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The Bogus BCS and the Bogus College Football Postseason – HELLO! – These Bowl Games Are NOTHING BUT Exhibition Games And Mean NOTHING AT ALL! – Speaking of Something Being Bogus…The Pac-12 Commish, The So-Called Pac-12 Championship Game and the Pac-12 Network Are BOGUS! – Final 2012 Regular Season Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

The Bogus BCS and the Bogus College Football Postseason

Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports says it a lot better than we can in his latest…

College football’s bowl season is a jumbled mess, Pat Forde, Yahoo! Sports

“And now the best regular season in sports gives way to the worst postseason in sports.

Bowl season is upon us. And it is a mess of unprecedented proportion.

Yeah, the BCS championship game is awesome. Notre Dame vs. Alabama is a sports fan’s dream. And a sports writer’s dream. And a TV executive’s dream, too. The ratings will be absurd.

The Fiesta Bowl is great, too. If not for the night of Nov. 17, Oregon-Kansas State might have been the national championship game.

But after that? It’s a joke.

Bowl season is always a mess because the bowl system is a ridiculous, unsatisfying conclusion to the college football season. Bad matchups, long layoffs, too many 6-6 teams, coaching turnover and decisions designed to make money, not sense, shortchange the fans.”

YES, you are RIGHT Pat Forde….BUT….for all of those folks that were crying and whining at “The Mothership” on Sunday night about some of the bowl games we hasten to remind everyone that….

These Bowl Games are NOTHING BUT Exhibition Games that MEAN NOTHING AT ALL!

No, we here at Coaches Hot Seat can’t get very worked-up about Northern Illinois playing Florida State in the Orange Bowl because the Orange Bowl just like the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Fiesta Bowls and ALL Bowls are nothing BUT…


Meanwhile the NCAA like…


…including high schools across the country are holding a…

Postseason Championship Tournament

…for the I-AA (FCS) division of college football which for some unexplained reason (this line is for the Very Dumb People that defend the Bogus Bowl system) has not “hurt the I-AA (FCS) regular season” at all but then you have to be a….

Very Damn Stupid Idiot

….to believe that I-A (FBS) holding a 16-Team Postseason Tournament would somehow devalue the I-A (FBS) regular season because in FACT it would make I-A (FBS) College Football even MORE Popular and even BIGGER but let’s…

Not Confuse the Morons with the FACTS!

….and the FACTS are that I-A (FBS) College Football just witnessed yet another Sunday after the end of the regular season that included people that should know better than to waste their time arguing about games that…


Now we and everyone else has to wait for 36 DAYS for Alabama to play Notre Dame in the Bogus BCS National Championship and can someone explain to us how Alabama is more worthy to play in this game against Notre Dame than Kansas State or Oregon….or even Pac-12 Champion Stanford?

Face the TRUTH folks…

The I-A (FBS) College Football Postseason is NOTHING BUT….



Speaking of Horseshit the Pac-12 Conference offices are in OUR OPINION full of a lot of Horseshit right now and the lead Horseshitter is none other that Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott.

IF it wasn’t bad enough that the Pac-12 Conference had the brilliant idea…NOT!…..of playing a Pac-12 Conference Championship Game that kicked-off on a Friday night which is a work night for 99.9 percent of the people that would go to such a game BUT also the Pac-12 Conference Championship Game kicked-off at 5:30 PM on the West Coast when 99.9 percent of people are…

Driving Home From Work YOU IDIOTS!

Remember WORK Larry Scott?

Evidently NOT since it would take a REAL Moron to both host a Pac-12 Championship Game on the homefield of one of the teams playing in the game BUT also to have the game kick-off at 5:30 PM on Friday Freaking Night!

This is very simple: Larry Scott is a MORON and we would not hire Larry Scott to shovel shit which puts him slightly below what we think of Lane Kiffin in our books and at least Lane Kiffin has that going for him!

Of course, the Bogus Pac-12 Conference “Championship” Game being held on the homefield of one of the teams playing in the game instead of in say…

San Diego

…which has a beautiful stadium and 99.9 percent of the time GREAT weather we also have the “TV issue” with Larry Scott and the Pac-12 Network folks who for some Damn reason have come to believe that folks that run operations like DirecTV would just lay down and accept whatever price a Pompous Arrogant Ass from Harvard that doesn’t know his ass from the side of a barn would ask for which has caused…

Millions of Fans of Pac-12 Football

….to miss watching LOTS of Pac-12 Conference football games this season including the Oregon – Oregon State Civil War game which was on the Pac-12 Network and thus was NOT watchable for most of the people living in the Freaking State of Oregon!

