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The Stanford Football Team Plays UCLA For A Pac-12 CHAMPIONSHIP Tonight At Stanford Stadium on The Farm – Stanford University In Many Ways Is About Teaching Young People How To WIN In Life and in Their Careers and Stanford Football Goes For Another Win And A Championship Tonight – The 1935 Rose Bowl Matching Stanford vs. Alabama Is Just One Small Part of Stanford’s Rich Football History Which Is Now Being Rebuilt, Reborn and Sustained Into the Future at Stanford University – Go Cardinal! Beat the Hell Out of the UCLA Bruins And Win Another CHAMPIONSHIP For Stanford University!

San Francisco, California

In rainy San Francisco Friday October 30, 2012 is about to dawn and this particular Friday is a very important day for the…

Stanford Cardinal Football Team

….because on this particular Friday a CHAMPIONSHIP will be decided as the 2012 CHAMPION of the Pac-12 Conference will be determined by the outcome of the Friday night Pac-12 Championship Game between Stanford and UCLA at Stanford Stadium.

Winning a CHAMPIONSHIP is ALWAYS a very important thing whether it is in sports, business, politics or anything else in life that human beings compete against each other at, but for the Stanford football program WINNING A CHAMPIONSHIP is a very important and precious thing because the Cardinal has WON so very few CHAMPIONSHIPS in the past three decades.

Former Stanford head football coach John Ralston (head coach 1963 – 1971)….

….led Stanford to back-to-back Pac-8 Conference Championships in 1970 and 1971 which included TWO Rose Bowl wins over Michigan and Ohio State and since 1971 the Stanford football team has won ONLY….

TWO Conference Championships

1.  Co-Pac-10 Conference Champion in 1992 which was a Stanford team coached by the Great Bill Walsh which won the Blockbuster Bowl over Penn State which is a team that current Stanford head coach David Shaw played on.

2.  Pac-10 Conference Champion in 1999 which was a Stanford team that was coached by Ty Willingham which lost in the Rose Bowl to Wisconsin

As you can see Pac-8-10-12 Conference Championships have been very rare for Stanford Football over the past 30 years plus although the Cardinal did win THREE straight Pacific Coast Conference Championships between 1933 – 1935 which included a game in the Rose Bowl against Alabama in January 1935 with the Tide then being coached by the legendary Frank Thomas who led Bama to a 10 – 0 record in 1934 and the National Title after beating Stanford in that Rose Bowl 29 – 13. (Stanford also played Alabama in the 1927 Rose Bowl which ended up in a tie and the coach of the Stanford football team in 1926 was none other than the Great Glenn “Pop” Warner who in nine seasons coaching Stanford (1924 – 1932) put up the remarkable record of 71 – 17 – 8 which was a .740 winning percentage with Coach Warner winning three conference titles and one national championship in 1927 which is one of two national championships that Stanford claims with the other coming in 1940).

The most interesting thing about the 1935 Rose Bowl as pointed out by a sharp Coaches Hot Seat member is that Alabama head coach Frank Thomas had two great players on his ’34 Bama squad by the names Dixie Howell and   Don Hutson who both starred in the Rose Bowl game (see Hutson running wild in the below video from the ’35 Rose Bowl) and the “other end” of that Alabama team was none other than Paul W. Bryant…

…otherwise known now to fans of college football as Paul “Bear” Bryant.

SB Nation has a great summary of the 1935 Rose Bowl below which is great reading…

The 1935 Rose Bowl: Alabama vs. Stanford, SB Nation

1935 Rose Bowl
Alabama – 29
Stanford – 13

Below are some YouTube.com videos of the 1935 Rose Bowl game with Stanford in the dark uniforms and Alabama in the white jerseys with Stanford coming out with a tough-nosed running game and Alabama seemingly running out of the same formations that Jim Harbaugh is now running with the San Francisco 49ers! Jim we knew you were “old school” but going back to ’35 is serious OLD SCHOOL!

