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Stanford’s WIN Over the Mighty Oregon Ducks – Why We Hold Stanford Football To Such A Very High Standard – We Made A PROMISE – Why Stanford Head Coach David Shaw Knows That Stanford Football Has Fallen Short of Expectations In 2012 EVEN AFTER The Big Win Over the Ducks – The Complete Idiocy of the Pac-12 Conference and It All Traces Back To….HARVARD….What a Surprise…NOT!….Because HARVARD Is The Home of the Candy Ass Pussies In America! – The Post Week 12 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

Stanford’s WIN Over the Mighty Oregon Ducks

It would be impossible to overstate what the Stanford football team accomplished on Saturday night at Autzen Stadium against the Mighty Oregon Ducks and especially the Cardinal defense which held the Ducks to just….

14 Points

….after Oregon had scored 49, 41, 52, 52, 43, 70, 62, 59 on the other SEVEN Pac-12 teams it had played this season.

The Stanford coaches and players deserve ALL of the credit with coming up with a plan to DEFEAT the Oregon Ducks and executing that plan at a very high level although the Cardinal still is struggling mightily on offense with…

3 Turnovers


6 – 17 on Third Down

….against Oregon which has been a recurring problem in 2012 which were along with a mediocre Cardinal offense all season the direct cause of Stanford’s two losses in 2012 to Washington by four points in Seattle and to Notre Dame in overtime in South Bend.

It has been OUR opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat for a couple of years now that even without QB Andrew Luck that the 2012 Stanford football team could be the Cardinal football team that could have run the table and gone undefeated in the regular season and would thus have had an opportunity to play for the Bogus BCS Title and we have believed that because the Stanford defense is very simply….

AWESOME and filled with 4 to 5 NFL players

…..and IF the Cardinal offense had been able to score more than the 7 points that it scored against Washington and Notre Dame this season (the Stanford defense scored 7 points in both of those games) the Stanford football team would right now be…

11 – 0

….heading to the Rose Bowl to play UCLA this Saturday and would be ranked SECOND or maybe even FIRST in the country right now.

It is OUR opinion that the 2012 Stanford football team has underachieved in 2012 and we predicted the Cardinal to go 11 – 1 with only a loss to Oregon in Eugene and the reason we set such a high standard for Stanford football is that just as we here at Coaches Hot Seat are hardest on and give the toughest time to our closest friends we believe that Stanford football SHOULD always be held to a very high standard and also that we PROMISED in early 2007 that we would ALWAYS as long as were still on this Earth walking, talking and breathing to do our best to hold the Stanford football program to a Very High Standard.

On Sunday we watched a tape of the Stanford – Oregon game from the night before and after the Cardinal had won Stanford head coach David Shaw was asked by ESPN’s Heather Cox something along the lines of “how Stanford had beaten Oregon” and David answered by saying that the Cardinal just stuck to its gameplan and then he pointed out the TRUTH that the Stanford offense in particular COULD AND SHOULD have not had any of those 3 turnovers in the game and the offense COULD AND SHOULD have played much better against the Ducks.

The reason why it was and is very important for Stanford head coach David Shaw to make the point that the Stanford offense fell far short of what it could have achieved against Oregon is that David Shaw knows full well that if he had returned to the Stanford campus on Sunday and Coach Bill Walsh had been sitting in his office in the Stanford athletics building the first words out of Coach Walsh’s mouth would have been something like….

“We have got to get the offense fixed because we could have won that by three touchdowns if the offense had done anything at all.”

GREAT Football Coaches are NEVER satisfied and they are especially pissed-off when their team or a segment of their team is not performing up to its capability and if Stanford football is going to remain as a major player in Major College Football it MUST become better in ALL phases of its game and especially on offense which only scored 7 and 14 points against the Very Good Teams (Notre Dame and Oregon) that it played in 2012 and also only scored 7 points on Washington which is a slightly above average team in 2012.

