Laden.

Whatever direction the Republican Party decides to go in the future we here at Coaches Hot Seat have become convinced that the current “leadership” of the GOP in Washington DC including…

Speaker of the House John Boehner

Majority US House Leader Eric Cantor

Minority Leader in the US Senate Mitch McConnell

….need to be shown the door and kicked to the curb soon because they have done tremendous damage to the Republican Party over the past decade and how they are still in positions of leadership and power baffles us completely but then most of what the Republican “leadership” has done in recent years make no sense to us as well.

One thing for sure, IF the Republican Party doesn’t get back to its core principles of…

Limited Government

A Strong National Defense

Not Invading and Waging Wars on Countries that Did Not Attack America

Promoting Freedom, Democracy and Liberty around the World

Working in the best interests of Hard-Working Middle Class Americans instead of the Top 1 Percent

Building an American Society where All Men and Women Are Created Equal but one has to Go Out and Chase Their Own Dreams and Create Their Own Happiness

Promoting and Passing some kind of Common Sense Immigration Reform since America is and must remain a Nation of Immigrants if we are going to remain the most powerful country in the world and not stagnate like the European Candy Asses are right now


Most of All defend proudly and fight for the Principles of the American Republic including….





….then please is there someone that can tell us the point of and why the Republican Party even exists?

Will the Republican Party return to the above stated Principles of the GOP?

We rather doubt it and thus why it may be time to toss the Republican Party on the dustbin of history along with Communism, Fascism, Socialism and the Bogus and Un-American BCS and take about 50 percent of the current Republican Party Elected Leaders that actually believe in the Principles of the GOP and start a new…..

Third Party

….that could immediately challenge the Democrats in a direct and forceful way on the defining issues now facing our country including the need for….

Stronger Economic Growth

Getting Control of Our out-of-control Deficits and Debt

Fundamental Reform the Entitlement Programs of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Fundamental Reform of our Immigration System

….and we rather doubt that the current Republican leadership in Washington DC has it in them to take on the above big challenges since their ONLY interest is holding onto power and staying in office and thus why the current Republican leadership in Washington DC is corrupt to the core and either must be replaced soon or a new Third Party will need to be created that can help put the GOP out of its misery.

As for the end of the 2012 Election we here at Coaches Hot Seat can only say that we are thrilled to be home….

And to our incredible wives who are patient, loving and willing to put up with our love of America and the Great Game of College Football….


Week 11 Coaches Hot Seat MUST Win Games for Coaches and Teams

Jimbo Fisher, Florida State vs. Virginia Tech – Jimbo Fisher is in his third season at Florida State and has put up an impressive record of…

27 – 9

….but among those 9 losses Fisher and the Seminoles lost to some teams that Florida State had no business losing to….like…

2010 – At NC State, North Carolina

2011 – At Wake Forest, Virginia

2012 – At NC State

…and with a struggling Virginia Tech team up next that is 4 – 5 in 2012 the Seminoles are playing another team on Thursday night that FSU should NOT lose to and if Jimbo Fisher is going to put the Seminoles back among the elite in college football then this game against the Hokies is a MUST Win Game for FSU but especially a MUST Win Game for Jimbo Fisher.

Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech vs. Florida State – Imagine for a moment that Virginia Tech had lost their opening overtime game to Georgia Tech and the Hokies were sitting at…

3 – 6

…right now instead of an already dreadful 4 – 5 with only wins over…

Georgia Tech in overtime, I-AA Austin Peay, Bowling Green and Duke

….how bad things would be for Frank Beamer right now as Frank’s rear-end warms up a little more with each loss and here comes the highly-ranked Florida State Seminoles to town who would love to lay a beating on the Hokes on Thursday night in Blacksburg.

At 4 – 5 on the season this FSU game is critical for Frank Beamer and the Hokies because with these games left…

Florida State
At Boston College

….if Virginia Tech loses to FSU they will have to win one of their last two games just to get to .500 on the year and be able to do the Call of the Candy Asses…

“We’re bowl eligible, we’re bowl eligible!”

