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5 Head Coaches Fired on Bloody Sunday and Now There Are 13 I-A (FBS) Head Coaching Jobs Open – Analysis of the Head Coaching Job Openings at Auburn, Purdue, NC State, Boston College and Colorado

5 Head Coaches Fired on Bloody Sunday and Now There Are 13 I-A (FBS) Head Coaching Jobs Open

In what can only be described as a Bloody Sunday….

….FIVE I-A (FBS) Head Coaches lost their jobs on Sunday including…

Gene Chizik, Auburn
Danny Hope, Purdue
Tom O’Brien, NC State
Frank Spaziani, Boston College
Jon Embree, Colorado

….and as of right now there are…

13 I-A (FBS) Head Coaching Jobs Open

Last week we here at Coaches Hot Seat ranked the then SEVEN I-A (FBS) Head Coaching Jobs that were open and now we rank ALL 13 Open Head Coaching Jobs including Georgia State which is moving to I-A (FBS) in 2013 and has an opening for a head coach due to the retirement of Bill Curry:

13 I-A (FBS) Head Coaching Jobs Now Open Ranked

1.  Auburn
2.  Tennessee
3.  Arkansas
4.  California
5.  Colorado
6.  NC State
7.  Purdue
8.  Kentucky
9.  Boston College
10.  UTEP
11.  Western Michigan
12.  Idaho
13.  Georgia State

You can read our analysis of the Open Head Coaching Jobs at Tennessee, Arkansas, California and Kentucky here…

SEVEN I-A (FBS) Schools Now Looking for Head Football Coaches – Coaches Hot Seat Head Coaching Job Quality Scale – 10 to 1, Coaches Hot Seat Blog, November 20, 2012

…..where we introduced the…

Coaches Hot Seat Head Coaching Job Quality Scale – 10 – 1

10 – Great Head Coaching Job
9 – Very Damn Good Head Coaching Job
8 – A Very Good Head Coaching Job
7 – A Head Coaching Job Worth Pursuing
6 – A Little Above Average Head Coaching Job
5 – An Average Head Coaching Job
4 – A Below Average Head Coaching Job
3 – A Tough Head Coaching Job
2 – A Very Tough Head Coaching Job
1 – A Head Coaching Job We Wouldn’t Let Our Dog Take

…and we will now apply the Coaches Hot Seat Head Coaching Job Quality Scale to FIVE Bogus BCS Head Coaching Jobs that opened up on Bloody Sunday which includes Auburn, Purdue, NC State, Boston College and Colorado.

Auburn – Kevin Scarbinsky of al.com has most of the details of what actually led to Gene Chizik’s firing in his latest…

Gene Chizik set the table for his own dismissal at Auburn, Kevin Scarbinsky, al.com

…most of which we had heard was going on within the Auburn football program during the last couple of seasons BUT even worse it is our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that Gene Chizik just FLAT-OUT QUIT working as hard as he worked during his successful coaching career after Auburn won the Bogus BCS national title in 2010 and as is almost always the case…

Less Work + Unmotivated Employee = Mediocre or Worse Performance

….and 3 – 9 and 0 – 8 as the head coach of Auburn football is so far below what Auburn football is capable of we are of a mind that Gene Chizik might do well to drop off his US Passport at the closest US consulate (probably in Atlanta) so that Chizik can’t leave America and thus foreigners would not see how lazy Americans can become when they are paid a few Million Dollars and starts living a fat and lazy life.

Bozo the Clown….

….could have won SEVEN games coaching the Auburn football team in 2012 and the performance of Gene Chizik at Auburn over the past 22 months is beyond shameful and is in our opinion borderline malfeasance and non-performance of assigned duties which means in our opinion that Gene Chizik just FLAT-OUT QUIT doing the job that Auburn University hired and paid him to do.

Gene Chizik should be embarrassed and ashamed of the job he did at Auburn University over the past 22 months and what has happened at Auburn with Chizik is just another example of the kind of thing that can go wrong when a school hands or promises Millions of Dollars of Guaranteed Money to someone that for the vast majority of their lives has made just a fraction of that kind of money and in many cases all of that newfound wealth destroys the coach’s work ethic and fundamentally changes not only the coach but his family as well as their priorities in life get thrown out-of-whack and their perspective on what is really important in life is as in the movie…Gone With the Wind.

As for the Coaches Hot Seat Coaching Job Quality Rating for the Auburn head coaching job we would rate Auburn at an….