The great thing is that David Shaw knows full well that the Stanford offense is underperforming and that it MUST be improved in the rest of 2012 and in years ahead and David knows that full well because he was taught by one of the best EVER to NOT accept mediocrity and to keep pushing forward because one of the few NFL head coaches that was better than Coach Walsh….the Great Vince Lombardi had it right when he said….

“We will be relentless in our pursuit for perfection. We won’t ever be perfect – but in the process we will achieve greatness.”

Congratulations to Stanford Football for the WIN over Oregon and now let’s BEAT UCLA in the Rose Bowl on Saturday and WIN the Pac-12 Championship!

That Stanford is heading to the Rose Bowl to play UCLA this Saturday is a very hot and sore subject here at Coaches Hot Seat because it shows the….

Complete Idiocy

….of the Pac-12 Conference football scheduling under commish Larry Scott because we have the Complete Idiocy of a North Division Pac-12 team playing a South Division Pac-12 team playing each other in the last game of the regular season and if Stanford beats UCLA on Saturday the two teams will have to turn around and play each other a week later in the Pac-12 Championship Game!

That is very simply nothing short of…

Very Damn Stupid People

….making Very Damn Stupid Decisions at the Pac-12 Conference offices and at the Pac-12 schools also which is nothing new in our opinion because the so-called “Pac-12 Championship Game” isn’t really a “Championship Game” at all since NO ONE with a working brain would play a “Championship Game” on the homefield of one of the teams playing in that so-called “Championship Game” and lo and behold we have a former tennis player at HARVARD that has done just that in Pac-12 commish Larry Scott.

Memo to Larry Scott: YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

The Pac-12 Championship Game should be played at a place like Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego where a REAL “Championship Game” could be staged which like the SEC, ACC and Big Ten Championship Games are held at stadiums that are NOT the homefield of one of the teams in the Damn game but then again…..

How in the HELL would someone that is more interested in “looking good” and “having a full stadium” and played tennis at Harvard

….have ANY Freaking Clue to what the game of football is about and that TRUTH is proved by the Complete Idiocy of having ANY “Championship Game” being played at ANYONE’S home-Freaking-field!

YES, assume for a moment that the Pac-12 Conference was run by someone with an IQ over the temperature of San Francisco on a fog-filled summer night and if that was the case then the…

Pac-12 Network would ALREADY be on DirecTV

….because we have been told by someone we trust that DirecTV has offered the Pac-12 Conference a deal that would make the Pac-12 Conference schools plenty of money (but less than what Larry Scott promised the Pac-12 Network would make the conference schools) AND the…

Pac-12 Championship Game

….would be played at somewhere like Qualcomm Stadium where not only would plenty of tickets be sold from the local community in San Diego and to alums and fans of ALL the Pac-12 schools and to the alums and the fans of the schools in the game BUT also to a Helluva lot of people that have NO DAMN CHANCE to attend a Bogus Pac-12 “Championship Game” that will now be played at either Stanford or Oregon depending upon who wins the Stanford – UCLA game on Saturday!

That very simply is beyond Complete Idiocy and borders on Total and Complete Incompetence BUT then we are talking about a Harvard University grad here which is at the heart where the….

Candy Ass Pussies

….are coming from that are destroying the American Republic with their Complete Idiocy and thus why it makes Perfect Damn Sense there is a “Pac-12 Championship Game” being held on the homefield of one of the teams in the Damn “championship” game!

Here’s a thought on what Harvard University might start teaching its students….


….which would lead to Harvard University turning out a Helluva lot LESS Candy Ass Pussies that would go on to schedule Bogus things like “championship games” being played on one of the teams in the game’s home-Freaking-field!

Geez, one would think that both George W. Bush and Mitt Romney went to Harvard based upon how Very Damn Stupid both of those Idiots are….


….Lo and Behold “W” and Mitt did go to Harvard University for their graduate degrees!

YES, this is all now starting to make Perfect Damn Sense!

IF you want something screwed up ROYALLY…..

Get a Harvard Man….check that….Harvard Candy Ass Pussy….to do the job!


Post Week 12 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

Tell them the TRUTH Johnny!