YES, Florida State is a MUST Win Game for Frank Beamer and Virginia Tech!

Paul Pasqualoni, Connecticut vs. Pittsburgh – In his second season at Connecticut Paul Pasqualoni has records of…

Overall:  8 – 13
Big East:  3 – 8

….after taking over a UConn football team that won the Big East Conference title in 2010 and had posted four straight winning seasons and taken four straight postseason bowl trips and by any measure we can think of the UConn football program has gone backwards under Paul Pasqualoni which makes this Friday’s game against Pitt a MUST Win Game.

Charlie Strong, Louisville vs. Syracuse – Charlie Strong and Louisville have been on quite a run in 2012 with several close wins that have delivered them into the month of November at 9 – 0 with these games left….

At Syracuse
At Rutgers

…and if the Louisville Cardinals want to have a very special season they MUST BEAT Syracuse in the tough to play in Carrier Dome on Saturday in what is nothing less than a BIG-TIME “Gut-Check” game for Strong’s football team.

Mack Brown, Texas vs. Iowa State – After wobbling during the middle of the season with losses to West Virginia and Oklahoma and now with wins over Baylor, Kansas and Texas Tech in the last three weeks Brown and the Horns are now 7 – 2 overall and 4 – 2 Big 12 play and now the Longhorns must finish strong against these three teams…

Iowa State
At Kansas State

…which will tell the tale of whether the ‘Horns 2012 season turns out to be….

10 – 2 = Very Good
9 – 3 = Good
8 – 4 = Mediocre

….and Texas can’t get to a Very Good season without beating Iowa State first which makes the Cyclones a MUST Win Game for Texas.

Al Golden, Miami vs. Virginia – Even after the win over a very mediocre Virginia Tech team last week the Miami Hurricanes are still just…

5 – 4

…on the season which means the Canes still need some wins to beat Al Golden and Miami’s record last season of 6 – 6 and with these games left…

At Virginia
South Florida
At Duke

….it makes Saturday’s game at Virginia a serious MUST Win Game for Miami and Al Golden.

Danny Hope, Purdue vs. Iowa – It’s not easy following a coaching legend and that is certainly what Danny Hope is doing at Purdue in following Joe Tiller as the head coach of the Boilermakers and at a school that is not that easy to win at check-out the yearly records at Purdue for Joe Tiller:

1997:  9 – 3 – Alamo Bowl
1998:  9 – 4 – Alamo Bowl
1999:  7 – 5 – Outback Bowl
2000:  8 – 4 – Big Ten Champions
2001:  6 – 6 – Sun Bowl
2002:  7 – 6 – Sun Bowl
2003:  9 – 4 – Capital One Bowl
2004:  7 – 5 – Sun Bowl
2005:  5 – 6
2006:  8 – 6 – Champs Sports Bowl
2007:  8 – 5 – Motor City Bowl
2008:  4 – 8

By our count in 12 seasons at Purdue Joe Tiller won ONE Big Ten Championship and took the Boilermakers to 8 Bowl Games and realizing that Purdue is not the easiest school in the world to get into and graduate from the above records by Joe Tiller deserves a…


In four seasons at Purdue current Boilermaker head coach Danny Hope has put up these win/loss records….

2009:  5 – 7
2010:  4 – 8
2011:   7 – 6 – Little Caesars Pizza Bowl
2012:  3 – 6

…and now everyone knows why Danny Hope is on the HOT SEAT because clearly the Purdue program is treading water at best and going backwards at worst and with Purdue now at 3 – 6 on the year and these games left this season…

At Iowa
At Illinois

….the Boilermakers MUST WIN OUT just to get to .500 on the year and that of course makes this Saturday’s Iowa game a MUST Win Game for Danny Hope and his football team.

