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Stanford vs. Oregon in Eugene on Saturday Night on ABC – “You Are Looking Live at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon Where….” – Can Stanford Beat Oregon on Saturday? – “Just Call Us David!” – Week 12 Coaches Hot Seat Must Win Games for Coaches and Teams

Bend, Oregon

Stanford vs. Oregon in Eugene on Saturday Night on ABC – “You Are Looking Live at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon Where….”

Lots of people have come up to us in the last week and asked many of us Coaches Hot Seat Members in almost a hushed tone….

“Can Stanford beat Oregon on Saturday?”

Our stock answer to that question is another question:

“Did David beat Goliath?”

Response:  “Yes, but what does that have to do….

CHS Member (waving hand to stop talking):  “Just call us David.”

Response:  “OK.”

As detailed in the following Wikipedia entry on David and Goliath which gets rather graphic at the end it David used a particular style of attack that WON THE DAY over Goliath:

“The account of the battle between David and Goliath is told in 1 Samuel, chapter 17. Saul and the Israelites are facing the Philistines at the Valley of Elah. Twice a day for 40 days, Goliath, the champion of the Philistines, comes out between the lines and challenges the Israelites to send out a champion of their own to decide the outcome in single combat, but Saul and all the Israelites are afraid. David, bringing food for his elder brothers, hears that Saul has promised to reward any man who defeats Goliath, and accepts the challenge. Saul reluctantly agrees and offers his armor, which David declines, taking only his sling and five stones from a brook.

David and Goliath confront each other, Goliath with his armor and shield, David with his staff and sling. “The Philistine cursed David by his gods.” but David replies: “This day the LORD will deliver you into my hand, and I will strike you down; and I will give the dead bodies of the host of the Philistines this day to the birds of the air and to the wild beasts of the earth; that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel, and that all this assembly may know that God saves not with sword and spear; for the battle is God’s, and he will give you into our hand.”

David hurls a stone from his sling with all his might and hits Goliath in the center of his forehead, Goliath falls on his face to the ground, and David cuts off his head. The Philistines flee and are pursued by the Israelites “as far as Gath and the gates of Ekron”. David puts the armor of Goliath in his own tent and takes the head to Jerusalem, and Saul sends Abner to bring the boy to him. The king asks whose son he is, and David answers, “I am the son of your servant Jesse the Bethlehemite.””

Coaches Hot Seat Translation of David and Goliath:  David POPPED Goliath IN THE MOUTH and WON THE DAY!

How does Stanford BEAT the Mighty, Tough, Fleet of Foot and Very Well Coached Oregon Ducks?


That’s how Stanford BEATS the Mighty Oregon Ducks!

Oh, and also making it very hard for an Oregon offense and QB to figure out just what in the HELL the Stanford defense is about to do.

Check-out how Alabama defended one of the original “spread” offenses that was by Dennis Erickson at Miami in the 1993 Sugar Bowl:

What was that again?

“Can Stanford BEAT the three-touchdown favorite Oregon Ducks at Autzen Stadium on Saturday?”

Answer:  “Just call us David!”

Memo to Stanford head coach David Shaw, the Stanford coaching staff and the Stanford football team from the Land of Granola Bars and Lots of Rain (the state of Oregon!):

Chip Kelly, the Oregon coaching staff and the Oregon football team are….


Week 12 Coaches Hot Seat Must Win Games for Coaches and Teams

Mario Cristobal, Florida International vs. Florida Atlantic – Mario Cristobal has done a nice job turning around FIU football putting up two winning records over the past two seasons and going to two bowl games…..BUT….what the Hell happened in 2012 Mario?

FIU is 2 – 8 in 2012 and until they beat first year I-A (FBS) team South Alabama they had lost SEVEN straight games and thus we ask again….

What the Hell happened to FIU football Mario?

Whatever has happened to FIU football Mario Cristobal and his Golden Panthers desperately need to win their last two games and they especially need a win in this Saturday’s game against south Florida arrival Florida Atlantic and first year FAU coach Carl Pelini.