1.  Frank Spaziani, Boston College – We have to give the Boston College football team for playing hard on Saturday against a mediocre but much more talented Virginia Tech team by taking the Hokies into overtime but like much of Frank Spaziani ear at BC the Eagles were just not “good enough” to get the win and thus another bridge had been crossed to the end of Spaziani’s tenure on Chestnut Hill.

Former Boston Globe columnist Mark Blaudschun has the facts of what is now going on at Boston College…

Final Countdown at BC has begun, A Jersey Guy

….and BC Interruption throws out some very interesting names that might be on BC’s wish list:

Sources: Brad Bates Has Begun Search For New Coach, BC Interruption

“Much has been made on our site about Notre Dame DC Bob Diaco, Pat Narduzzi, and Greg Roman as possible replacements, but if what Blauds says is right (big IF), then they must not be near the top of BC’s list. Blauds also throws out a few names of options that would fit into Bates’ ideals if they would listen including Dan Mullen of Mississippi State, Bill O’Brien of Penn State, James Franklin of Vanderbilt and Al Golden of Miami. Those three have to be huge reaches for BC, but if Bates is serious about restoring BC to pre-Spaz relevance, he might want to consider opening up the coffers to get one of these candidates.

The other group that BC may be looking towards are head coaches from a mid-major. If that is the case, BC may be looking towards guy like Dave Doeren of Northern Illinois, or possibly Mario Cristobal of FIU. Of course Blauds floats out his pals Tim Murphy and Mark Whipple, but I can’t imagine that either of those guys as an acceptable candidate for a high level coaching job like Boston College.”

Just from our own personal point of view here based upon a few Coaches Hot Seat members that lived and worked in Boston in the past the Boston College is an attractive job that the right coach can win games and conference championships at and even compete at the upper levels of Major College Football as Tom Coughlin, Tom O’Brien and Jeff Jagodzinski proved and when one realizes that BC football is the only big-time college football program in the Boston area IF you are winning you are the toast of the town in one of the best cities in America and Fenway Park is only a few miles away so how in the Hell can you beat that?

Well, AT&T Park beats Fenway Park but you get the idea!

2.  Jeff Tedford, California – As of the moment there is NO word on the future for Jeff Tedford at Cal…

Cal’s Jeff Tedford meets with AD, John Crumpacker, San Francisco Chronicle

….but Cal football getting destroyed 62 – 14 by an Oregon State team that is coached by Mike Riley who probably did his Damndest to NOT run up the score on the Golden Bears cannot bode well for Jeff Tedford’s future in the Land of the Crazies otherwise known as Berkeley, California.

OUR opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat based upon observing Jeff Tedford over the last two seasons:

Jeff Tedford WANTS to be fired by Cal because he is tired of the grind of college football, because he is fed-up with the pressure of coaching at the Major College Football level and because Jeff Tedford would love for someone to hand him…

$7 Million Dollars

…..to do NOTHING over the next several years as compared to working his ass off to make the SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY as the head football coach at Cal.

Just our opinion


Yet another reason why on VERY DAMN STUPID PEOPLE give head coaches or ANYONE for that matter “guaranteed contracts” that agree to pay them whether they are performing or not or even working at your school or company or not!

When you give someone a “guaranteed contract” you are not telling them that you value their work and want to reward them BUT rather you are telling them…

We will pay you whether you perform or not or even whether you are working for us or not

….and yet there are lots of VERY DAMN STUPID PEOPLE that can be rolled by coaches and their agents with the idea that they need to “lock down” a coach into the future when in FACT the exact opposite is what the AD, college president and board of trustees should be focused on because the moment when a coach is “locked down” with a guaranteed contract the school loses ALL leverage they have in making Damn sure that their head coach is actually doing his Damn job to the best of his ability and in our opinion….

Jeff Tedford has not worked at more than 50 percent of his capacity in two or three years now.


Jeff Tedford if fired right now is owed around $7 Million Dollars by a Cal athletic department that is DEEP IN DEBT.

Cue Forrest Gump….