Kirk Ferentz, Iowa vs. Purdue – Since the 2009 season the Iowa football team and Kirk Ferentz is…

Overall: 19 – 16
Big Ten: 10 – 11

….and do you believe the above is the kind of record that someone making over…

$3.5 Million Dollars A Year

….should be putting up OR do you believe as we do here at Coaches Hot Seat do that this guy…

….could have matched Kirk Ferentz’s record at Iowa over the last three seasons and would have only wanted bananas for compensation?

Oh, you agree with us that ANY monkey could have won 19 games at Iowa over the last three seasons as well?

Good, then you have an IQ over room temperature and thus why this Saturday’s home game against a struggling Purdue team is so Damn important because how long do you think the fans of Iowa football are going to accept….


….with THEIR Iowa football team?

Not very Damn long.

Charlie Weis, Kansas vs. Texas Tech – Charlie Weis is now 1 – 8 in his first season at Kansas and Weis is nearing another milestone with this game against Texas Tech on Saturday and that milestone is if Kansas loses to the Red Raiders then Charlie’s overall win/loss record at both Notre Dame and Kansas would drop to…

36 – 36

….and if one throws out Charlie’s first two seasons at Notre Dame (19 – 6) when Weis was coaching someone else’s players then Charlie’s overall record at Notre Dame (3 seasons) and Kansas (1 season) would be…

17 – 29

….which is Charlie’s record without Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn under center for his football team!

Charlie Weis and Kansas are 1 – 8 on the season and they have left…

At Texas Tech
Iowa State
At West Virginia

…..and if Kansas doesn’t finish the season at 1 – 11 in 2012 we would be SHOCKED!

Coach Hard Charlie!

Derek Dooley, Tennessee vs. Missouri – We have never been big believers in the idea that one game should decide the fate of a head football coach because if one game is going to decide the fate of a coach then that coach should have probably already been fired, but a series of games like the last three games of Tennessee’s season…

At Vanderbilt

….will tell everyone a lot about the current state of the Tennessee football program and with the Vols now at 4 – 5 on the season Missouri isn’t so much a MUST WIN Game as it is a…

Better the Hell Not Lose It Game!

Gary Pinkel, Missouri vs. Tennessee – IF anyone was doubting how tough the SEC Conference is over just realize that over the past SIX seasons of Missouri (2006 – 2011) playing in the Big 12 Conference Gary Pinkel’s Tigers never won LESS than 8 games and they never won less than 4 Big 12 conference games.

Memo to Gary Pinkel and the Missouri Tigers:  Welcome to 2012 and the SEC Conference because the Tigers in their first season in the SEC are…

Overall:  4 – 5
SEC:  1 – 5

….and they have left…

At Tennessee
At Texas A&M

….which makes this Saturday’s game at Tennessee MUST Win Game if Pinkel and the Tigers don’t want to put in jeopardy their streak of going to seven straight bowl games.

Dan Enos, Central Michigan vs. Eastern Michigan – In three seasons at Central Michigan Dan Enos has put up records of…

2010:  3 – 9
2011:  3 – 9
2012:  3 – 6

Overall:  9 – 24
MAC:  5 – 16

….and with these games left…

At Eastern Michigan
Miami (OH)
At Massachusetts

…if Enos doesn’t want to put up three straight LOSING season after taking over a Central Michigan team that had five straight WINNING seasons when he took over CMU in 2010 then Enos and his football team better beat Eastern Michigan on Saturday.

Jon Embree, Colorado vs. Arizona – IF not for Mike Leach and his Washington State team choking away a game in Pullman earlier this season to CU the Colorado Buffs would right now be…

0 – 9

….and even with that last second win at hapless Washington State the Buffs and their head coach Jon Embree only have 1 WIN in 2012 and they have left…

At Arizona

….and there would be no better place than at Tucson on Saturday afternoon for the Colorado football team to start playing like they HATE LOSING rather than the Buffs football team that we here at Coaches Hot Seat saw in Boulder last Saturday that seemed to ACCEPT LOSING as a normal part of life.

