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Lots of Discussion Here At Coaches Hot Seat Over the Past Few Months About IF We Would Hire Bobby Petrino Or Not If Were the AD At A Big-Time School – Will Auburn Hire Bobby Petrino? – Well, Petrino Needs To Be Able To Answer ONE Question Very Damn Well To Get the Auburn Or ANY OTHER Big-Time Job – There Is A Current Head Coach Out There That Would Be A Great Fit For Auburn BUT It Seems Auburn Is Not Now Looking At Him

There has been a lot of discussion this college football season here at Coaches Hot Seat on whether IF we were an athletic director at a big-time school would we hire Bobby Petrino or not if we had a Head Football Coach opening and with stories like this one appearing in the press in Alabama….

Auburn’s search may focus on Bobby Petrino, Jimbo Fisher, Gus Malzahn, Gary Patterson, Charles Goldberg, al.com

….and with Auburn certainly being a big-time school the “viability” of hiring Bobby Petrino is becoming a bigger issue as each day passes.

We can’t say that anyone at Coaches Hot Seat has exchanged more than 50 words with Bobby Petrino during his working life mainly because Bobby Petrino is not exactly a talkative guy around people that are not close to him….BUT….we have been around Bobby’s father Bobby Petrino Sr. a few times who is former legendary head football coach at Carroll College in Helena, Montana and if Bobby Petrino was half the man of his father he would be a Helluva person and no doubt in our minds would not be on the outside looking in for a Major College Football head coaching job.

Bobby Petrino’s actions at Louisville…

Meeting with Auburn privately while Tuberville was still the head coach of the Tigers

Lying to the press (and maybe the Louisville AD) about meeting with LSU about their head coaching job

Taking the Atlanta Falcons job when Petrino said he was happy at Louisville

….and Petrino’s actions with the Atlanta Falcons….

Walking out on the Falcons during the season to take the Arkansas job

….were in our opinion the actions of a RUTHLESS man that put his best interests ahead of the best interests of his school or team not that being RUTHLESS is always a bad thing but at least in the case of Bobby Petrino he just should have been upfront when he was at Louisville about potential job openings at other schools and NFL teams (as TCU head coach Gary Patterson is being right now) and Petrino probably should have told Arkansas that he would be available AFTER the Atlanta Falcons NFL 2007 season was over and no doubt Falcons owner Arthur Blank would have been happy to see Petrino return to the college game.

Beyond Bobby Petrino being RUTHLESS the No. 1 question we would have for Petrino if were interviewing him for a job would center around why he thought it was necessary to LIE to his bosses at Arkansas to help the girl he was having an affair with, Jessica Dorrell, a job within in the Arkansas athletic department and whether Petrino was placed under any “pressure” to help Dorrell get that job or not.

IF Bobby Petrino was sitting in front of us we would already understood why Petrino had the affair with Jessica Dorrell and why he lied to cover-up the affair with Jessica Dorrell….

Because Bobby Petrino is a Human Being

….so we would ask Petrino about another issue entirely:

Coaches Hot Seat: “Now Bobby. What were you thinking when you helped Jessica Dorrell get that job in the Arkansas athletic department and reportedly misled your AD on why you wanted hiring procedures to be changed for her to get that job? Didn’t you think that doing that would raise a big red flag with the school and others around the football program?”

Oh, Bobby Petrino just said he WASN’T THINKING?

Yes, that is a logical response BUT since we are representing “X” school that is already convinced you are a Very Good Football Coach….BUT….are not convinced that they can believe you or trust what you say THE ISSUE on whether “X” school will hire you or not come down to one very simple thing Bobby:


Supposedly Bobby Petrino and his representatives have come up with a response to the above question that may or may not be convincing to the person hearing the answer depending upon who is listening to the answer and there are a Helluva lot of people in Intercollegiate Athletics and Higher Education that have a nonexistent Bullshit Meter since they have spent precious little time in their adult lives working in the REAL World (No, college athletics is not the REAL World!)…..BUT…..we would love to hear how and what Bobby Petrino said in response to the above question because why Petrino helped his lover get a job in the Arkansas athletic department in what seemed like to us in an unseemly and underhanded way is THE ISSUE relative to hiring Petrino and really when you get down to THE ISSUE boils down to…

Can any school REALLY TRUST Bobby Petrino?

Since Bobby Petrino is not sitting here with us in the High Rockies so we could look him in the eye and ask that question we will just have to surmise that since Petrino wants to get back into coaching in the WORST way and Petrino wants badly to get back into coaching in the SEC Conference that Petrino has a very good answer to the above question that the people listening to the offer will have to either believe or not believe and make a recommendation or decision based upon a “gut feeling” about Petrino.

There is ONE THING we are very confident about as it pertains to Bobby Petrino:

IF Bobby Petrino was hired by Auburn University to coach its football team Auburn football would WIN a Helluva lot of football games and would be very competitive in the SEC and against Alabama in a hurry BUT that question still hangs out there for Auburn OR anyone else that is considering the idea of hiring Bobby Petrino:

Can we TRUST Bobby Petrino?

As for who Auburn might consider beyond the names listed in the above al.com article of….

Bobby Petrino, Jimbo Fisher, Gus Malzahn, Gary Patterson

…IF we were at Auburn and hiring a football coach we would also want to talk to…

Dave Doeren, Northern Illinois
Darrell Hazel, Kent State
Bo Pelini, Nebraska
Pete Lembo, Ball State
Mike MacIntyre, San Jose State
Art Briles, Baylor
Sonny Dykes, La. Tech
James Franklin, Vanderbilt
Charlie Strong, Louisville
Bill Blankenship, Tulsa
Rick Stockstill, Middle Tennessee
Mark Hudspeth, La. Lafayette

….ALL of whom we believe would WIN at Auburn to varying degrees and it is up to the folks at Auburn to find the coach that best FITS Auburn University which is a very unique place that needs a very unique coach to get Auburn football back to its winning ways.

There is one head football coach in particular that we believe would be a FANTASTIC FIT at Auburn and who would be able to build a program on The Plains that would compete with Alabama for a long time to come even after Nick Saban has retired to his home on the lake in north Georgia but we have too much respect for that coach to list his name here and maybe hurt his chances in getting the Auburn job BUT that head coach is in the above list of current head football coaches and IF the Auburn search committee interviews that coach they will know immediately he is the RIGHT FIT and BEST FIT for Auburn Football.

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