“Stupid Is As Stupid Does”

And only VERY DAMN STUPID PEOPLE give college coaches guaranteed contracts.


3.  Gene Chizik, Auburn – Looking over USA Today computer guru Jeff Sagarin’s latest I-A (FBS) Team Rankings after week 12 of the college football season….

Jeff Sagarin NCAA football ratings – Teams

…..we find that Auburn University football which only two seasons ago won the Bogus BCS National Title is ranked….


….by Jeff Sagarin behind Bowling Green, Western Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, Duke, Sam Houston State (I-AA), La. Lafayette, Ball State, Tulsa, North Dakota State (I-AA), Kent State, Fresno State and many other teams that Auburn football spends…


….and on Saturday Auburn football beat-up on Alabama A&M which is ranked….


….by Sagarin just behind South Carolina State which itself took BIG beatings from Arizona and Texas A&M earlier this year!

So what does Auburn beating Alabama A&M 51 – 7 mean exactly?

NOTHING beyond the FACT that the SEC Conference should be ashamed of themselves with SEC teams like Alabama playing Western Carolina, Auburn playing Alabama A&M, Kentucky playing Samford, South Carolina playing Wofford, Florida playing Jacksonville State and we all know that only…


…would schedule such games and the problem is we have way too many Damn COWARDS in SEC country these days running college football programs that are Scared to Death to play a NINTH SEC conference game and YOU as an American Citizen can be thankful that the COWARDS in the SEC Conference offices, in athletic director offices and running college football programs in the SEC were not example of the MEN in America in 1941 or America would not exist today since those COWARDS would not have had the Guts or the Courage to beat the Germans and the Japanese but they certainly have the gall to play the kind of Bogus games we all saw on the schedule last Saturday while the rest of the country was playing REAL FOOTBALL GAMES.

Getting back to Auburn football and Gene Chizik the TRUTH is that Gilligan…

….could have WON SIX GAMES coaching this Auburn football team with three home out-of-conference games against La. Monroe, New Mexico State and Alabama A&M and if Auburn University wants to keep a coach around that couldn’t even beat what Gilligan could have done with this Auburn football team then they will keep Gene Chizik around after this Complete Disaster of a season for ONE of TWO reasons:

IF Gene Chizik is NOT fired it will be ….in our opinion of course….because…

1.  Auburn University is run by some Very Damn Stupid People (which is probably the case because only VERY DAMN STUPID PEOPLE give head football coaches guaranteed contracts worth Millions of Dollars and will pay them that money whether they perform or whether they are working at the school or not)

2.  Auburn University CANNOT AFFORD to fire Gene Chizik who combined with his assistant coaches would cost Auburn between $6 and $10 Million Dollars over the next several years dependent upon whether those guys get other jobs to offset the guaranteed contract costs or if they just go fishing for two or three years while living HIGH ON THE HOG on the backs of the fans, boosters and alumni of Auburn football WHO WILL BE PAYING for the Millions of Dollars of guaranteed contracts of Gene Chizik and his assistants for years to come IF Chizik is fired.

So which is it?

Is Auburn University run by Very Damn Stupid People?


Can Auburn NOT afford to fire Gene Chizik and his assistants because of the high price of doing so?

Two words for the folks at Auburn University and everywhere else as it pertains to people who work on a contract basis into the future for a specified sum of money and benefits:


As for the Iron Bowl against Alabama next Saturday in Tuscaloosa we can only say to the fans of Auburn football:

Cover your faces, your ears and your eyes because….

It is going to be Very Damn Ugly!

4.  Randy Edsall, Maryland – The Florida State destruction of Maryland on Saturday by a score of…

41 – 14

…was Maryland’s FIFTH straight loss and runs the Terps record in 2012 to…

Overall:  4 – 7
ACC:  2 – 5

….with only a game at North Carolina left and the running joke in Washington DC area among our Maryland alum friends has been that UM would like to fire Randy Edsall but they are so broke they will HAVE TO KEEP HIM and let’s not even get into the $50 Million Dollars that Maryland would have to come up with to pay the ACC if they head to Big Ten Country.