Bruce Jenkins of the San Francisco Chronicle has the TRUTH about Larry Scott’s Pac-12 Network TV operation which has been a Complete Disaster for Fans of Pac-12 football in 2012…

Pac-12 whiffs on television deal, Bruce Jenkins, San Francisco Chronicle

….and no doubt the stand-off with DirecTV will continue as long as the Pompous Arrogant Ass that believes he is God’s Gift to Planet Earth (our opinion) because the “fans” are only a minor issue when it comes to buttering up Larry Scott’s MASSIVE EGO!

Did we say that we wouldn’t hire Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott to shovel shit?

Good and we REALLY MEAN THAT which means that it is time for the ADs and presidents of the Pac-12 schools to step-in and tell the Candy Ass Pussy from Harvard….Larry Scott….that he needs to drop his Pompous Arrogant Ass attitude and cut a deal with DirecTV that YES will be for a lot less than Dish Network and couple of other cable companies are paying for the Pac-12 Network right now but will be a lot closer to what the Pac-12 Network is ACTUALLY WORTH!

Pacific Takes has the TRUTH in its latest on the Pac-12 Network – DirecTV stand-off…

Pac-12 Network, DirecTV Making No Progress, Pacific Takes

…being that the Pac-12 Conference is asking for “80 – 90 cents per subscriber” which DirecTV is balking at paying since it would have to pass those costs along to their subscribers at a time when DirecTV is under pressure to keep their prices as low as possible BUT then what the Hell would a…

Pompous Arrogant Ass that played tennis at Harvard

….know about FANS and NORMAL PEOPLE when he is surrounded by sycophants that KISS HIS ASS all day long which of course the…

Pompous Arrogant Ass that played tennis at Harvard

….just LOVES which is of course our opinion!

The advertising and media folks here at Coaches Hot Seat told us over the weekend what they have been telling us for a year now….

“The Pac-12 Network is worth about 30 to 35 cents a subscriber and the Pac-12 should forget about what the Big Ten Network is getting (around $1.00 a subscriber we hear) until the Pac-12 Network proves its chops.”

Well, now EVERYONE KNOWS why the Pac-12 Network is NOT on DirecTV!

The Pompous Arrogant Ass that played tennis at Harvard is pricing the Pac-12 Network at THREE TIMES MORE than what it is actually worth in the marketplace and guess who suffers the most because the Pompous Arrogant Ass that believes he is God’s Gift to Planet Earth is mispricing the REAL value of the Pac-12 Network?


Not that Larry Scott gives TWO RIPS about the fans of Pac-12 sports or even the Pac-12 schools because in our opinion Larry Scott ONLY cares about ONE THING:

Larry Scott

IF the ADs and the presidents of the Pac-12 Conference will not step-in and put THEIR employee in his place meaning telling Larry Scott to put the fans of their Pac-12 schools’ sports teams AHEAD of Larry Scott’s Massive EGO then it may be time to take the fight to the boards of trustees of the 12 schools in the Pac-12 Conference who the presidents and ADs work for and who may be able to get the attention of the Pac-12 presidents who are at the moment asleep at the switch as they allow a…

Pompous Arrogant Bastard

…to do tremendous damage to the Pac-12 Conference and 12 Pac-12 Schools and don’t forget that Pac-12 basketball season is coming up and Millions of Fans and Alumni of the Pac-12 Schools will not be able to see the many Pac-12 basketball games this season just as they missed all of the football games that were on the Pac-12 Network in 2012!

Memo to the Pac-12 Conference:  Stop the Damn Insanity and create a REAL Pac-12 Conference Championship Game at a neutral site on a pre-determined date and time which in our opinion should be played on Saturday night after the Big Ten Championship Game and should kickoff at around 8PM Pacific Coast Time in San Diego, California and which would be a game that would get a HUGE TV rating as college football fans across the country would tune-in to see the nightcap game of Championship Saturday AND also its way past time for the Pac-12 Network to cut a deal with DirecTV (and other cable companies that don’t carry the Pac-12 Network right now )at around…

30 to 35 cents per subscriber

…and change the deal with Dish Network and the cable companies to the same price that are now carrying the Pac-12 Network and then in the future once the Pac-12 Network proves it can put out a great product and attract viewers a higher per-subscriber rate can be negotiated.

