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Launch of College Football Depot – www.collegefootballdepot.com – Jon Embree’s Firing at Colorado and Embree’s Post-Firing Press Conference

Launch of College Football Depotwww.collegefootballdepot.com

Since we stopped linking news stories at Coaches Hot Seat due to the 2012 Election Campaign getting underway back in May we have lots of requests from folks to start linking news stories on College Football and Intercollegiate Athletics again if we could and in the vain of giving it the…

Good ‘Ole College Try

…we tasked some of our younger folks to come up with a simple “News Linking” website and their “still a work in process” product is….

College Football Depot

…which can be found at…


We don’t know exactly where College Football Depot will go in the future but in the meantime we are going to do pretty much what we did at the old Coaches Hot Seat website which is to link to news stories on College Football and Intercollegiate Athletics that are of an interest to us and thus hopefully are of an interest to you as well.

As always we will do our best to make College Football Depot as important and relevant to the interests of people that follow the Great Game of College Football and we likewise would hope that you will visit and do business with if it strikes you to do so with the advertisers at College Football Depot which will make it a lot easier for us to dedicate more resources around the clock to keep the news stories and columns as updated and as fresh as possible on the website not only during the college football season but year round as well.

Thanks and Enjoy College Football Depotwww.collegefootballdepot.com


Jon Embree’s Firing at Colorado and Embree’s Post-Firing Press Conference

If there is one thing we here at Coaches Hot Seat believe in with every fiber of our beings it is that Americans and also ALL human beings around the world do and/or should have the RIGHT and more importantly the OPPORTUNITY to express their opinion on the issues of the day or Damn anything else that enters their minds and unfortunately FREE SPEECH is now being attacked around the world and even here in America by governments, corporations and powerful people as detailed at Foreign Policy magazine….

Defending Free Speech in the Digital Age – Across the world, the battle for free speech is putting governments and corporations against activists and average citizens, Foreign Policy

With the above being said IF now former Colorado head football coach Jon Embree had asked our advice on what he should say upon getting fired at CU after two seasons we would have recommended that he just put out a written statement thanking Colorado for the opportunity to coach his alma mater’s football team and wished Colorado football the best in the future BUT Jon Embree did not go that route but instead held an emotional press conference at Colorado on Monday that was as painful for us to watch as it must have been for Jon to do…

Jon Embree on being fired as CU Buffs’ coach: “I did things the right way”, Boulder Daily Camera

The reason we would have recommended that Jon Embree not hold a press conference was that the last impression of Jon now will be someone that was bitter over getting fired after coaching for two seasons at CU that saw Embree put up a records of….

Overall:  4 – 21
Pac-12:  3 – 15

….while putting up the following Team Statistics in 2012 as compiled by the NCAA at CU:

Colorado Football National Rankings – 120 Teams Ranked in FBS

Rushing Offense – 108
Passing Offense – 96
Total Offense – 116
Scoring Offense – 116
Rushing Defense – 115
Pass Efficiency Defense – 115
Total Defense – 115
Scoring Defense – 120

Now COME ON the Colorado team that Jon Embree took over from Dan Hawkins was BAD…..but it wasn’t THAT BAD!

Here are Dan Hawkins yearly records at Colorado:

2006:  2 – 10
2007:  6 – 7
2008:  5 – 7
2009:  3 – 9
2010:  3 – 6 (fired after nine games)

Here are the Team Statistics for the Colorado Football team in Dan Hawkins last year (2010) in the same categories as above:

Rushing Offense – 83
Passing Offense – 58
Total Offense – 76
Scoring Offense – 84
Rushing Defense – 47
Pass Efficiency Defense – 112
Total Defense – 83
Scoring Defense – 90

YES, it is the TRUTH that the Colorado football team took a MAJOR STEP BACKWARDS under Jon Embree in his two years at Colorado and the cold hard TRUTH is that the other 11 Pac-12 head coaches were hoping, praying and fully expecting that Jon Embree was going to coach CU in 2013 because Colorado football is right now the closest thing to a…


….at a Bogus BCS Conference school in America today!

