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As Every Red-Blooded American Male Over the Age of 16 Knows the Iconic Movie Animal House Was Filmed at the University of Oregon – Flounder Gets Even – We Salute You William Beaty Boyd and Drink To Your Vision! – Animal House the Movie – GO STANFORD!

Bend, Oregon

As every red-blooded American male over the age of 16 knows the iconic movie Animal House was filmed at the University of Oregon in 1977 and was released in movie screens across America in July 1978 and one of the many memorable scenes of the movie was shot in the UO Administration Building….

….and the scene was titled….

Flounder Gets Even – Enjoy!

Below is an excerpt from the Wikipedia entry on Animal House and on Friday night all of us here at Coaches Hot Seat lifted an adult beverage to then University of Oregon President William Beaty Boyd who allowed Animal House to be filmed at his university even after reading the script!

Cheers to YOU William Beaty Boyd!

Animal House – Wikipedia


The filmmakers’ next problem was finding a college that would let them shoot the film on their campus. They submitted the script to a number of colleges and universities but “nobody wanted this movie” due to the script; according to Landis, “I couldn’t find ‘the look’. Every place that had ‘the look’ said, ‘no thank you.'”

The president of the University of Oregon in Eugene, William Beaty Boyd, had been a senior administrator of a major California university when his campus was considered for a location of the film The Graduate. After he consulted with other senior administrative colleagues who advised him to turn it down due to the lack of artistic merit, production moved to Berkeley and USC. The Graduate went on to become a classic, and Boyd was determined not to make the same mistake twice when the producers inquired about filming at Oregon. After consulting with student government leaders and officers of the Pan Hellenic Council, the Director of University Relations advised the president that the script, although raunchy and often tasteless, was a very funny spoof of college life. Boyd even allowed the filmmakers to use his office as Dean Wormer’s.

The actual house depicted as the Delta House was originally a residence in Eugene, the Dr. A.W. Patterson House. Around 1959, it was acquired by the Psi Deuteron chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity and was their chapter house until 1967, when the chapter was closed due to low membership. The house was sold and slid into disrepair, with the spacious porch removed and the lawn graveled over. At the time of the shooting, the Phi Kappa Psi and Sigma Nu fraternity houses sat next to the old Phi Sigma Kappa house. The interior of the Sigma Nu house was used for many of the interior scenes, but the individual rooms were filmed on a soundstage. The Patterson house was demolished in 1986. A suite of physicians’ offices now occupies the site. A large boulder placed to the west of the parking entrance displays a bronze plaque commemorating the Delta House location. The parade scene takes place in downtown Cottage Grove, Oregon on Main Street.”

Oh, we do salute you William Beaty Boyd as a Visionary and Great Leader!

Deschutes Brewery, Bend Oregon

And now we present to you the Animal House trailer….

…..and courtesy of MovieClips.com a few scenes from one of the Greatest Movies of ALL Time…

Animal House – Scenes

As for the Stanford – Oregon football game on Saturday night….




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