IF nothing else the lesson of Randy Edsall at Maryland over the past two seasons…

Overall:  6 – 17
ACC:  3 – 12

….is that when a head coach is leaving a school in the 21 st century where the media is everywhere and college athletes are reading almost everything that is written and said about their head coach (current or future) that head football coaches should make Damn sure he leaves the school he is now at with Class, Integrity and Thankfulness for the players that worked their asses off that made the coach getting what is often a nice raise in the process even Damn possible in the first place!

Randy Edsall snuck out on the Connecticut football team in the middle of the night like a skunk and did not tell his players goodbye or thank them for their efforts which is the Very Damn Thing that gave Edsall the opportunity to even interview for the Maryland job in the first place and let the “Edsall Skunk sneaking out in the middle of the night lesson” be a lesson that is seared into the heads of football coaches everywhere.

As for what the future holds for Randy Edsall and Maryland football unless there is a dramatic turnaround in the near future Randy Edsall will be coaching the 2013 football season for his job and if the Terps are sub .500 next season Randy Edsall will not have to sneak out of the Maryland athletic offices like a skunk BUT rather he will have his ass kicked out the front-door of the Maryland athletic offices and somewhere in that mess will be KARMA coming back to bite Edsall where it hurts most which is the place that is ON FIRE on his body right now!

5.  Ellis Johnson, Southern Miss – We don’t exactly know what is going on at Southern Miss BUT after the Golden Eagles lost to UTEP on Saturday what we do know is that Southern Miss is…

0 – 11

…in 2012 and they have a game at Memphis left and Memphis on Saturday beat UAB 46 – 9 and UAB beat Southern Miss by 8 points two weeks ago in Hattiesburg which means a….

0 – 12

….season is a REAL possibility for USM and if that doesn’t put your ass, Ellis Johnson in this case, on the Hot Seat then NOTHING WILL!

Could Ellis Johnson get fired after only ONE and WINLESS season at Southern Miss?

We don’t have a clue but we do know the Southern Miss fans are a proud bunch of folks and they CANNOT be very happy right now.

6.  Lane Kiffin, USC – This past summer a longtime USC-alum friend of ours joined us as he does each year in the High Rockies to play some golf, play some tennis, go fly fishing and generally forget about the grind of daily life and this year he brought along another USC-alum friend of his that we had never met before who turned out to be a great fellow and very good golfer himself and after one of our rounds of golf and over some cold adult beverages this new USC-alum friend of ours says to us:

“Tell me…why do you guys not like Lane Kiffin?”

CHS Member:  “It’s not that we like or dislike Lane Kiffin because we don’t know Lane well enough to like or dislike him. The reason we are so hard on Lane Kiffin is that we believe Lane poses a threat to the integrity and successful future of college football and let’s not even get into the threat he poses to USC athletics, the USC football program and the entire university as well.”

USC-alum:  “Why do you say Kiffin poses a threat to USC?”

CHS Member: “Have you followed Lane Kiffin’s coaching career?”

USC-alum:  “No. I barely remember Lane when he was on Pete’s staff and I don’t follow football close enough to know what he did with the Raiders and at Tennessee.”

CHS Member:  “Well let us enlighten you…..”

Hey, USC athletic director Pat Haden will always have our respect here at Coaches Hot Seat and Pat can have anyone as head coach of USC football for as long as he pleases….

Lane Kiffin says he will be back as USC’s football coach, Los Angeles Times

….BUT long before any of us here at Coaches Hot Seat even thought about what college we were going to attend we were fans of USC football because in the 1970s USC football WAS COLLEGE FOOTBALL on the West Coast of America and up until Lane Kiffin was hired as the USC head coach in 2010 we were still fans of USC football except for when they were playing one of OUR schools and then we wanted our teams to beat the Helluva out of the USC Trojans.