Of course, the above would take Larry Scott putting the alumni and fans of Pac-12 Sports ahead of Larry Scott’s MASSIVE EGO and since it is our opinion that Larry Scott would sell-out EVERY Pac-12 School and EVERY FAN of Pac-12 Sports for his MASSIVE EGO don’t count on that happening anytime soon!


Final 2012 Regular Season Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

It has been a great and very fast moving season of college football and let’s send the 2012 Major College Football regular season out with a BANG with….

The Great Johnny Cash! Tell those Head Coaches LIKE IT IS Johnny!

1.  Randy Edsall, Maryland – YES, Maryland had a lot of injuries in 2012 BUT there is just NO getting around the FACT that Randy Edsall took over a Terps football team that WON 9 games in 2010 and over the past two seasons Edsall has put up records of…

2011:  2 – 10
2012:  4 – 8

Overall:  6 – 18
ACC:  3 – 13

Well, at least Maryland won in 2012 TWICE as many games as Edsall’s Terps WON in 2011 BUT there is just NO getting around the FACT that Randy Edsall will be coaching the 2013 college football season for his job as the head coach at Maryland because there is NO WAY IN HELL that Maryland is going to take a team into the Big Ten Conference in 2014 that is floundering around like the current Maryland football program is floundering around.

There is nothing that focuses the mind like the possibility that you might lose your job if you do not perform and thus welcome to the No. 1 spot on the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings Randy Edsall where only one thing will cool your rear-end off….


2.  Lane Kiffin, USC – Evidently were here at Coaches Hot Seat think too HIGHLY of Lane Kiffin because before the college football season we predicted that the Kiffin and the USC Trojans would go…

10 – 2 in 2012

…with the Trojans only losses coming to…

At Stanford
At Washington

Coaches Hot Seat Prediction and Analysis of 2012: USC Trojans and Lane Kiffin, June 16, 2012, Coaches Hot Seat Blog


Instead of Kiffin and the Trojans going 10 – 2 they actually went…

7 – 5

…with losses to…

At Stanford, At Arizona, Oregon, UCLA and Notre Dame!

Geez, one would think that a team like the USC Trojans that over the past FIVE YEARS has had recruiting classes ranked by Rivals.com of

2008: #8 – 19 players signed
2009: #4 – 19 players signed
2010: #1 – 20 players signed
2011: #4 – 30 players signed
2012: #8 – 15 players signed

….would be able to do better than FALL from the No. 1 ranking in the preseason (according to Lane Kiffin of course!) to completely out of the Top 25 and records of…

Overall:  7 – 5
Pac-12:  5 – 4

….especially when Bozo the Clown….

….could have coached the USC Trojans to at least 9 WINS in 2012 with all of the talent on this year’s USC football team BUT then we are talking about USC here who in all of its wisdom decided to hire Lane Kiffin in the first place who is seriously is someone that we here at Coaches Hot Seat would NOT TRUST to take out our garbage.

Over the weekend a Coaches Hot Seat member that was in Los Angeles for Tiger Woods’ golf tournament had lunch with a USC-alum who is obviously frustrated with the current state of USC football and what really worries him going forward is…

USC-alum:  “Hell, I don’t think Pat Haden has the balls or sense to fire Lane Kiffin.”

CHS Member: “Why do you say that?”

USC-alum:  “Have you ever met Pat Haden?”

CHS Member:  “Yes, many times.”

USC-alum:  “Then you probably know that Pat Haden is just too nice of a guy to fire Kiffin or anyone else and if Kiffin ends up taking down the USC football program then Pat will go with him because by the time that Pat is forced to fire Lane it will be too late.”

CHS Member:  “Let me ask you something. Would you trust Lane Kiffin to mow your lawn?”

USC-alum (Sigh):  “No.”

CHS Member:  “Then how in the Hell is Lane Kiffin the head football coach of the USC Trojans?”

USC-alum:  “That is a Helluva point that has no logical answer.”

CHS Member:  “You must feel great about the future of USC football!”

USC-alum:  “Frankly I am getting to the point where I could care the Hell less about USC football.”