Colorado has plenty of talent to WIN ALL of their three remaining games BUT it will take the Buffs coaching staff starting with head coach Jon Embree coaching the CU football team up and making Damn sure the Buffs don’t QUIT again this season or EVER again in the future.

Maybe this will motivate Colorado on Saturday against Arizona:

The Colorado Buffs football team is filled with QUITTERS!


And we believe they will QUIT again against Arizona on Saturday.

Lane Kiffin, USC vs. Arizona State – In three seasons at USC Lane Kiffin has put up records of…

2010:  8 – 5
2011:  10 – 2
2012:  6 – 3

….and as much as people like to talk about USC winning 10 games last season the Trojans beat THREE teams (Arizona State, Arizona and UCLA) that fired their head coaches in 2011 and beat TWO teams (Minnesota and Colorado) with first year head coaches so it was not a surprise to us that USC has lost a few games in 2012 but they have already lost ONE more game than we expected them to lose and they still have these games left:

Arizona State
Notre Dame

The Vegas Boys have USC as 9 to 10 point favorite over Arizona State on Saturday which sounds about right to us BUT if first year ASU head coach Todd Graham and his Sun Devils do beat the USC Trojans in the LA Coliseum on Saturday it might not be a bad idea for Lane Kiffin to start talking with some realtors about putting that house of his in Manhattan Beach up on the market because everyone knows how hard it is to sell houses in California these days so getting a jump on that would seem to make sense for Lane!

Tom O’Brien, NC State vs. Wake Forest – NC State fans are starting to get restless against about the inconsistency of the Wolfpack football program under Tom O’Brien and they should be getting restless because in 2012 NC State football has won FIVE Games and they have beaten…

South Alabama

…which are ALL teams that are either I-AA or have losing records and NC State has also beaten…

Florida State

What the Hell?

Now that makes NO SENSE AT ALL!

Oh, and don’t forget that TENNESSEE beat NC State in the opening game of the season in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta which is not exactly a loss that Tom O’Brien and his NC State football team can be proud of since they only scored….

21 points

…on a Tennessee football team that is giving up an average of…

35.4 points

….this season!

YES, unless Tom O’Brien wants to go into the offseason on the HOT SEAT then NC State better find a way to win at least two of their last three games over….

Wake Forest
At Clemson
Boston College

….which REALLY makes this Saturday’s game against Wake Forest a MUST WIN.

Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia vs. Oklahoma State – Dana Holgorsen is on the verge of going from one of the hottest coaches in the country to the HOT SEAT unless he can stop his West Virginia team’s THREE Game losing streak and now at 5 – 3 on the season and with these games left…

At Oklahoma State
At Iowa State

…..we only see one SURE-WIN left on the Mountaineers schedule (Kansas) and thus why there is a real possibility that West Virginia could end the season at 6 – 6 after starting off the season at 5 – 0 and if West Virginia finishes at 6 – 6 in 2012 Dana Holgorsen will be on the HOT SEAT come December and all the way until the 2013 season starts next August!

Coach Hard Dana because this game against Oklahoma State is a MUST WIN!

Tony Levine, Houston vs. Tulsa – Houston won 35 games in the last four seasons under the last UH head coach Kevin Sumlin and in Tony Levine’s first year on the job at Houston his team is…

4 – 5

…and they have left…

At Marshall

…and unless Tony Levine wants Houston football to take a giant step backwards by not getting to a bowl game in 2012 and thus not getting those 10 plus extra practices we would recommend that Houston beat Tulsa on Saturday.

Gene Chizik, Auburn vs. Georgia – Thanks to the reporting of Kevin Scarbinsky of al.com….