….that was a 9 during Tommy Tuberville and Pat Dye’s time as the head coaches at Auburn….BUT…..IN OUR OPINION behind the scenes, just off stage left, over there in the bushes and on a farm just outside of the Auburn city limits lurks “A Thing” that really makes the Auburn job tougher than most other jobs in the SEC and country and that “THING” is a small group of Auburn alumni and boosters that are not a problem at all for the Auburn head football coach when things are going well which EQUALS 9 Wins or Better and beating Alabama at least 50 percent of the time BUT when Auburn is not winning 9 Games and is not beating Alabama on some kind of a regular basis….


….will slowly but steadily reach out its tentacles and wrap them around a head coach and his coaching staff and would suffocate the coach to death if the head coach was not fired first which to date has ALWAYS been the case with THE THING.

Here’s the thing about THE THING that sits just off to the side of the Auburn head football coaching job and hovers above Jordan-Hare Stadium and Pat Dye Field on autumns in the Fall on The Plains and when we write “hover” we mean “hovering” in the luxury suites at Jordan Hare Stadium!

THE THING could easily and quickly be destroyed by any Head Football Coach at Auburn University and all the New Head Football Coach at Auburn University would need to do is to call in the alumni and boosters that make up THE THING into a conference room at a local hotel and deliver a “Glengarry Glen Ross” type speech to THE THING….

New Head Coach’s speech to THE THING:

“Hey, I appreciate your support of Auburn football but if any of you believe that I am going to stand for you piss ants putting your grubby and greedy hands into my Freaking Football Program at Auburn then you have badly underestimated who I am and what I am all about.

I want to make myself very Damn clear….

(New Head Football Coach looks around the room straight into the eyes of THE THING)

YOU Bastards will stay the Hell away from MY Football program and if I hear of any of YOU Bastards doing anything on the campus, off the campus of anywhere on this Freaking Planet with MY Football program then you will have to answer to ME!

(New Head Coach slams his hand on the conference table)



Now Auburn University has hired me to do THREE Things:

1. Field A Winning Football Team

2. Graduate Players that are on the Football Team

3. Beat Nick Saban’s Ass

Well, that is exactly what the Hell I am going to do BUT nowhere in my job description does it say I have to answer to a bunch of paper-pushing office hacks that played political games to get to the top of their companies that may or may not know what the Hell they are talking about when it comes to putting a winning football team onto the field BUT….

Guess what?

I know how to put a winning football team onto the field and I am going to graduate players in my football program and most of all…

I am going to kick Nick Saban’s Ass

…..and thus I could give a rat’s ass what the Hell any of you think about ANYTHING!


YOU Bastards are the not the Head Football Coach at Auburn University!


Now if any of you would like to step out back of this hotel and would like to discuss this subject in a Man-To-Man way then please stand-up right now because I will kick your ass just like I am going to kick Nick Saban’s Ass.

No takers?


Now that we have that straight I would like to make something else very clear.

YOU Bastards are not recruiters for the Auburn football team and if I hear about even a hint that you Bastards or any of your “assistants” are out “helping” Auburn to land recruits I will drop down on your asses like Freaking Batman in your home or office and be assured you do not want me stopping by your home or office very Damn pissed off because I will whip your ass in front of your co-workers or family if you do ANYTHING relative to players that Auburn is or might recruit to play for MY Football Team

Is that clear enough?


Lastly, this is America and you can say anything the Hell you want about me, Auburn football or any Freaking else thing that comes into your precious head as you sit on your ass at the office or at home and think about how the Auburn football program could be better BUT be assured that if I am not doing my job, if I am not working my ass off around the clock to make Auburn football into a winner and if I am not doing everything possible to kick Nick Saban’s ass I will have decided myself that I am not motivated enough to do this job and thus I will resign long before you ask me to go because only Very Damn Sorry People take money when they are not doing their Damndest to do their job and that sure the Hell will not be me.

IF any of you have a problem with me, my coaches, or about anything with the Auburn football program I want you to tell my assistant (introduces assistant standing off to the side) who you will be able to reach 24 hours a day on his cell phone number that we will give to you tonight and rest assured everything that “X” hears will be passed along to me and if necessary I will be in touch with you…..time permitting of course and considering how far the Alabama football program is in front of Auburn football right now I will have Very Damn Little free time in the next 24 months so sure the Hell don’t be waiting by the phone in the next couple of years waiting for my call because I will not be calling.

As for Coach “X” (New Head Football Coach points to a man sitting at the table) he can come in and out of the football offices anytime he wants BUT for Damn sure just like Coach “X” would not have allowed anyone during his coaching career to interfere in him doing his job I will not tolerate or allow Coach “X” or anyone else to undermine MY football team or program and if Coach “X” does try to undermine me or my football program then I will just have to whip Coach “X’s” ass and if “X” doesn’t think I can do that then maybe we can go in back of this hotel right now and settle that issue tonight.

