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Alabama Loses to Texas A&M and the San Francisco 49ers Tie the St. Louis Rams and Both Nick Saban and Jim Harbaugh ALLOWED Their Teams Get Down BIG While Doing Nothing In the First Quarter To Counter the Passion and Energy That The Opposing Teams Brought To Those Games – Post Week 11 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

Alabama Loses to Texas A&M and the San Francisco 49ers Tie the St. Louis Rams

There were lots of great football games over the weekend but two of the more fascinating games were….

Texas A&M BEATING Alabama in Tuscaloosa


St. Louis Rams TYING San Francisco 49ers in San Francisco

…and something that happened in both of the above games was that the underdog and visiting team came out with MORE Passion and MORE Energy than the home and favored teams and both built up BIG leads that eventually were too much for both Alabama and San Francisco to overcome.

What came to mind to a couple of Coaches Hot Seat members when watching the above games was something a head coach used to do and explained to us that he did when an opposing underdog team that his team was playing against came out with a lot more Passion and Energy than his team and that was become almost like a basketball coach by using 1 or 2 timeouts early in the game to get his team over to the sideline and get them “woken-up” before allowing the underdog team to jump out to a big lead just as Texas A&M did on Alabama (20 – 0) and St. Louis did against San Francisco (14 – 0) over the weekend.

IF an opposing underdog team opens a game that is obviously playing with much MORE Passion and MORE Energy the head coach of the favored team needs to do all he can to be….

Wake-Up and Energize his team


Break the momentum of the opposing team which on defense usually means bring more pressure on the QB and offense means calling more running plays and short passes that can be completed and thus keep drives alive and thus keep the opposing offense off the field.

Nick Saban and Jim Harbaugh both let their teams get way behind in the first quarter by not quickly reacting to the Passion and Energy that Texas A&M and St. Louis players brought to those games and allowing those big leads to be built-up unchecked and with no intervention by either head coach cost BOTH head coaches and their teams WINS over the weekend.


Post Week 11 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

Tell them the TRUTH Johnny Cash and God Bless America!

Post Week 11 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Frank Spaziani, Boston College – In only a lackluster effort on their homefield against Notre Dame the BC Eagles dropped to 2 – 8 on the season which runs Frank Spaziani’s record at BC over the past four seasons to…

Overall:  22 – 27
ACC:  13 – 17

….and to make things even worse Julian Benbow of the Boston Globe points out the following (BC coach Frank Spaziani faces more concerns than ever, Boston.com)…

“But the season’s many malfunctions seem minor when compared with the team’s overall decline the past four seasons.

The last time the Eagles beat a ranked team was Nov. 15, 2008, when a Jeff Jagodzinski-led team beat No. 20 Florida State in Tallahassee.

The Eagles have faced 11 ranked teams since Spaziani took over in 2009, and lost to each of them.

After falling to Notre Dame for the fourth straight season, the Eagles are a loss away from a bit of infamy.

The Eagles haven’t lost nine games since 1989. They haven’t lost 10 since 1978.”

Uhhhh….someone cue the Great Dandy Don Meredith because this party in Boston is OVER!

2.  Jeff Tedford, California – After Stanford beat Oregon State in a very hard fought game on Saturday a few of us here at Coaches Hot Seat drove across the Bay to watch Oregon play Cal in the Land of the Crazies (Berkeley, California) and what we found at Memorial Stadium was a Cal team that played very hard, very physical and very aggressively against the Ducks BUT in the end Oregon just overwhelmed Cal with….

Better Coaching

Better Players

Better Execution


….and now only 4 seasons from Cal football roughly being on par with Oregon football with Cal beating Oregon 26 – 16 on November 1, 2008 the differences between Cal and Oregon football are so MASSIVE that one can only wonder if it will EVER be closed again as long as Jeff Tedford is at Cal and Chip Kelly is at Oregon.

Jeff Tedford and Cal are now 3 – 8 overall and 2 – 6 in the Pac-12 this season with wins over….