Hell, Boston College has been a BAD football team under Frank Spaziani the last couple of years but the BC Eagles are the Green Bay Packers compared to how BAD Colorado Football is right now and as Colorado AD Mike Bohn discussed in the below Denver Post article as Bohn and Embree were talking over the past few weeks on how Embree was going to get CU football turned around it dawned on Bohn that things weren’t going to be any better in 2013 with Embree still in place as the head coach of the Buffs:

Colorado AD Mike Bohn defends decision to fire football coach Embree, John Henderson, Denver Post

We are going to let Jon Embree and everyone else at the University of Colorado AND the news media in the state and around the country in on a little secret that has been talked about in hushed tones over the past two years about Colorado football under Jon Embree which is of course just American Citizens expressing their own personal opinions on CU football….

“One of the worst coached and worst prepared football teams we have ever played.”

“Colorado was totally confused on more than half the plays in the game.”

“We could have beat Colorado with our school’s intramural teams.”

“Geez, is anyone coaching that team (Colorado)?”

We could go on but you get the idea and if Jon Embree is actually of the opinion that he was doing a good or even better than a good job in actually Coaching the Game of Football at CU while not talking about Jon’s abundant qualities as a great human being then Jon Embree is either kidding himself, living in a Fantasyland or he doesn’t have a clue how to Coach the Game of Football.

The TRUTH is that the Colorado Football program was imploding under Jon Embree and in our opinion without Divine Intervention we don’t think Colorado would have won more than 3 games in 2013 especially considering who CU is scheduled to play next year:

Colorado State
Central Arkansas
Fresno State
Arizona – Home
California – Home
Oregon – Home
USC – Home
Arizona State – Away
Oregon State – Away
UCLA – Away
Utah – Away
Washington – Away

For us here at Coaches Hot Seat we have always thought a lot of Jon Embree and long before he was the head coach at Colorado at least a couple of us have expressed that thought to him personally and we also wanted Jon to succeed in the worst way at Colorado and not because Jon happens to be an African-American per se BUT because in today’s America our country needs all the successful African-American MEN out in the world doing great things as possible because whether anyone wants to admit it or not or recognize it or not we have a….

Complete Disaster

…..going on among young African-American boys and young men in America’s urban cities where the drop-out rate is over 50 percent and 1 of 2 African-American men are somehow touched or involved in the criminal justice system.

To the above point when we read the following that was said by former Colorado head coach Bill McCartney today on a radio station in Denver…

Former Colorado coach Bill McCartney claims racism in Jon Embree firing, Graham Watson, Yahoo! Sports

….we could not help but shake our heads in disbelief because the TRUTH is Jon Embree just flat-out did NOT perform in the job that he was paid $750,000 Dollars a year to do AND even more importantly the school where Jon Embree worked, the University of Colorado, is easily the most…

PC or Politically Correct

…..institution of higher learning East of Cal-Berkeley and if anything people like University of Colorado President Bruce Benson and CU Chancellor Philip DiStefano would go to incredible lengths to make Damn sure that African-Americans and other minorities are treated well and respected in every way possible on the CU-Boulder campus and if Jon Embree, Bill McCartney or Stephen A. Smith (who is rather entertaining on TV but he is always on when we are work!) believe that the leadership at the University of Colorado wanted to fire Jon Embree because he is African-American then they have lost their Freaking Minds because nothing and we mean NOTHING could be farther from the TRUTH  (Hell, former Alabama QB Mike Shula got run out of Tuscaloosa in 2006 after putting up a record of 26 – 23 and Mike Shula didn’t hold a press conference after getting fired at Bama blaming everyone but HIMSELF for not getting the job done).

Hell, when we are on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder we stand out like sore thumbs because we will do or say anything and on many occasions we have said something jokingly towards each other as Don Rickles did a million times in his legendary career….

…..we would get “the look” from the “PC crowd” at CU-Boulder (or on Pearl Street in downtown Boulder) and the only thing we could do is laugh and wonder what has happened to America when one can’t make a joke without worrying about what some “PC” idiot will think which is a problem in America that was very accurately discussed by Clint Eastwood and George Lopez on the George Lopez show a couple of years ago:

The TRUTH is that Jon Embree was fired because of the DIRECTION of the Colorado Football program AND because of what Jon Embree was telling his immediate boss in AD Mike Bohn on what he was going to do to get “things fixed” at CU and just imagine for a moment the position AD Bohn, CU President Benson and Chancellor DiStefano found themselves in as the 2012 season began to wind down and it looked like to anyone that was paying attention that Colorado football was getting WORSE not better and that left Bohn, Benson and DiStefano in the unenviable position of having to take a chance that Jon Embree and we are guessing a wholesale change in his CU coaching staff could turn things around in 2013 or Colorado could have had another…

Complete Disaster

…of a season which would only put Colorado football even further behind what is clearly a surging Pac-12 Conference and let’s not even talk about the rest of the country.