IF FIU does lose to FAU and La. Monroe to finish the season then Mario Cristobal will be on the HOT SEAT throughout the entire 2013 offseason and Mario you don’t want that….right Mario?


Mark Dantonio, Michigan State vs. Northwestern – Mark Dantonio had put up two straight 11 WIN seasons at Michigan State coming into 2012 and the Spartans are now…

5 – 5?

What the Hell happened Mark?

YES, loses to Notre Dame, Ohio State, Iowa, Michigan and Nebraska add up to 5 LOSSES against 4 Good Teams and now Michigan State MUST Win at least one of their last two games against Northwestern and Minnesota just to be….


…and that reality must be a Helluva comedown for Mark Dantonio and the Michigan State football program that many thought would compete for a Big Ten title in 2012.

Next up is a home game against Northwestern and if the Michigan State players have any PRIDE at all they will NOT LOSE this last home game of the 2012 season.


Kirk Ferentz, Iowa vs. Michigan – The $20 MILLION DOLLAR PLUS MAN otherwise known as….

Kirk Ferentz

….who WILL BE PAID $20 Plus MILLION DOLLARS over the next decade…

Whether Iowa is Winning Games or NOT


Whether Kirk Ferentz is Even Working at Iowa or NOT

….is coaching an Iowa team that is now 4 – 6 on the season and 2 – 4 in Big Ten play and is playing…


…on Saturday and finishes the season against Nebraska.

Could Iowa really finish at 4 – 8 on the season?

YES and IF Iowa does finish the season at 4 – 8 then the fans and boosters of Iowa football will be paying Kirk Ferentz almost…


…and that is something that the fans and boosters of Iowa football should be mighty Damn proud of because that is a mark of Complete Stupidity!

Kevin Wilson, Indiana vs. Penn State – Kevin Wilson has done a nice job of getting a few wins up on the board for Indiana in 2012….BUT….the Hoosiers have 4 wins and those 4 wins were over…

Indiana State, UMass, Illinois and Iowa

….which is NOT exactly a group of even average football teams and IF Wilson and Indiana want to prove they are moving forward they need to beat at least one of the two teams remaining on their schedule….

At Penn State
At Purdue

….starting with a game at Penn State on Saturday. IF Indiana does finish at 4 – 8 on the season Kevin Wilson will find himself right back on the HOT SEAT throughout the 2013 offseason so…

Coach Hard Kevin!

Tony Levine, Houston vs. Marshall – Tony Levine by taking over a strong Houston football program put himself in a tough position because there was EVERY expectation that Levine would keep what Art Briles and Kevin Sumlin got rolling with the Cougars…..BUT…..now at 4 – 6 on the season and 3 – 3 in CUSA play Levine is now under pressure to finish the 2012 season strong against….

At Marshall

….which are two teams that Houston SHOULD BEAT and now we will all get to see if Houston WILL BEAT those two teams to finish at 6 – 6 and become “bowl-eligible” and thus become at least…


Steve Addazio, Temple vs. Army – Steve Addazio did a nice job in his first year at Temple taking over a football program from the last Temple head coach Al Golden who won 17 Games in 2009 and 2010 before heading off to Miami…..BUT…..in Addazio’s second year at Temple the Owls are struggling at 3 – 6 overall and 2 – 4 in Big East play and they have left games against…

At Army

…..and since Temple will not play that 12 th game against Hawaii or anyone else there is now NO CHANCE that Temple will have a .500 or better record in 2012 but that doesn’t change the FACT that Addazio REALLY needs two wins to end the season to keep his rear-end off the HOT SEAT!

Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech vs. Boston College – If we walked into the Virginia Tech football offices today we would find Frank Beamer and ask:

“What the Hell is going on with Virginia Tech football Frank?”

…and more than likely Frank would answer…

“Hell, I don’t have a Freaking Clue what is going on with Virginia Tech football!”

Now at 4 – 6 on the season and 2 – 4 in ACC play the Hokies still have left…

At Boston College

….and those are two teams that Virginia Tech SHOULD ALWAYS BEAT at least based upon the current state of BC and UVA football and thus we are expecting that Frank Beamer and Virginia Tech football will finish STRONG but if they don’t we have two words for Frank….