Save Jay Jacobs as AD campaign heats up at Auburn, Kevin Scarbinsky, al.com

… college football fans everywhere got see an internal email sent to boosters of Auburn football by Jack Smith, director of strategic communications for Auburn athletics (A Bogus Needless job if we have ever heard of one and since some of us used to do “government work” we have seen plenty of Bogus and Needless jobs!), which attempted to justify the BIG and guaranteed contract for Gene Chizik because….

Lots of other schools are Very Damn Stupid and there is NOTHING wrong with Auburn being stupid as well!

…and who gave guaranteed contracts to their head football coaches and thus that old thing your Mom used to tell you about doing things just because other kids did it…

“Would you jump off a bridge just because “X” jumped off a bridge?”

…..really strikes home and the MONEY LINES in Jack Smith, director or strategic communications for Auburn athletics, email are….

“As a few examples, Nick Saban would be owed $22 million if terminated, Kirk Ferentz at Iowa would be owed $22 Million and Bobby Petrino would have been owed $18 million if terminated without cause prior to this season.

A few other coaches with buyouts higher than Coach Chizik’s include Dana Holgorsen ($13.8 Million), Bo Pelini ($9 Million), Ben Howland ($8.8 million), Mike Sherman ($8.8 million), Thad Matta ($8.45 million) and Bret Bielima ($8.4 million).

On the other end of the spectrum, Houston Nutt and Turner Gill, neither of whom ever won even a conference title much less a National Championship, were each paid $6 million when they were terminated.”

Coaches Hot Seat Translation:  ALL of these other schools have Very Damn Stupid People working in their athletic departments, in their president’s office and on their boards of trustees so what is wrong with having Very Damn Stupid People at Auburn as well?

Here THE THING for Jack Smith, AD Jay Jacobs and EVERYONE else at Auburn that signed off on this guaranteed contract for Gene Chizik after the 2010 season:

There was NO REASON to do it and if Auburn had offered Gene Chizik $3.0 plus Million Dollars a year for “X” amount of seasons into the future and demanded that Chizik agree to a $1.5 Million Dollar buyout if and when Auburn decided to fire Chizik for ANY REASON then Gene Chizik would have agreed to and signed that contract because….

NO ONE ELSE had any interest in hiring Gene Chizik after the 2010 season and certainly NO ONE ELSE has any interest in hiring Gene Chizik right now!


Why then assuming that Auburn AD Jay Jacobs actually gives a Damn about Auburn University would Jacobs push for a guaranteed contract with Auburn University board of trustees members without a reasonable buyout in case Chizik would need to be fired in the future?

In our opinion there are only three logical answers to the above question:

Jay Jacobs is an IDIOT and we don’t think Jay Jacobs is an IDIOT.


Jay Jacobs put the best interests of Gene Chizik ahead of the best interests of Auburn University


Jay Jacobs let his personal relationship with Gene Chizik get in the way of negotiating a contract with a reasonable buyout with the head football coach in the athletics department that Jay Jacobs oversees.

Our opinion: The RIGHT answer is No. 3 that….

Jay Jacobs let his personal relationship with Gene Chizik get in the way of negotiating a contract with a reasonable buyout with the head football coach in the athletics department that Jay Jacobs oversees.

Getting to the task at hand which is the Georgia – Auburn game on Saturday night IF Auburn loses badly to Georgia and that is no sure thing since Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt is right behind Bob Stoops as one of the BIGGEST Choke Artists in College Football History but IF Auburn loses badly to Georgia and Alabama to end the season at…

3 – 9

…with NO WINS in SEC play and the only wins coming over La. Monroe (in overtime), New Mexico State and I-AA Alabama A&M and Auburn is forced to fire Gene Chizik the bottom-line is that no matter what the Hell other schools are doing it will cost Auburn athletics…

$7.5 Million Dollars

…over the next several years to fire Gene Chizik and IF Coaches Hot Seat had been negotiating Chizik’s new contract after the 2010 season there is not a chance in Hell we would agreed to a new contract that did not have a buyout of…

$1.5 Million Dollars OR LESS

….in Chizik’s contract which would have saved Auburn….