Oh, you don’t want to fight Coach “X?”


Now gentlemen I have a Helluva lot of work to do so I have to go and thus I will leave you with a….

War Eagle!”

Would we here at Coaches Hot Seat take the Auburn job if offered?

What kind of Freaking question is that?

OF COURSE we would take the Auburn job if offered because we….

Would love to coach in the SEC

Auburn is a great head coaching job

Auburn University is a great school

We would love the opportunity to compete against and kick Nick Saban’s Ass and rest assured Coaches Hot Seat would both out work AND….

Kick Nick Saban’s Ass!

What Auburn University needs to do is go out and find a coach that embraces the challenge of coaching Auburn football, a coach that can tell THE THING to Go to Hell and get the Hell out of his way OR ELSE and would a coach that would love the opportunity to…

Kick Nick Saban’s Ass!

Colorado – Before Stanford played Colorado in Boulder on November 3…

Stanford – 48
Colorado – 0

….we believed that now former Colorado head coach Jon Embree would get at least three seasons to turnaround the CU football program….BUT….in our opinion the Colorado football team that we saw in Folsom Field on November 3 playing Stanford was a team that would have barely had a .500 record playing in the Big Sky Conference in 2012 and that reality is just…


….especially because it looks to us that Colorado football has gone BACKWARDS from the disaster that was the Dan Hawkins era at CU which saw Dan put up records of…

Overall: 19 – 39 (.328)
Big 12: 10 – 27 (.270)

….which Jon Embree followed with…

Overall: 4 – 21 (.160)
Pac-12: 3 – 15 (.166)

The Great Tom Peters who has been doing high-level business consulting for 30 plus years now since the publication of his first book…

In Search of Excellence

….has a great website and presentation titled…

Excellence Now

….that is great reading and watching for ANYONE that is now or is in the future interested in being a Head Football Coach in Major College Football and Tom Peters main point in his Excellence Now presentation is that….

Excellence is a RIGHT NOW THING

….and anyone working in any line of work and especially as a Head Football Coach on any level in America that isn’t pursuing….

Excellence RIGHT NOW

….is falling behind his peers and in Major College Football today and in the Pac-12 Conference of 2012 if you are not pursuing…

Excellence RIGHT NOW

….you are FALLING BEHIND and in our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat Jon Embree never really grasped what it was going to take to get Colorado football back into the conversation…..forget about winning championships…..because when we write “conversation” we mean being competitive and having .500 plus records at a minimum…..and in the end it was Jon Embree’s lack of pursuing….

Excellence RIGHT NOW

….that ultimately doomed him at Colorado and cost him his head coaching job.

In Tom Peters Excellence Now presentation on Slide 22 Peters displays the corporate values for Zappos.com which is an online shoe retail company started by Great Tony Hsieh and was sold to Amazon.com in 2009 for almost $1 Billion Dollars and Hsieh’s corporate values for Zappos.com still to this day are…

“Zappos Family Core Values

As we grow as a company, it has become more and more important to explicitly define the core values from which we develop our culture, our brand, and our business strategies. These are the ten core values that we live by:

1.  Deliver WOW Through Service
2.  Embrace and Drive Change
3.  Create Fun and A Little Weirdness
4.  Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded
5.  Pursue Growth and Learning
6.  Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication
7.  Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit
8.  Do More With Less
9.  Be Passionate and Determined
10.  Be Humble”

Or in the words of the employees and founders of Zappos.com:

Since we believe in the Core Values of Zappos.com and in the teachings of Tom Peters IF someone had asked us to evaluate the Colorado football program in the Fall of this year based upon the importance of pursuing….

Excellence RIGHT NOW

….and the above Zappos.com Core Values we would have given Colorado Football a….


….and a….


….for the direction that the Colorado football program was going because as much as we like Jon Embree the Colorado football program was going….



In our opinion at least.

As for the state of Colorado football and the quality of the job on the Coaches Hot Seat Head Coaching Job Quality Scale we would rate the CU job as a….


…..meaning it is a…

Head Coaching Job Worth Pursuing

…and is in our opinion Colorado is a Head Coaching Job that could easily be a…


….on our Quality Scale IF the RIGHT Head Coach took over at Colorado.

What exactly is the RIGHT Head Coach for Colorado football?