Frank Spaziani, Boston College vs. Virginia Tech – Boston College is 2 – 8 on the season, the BC head coach Frank Spaziani is headed to the unemployment line and would probably be pretty good doing college football TV work and the Virginia Tech Hokies are coming to Boston and this is not so much a MUST WIN Game for BC but rather a…

“Let’s Play For PRIDE” Game

…for the BC Eagles!

Dan Enos, Central Michigan vs. Miami (OH) – After beating Eastern Michigan last week in a MUST Win Game CMU is now at 4 – 6 on the season Dan Enos and his football team face TWO MUST WIN Games to end the season against…

Miami (OH)

….and if Enos wants to be around for the 2013 season in a head coaching capacity at CMU he REALLY needs to win his last two games in 2012.

Steve Sarkisian, Washington vs. Colorado – Steve Sarkisian and Washington got there SIXTH win over Utah last Saturday and IF Washington plays up to their potential then they have a chance to finish at 8 – 4 on the season with only these two games left…

At Colorado
At Washington State

Washington is a MUCH BETTER team in every way we can think of than Colorado and Washington State so there will be NO excuse for Sarkisian and the Huskies to lose either of these last two games and if Sark does get his Huskies to 8 wins in 2012 that will be a step forward from the 5, 7 and 7 win seasons he has put up at UW so far.

Jon Embree, Colorado vs. Washington – We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after seeing the Colorado football program two weeks ago in Boulder (against Stanford) and with the Buffs now at 1 – 9 on the season and with these two home games left…


….there is the very REAL chance that CU football could finish 1 – 11 in 2012 and that would nothing short of a Complete Disaster for a once proud Colorado football program.

We said last week that trying to compare what Bill McCartney did to rebuild Colorado in the 1980s to what Jon Embree might do to bring CU football back in 2012 is like comparing night and day since Bill McCartney’s Buffs were playing in the Big Eight Conference in the 1980s which included…

Iowa State
Kansas State
Oklahoma State

….which after McCartney got CU rolling guaranteed Colorado football almost SIX WINS a year over all the teams in the Big Eight except for Nebraska and Oklahoma and if you throw in a few CUPCAKE Games like Alabama is playing this week with Western Carolina then you already have 7 WINS on the board if you can get your team to the field on time on Saturday.

Sorry, the Big Eight in the 1980s is NOT the Pac-12 of 2012 and IF Jon Embree is going to rebuild Colorado football he is going to have to not only recruit better than more than half the schools in the Pac-12 but his coaches are going to have to coach better, his players are going to have to play better and the entire Colorado athletic department and University of Colorado will have to get behind making CU football a success as well because ANYTHING short of that and Colorado is destined to become the doormat of the Pac-12 for years to come which means if Jon Embree and his coaches are working less than 80 hours a week in the next year then Colorado football will keep falling behind and to that we say…

Work Hard Jon!

As for the game against Washington on Saturday the Huskies are 21 point favorites which during this season almost makes UW a winnable game for Colorado so….

Coach Hard Jon!

Gene Chizik, Auburn vs. Alabama A&M – Gene Chizik makes somewhere in the neighborhood of…

$3.5 Million Dollars A Year

….and if Auburn BEATS I-AA (FCS) team Alabama A&M on Saturday and loses to Alabama in Tuscaloosa on November 24 then Auburn will have paid Chizik…

$1,166,666 Per Win in 2012

…which is not only OUTRAGEOUS but it borders on OBSCENE as well.

We don’t have any special insight on what is REALLY going on at Auburn and our CHS Member in Atlanta who talked his wife into driving down to Auburn last week for the Auburn – Georgia game said that by the second quarter the Auburn fans in the stands acted like they were attending a funeral and that even hearing that Alabama had lost to Texas A&M could only bring a smile to their faces for a few minutes because….

“What they were watching on the field they knew really wasn’t really Auburn football but was rather…..like something bad had taken over their football team that they were powerless to stop or do anything about.”