$6.0 Million Dollars AT LEAST if they are forced to fire Chizik in December

That is the BOTTOM-LINE Jack Smith and unless Auburn athletics has $6.0 Million Dollars just lying around that they can piss into the Gulf of Mexico without a care in the world then Gene Chizik’s new contract was nothing less than….

A Very Damn Stupid Move by Very Damn Stupid People


And TOTALLY Damn Unnecessary.


As for the Georgia – Auburn game on The Plains on Saturday night the Vegas Boys have the Bulldogs at 15 plus point favorites which both….

Gives Auburn a chance to win the game


Gives Mark Richt a chance to prove again that he is a BIG Choke Artist!

Les Miles, LSU vs. Mississippi State – The difference between being the Hero and the Goat at LSU is a very fine line that Les Miles knows all to well about and in LSU’s last 10 games the Tigers have played THREE TEAMS with equal talent to LSU and LSU’s record in those THREE GAMES against teams with equal or better talent is…

0 – 3

Those games were…

Alabama in the Bogus BCS National Title Game
Florida in Gainesville
Alabama in Baton Rouge

LSU is now at 7 – 2 and has three games left against teams that the Tigers have LOTS more talent than against….

Mississippi State
Ole Miss
At Arkansas

…and we expect LSU to finish at 10 – 2 this season BUT if Les Miles and LSU should stumble down the stretch Miles will cross over to the Goat side of the line and being a Goat in the Great State of Louisiana for some reason doesn’t sound like it would be that much fun to us especially considering some of the things those LSU fans roast around Death Valley on Saturdays in the Fall!

Ellis Johnson, Southern Miss vs. SMU – One cannot help but feel for Ellis Johnson in his first and maybe only year at Southern Miss after the Golden Eagles have started…

0 – 9

….in Johnson’s first year on the job BUT college football is a business and any business always comes down to winning whether winning is satisfying a customer or winning football games and either Ellis Johnson will start winning some football games soon or Ellis Johnson will be making a lot of money working for another head as a defensive coordinator soon!

Brian Kelly, Notre Dame vs. Boston College – Notre Dame has been a great story in 2012 in Brian Kelly’s third year with the Fighting Frenchmen at 9 – 0 and having seen Notre Dame in person earlier this season against Stanford we still believe that the Fighting Frenchmen are a slightly better than average football team that have beaten two slightly better than average football teams in Oklahoma and Michigan and a lot of Very Damn Average teams in their 7 other games.

On Saturday Notre Dame plays Boston College which in 2012 has LOST to…

Florida State
Georgia Tech
Wake Forest

….and thus if Notre Dame loses to Boston College in this spot poll voters will have to ban the Fighting Frenchmen from ALL POLLS for the next five seasons because the Fighting Frenchmen in northern Indiana would be no Damn better than the Fighting Frenchmen in FRANCE who aren’t really fighters but are…


YES, you now you know why the Germans whipped the Frenchmen’s ass in World War I and World War II and why the Frenchmen needed the Americans to come over to Europe to save their Precious Candy Asses from the Germans not ONCE but TWICE in the last century!

Frank Spaziani, Boston College vs. Notre Dame – With Boston College now at 2 – 7 on the season it is probably a waste of time to write about Frank Spaziani facing a MUST WIN Game since the train has left the station and it ain’t coming back BUT Notre Dame is coming to Boston on Saturday and if Frank Spaziani and the Eagles want one last HURRAH then beating the Fighting Frenchmen on ABC/ESPN National Television would do just that!

We are pulling for Boston College in this game because if these four teams, Alabama, Oregon, Kansas State and Notre Dame, finish the season unbeaten we really don’t look forward to hearing the fans of the Fighting Frenchmen crying 24/7 about Notre Damn not playing for the National Championship and we have Newsflash for Fighting Frenchmen fans:

IF Alabama, Oregon, Kansas State and Notre Damn finish the season unbeaten….