With the above being said it is OUR opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that Lane Kiffin as the head football coach of the USC Trojans…

Poses a Clear and Present Danger

….to the future of the University of Southern California, USC athletics, the USC football program and the game of college football as well because also in OUR opinion Lane Kiffin is a…

Pompous Arrogant Ass that believes HE is God’s Gift to Planet Earth

….and that if the choice was between what is best for the future of the University of Southern California, USC athletics, the USC football program and the game of college football OR Lane Kiffin it is OUR opinion that Lane Kiffin will ALWAYS put Lane Kiffin’s Precious Ass first and toss ANY and ALL of the above into the trash bin and not give it two seconds thought.

Just our opinion of course and if Pat Haden is happy to sit in the John McKay Center and have Lane Kiffin as the head football coach of the USC Trojans then we will question Pat’s sanity, his good sense, his intelligence, his concern for the future of USC as a whole and the USC football program….BUT…..as a USC-alum told us on Sunday about the “Lane Kiffin situation” at USC:

“What you guys forget is that the USC football brand has been tremendously damaged by the NCAA sanctions, by the actions and behavior of Lane Kiffin and by the city of Los Angeles itself which is not the best place in the world to live and raise a family anymore and maybe Pat checked with a few people and there are very few if no top coaches that are willing to take the USC job right now and thus Pat has almost no choice but to stick with Kiffin.”

Maybe….but then we are talking about USC football here right?

YES, amazing as it still sounds….

Lane Kiffin is the head football coach at USC

….and we still would not hire Lane Kiffin to take out the garbage because we would not TRUST Lane Kiffin to take out our garbage and yet….

Lane Kiffin is the head football coach at USC

….and with Pat Haden backing up Lane Kiffin and Kiffin’s return to USC in 2013 after the loss to UCLA on Saturday who the Trojans beat 50 – 0 last season and then turned around and where outhustled, outhit and beaten by this season we have to question Pat Haden’s sanity unless of course Pat “checked around” and NO TOP COACH wants the job and then maybe Pat Haden has NO choice to keep Lane around.

YES, that actually makes sense, but getting to the matter at hand and why Lane Kiffin is on the HOT SEAT it is because the USC football team is 7 – 4 overall and 5 – 4 in Pac-12 play in 2012 AND because the Trojans have lost to TWO teams (Arizona and UCLA) that have NEW head coaches in 2012 that took over teams that have been struggling for years and that the Trojans have FIVE TO SIX TIMES more talent than when those games kicked-off this season.

To the point of the amount of talent on this USC football team the so-called “depth” issue and “talent” issue as it relates to USC in 2012 is BOGUS because if one actually goes to the FACTS they will find that in June 2010 the NCAA placed sanctions and probation on USC football…

USC hit hard by sanctions, Charles Robinson, Yahoo! Sports, June 2010

….and among those sanctions were the following on the USC football program:

“A postseason ban in football following the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

A loss of 30 total football scholarships over the 2011, 2012 and 2013 seasons.”

Remember, Lane Kiffin took over at USC in January 2010 and the NCAA handed down their sanctions on USC football in June 2010 which included the “loss of 30 total football scholarships over the 2011, 2012 and 2013 seasons” and IF one again goes to the FACTS which in this case is the Rivals.com Team Recruiting Rankings for the years 2010, 2011, 2012 which are the THREE YEARS that Lane Kiffin has been at and recruited at USC and in 2009 the year before Lane Kiffin arrived at USC one finds:

Overall Class Rank:  #4
No. of USC Signees:  19

Overall Class Rank:  #1
No. of USC Signees:  20

Overall Class Rank:  #4
No. of USC Signees:  30

Overall Class Rank:  #8
No. of USC Signees:  15

Oh, so in TRUTH it was only the 2012 USC Recruiting Class that has been impacted by the NCAA sanctions and the FACTS are that there are DOZENS of Five-Star and Four-Star players on the USC football team RIGHT NOW and yet in 2012 the USC Trojans are….