That is a powerful indictment about the current state of Auburn football which it seems that head coach Gene Chizik is powerless to change or effect in a positive way and when we watch Chizik in his postgame or weekly press conferences there are some here at Coaches Hot Seat that want to leap through the TV screens and grab Chizik by the shirt and push him around a little and scream….

“What the Hell is wrong with you? Your team looks like it isn’t even coached or is even trying at times and you come into these press conferences and act like Auburn is 10 and FREAKING o? What the Hell is wrong with you?”

Are there any Auburn or football fans out there that feel the same way?

Auburn is playing Alabama A&M on Saturday and the Coaches Hot Seat Flag Football team could give Alabama A&M a good game if someone could find us some pads, helmets and uniforms so Auburn should win this game BUT we cannot help but wonder….

Does Gene Chizik EVEN CARE if Auburn football wins again with a GUARANTEED $7.5 Million Dollars in his back pocket because of an ABSURD contract that Auburn University gave to him that was Completely and Totally Unnecessary?

That we even have to ask that question says a Helluva lot about the current state of the Auburn football program.

Mark Richt, Georgia vs. Georgia Southern – In so many ways it is a pain to prepare for the triple-option offense that Georgia Southern BUT with another triple option team on the docket to end the season in Georgia Tech playing Georgia Southern in this spot EVERY YEAR might be a good idea for Georgia at least as long as Paul Johnson is coaching the Yellow Jackets.

Georgia Southern is a very good football which is currently ranked 7 th in the I-AA (FCS) Top 25 and IF Mark Richt’s Bulldogs don’t come to play they could lose to GSU but it is hard to imagine that the Bulldogs will don anything but show up and play hard against both Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech and roll into the Georgia Dome at 11 – 1 to play Alabama for MAYBE the right to play in the Bogus BCS National Championship Game.

Mike Leach, Washington State vs. Arizona State – A somewhat constant conversation subject here at Coaches Hot Seat revolves around whether a Head Coach “FITS” at a school or not and earlier this year when we went through the 124 I-A (FBS) schools we came up with about 50 schools where the Head Coach is a “Very Good or Great FIT” at a school with the other 70 plus schools having some level of “UN-FITNESS” between the head coach and the football program he is coaching which brings us to Mike Leach at Washington State which to us was always an “ODD FIT” but then Mike Leach is going to be an “ODD FIT’ about anywhere he ended up at and thus Washington State is probably no different than most other schools when it comes to having the very unorthodox Mike Leach as their head coach.

IF Mike Leach had asked us after he took the Washington State job if we had any advice for him we would have said:

“Now Mike, we don’t think you should change anything about your coaching style and far be it for us to give you any advice about what happens on the field of play…BUT….since we know you want honesty the TRUTH is that Washington State football going back to the Mike Price days as head coach, through Bill Doba’s five years as head coach and Paul Wulff’s four years as head coach is a football program has been coached for a Helluva long time in a manner that is MUCH different than the way you and your assistant coaches coached at Texas Tech and we would thus recommend that you have your staff be tough on the players during winter conditioning and during Fall camp but that you focus more on technique and having the players try to get better on each play and game during the season in games and practices and leave any extra conditioning you might want to do for the winter condition in 2013.”

We DON’T believe here at Coaches Hot Seat that Mike Leach and his staff did anything wrong in the way they practiced, conditioned and coached-up the Washington State players in recent weeks including the practice that now former Washington State WR Marquess Wilson walked out of a couple of weeks ago and which led to Wilson making some allegations of mental and physical abuse against Leach and his coaching staff (Marquess Wilson targets coaches, ESPN.com) BUT since we have followed Marquess Wilson since he arrived at Washington State and that Wilson might have ended up walking out on Mike Leach and the Washington State football program did not surprise us at all because we know that Leach and his staff would want a LOT out of Wilson and the Bottom-Line in our opinion is that Wilson would never fully commit to being the best player he could be like a RG III or Jerry Rice has done and did and thus why Wilson in our opinion chose walking-out over accepting the challenge of being the best football player possible that he could be.