Notre Dame WILL NOT PLAY for the Bogus BCS National Championship.


Jeff Tedford, California vs. Oregon – Bob Clark of the Register-Guard can write it a lot better than we can on Jeff Tedford’s job status at California which Bob did in his latest…

Can Tedford bear a down season?, Bob Clark, Register-Guard

….and in Bob’s column he asks the question that many of us here at Coaches Hot Seat ponder from time to time:


Why has the Cal football program fallen so far in recent years with Cal’s record over the past three seasons being….

15 – 20

…overall and…

9 – 16

….in Pac-10/12 play?


Our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat:

The first time we ran into Jeff Tedford when he was the offensive coordinator at Oregon under Mike Bellotti it was clear to us that Jeff Tedford LOVED the game of football.

In Jeff Tedford’s first five seasons at Cal at least it was clear to us when we saw or ran into Jeff Tedford that Jeff LOVED the game of football.

A couple of years ago we saw Jeff Tedford at a media event before the football season and it looked to us like Jeff Tedford was tired mentally, physically and that he NO LONGER LOVED the game of football.

What changed in Jeff Tedford so that he no longer LOVED the game of football?

YOUR guess is as good as ours BUT here we have yet another coach that has a HUGE guaranteed contract (Jeff Tedford would be owed $7 Million Dollars if he is fired after this season) with NO buyout and for some reason the words of the Great author John Steinbeck are now ringing in our ears:

“If I wanted to destroy a nation, I would give it too much and I would have it on its knees, miserable, greedy and sick.”

The SAME goes for many Human Beings as well and thus why we believe that guaranteed contracts for football coaches are ABSURD and why the American Republic is now in such grave danger because once everyone is given all they want in life then what is there left for Human Beings to strive for and achieve?

NOTHING is the answer to that question and the above is also our answer on why the Cal football program has declined so much under Jeff Tedford in recent years:

Jeff Tedford is NOT as hungry as he used to be to win Games and Championships


Jeff Tedford NO LONGER LOVES the game of football.

As for the Oregon – California game on Saturday night if Cal plays their BEST game of the 2012 season they will not get beat by more than 40 points or Chip Kelly might just play a lot of second, third and fourth stringers and take it easy on Cal hoping that Cal AD Sandy Barbour keeps Tedford around for another season which would be another SURE WIN for the Oregon Ducks in 2013!

Steve Sarkisian, Washington vs. Utah – After starting the season 3 – 4 with the only decent win coming over Stanford in Seattle Steve Sarkisian and his Huskies won their last two games to run their record to 5 – 4 but we are talking about…

Washington Huskies Football

…here and thus why Sarkisian needs to finish strong against…

At Colorado
At Washington State

….to avoid ending up on the HOT SEAT come December.

Washington has plenty of talent to beat Utah at home, Colorado in Boulder and Washington State in Pullman BUT Steve Sarkisian’s problem at Washington over the past four seasons has getting his team to play UP TO their talent level and starting against Utah on Saturday the Huskies need to do just that.

Kyle Whittingham, Utah vs. Washington – Kyle Whittingham and the Utah football program are finding out that the Pac-12 Conference is a Helluva lot tougher than the Mountain West Conference because after the Utes put up THREE straight 10 win plus season before joining the Pac-12 in 2011 the Utes are only….

Overall:  12 – 10
Pac-12:  6 – 9

….since they became members of the Pac-12.

Utah now at 4 – 5 on the season has left…

At Washington
At Colorado

….and if the Utes want to get to .500 in 2012 and be able to do the Call of the Candy Asses…

“We’re bowl eligible, we’re bowl eligible!

….then they better BEAT Washington Saturday in what is a MUST Win Game for Whittingham and Utah football.

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