Well, we thought that Dan Hawkins would have done a lot better than he did at Colorado BUT “Hawk” made a number of mistakes early on at CU including putting his son on the team which is a big NO-NO especially when your son is a good QB that would compete for the starting QB job on the team which is a DOUBLE BIG NO-NO since if the QB/Son doesn’t perform well it raises all kinds of questions that have no good answers since ever father no matter what he tells anyone is biased towards his son.

We remember reading the below magazine article about Dan Hawkins in the Fall of 2008….

Dan Hawkins and the Power of Positive Thinking, Robert Andrew Powell, 5280, The Denver Magazine

….and thinking to ourselves that “Hawk” was going to get things going at CU beginning in that same year BUT in the end just NOT ENOUGH quality players, a son of the head coach on the team playing QB and playing not ever well at QB at time, some average coaching including some sloppy practice habits and some bad mistakes made during games and a few off-the-field issues doomed Dan Hawkins in Boulder and led to the hiring of Jon Embree at CU who had never been a coordinator on any level when he was hired and had NO head coaching experience was at a school like Colorado that needs a Head Coach that MUST know what he is doing from Day One and sends a jolt through the CU football program from Day One not that smart of a hire.

Would we take the Colorado head coaching job?

Are you kidding?

We would take the Colorado head coaching job in a nanosecond…..BUT…..we would understand completely before we set foot in Boulder or on the CU campus that above all Colorado football needs to have a BIG FIRE lit under it and when we say a BIG FIRE we mean a BIG FIRE….

….and any Head Coach that believes he can show up at Colorado and not work his ass off 24 hours a day for probably 2 years straight and win at Colorado doesn’t have a clue what he is getting himself into because it will take a head coach showing up in Boulder ready, willing and able to work his ass off 24 hours a day for 2 years just to get Colorado football competitive again and what more could a REAL MAN ask for but to have a challenging job that paid someone a Helluva lot of money that is fun as Hell to do or in the words of Theodore Roosevelt on what makes REAL MEN and WOMEN happy in life:

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”

Rebuilding Colorado Football is certainly “hard work that is worth doing” and the next Head Football Coach at the University of Colorado should count himself lucky, fortunate and blessed and then as he leaves the announcement of his hiring he should immediately….

Get His Ass in Gear to work 24 hours a day to rebuild Colorado Buffs Football!

Here are a couple of great articles on Zappos.com CEO Tony Hseih:

What Happens in Brooklyn Moves to Vegas, Timothy Pratt, New York Times Magazine

Tony Hsieh’s Plan To Reinvent Las Vegas, Aimee Groth, Business Insider

NC State – IF one has paid close attention the rumblings out of North Carolina in recent weeks one would have noticed that Tom O’Brien was on a Hotter Seat than anyone realized and based upon NC State AD Debbie Yow’s press conference on Sunday and on the reporting of Sammy Batten of the Fayetteville Observer “mediocrity” is no longer acceptable in Raleigh:

Tom O’Brien firing signals NC State will not settle for mediocrity, Sammy Batten, Fayetteville Observer

What is “mediocrity” exactly at NC State?

Well, here are Tom O’Brien’s records at NC State:

2007:  5 – 7
2008:  6 – 7
2009:  5 – 7
2010:  9 – 4
2011:  8 – 5
2012:  7 – 5

Overall:  40 – 35
ACC:  22 – 26

No ACC Atlantic Division Titles
No ACC Conference Titles

YES, the above is MEDIOCRE in our opinion especially IF the “Powers That Be” at NC State are expecting Excellence and since AD Debbie Yow made it clear she believes that NC State can be a “Top 25 football program” EVERY YEAR then what Tom O’Brien accomplished at NC State in six seasons is just Flat-Out…


Where does NC State fall on the Coaches Hot Seat Head Coaching Job Quality Scale you ask?


Yes, in our opinion NC State right now is a…

A Head Coaching Job Worth Pursuing

….and it SHOULD be an 8 at least because NC State is a very good school and the athletic facilities at the school are very good as well so there really is NO reason at all that NC State shouldn’t be a more powerful football program and in the future IF it does become a perennial “Top 25 program” it might very well become a member of the powerful SEC Conference and no doubt right now in the SEC offices in Birmingham, Alabama there are probably SEC officials looking at a map of the Eastern seaboard of the United States of America thinking something like….

“IF we go to 16 teams then Virginia Tech is a no-brainer first school to be added and then the second school would probably be NC State because no way that North Carolina is ever leaving the ACC…..BUT…..that NC State football program has been struggling of late and thus maybe we should look at…..”

YES, NC State can be better than….

40 – 35  (.533)

…which is the Overall Record put up by Tom O’Brien over the past six seasons and thus why AD Debbie Yow fired Tom O’Brien.


Would we take the NC State head coaching job?