I-AA Southern Utah
Washington State

….and amazingly Cal will end this year in the middle of November with a game at Oregon State and after seeing the Beavers on Saturday play against Stanford we give the Golden Bears very little chance to beat Oregon State in Corvallis.

What then does the future hold for Jeff Tedford at Cal with the Cal athletics and its boosters, alumni and fans owing Tedford around $7 Million Dollars if they fire him after the disastrous 2012 football season?

Well, with the loss to Oregon the Cal Bears record under Tedford for the last three seasons drops to…

Overall:  15 – 21
Pac-10/12:  9 – 17

….with three of those fifteen wins coming against I-AA teams so against I-A teams Cal’s record over the past three seasons is…

Overall:  12 – 21

….and if Average and Mediocre or even WORSE is good enough for the University of California then it is good enough for us!

3.  Gene Chizik, Auburn – After Auburn’s 38 – 0 loss on their homefield of Jordan-Hare Stadium and Pat Dye Field on Saturday night to TRULY understand Auburn’s historic collapse in 2012 one has to understand that IF Auburn does lose to Alabama in Tuscaloosa to end the season to run their 2012 SEC Conference record to…

0 – 8

…one has to go back to 1980 under Auburn head coach Doug Barfield to find the last season that the Tigers DID NOT WIN a SEC Conference football game and before 1980 one has to go back to Ralph “Shug” Jordan’s second year on the job in 1952 when Auburn DIDN’T WIN a SEC Conference game.

YES, we are talking about an Unprecedented and considering that Auburn won the Bogus BCS National Championship only two seasons ago an….


…for Auburn football and one can only wonder what has caused Auburn football to fall so far and so fast because let’s face FACTS:

This fellow….

….could WIN at least TWO SEC Conference games every year coaching Auburn football working an hour a day and eating bananas and watching the Auburn players coach themselves the rest of the time so then what the Hell has gone wrong at Auburn?

Before we answer that question we first must go back to the 2011 season and look at Auburn’s last seven games after they beat South Carolina in Columbia on October 1:

October 8
Arkansas – 38
Auburn – 14

October 15
Auburn – 17
Florida – 6

October 22
LSU – 45
Auburn – 10

October 29
Auburn – 41
Ole Miss – 23

November 11
Georgia – 45
Auburn – 7

November 19
Auburn – 35
Samford – 16

November 26
Alabama – 42
Auburn – 14

So over Auburn’s LAST 13 SEC Conference Games under Gene Chizik the Tigers are…

2 – 11

….and the average margin that Auburn LOST those SEC 11 games is…

24.27 POINTS!

….and both of Auburn’s wins in their last 13 SEC games were against teams that had first-year head coaches (Will Muschamp, Florida and Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss).

Please, is there ANYONE out there that can explain how Auburn could fall so far and so fast IF someone was actually coaching the Auburn football team that is which may get us right to the point here and why only…

Very Stupid Damn People

…give their employees and especially head football coaches Guaranteed Contracts worth Millions of Dollars because when you Guarantee someone they will get paid Millions of Dollars WHETHER THEY PERFORM OR NOT then guess what you get?

You get a football team winning less games than with this guy coaching it….

….than if this fellow was coaching it…

…and if you think we are exaggerating let us all remember we are talking about AUBURN FOOTBALL here where any random stumble-bum could walk off the street tomorrow and win at least ONE SEC GAME EVERY SEASON coaching the Tigers.


Should Auburn fire Gene Chizik?

When you can’t even match what a monkey and stumble-bum could do at Auburn how in the Hell can you hold onto your job?

Oh, that’s right.

Auburn would owe Gene Chizik over $7 Million Dollars over the next five years if Auburn fired Chizik this year and since it is our opinion that Gene Chizik values….


….AND his own Precious Ass over Auburn University….

….don’t expect Chizik to offer to renegotiate his contract and reduce his buyout in future years to hold onto his job because the TRUTH is in our opinion Gene Chizik…


….to take that risk of taking less of a buyout in future years because Gene Chizik knows that he would actually have to….


