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Oh, Geez…The BS Is Getting Deeper In Boulder Colorado! – Did Jon Embree and Bill McCartney Forget That the Mighty CU Buffs Led By Jon Embree LOST TO A I-AA (FCS) Team in Sacramento State On September 8 In Embree’s Second Year on the Job? – Oh, That’s Right….Jon Embree Got Fired After Two Years At Colorado Because He Is BLACK! – Yes, and Walt Harris Got Fired At Stanford After Two Years Because He Is WHITE! – Both Are Bullshit and the TRUTH Is Jon Embree Got Fired Because Embree AND Walt Harris Are BAD Football Coaches! – What IF the Bogus BCS Had Already Been Replaced with the 4-Team Playoff in 2012? – Yes, We Would Be Now Looking At A GREAT 4-Team Postseason Playoff!

Oh, Geez….

The HORSESHIT just keeps getting deeper and deeper in Boulder, Colorado as we now have former CU head football coach Jon Embree claiming that he would probably still have his job if he was only…..WHITE!

Jon Embree: Probably still have job if white, Brian Howell, Boulder Daily Camera

Really Jon?

Jon Embree REALLY believes that he would still be the head coach at Colorado IF he was WHITE?

Memo to Jon Embree:  Black, White, Brown, Yellow or Green when you DON’T EVEN FIELD a competitive football team you usually get fired in Year 1 or Year 10 and in case Jon Embree and Bill McCartney didn’t notice a WHITE head football coach in the Deep South at Auburn University just GOT FIRED only TWO years after winning the Freaking Bogus BCS National Title in Gene Chizik at Auburn….BECAUSE….he didn’t field a competitive football team in 2012 JUST LIKE Jon Embree at Colorado.


Oh, but Jon Embree believes that because the pigment of his skin is Black he is now out of a job at Colorado?

Give Us A FREAKING Break!

Yesterday a Colorado-alum called us at work and asked if we ever ran into Bill McCartney and we said we hadn’t seen Bill McCartney in years and that CU-alum then says….

“Well, if you do run into McCartney tell him the following…

Sacramento State – 30
Colorado – 28”

What does the above mean exactly?

On September 8, 2012 I-AA (FCS) Sacramento State came into Folsom Field on the campus of the University of Colorado in Jon Embree’s SECOND YEAR at Colorado and BEAT Jon Embree’s Buffs!

Oh, just by the way for Jon Embree who like Lane Kiffin must live in some kind of Fantasyland when it comes to his belief in his coaching skills…

I-AA (FCS) Sacramento State’s win/loss record in 2012 was…

6 – 5

….and they finished in the middle of the Big Sky Conference and that is why it is our opinion that if Colorado had played in the Big Sky Conference in 2012 the Buffs would have had a tough time even getting to a .500 record and…

THAT IS WHY YOU WERE FIRED at Colorado Jon Embree but then Jon Embree much like Lane Kiffin and his enablers in the USC athletic department (including Pat Haden who should have already canned Kiffin’s Sorry Ass) wants to keep living in the Fantasyland that Jon Embree got fired because he was BLACK and no doubt if Pat Haden ever comes to his senses and sends Lane Kiffin packing at USC Kiffin will come out and say he was fired because he was WHITE when the TRUTH is that BOTH Jon Embree and Lane Kiffin way underperformed in 2012 and both should be out of their jobs right now……


….there is one significant difference between Jon Embree and Lane Kiffin:

At least Lane Kiffin at Tennessee and USC put teams on the field that kind of knew what the Hell they were doing and competed which is certainly not the case for Jon Embree’s teams at Colorado which make the Keystone Kops look competent!

In 2006 and long before Coaches Hot Seat was ever dreamed up by some folks that wanted to get former Stanford head football coach Walt Harris fired (Walt Harris was the Stanford head football coach 2005 and 2006)….

YES Walt Harris is WHITE and YES Walt Harris was FIRED after TWO YEARS at Stanford after putting up records of:

2005 :  5 – 6
2006:  1 – 11

….which kind of puts to bed this notion that poor precious Jon Embree was FIRED at Colorado because he was BLACK because when you are a BAD football coach you are a BAD football coach and Walt Harris and Jon Embree…in our opinion….are BAD football coaches BUT getting back to the story in 2006 long before we and others around Stanford ran that WHITE HONKY Walt Harris off The Farm there were a number of us here at Coaches Hot Seat that attended former Colorado head coach Dan Hawkins first game at CU on September 2, 2006 when the Buffs played I-AA (FCS) Montana State in Boulder.

To make a long story short it looked like the Colorado football team was not prepared to play I-AA (FCS) Montana State and Dan Hawkins first game at Colorado ended up like this…

Montana State – 19
Colorado – 10

What does Dan Hawkins (WHITE HONKY) losing to I-AA (FCS) Montana State in his first game at Colorado have to with the firing of Jon Embree (BLACK MAN) have to do with Embree’s situation at Colorado?

Well, Dan Hawkins lost to Montana State in his first game at Colorado and went on to put up a…

2 – 10

…record in 2006 and then in Dan Hawkins second year at CU in 2007 Hawkins put up a record of…

6 – 6

….and took the Buffs to the Independence Bowl where they lost to Alabama which was being coached by Nick Saban in his first year with the Tide so IF anyone was wondering why Jon Embree was FIRED after year two on the job and Dan Hawkins was NOT FIRED after year two on the job there is the little matter of Dan Hawkins Buffs in 2007…

WON SIX GAMES and went to a bowl game

….and in Jon Embree’s second year at Colorado the Buffs….