With all of the above being said Mike Leach took the Washington State job over a few lesser head coaching jobs he could have had in the offseason that might have been better fits for the Pirate and it is now up to Mike Leach to put a winning product on the field and a great football coach will calibrate his coaching style to the type of players on his football team and in case Mike Leach hasn’t noticed yet the players on the Washington State football team ARE NOT LIKE the players he got at Texas Tech (as described by Michael Lewis is his great piece on Mike Leach in the New York Times Magazine in December 2005 – Coach Leach Goes Deep, Very Deep) and Mike Leach will either adapt to what his current players and what his future recruits are like or Mike Leach in five years will be back on Sirius Channel 91 with Jack Arute in the mornings during college football season!

YES, the Arizona State game is a MUST WIN Game for Washington State but we give the Cougars little chance to win this game since the program is in what we call First Year Head Coach Disarray right now with only about half the team or less buying into what Mike Leach and his coaching staff are selling.

Lane Kiffin, USC vs. UCLA – Whether Lane Kiffin knows it or not he is coaching for his Head Coaching Career in USC’s last two games against…

Notre Dame

….and with USC now at 7 – 3 overall and 5 – 3 in the Pac-12 with a team that has plenty of talent to be…

10 – 0

…right now the decision on whether Lane Kiffin will be back for the 2013 season as the Head Football Coach of the USC Trojans is certainly up for debate.

As a USC alum with three degrees from the University of Southern California told us over the phone on Monday night:

“I am this close (presumably he had two of his fingers close together on his end of the line!) to throwing a golf club in anger over Lane Kiffin and my patients are never very happy to see me when I come in from the golf course after throwing a club!”

Uh – Freaking Oh Lane Kiffin!

IF you lose that USC-alum you might as well go ahead and have an appraisal done on your Manhattan Beach home because it will be…..

…..time because when you PISS-OFF someone who is next to Damn impossible to PISS-OFF (even when one dents his Ferrari by grazing a light pole in a grocery store parking lot in Malibu!) then you have PISSED-OFF a lot of very Damn powerful USC-alums and take it from us…

NO ONE wants very Damn powerful USC-alums PISSED-OFF at them!

Many years ago after a Stanford – USC game at the Coliseum when the Trojans killed the Cardinal one of our next door neighbors who was a BIG USC-alum was throwing a party at his house in Santa Monica that went late into the night with the soundtrack of the USC band playing over and over and over again…..

(YES, those USC Bastards are some Arrogant Bastards!)

….so about Midnight the two of us just couldn’t take it anymore so we told our then girlfriends and now wives that we were going to sneak over and take a piss in that USC-alum’s pool.

Well, after the party died down we two Future CHS Members doing our best James Bond impersonation slipped over the fence and down to the side of the pool and dropped trou and begin pissing in this USC Bastard’s pool BUT little did we know that the USC Bastard was sitting in his hot tub in the dark about 20 yards from us taking in the whole scene of us slipping over the fence and dropping trou and pissing in his pool which we were alerted to when he turns on the lights around the hot tub, stands up in the hot tub buck naked and says….

“Just what in the Hell are you two Sons of a Bitches doing in my pool?”

Answer: “We are pissing in your pool and you can take your Freaking Fight On and stuff it where the Sun doesn’t shine!”

USC Bastard: “Well, you Sons of a Bitches. I am going to call the cops.”

Well, when we heard that we quickly pulled up trou, ran over and jumped over the fence into the yard of the Future CHS Member and quickly realized that the cops would know just where the Hell to find us because one of us lived right next door.

Future CHS Member: “Oh, that was a smart move.”

Future CHS Member No. 2: “Hey, I am going to get going so let me know in the morning what happens.”

Future CHS Member: “The Hell you are going anywhere. I need you here to explain to the cops how you came up with this crazy idea to piss in that Bastard’s pool!”

Future CHS Member No. 2: “The Hell I’m not…..”

The sound of a police car out in front of the house is heard by both Future CHS Members and they both head towards the front door to take their medicine which included the USC Bastard standing in a terry cloth robe explaining to the policemen in front of the two Future CHS Members that we had been “Pissing in my pool” and the two police officers laughing about the whole thing under their breath and finally the two CHS Members agreed to pay to have the pool cleaned ala Caddyshack!