…to turn around Auburn football and why in the Hell would Gene Chizik…


…when Auburn has told him they will pay him Millions of Dollars whether he….


Memo to the “Auburn Family”:  There are VERY DAMN STUPID PEOPLE running Auburn University and Auburn Athletics and if you sit on your lazy asses and say nothing they will destroy the Auburn football program and keep that uppermost in your minds as Auburn plays Alabama in two weeks and take note which team has a head coach that is actually….

Coaching His Football Team

…and which team…

Doesn’t Have A Head Coach

….and YOU as Auburn boosters, alumni and fans should keep that in mind because it is YOU that pays Gene Chizik’s salary through ticket and merchandise sales and it is YOU that will be paying Gene Chizik’s $7 Million Dollar Plus buyout so it is YOU that are the chumps that allowed Auburn University to give Gene Chizik a Guaranteed Contract that only…

Very Damn Stupid People

…would have agreed to which makes the Auburn Fans Very Damn Stupid People for allowing this BS to go on in YOUR NAME.


Just our opinion.

4.  Randy Edsall, Maryland – After suffering more injuries than we can count at QB in 2012 the Maryland Terrapins dropped to 4 – 6 after the loss to Clemson on Saturday and with these two games left…

Florida State
At North Carolina

…it looks like the Terps will finish 2012 at 4 – 8 which would run Randy Edsall’s record at Maryland to…

Overall:  6 – 18
ACC:  3 – 13

….which is a football program that fired its last head coach (Ralph Friedgen) that won…

33 Games

…over the past five seasons and if that isn’t Maryland football taking a step back then we don’t what is taking a step back.

Would or Could Maryland fire Randy Edsall after the 2012 season?

Probably not since Maryland athletics is strapped financially BUT if Maryland football does make a decision to fire Randy Edsall in the future what they should do when hiring the next coach is to MAKE DAMN SURE that the new coach has the decency and integrity to tell his former players goodbye and thank them for their hard work which made getting the Maryland job POSSIBLE which Randy Edsall failed at in Spades!

5.  Derek Dooley, Tennessee – When one realizes that in three seasons at La. Tech that Derek Dooley put up these records…

2007:  5 – 7
2008:  8 – 5
2009:  4 – 8

….that Derek Dooley was EVER hired at Tennessee was a surprise BUT then one has to realize what a dire situation that the Tennessee football program was in after the departure of Lane Kiffin in the middle of the night to USC and how desperate former Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton was to hire ANY coach in the following days then one can begin to understand how Dooley ended up at Tennessee and in what Complete Disarray UT football was in the wake of Kiffin’s departure BUT none of the above explains how bad Derek Dooley’s records in three seasons at Tennessee are…

Overall:  15 – 20
SEC:  4 – 8

….because like at Auburn this fellow….

….could have matched Dooley’s records at Tennessee and thus why Derek Dooley is now on one of the Hottest Seats in the country.

With these games left for the Vols…

At Vanderbilt

…one has to go back to Johnny Majors first season at Tennessee to find a year when UT football only won ONE game in the SEC and the Vols will have to beat a resurgent Vandy program to avoid a ONE WIN SEC Conference record in 2012 (assuming that the Vols will beat Kentucky to end the season) which has to be a Complete Disaster for Tennessee football and its fans.

6.  Kirk Ferentz, Iowa – A bad season got worse on Saturday when Iowa lost to a Purdue team that was itself coming into the game with a FIVE GAME losing streak but somehow were able to beat Iowa in Iowa City and with the Hawkeyes now at 4 – 6 on the season having left…

At Michigan

….and Iowa will have to win their last two very tough games to get to .500 and be able to do the “Call of the Candy Asses”…..

“We’re bowl eligible! We’re bowl eligible!”

…which evidently at Iowa is good enough to get you $3.5 Million Dollars a year in salary for Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz not that it really matters if Ferentz wins ANOTHER GAME at Iowa because he is…

Guaranteed to be Paid Tens of Millions of Dollars

….over the next decade whether Iowa football….