WON ONE GAME which is TWO LESS GAMES than CU won in 2011 and the only Damn game they won was over Washington State on the last play of the game!

NO Jon Embree you WOULD NOT still be the Colorado head football coach if you were WHITE and in fact it is our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that if you had not been a graduate of CU and played for Bill McCartney at Colorado….


….so in many ways the TRUTH is Jon Embree that you were hired at Colorado for a job that..

You Jon Embree WERE NEVER qualified to do



….and in two seasons at the school You Jon Embree fielded one of the worst Bogus BCS Conference football teams that we have EVER seen play and that goes back to Coaches Hot Seat members watching the Great Game of College Football very Damn closely since the mid-1970s.


As for Bill McCartney and Jon Embree’s comments that Embree was fired because he was BLACK or that Embree would still be at Colorado if he was WHITE McCartney, Embree and the other people that live in the Bogus world of race-baiting can believe that Bullshit if they want and it is Complete Bullshit BUT the TRUTH is Jon Embree was working at the University of Colorado which sits in Boulder County, Colorado which is one of the most liberal places in the United States of America and no doubt the current administrators at CU are much like the surrounding populace very Damn liberal as well and in the 2012 Election Boulder County, Colorado voted in the Presidential Race like this (Colorado Secretary of State)….

Barack Obama – 125,091 – 69.69% of the vote

Mitt Romney – 49,981 – 27.84% of the vote

….which was a landslide of epic proportions for President Obama in a country that split 53 – 47 Obama – Romney and if Jon Embree and Bill McCartney want to go on believing that Embree was fired because he was BLACK then by all means believe whatever the Hell you like but the TRUTH is that Jon Embree did a….

PISS-POOR job of coaching Colorado football

…the last two seasons and how he didn’t coach his football team showed up on the field with Colorado actually getting worse from Year 1 to Year 2 under Embree and if not for a last second win over hapless Washington State this season the Buffs wouldn’t have even won ONE GAME in 2012 but then let’s not confuse Jon Embree, Bill McCartney and the rest of the race-baiters with…


The TRUTH is that Jon Embree got fired because he was just NOT VERY GOOD at his job and like most people that are NOT VERY GOOD at their jobs and get fired for it Jon Embree wants to blame everyone and everything but the man in the mirror which makes Jon Embree something even worse than a BAD football coach……

It makes Jon Embree a LOSER and a pitiful example to his children and our children who will no doubt FAIL at something in the future and look around to blame everything but who they should be blaming…


Win some Damn games Jon Embree and then you can talk like you have actually done something in your coaching career but until then keep living in that Fantasyland of White and Black if you like but don’t think that most everyone else knows the TRUTH that you are just a Sorry Ass coach that doesn’t have a clue how to be a Head Football Coach on the I-A (FBS) level.

At least that is our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat.


What IF the Bogus BCS Had Already Been Replaced with the 4-Team Playoff in 2012?

One can only dream but what IF the Sorry Bastards behind the Bogus BCS that decided earlier this year to move to a 4-team playoff in 2014 had decided instead that continuing the Bogus and Very Damn Un-American BCS for even one more year was outrageous and had instituted the 4-team playoff in 2012 then the fans of college football would be looking at one of the great postseasons in college football history instead of once again the SEC Championship Game winner getting an automatic entry into the Bogus BCS Title Game while several other teams deserving teams are locked-out of playing for a championship.

Let’s also assume for a moment that Jim Tressel had been an honest and had even a small amount of integrity in 2010 instead of being the Sorry Snake in the grass that he is who put keeping players eligible for a Bogus bowl game ahead of honesty and integrity and Ohio State was actually eligible to play in the 2012 Postseason then that would mean that as of right now below is what the 4-Team Playoff Teams and Games would look like instead of the current Bogus and Very Damn Un-American BCS.

2012 4-Team Playoff

Notre Dame vs. Oregon, Stanford, Florida or Kansas State

SEC Champ vs. Ohio State

Oh, those would be Two Mighty Damn Entertaining Games to watch in early January 2013 followed by a great National Championship Game but instead we have Notre Dame finishing at 12 – 0 and playing their last game on November 24 and having to wait…

44 Days

…to play in the Bogus BCS Championship Game against the SEC Champ and now college football will probably end up with FOUR ONE LOSS teams…

SEC Champion, Oregon, Kansas State and Florida

….that ALL have some claim to play in the Bogus BCS Championship Game.

IF Coaches Hot Seat was the committee that picked the 4 teams to play in the 4-Team Postseason Playoff in 2012 we would have chosen the following 4 teams and matchups….

Notre Dame vs. Florida

SEC Champ vs. Ohio State

…..and we had a very hard time deciding between Florida, Stanford, Florida or Kansas State for the last spot in the 4-team playoff BUT Florida playing in the SEC and beating Texas A&M, LSU, South Carolina and Florida State put the Gators over the top and into the Postseason Playoff.

IF Ohio State was not in the 4-Team Postseason Playoff in 2012 because Jim Tressel was in FACT a Snake in the Grass and who in FACT put his Precious Ass ahead of The Ohio State University and OSU football program the 2012 4-Team Postseason Playoff if Coaches Hot Seat were picking the teams would look like:

Notre Dame vs. Florida

SEC Champ vs. Oregon

YES, only imagine if Major College Football had people running the sport that could have actually gotten off their ass and put into place a 4-Team Postseason Playoff over the last 8 months instead of doing next to nothing fans of the Great Game of College Football would be looking at an incredible 2012 Postseason but alas…

The Candy Asses are still in charge and AGAIN in 2012 the National Championship will NOT be decided on the Field of Play.


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