The Final Outcome of the above story is that we became very good friends with that USC Bastard and even got carte blanche to swim in his pool and attend his parties and the Moral of the above story is that Lane Kiffin REALLY doesn’t need to lose to UCLA this weekend at the Rose Bowl because if the Trojans lose to the Bruins on Saturday Lane Kiffin will wake-up on Monday morning to find his mug on the frontpage of Coaches Hot Seat with is rear-end ON FIRE!

Skip Holtz, USF vs. Miami – Skip Holtz has really struggled at South Florida putting up records of…

Overall: 16 – 18
Big East: 5 – 14

…and with the Bulls now at 3 – 6 on the season and with these games left…

At Miami
At Cincinnati

….it is going to be very Damn difficult for USF to get to .500 or better in 2012 and no doubt Holtz not making a bowl game for the second straight year at South Florida will make lots of people and a few powerful USF boosters very Damn unhappy and thus why Skip now finds himself on the HOT SEAT!

Al Golden, Miami vs. USF – Al Golden is now 11 – 11 overall and 7 – 8 in two seasons at Miami and with two games to go in 2012…

South Florida
At Duke

…and needing one win at least to get to .500 the game against South Florida is a MUST Win.

Now, whether Miami should go to a bowl game in 2012 if they do get to .500 or better is another story entirely since the NCAA is no doubt about to drop the hammer on the Canes BUT whether Miami is going bowling or now (if eligible) getting to a .500 or better record would do a lot for Al Golden in his efforts to rebuild Miami football from the Complete Disaster it is right now.

Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech vs. Duke – Paul Johnson has done a nice job in rallying his team with wins over Maryland and North Carolina on the road the last two weeks and now at 5 – 5 on the season and with these games left….

At Georgia

….if Paul Johnson and the Yellow Jackets are going to get to a .500 record and to a bowl game they MUST BEAT Duke on Saturday since Georgia will probably be incredibly fired up to beat Tech in the last game of the season because they will probably still have a shot at getting into the Bogus BCS Title Game when the Bulldogs and Yellow Jackets meet on November 24.

YES, Duke is a MUST WIN Game for Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech!

Brian Kelly, Notre Dame vs. Wake Forest – Brian Kelly and Notre Dame have done a nice job getting to 10 – 0 on the season and especially leading the nation in Points Scored Against at…

11.1 Points A Game

….but Wake Forest and a game at USC stand in the way of the Irish having a least an argument to play for the Bogus BCS National Title and if anything shows how Completely Bogus the BCS REALLY IS look no further than the Head Football Coach at Notre Dame having to go out in the streets to promote his team in the media like a Circus Carney Barker which is truly a disgrace and something we can completely understand because in a system like the BCS that only Stalin, Lenin, Marx or Castro could possibly love we actually have the possibility and the Idiocy of teams going undefeated, including Notre Dame, and being left out of a chance to play for a National Title which hopefully the new system coming in 2014 will at least kind of, partially, sort of address…..BUT….no doubt what is coming in 2014 is light years and hands down ahead of the current Bogus BCS system.

YES, Wake Forest is MUST Win Game for Notre Dame.

Bo Pelini, Nebraska vs. Minnesota – Bo Pelini’s Cornhuskers have come from behind to win several times in 2012 and just as in a 18 hole round of golf it’s what you put on the scoreboard at the end of the day not the Double-Bogey on the first hole that counts and thus why as the Great Ben Hogan once said after making a Double Bogey on the first hole during a round at The Masters:

“That’s why they have 18 holes.”

Just for the record….Ben Hogan shot a 67 in that round when he Double-Bogeyed No. 1!

Getting back to football Nebraska plays Minnesota this weekend and this is a game that the Huskers SHOULD almost always meaning more than 99% of the time win and thus why this is a MUST Win Game for Pelini and Nebraska especially with a game at Iowa next week.