Yes, welcome to the age of….

Very Damn Stupid People

….running athletic departments, sitting in university president offices and on university boards of trustees who will Guarantee to pay college football head coaches Millions of Dollars into the future….

Whether the Coach is WINNING OR NOT or even if the Coach is WORKING AT THE SCHOOL OR NOT!

Over the last three seasons Iowa’s records under Kirk Ferentz are….

Overall:  19 – 17
Big Ten:  10 – 12

….and one has to wonder what Iowa would have to pay a football coach to actually coach the Hawkeyes football team to an….

Average Level

…..because right now Iowa football is BELOW AVERAGE and getting worse all the time but don’t worry….

Kirk Ferentz gets paid whether Iowa Football WINS OR NOT!

Yes, cue the Idiot Train with the next stop in….Iowa City, Iowa!

7.  Ellis Johnson, Southern Miss – The downfall of Auburn football has been EPIC but what is going on now at Southern Miss is just stunning and after the Golden Eagles loss to SMU on Saturday by a score of 34 – 6 that leaves the Southern Miss record in 2012 at…

0 – 10

…and this is a football program that over the past four seasons under Larry Fedora WON….

34 Games

….which is an average of 8.5 WINS a season and when one understands that going back to 1988 that Southern Miss NEVER won less than…

5 Games

….one can began to grasp how far Southern Miss football has fallen this season and why Ellis Johnson is now sitting on a Very HOT SEAT.

With these games left….

At Memphis

….which are both teams with losing records and teams that a Southern Miss football team SHOULD BEAT but the way things are going this season there has to be at least a 50 – 50 chance that Southern Miss finishes at 0 – 12 in 2012 which would be nothing short of a Complete Disaster for the fans of Southern Miss football.

8.  Charlie Weis, Kansas – Charlie Weis and his Kansas football team had another Big 12 team BEAT on Saturday in Texas Tech but mishaps and mistakes in overtime let another win slip away and now at 1 – 9 on the season and 0 – 7 in the Big 12 the Jayhawks have these games left…

Iowa State
At West Virginia

….and if Kansas does want to get a Big 12 win in 2012 then beating Iowa State at home may be their last chance.

9.  Jon Embree, Colorado – After the 56 – 31 loss to Arizona on Saturday that is the…


….that Colorado has lost to in 2012 that has a…


….(Colorado State, Fresno State, UCLA, Arizona State, Arizona) and the average loss by Colorado in those FIVE LOSSES to teams with FIRST YEAR HEAD COACHES has been….


…which points to what a Complete Disaster that Colorado is right now and how far of a mountain that Jon Embree or someone else will have to climb to get Colorado football just back to AVERAGE forget about winning on any kind of regular basis.

Luckily for Jon Embree and the CU Buffs they still have a chance to redeem themselves in 2012 with these two games left at home…

Washington  (6 – 4)
Utah  (4 – 6)

….BUT if the Buffs don’t play better than they have in recent weeks these two remaining games could be Complete Disasters as well with the Buffs losing their last two games at home to finish at…

1 – 11

…on the season with Colorado playing in a Pac-12 Conference that is getting tougher everyday and every year which means Jon Embree will have to coach BETTER than the other coaches in the Pac-12 to make Colorado competitive again in the conference.

IF Jon Embree and Colorado want any momentum for the 2012 season they MUST WIN one of their last two game starting with the game against the Washington Huskies on Saturday and winning that game over Washington should be the ONLY FOCUS of Jon Embree and his Buffs.

10.  Danny Hope, Purdue – Danny Hope and his Purdue team got their MUST WIN on Saturday against Iowa to raise their record to 4 – 6 and now they MUST WIN their last two games against…

At Illinois

….or they will finish below .500 which might very well end Danny Hope’s four-year run at Purdue which has seen Hope put up these records….

Overall: 20 – 27
Big Ten: 11 – 19

….which are records that even at Purdue will put a head coach on the HOT SEAT.

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