Overall:  7 – 4
Pac-12:  5 – 4

…and the worst at least recruiting wise is still coming which may indeed explain that Pat Haden MAY HAVE “checked around” and found out that the four or five head coaches that he would be interested in hiring are just NOT very interested in being the head coach at USC right now which shines another light entirely on why Pat Haden may NOT HAVE ANY CHOICE BUT to stick with Lane Kiffin until Kiffin crosses a line that even Pat Haden cannot tolerate which for us Lane passed a Helluva long time ago.

As for what USC has left this season it is No. 1 Notre Dame at the Los Angeles Coliseum next Saturday night at 5:00PM Pacific Time while Stanford will be playing UCLA at the Rose Bowl at 3:30PM on Saturday which means we will be at our USC-alum friend’s house in Santa Monica after the Stanford – UCLA game waiting for him, his wife and all of their friends to get home from the LA Coliseum and if the Trojans lose to the Irish rest-assured they will come home…


…and not only at Lane Kiffin BUT PISSED OFF at Pat Haden as well who they never figured would put the interests of a punk kid ahead of the best interests of the University of Southern California.

Bottom-Line:  NOT kidding around at all and being as serious as we can be here at Coaches Hot Seat and considering we have people here at CHS that laid their lives on the line for OUR country we can be very Damn serious if need be we are going to be concerned for the future of USC, USC athletics, USC football and the game of college football for as long as Lane Kiffin is the head coach of the USC Trojans football team and if USC AD Pat Haden is willing in our opinion to risk the good name of the University of Southern California on a punk kid that is in OUR opinion not qualified to coach junior high football or take out our trash then Pat Haden will have to personally live with the consequences of anything that happens in the future with EVERYTHING that Lane Kiffin does not do…..like winning games and championships……and does do that tarnishes or even worse to the University of Southern California.

7.  Charlie Weis, Kansas – Paul Rhoads has a pretty decent team at Iowa State this season that has won 6 games and lost 5 games to Texas Tech, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and Texas and that reality that Iowa State is a pretty decent football program is going to make Charlie Weis’ task in trying to rebuild Kansas football all that much harder because as of right now in November 2012 we really don’t see a bad football program in the Big 12 Conference EXCEPT FOR…


How and Why Kansas Football is so BAD now should be of little interest to Kansas football fans and with Jayhawks now at 1 – 10 overall and 0 – 8 in Big 12 play with their only WIN coming over I-AA South Dakota State and their last game against a desperate for a WIN team in West Virginia in Morgantown it looks like Kansas football will finish 2012 at…

1 – 11

….and thus Charlie Weis will be on the HOT SEAT entering the 2013 college football season.

Here’s the thing about Kansas and Charlie Weis: The University of Kansas Very Damn Stupidly signed a guaranteed contract with Charlie Weis to pay Weis…

$2.5 Million Dollars A YEAR

…for five years and after 2012 they will owe Weis $10 Million Dollars over the next five years and will owe Weis $7.5 Million Dollars after the 2013 season so if Kansas has another bad year next season does anyone believe that KU will have the money or the guts to fire Weis when they will have to pay him $7.5 Million Dollars to NOT COACH the Jayhawks football team for the next three seasons?

Please, the “leadership” at the University of Kansas if you can even call it that signed a STUPID contract with someone we would have NEVER hired as the head coach at Kansas in Charlie Weis and even if we would have hired Weis we would have made for Damn sure we had a reasonable buy out in his contract in case he didn’t perform in his job and going 1 – 11 even at Kansas is NOT PERFORMING in your job!

8.  Jon Embree, Colorado – As we have mentioned in this blog on many occasions we have a real affinity and interest in Colorado football because we have been traveling to Boulder, Colorado for two decades plus now and thus we badly would like to see the CU football program do well under Jon Embree or anyone else that can run a solid and winning football team out onto Folsom Field….BUT….over the past SEVEN seasons under Dan Hawkins and Jon Embree Colorado football’s records are…

Overall:  23 – 59

Big 12 and Pac-12:  13 – 41


Now that is some BAD football and where Colorado football goes from here is a mystery to us because with only a Utah team that has four wins at home left on the schedule it looks to us unless there is a MAJOR and we mean MAJOR CHANGE in the Colorado football program between now and the kick-off to the 2013 college football season the Complete Disaster that has been CU Buffs football is going to continue on….and on….and on…..and on….and the ONLY way to break this Complete Disaster is for Jon Embree to learn how to be a HEAD FOOTBALL COACH in a hurry or Colorado will need to find a HEAD FOOTBALL COACH in a hurry.