Danny Hope, Purdue vs. Illinois – No Doubt…Danny Hope is coaching one of the BIGGEST games of his Purdue head coaching career on Saturday against Illinois after coaching off of one of the BIGGEST games of his Purdue head coaching career last Saturday against Iowa which ended with a win for the Boilermakers and kept alive the hope that Purdue will get to .500 in 2012 and at least be…


If Purdue BEATS Illinois they still have a shot at being AVERAGE in 2012 and Hope might get another year in West Lafayette but a loss in this spot to the Illini and the Hope era at Purdue might just come to an end.

Derek Dooley, Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt – The REAL disaster for Derek Dooley at Tennessee is the following….

4 – 18

…which is 4 – 18 in the SEC in his three seasons with the Vols and those 4 SEC WINS have been over…

2010 – Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Kentucky
2011 – Vanderbilt
2012 – NO SEC WINS

….which are not exactly WINS over powerhouse SEC football programs and thus why Derek Dooley is on one of the Hottest Seats in the country right now.

It is easy for us to say that Tennessee football would be a Helluva lot better off today if then UT AD Mike Hamilton HAD NOT hired Lane Kiffin in 2009 after the firing of Phil Fulmer or if Mike Hamilton HAD hired current Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin (then at Houston) who we believe Hamilton interviewed in Atlanta either right before or after Dooley BUT what has happened in the past is of little use to Tennessee today and the task at hand for the Vols right now is playing At Vanderbilt on Saturday night and IF Tennessee can win this game and then beat Kentucky to end the year….WHO KNOWS….maybe Derek Dooley can get ONE more season in Knoxville….or maybe not.

Gary Pinkel, Missouri vs. Syracuse – After taking Missouri to SEVEN straight bowl games Gary Pinkel and his Missouri Tigers are at 5 – 5 on the season and are very close to missing a bowl game trip in 2012 and with these two games left…

At Texas A&M

…we would recommend the Tigers beat The Orange on Saturday since beating the Aggies and Johnny Football in College Station in two weeks is going to be next to Damn impossible!

With a win over Syracuse the Missouri Tigers would secure a 6 – 6 record at WORST in their first season in the SEC which is not a disaster but it is not good either and in the offseason Pinkel and his coaches better reflect back on what playing in the SEC is REALLY like and prepare for the 2013 season like they are going to war because that is what playing in the SEC almost is and if the Tigers don’t take a big leap in 2013 they will again be fighting to get to .500 this time next year.

Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia vs. Oklahoma – Now at 5 – 4 on the season after starting 5 – 0 Dana Holgorsen is rapidly moving up the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings and a loss to Oklahoma this week and a loss at Iowa State next week would land Dana near the Top of those Hot Seat Rankings and take it from us Dana…

You DO NOT WANT to be on the HOT SEAT!

…so Coach Hard against those Sooners!

Bob Stoops, Oklahoma vs. West Virginia – Yet another disappointing year is winding down for Bob Stoops and Oklahoma with the Sooners losing two very winnable games against Kansas State and Notre Dame in NORMAN and now OU has to go play at West Virginia in a game that Oklahoma SHOULD WIN….BUT….this is Little Game Bob we are talking about here and if the Sooners don’t show up against the Mountaineers it will be another disappointing loss and just think….

Oklahoma still has to play…

Oklahoma State

Give those Mountaineers HELL Bob!


If you lose what does it matter since you get paid Millions of Dollars whether Oklahoma WINS OR NOT!

Charlie Weis, Kansas vs. Iowa State – Charlie Weis and Kansas have ALMOST WON THREE Big 12 games in 2012 (Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas Tech) and if Weis and the Jayhawks are going to get a conference win in 2012 it will probably be against Iowa State at home on Saturday because Kansas has to go to Morgantown to play West Virginia to end the season and we don’t see KU beating the Mountaineers in “Country Roads” Land!

YES, Iowa State is a MUST Win Game for Charlie Weis and Kansas!

Kyle Whittingham, Utah vs. Arizona – Kyle Whittingham has done a nice job at Utah in the last seven seasons following Urban Meyer BUT the Utes are…

Overall: 12 – 11
Pac-12: 6 – 10

…since joining the Pac-12 Conference so NO Kyle you are “Not in the MWC anymore!”