Why HELL YES we would take the NC State head coaching job and mainly because it doesn’t take much to go from “mediocre” to competing for the ACC Conference Title each year and if you run the table in the ACC you will have a shot at playing for the National Title so SIGN US UP for the NC State head coaching job and we can be there by 8AM in the morning ready, willing, able and fired-up to get to work!

Purdue – In four seasons at Purdue now former Boilermakers head coach Danny Hope put up records of…

Overall:  22 – 27 (.449)
Big Ten:  13 – 19 (.406)

No Big Ten Division or Conference Titles

…..and Hope’s predecessor at Purdue the Great Joe Tiller put up records of…

Overall:  87 – 62 (.584)
Big Ten:  53 – 43 (.552)

1 Big Ten Championship

…..which are some good marks by Tiller BUT we believe that there is NO reason why Purdue cannot compete for and be very competitive in today’s Big Ten Conference EVERY YEAR and thus why Danny Hope was fired after four seasons of “average” football at best.

Where does Purdue fall on the Coaches Hot Seat Head Coaching Job Quality Scale you ask?


Meaning that the Purdue Head Coaching Job is a…

A Head Coaching Job Worth Pursuing

….and we agree with Purdue AD Morgan Burke that an “offensive-minded coach” would be best because if Purdue is going to become a force in the Big Ten as it was under Joe Tiller then the Boilermakers offense will have to light-up the scoreboard on Saturdays and luckily for Purdue there are dozens of coaches on all levels in America that have the aggressive-style of offensive philosophy that Purdue University is looking for.

Wonder if the folks at Purdue have heard of Bob Stitt?

Bob Stitt’s offense: A college football gold mine, Dan Wolken, USA Today

One thing for Damn sure the other Big Ten head coaches would hate to see Bob Stitt take-over the Purdue Boilermakers!

Boston College – We have written so much about Frank Spaziani and Boston College football over the past couple of seasons with Spaziani having his rear-end on fire for most of that time that we don’t know much more than we can say but that….

Frank Spaziani got fired at Boston College because the BC football program went backwards compared to the Two Head Coaches that preceded him on Chestnut Hill:

Frank Spaziani – BC Head Coach 2009 – 2012

Overall:  22 – 29 (.431)
ACC:  13 – 19 (.406)

Jeff Jagodzinski – BC Head Coach 2007 – 2008

Overall:  20 – 8 (.714)
ACC:  11 – 5 (.688)

Tom O’Brien – BC Head Coach 1997 – 2006

Overall:  75 – 45 (.625)
Big East – ACC:  37 – 34 (.521)

Sorry, there is NO reason for Boston College football to have a…..

Below .500 Record

….in ANY season because Boston College football with the RIGHT or even a slightly above average coach should be able to get its share of Eastern United States and New England recruits and those players should be coached-up once they get to BC and the TRUTH is that Frank Spaziani hardly did any of the above during his four years as the head coach at Boston College.

Boston College is a great school and it sits in one of the great cities in America in Boston, Massachusetts and just for those two reasons along BC should be able to land a very good or even great head coach and it should pay that head coach a “market wage” which we would put in the…

$2 to $3 Million Dollar Range Annually

….and IF Chip Kelly is tired of rainy Oregon and wants to come “home” to New England hen Boston College should pay Kelly…

$4 Million Dollars Annually

….which is about $500K more than he is making at Oregon right now.

Coaches Hot Seat Salaries and Contracts

Believe it…

Chip Kelly is worth $4 Million Dollars a year to Boston College and in a couple of seasons Kelly will have earned that salary many times over from the revenue his winning ways will bring to Boston College football and athletics.

On the Coaches Hot Seat Head Coaching Job Quality Scale we ranked the BC head coaching job as a…


….BUT we will add 1 point to that because of what a great town Boston is to make the BC job an…


YES, we would take the Boston College Head Coaching Job for room and board and some “walking around money” and in a couple of years we would..


…and any Head Coach that wins at Boston College will be one of the top celebrities and “names” in the New England area and will one day in the future be in line for another great head coaching job when Bill Belichick decides to retire…

The New England Patriots!

Hell, Bill Belichick is 60 years old and he will probably want to retire in 5 years or so someone that took over at Boston College and won (think Tom Coughlin) would certainly be in line for a lot of NFL head coaching jobs and no doubt in line a few years down the line for one of the best head coaching jobs in the NFL with the….

New England Patriots!

Hell, why not give Chip Kelly a call Boston College?

Post Week 13 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings Coming Soon…..

Waiting to see if one school in particular FIRES its Head Coach…..developing…..maybe!

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