In 2011 Colorado beat Utah 17 – 14 in the last game of the season to keep the Utes out of the Pac-12 Championship Game and in 2012 Utah comes to Boulder with a 4 – 7 record and little to play for and it will be very Damn interesting to see how this game plays out and which if either of the teams QUITS.

Don’t QUIT Buffs or Utes and instead play HARD on Saturday!

9.  Kirk Ferentz, Iowa – Oh, life in the state of Iowa is Very Damn Good where one can get paid…

Millions of Dollars

…whether one actually does THEIR Damn Job or NOT and that is exactly what is going on in our opinion with Kirk Ferentz at Iowa who after signing a BIG FAT contract after the 2009 season which GUARANTEED to pay Ferentz…

$20 Plus Millions of Dollars

…..into the next decade whether Iowa football is winning or NOT or even if Kirk Ferentz is working at Iowa or NOT the Hawkeyes are…

Iowa 2010 – 2012
Overall:  19 – 18
Big Ten:  10 – 13

….and we here at Coaches Hot Seat were wondering…..in our opinion of course….where one can work while putting out about 50 percent of one’s effort and NOT perform and be GUARANTEED to be paid…

$20 Plus Million Dollars

….because we are Ready, Willing and Able to sign up for that duty!

Memo to Fans of Iowa Football: In OUR opinion Kirk Ferentz DOES NOT CARE if Iowa football EVER WINS ANOTHER GAME and YOU as fans of Iowa football have…

Very Damn Stupid People

….running the University of Iowa that gave Kirk Ferentz a GUARANTEED CONTRACT after the 2009 season when certainly a raise was in order but a GUARANTEE of $20 Million Dollars Plus whether Iowa football wins or NOT?

STUPID that was and Iowa football fans that ALLOW the people at the University of Iowa that signed Kirk Ferentz to that GUARANTEED CONTRACT to get away with this BS are very Damn STUPID as well.


Iowa is 4 – 7 overall and 2 – 5 in Big Ten play and a game at Nebraska is up next for the Hawkeyes and in our opinion Kirk Ferentz…


….if Iowa beats Nebraska OR if Iowa football ever wins a game again.

Just our opinion as Citizens of the American Republic.

10.  Skip Holtz, South Florida – IF there is one thing we believe in here at Coaches Hot Seat it is that…

Success Follows Hard Work

….just as….

Day Follows Night

….and when we see things like what is going on at South Florida with Skip Holtz we start to wonder just what in the Hell is REALLY going on in Tampa.

In 2005 Skip Holtz took over a struggling East Carolina football program and in five seasons at ECU put up records of….

Overall:  38 – 27
CUSA:  28 – 12

….including four straight bowl trips in his last four seasons at the school BUT in 2010 Skip Holtz took over a very successful South Florida football program under former USF head Jim Leavitt and in three seasons in Tampa Holtz has put up records of…

2010:  8 – 5
2011:  5 – 7
2012:  3 – 7

….and on Saturday a mediocre Miami football team beat South Florida…

40 – 9

What the Hell?

What the Hell INDEED and since we don’t believe that drop-offs like USF has experienced the past two seasons under Skip Holtz happen for NO reason we thus believe that “something is going on” either inside the USF football program or in Skip Holtz’s personal life BUT we don’t have a clue what that “something” might be.

What we do know is that South Florida is 3 – 7 overall and 1 -4 in Big East play this season and the Bulls have left…

At Cincinnati

….and if South Florida plays like they did against Miami against Cincinnati and Pitt the Bulls will finish the season at….

Overall:  3 – 9
Big East:  1 – 6

….and that kind of record would be a Complete Disaster for USF football and would put Skip Holtz on one of the Hottest Seats in the country.

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