Now at 4 – 6 on the season the Utes MUST Win their last two games against…

At Colorado

…to get to .500 on the year and just AVERAGE and beating Arizona is going to be no easy task even with the game being played in Salt Lake City.

Ellis Johnson, Southern Miss vs. UTEP – One just has to feel bad for what Ellis Johnson is going through in his first season at Southern Miss and that is because Ellis is a great guy and a great football coach but what we don’t know is….is Ellis Johnson a good Head Football Coach and with the Golden Eagles now at 0 – 10 on the season if USM loses to UTEP and Memphis to end the year at 0 – 12 then Ellis Johnson might just be out of his head coaching job…..BUT….don’t cry for Ellis Johnson because within 5 minutes of being fired by Southern Miss he will be making BIG Money as the defensive coordinator for some BIG Time school somewhere not that being able to get a DC job quickly will make Ellis very happy since no doubt Johnson really wanted the opportunity to prove he could be a head football coach on the I-A level.

YES, UTEP is a MUST, MUST, MUST Win Game for Ellis Johnson and Southern Miss!

Jeff Tedford, California vs. Oregon State – We don’t have a clue what Jeff Tedford’s job status at Cal is right now….AND….our Cal alum friends have in the last week suddenly quit talking about Jeff Tedford and when we ask them what is going on at Cal they just grunt and say nothing which could mean there are a few hundred Cal alums that are now being asked to pony-up or promise to pony-up monies in the future to pay off Jeff Tedford’s 6 Million Dollar Plus buyout OR they could just be pissed off because they have been told that with the Cal athletic department deep in debt for the renovation of Memorial Stadium and the new athletics facility that Cal just DOES NOT have the money to buyout Jeff Tedford and whether Tedford wins or not he will have to stay around for another year at least.

YES, yet another example of a college athletic department GETTING ROLLED by a Head Coach and the Coach’s Agent by agreeing to and signing a contract for a Head Coach that guarantees that the Head Coach will get paid even if…

The Head Coach is NOT WINNING


The Head Coach is NO LONGER with the Freaking School!

Bottom-Line: Coaches Hot Seat could have saved I-A (FBS) athletic departments….

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

…over the past 15 years IF we had been negotiating the contracts of their football and basketball head coaches because we here at Coaches Hot Seat DO NOT PAY someone if they are NOT performing and especially we DO NOT PAY someone if they are NOT working for us beyond the buy out in the contract that they are paid once we send them packing and out the door.

Two Words for College Athletic Departments when it comes to negotiating contracts with head coaches…


….and the BUY OUT should NEVER exceed ONE YEAR’S compensation for an employee and ideally will be somewhere in the range of ONE-HALF of ONE YEAR’S compensation of the employee so that the employee is Very Damn Motivated to make sure that his employer will never exercise the BUY OUT because the employee is NOT doing his job up to the expected and/or required level.

Case in Point: Jeff Tedford is making around…

$2.9 Million Dollars in 2012

…so Jeff Tedford SHOULD have a BUY OUT clause in his contract right now that would pay Tedford NO MORE than….

$1.45 Million Dollars

…IF Tedford was fired after this season.

Why does Jeff Tedford NOT have a reasonable BUY OUT in his contract in case he is not performing at an acceptable level for the “Powers That Be” at Cal?

Because it takes someone with REAL Common Sense that puts the SCHOOL ahead of the interests of the Head Coach to make Damn sure there is ALWAYS a reasonable BUY OUT option for ALL Head Coaches in case there comes a time in the future when the Head Coach is not performing to an acceptable level and it is our opinion Jeff Tedford is not achieving that acceptable level of coaching Cal football right now…BUT what the Hell does Jeff Tedford care since he….


(Pacific Takes at SB Nation on Jeff Tedford’s contract)

Yes, that is SHEER LUNACY!

Getting back to the game is there ANY chance that Cal beats Oregon State in Corvallis on Saturday?

Well, a blind pig occasionally finds an acorn so…..THERE IS A CHANCE that Cal could beat Oregon State on Saturday BUT this particular Cal blind pig happens to be on a farm without ANY acorn trees and you know where the rest of this story is going!

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