YES, WINNING the Pac-12 Conference Championship Game and 2012 Pac-12 Conference Title is Very Damn Important and after a somewhat up-and-down season for the Stanford football team this year through the loss to Notre Dame in overtime in South Bend on October 13 the Cardinal finished strong with SIX straight wins including a win over No. 1 Oregon in Eugene and UCLA in Los Angeles and now the Stanford Football Team and Stanford Coaches have earned the right to play for the Pac-12 Championship against UCLA and if there is anything else happening on Planet Earth on Friday we don’t know about it and we hope the Stanford football players don’t know or care about it anything else either because the most important and only thing is the task at hand which is…

BEATING UCLA and WINNING the 2012 Pac-12 Conference Title!

One of the things that is often overlooked by people that don’t know much about Stanford University other than that it is one of the world’s greatest institutions of higher learning, research, innovation, entrepreneurism and a Helluva place to go to school is that behind the easy going campus and the seemingly relaxed while in public students is a community of students, professors and administrators that are doing far more than just teaching and preparing young people to go out in the world because what Stanford University is really doing is instructing its students on how they can go out into the world and…


Meaning Stanford teaches its students how to….

WIN in their careers and WIN in life and that attitude of teaching young people how to WIN extends deep into the Stanford Athletics department that is now on an incredible run of WINNING 18 STRAIGHT Directors’ Cups!

Stanford Claims 18 th Consecutive Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup, Stanford Athletics

Bulging with pride: Directors’ Cup success tests limits of Stanford’s Hall of Fame room, Stanford News

We note that Stanford Athletics is again right at the top of the just released November 29, 2012 Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup Division Standings

2012 – 2013 Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup Division I, November 29, 2012 – pdf

….although the Cardinal is sadly now in 2 nd place behind Princeton in the overall standings with Florida State, Oregon, Michigan and Penn State coming on strong BUT once spring and summer in 2013 rolls around WE FULLY EXPECT that Stanford will WIN its 19 th straight Directors’ Cup!

YES, at its core Stanford University does a great job of teaching its students how to…

WIN in their careers and WIN in life

….and in an amazing study recently by Stanford faculty members it was determined that Stanford alumni have formed a Helluva lot of companies and created millions of jobs over the past several decades which speaks directly to the kind of world-class teaching that is now going on at Stanford University which has had and is having a real and positive impact upon the world  (Stanford Business School Twitter is a great resource if you are interested in such things):

Study Reports Stanford Alumni Create Nearly $3 Trillion in Economic Impact, Jamie Beckett, Stanford Engineering

“Stanford University has long been known as one of the world’s leading centers for innovation and a breeding ground for the entrepreneurs who created – and continue to shape – Silicon Valley. Now, for the first time, a study puts into perspective the sheer scale of the university’s economic impact, not just in Silicon Valley and California, but across the globe.

The study, released today, estimates that companies formed by Stanford entrepreneurs generate world revenues of $2.7 trillion annually and have created 5.4 million jobs since the 1930s.

The study, “Stanford University’s Economic Impact via Innovation and Entrepreneurship,” describes the results of a large-scale, systematic survey of Stanford alumni and faculty conducted in 2011 by Charles Eesley, an assistant professor in the Stanford School of Engineering, and William F. Miller, the Herbert Hoover Professor of Public and Private Management Emeritus in the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and a professor emeritus of computer science.

Based on results of that survey, the professors estimate that Stanford alumni and faculty have created 39,900 companies since the 1930s, which if gathered collectively into an independent nation, would constitute the world’s 10th largest economy.”


Now that is WINNING!

YES, Stanford University is a wonderful and for those that know it best a magical place where some of the smartest, most creative, most driven and most passionate people in the world come together on the 8,000 acre plus campus known as The Farm and on The Farm on Friday night the Stanford Football team will again we note play the UCLA Bruins for the…

2012 Pac-12 Conference CHAMPIONSHIP!

Attention Stanford Football Players:  Go out and whip the UCLA Bruins and bring home a Pac-12 Championship for Stanford University!

Go Cardinal!

Play Loose, Play Fast, Play Aggressive and most of all Play to WIN!


We will see everyone at what could be a wet and rainy Stanford Stadium later tonight on The Farm!

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