Colorado president says football change needed to help athletics, academics, Denver Post

Jon Embree was fired because of RACISM?

Please, tell that to Ellis Johnson who was fired after ONE YEAR at Southern Miss and the last time we checked Ellis Johnson is about as lily-white and Southern white as a man can be!

Jon Embree was FIRED because he didn’t perform at an acceptable level in his Damn job….


…which is something that happens ALL over America ALL of the Damn time to White Americans, African-Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Americans and Other Americans when they do not perform at an acceptable level in their jobs which leads to them getting…



With the BIG difference being that Jon Embree walks away from his job after being FIRED with over $1.5 Million Dollars in his back pocket which is NOT the case for 99.999999999999999999% of Americans who are lucky just to be given the time to get their things together and leave before the boss kicks them out the door on their ass!

Oh, and by the way very few Damn Americans hold a press conference blaming EVERYONE but themselves for the job they didn’t perform in which lead to their FIRING and the TRUTH is Jon Embree whether Jon has the Guts to admit to it or not…

YOU Jon Embree did not perform in the job you were being paid $750,000 a year to do and THAT is why you were FIRED.


Everyone here at Coaches Hot Seat has been FIRED sometime during their working lives and the stories that we could tell you about our bosses firing us for Bogus reasons would bore everyone to death BUT there are a number of Coaches Hot Seat members that were NOT FIRED from a very important job they held in their lives, serving in the US Military from four to eight years, and who at the end of their service packed-up their belongings on their base or ship, tossed their duffle bag over their shoulder and just left with only a pat on the back from their Commanding Officer for a job well done and often with only a couple of thousand dollars in their last paycheck and a very uncertain future ahead.

NO, those Coaches Hot Seat members leaving the US Military did not hold a press conference to tell the world that they had served their country or did anything but go back into civilian life and get a job with usually only their friends in the US Military, their parents, their wives and close friends knowing the sacrifice of a significant portion of their life that they proudly gave-up in exchange for having the right to be called and call themselves…

An American Citizen of the American Republic

Jon Embree believes he got a “raw deal” after winning FOUR GAMES in two seasons at Colorado while getting paid around $3 Million Dollars for his hard work?

Tell that “raw deal” Bullshit Jon Embree to the US soldiers many of which are African-Americans that are serving on the front-lines in Afghanistan RIGHT FREAKING NOW making $500 Dollars a week laying their lives on the line….

…while there are…

Candy Ass Pussy Head Football Coaches

….back here in America that are whining about having their Precious Asses put on the Hot Seat when they are making SIX and SEVEN Figure Salaries to coach the Damn game of football and they are failing in their Damn jobs.

You see College Head Football Coaches….IF YOU WIN GAMES YOU WILL NOT BE ON THE HOT SEAT!


YES, you would be right if you think that we here at Coaches Hot Seat are pissed-off about Freaking Football Coaches crying and whining about being put under pressure, being put on the Hot Seat and getting fired when they are being paid a fortune to coach the Damn game of football while their Precious Asses sit safely in the United States of America and when they get fired some of those coaches crying about people being “unfair” to them or now even the unbelievable and frankly insulting idea that they were fired because of…


Here’s a thought for Jon Embree if and when he gets another head coaching job….

WIN SOME DAMN GAMES JON because IF you had won just TWO FREAKING GAMES IN 2012 you would still be the Head Football at Colorado!

…..and then your Precious Ass sitting in the United States of America that will never be laid on the line to defend Freedom and Liberty around the world might not get FIRED the next time around you are a head football coach!

Good Luck to you Jon Embree and for Damn sure we are hoping you get another shot to be a head football coach on some level (Jon Embree might be a better NFL head coach than in the college game in our opinion) show you can prove the people that fired you at Colorado wrong BUT talking about doing that and actually doing it are two different things entirely and thus…


YES, ALL of the above is OUR opinions as Citizens of the American Republic

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