Hey, USC AD Pat Haden did not hire Lane Kiffin and we rather doubt that Haden would have EVER hired Kiffin if he had made the hire to replace Pete Carroll BUT after the USC Trojans went 7 – 5 in 2012 when Bozo the Clown could have done better and Haden had the opportunity to send Kiffin packing and bring in a head coach for the Trojans that we would actually trust to watch our children forget about taking out our garbage Pat Haden chose to stay with Lane Kiffin for at least another year and that means if Kiffin must be fired in the future then Pat Haden should be right out the door behind Lane.

One point about Tiger Woods’ golf tournament in Thousand Oaks over the weekend Doug Ferguson of the AP wrote a very interesting article about how Woods is bankrolling a big part of Tiger’s World Challenge to the tune of around $4 Million Dollars….

Woods has a personal stake in his holiday event, Doug Ferguson, AP

….and to say that Tiger Woods is almost a completely different person….in a very good way….than he was just a few years ago would be a massive understatement at least in the opinion of the folks here at CHS.

It’s not that Tiger Woods was ever a “bad” person even as he become the best golfer in the world and one of the two best golfers of all time (with Jack Nicklaus), but away from the camera and behind the scenes we always found Tiger to be a little too arrogant, a little too cheap, a little too short with people and a lot too uncaring about the people around him that were often the only people on the planet that cared about his well-being.

All of the above “things” have changed in the almost completely opposite direction and Tiger Woods is a Helluva lot more like Jack Nicklaus is away from the camera and behind the scenes and Jack Nicklaus is one of the best human beings walking around on the Earth today (as is Jack’s wife Barbara) and now all we need is for Tiger to get back the kind of focused killer instinct that Tiger used to have and Jack had throughout his entire career that led to both of them often locking down on a major championships and their closest pursuers as they were coming down the back 9 of big golf tournaments.

YES, 2013 should be a GREAT golf year!

With the above in mind even though it is only early December we cannot help but think about…

3.  Charlie Weis, Kansas – Last week in the New York Times…

Firing a Coach, at a Price, With Little Evidence the Move Pays Off, Jere Longman, New York Times

….and in October in the Social Science Quarterly…

Pushing “Reset”: The Conditional Effects of Coaching Replacements on College Football Performance, Social Science Quarterly

….the idea was put forward that replacing a head football coach that was not performing at an acceptable level was not likely to change the fortunes of a team in the near and sometimes far-term and although the win/loss data may indeed say that replacing a head coach doesn’t have a huge positive effect on the future success of a football team it is OUR OPINION here at Coaches Hot Seat that far too often the people doing the firing of a FAILED head football coach are terribly ill-suited to do the hiring of the NEW head football coach because more times than not they have…

No Freaking Idea What They Are Doing!

Case in Point: Last season Kansas fired Turner Gill after two seasons which saw Turner put up records….

2010:  3 – 9
2011:  2 – 10

Overall:  5– 19
Big 12:  1 – 15

….which in our books at Coaches Hot Seat are the kind of records that will put your rear-end on the Hot Seat and get your rear-end fired (whether you are White or Black!) BUT please is there someone out there that can explain to us…


…that Kansas would fire Turner Gill and then turnaround and hire Charlie Weis?

The below Coaches Hot Seat Blog post from December 2011 says what we thought of the Charlie Weis hire at Kansas….

Charlie Weis to….Kansas? What the Hell?, December 9, 2011, Coaches Hot Seat Blog

…..and in Charlie’s first-year at Kansas he put up records of..

Overall:  1 – 11
Big 12:  0 – 9

So let’s get this straight….

Kansas fires Turner Gill and pays him what he was owed on his contract whether he was coaching Kansas or not which added up to…

$6 Million Dollars

…and then hired Charlie Weis for…

$2.5 Million Dollars A Year

…and gave Weis a 5-Year Contract for a total of $12.5 Million Dollars which Weis will be paid whether he succeeds at Kansas or not or whether he is even coaching at Kansas or not and the folks at the New York Times and the Social Science Quarterly want us to think that the reason that bad or mediocre college football teams that don’t improve after coaching changes are because they made the coaching changes in the first place?

Hell, here’s an IDEA!

How about the ADs, college presidents and the boards of trustees of these schools that are shelling out Millions of Dollars of these head football coaches actually hire…

Coaches that are actually QUALIFIED to be the Head Football Coach at their school!

Oh, but therein lies the problem….

The majority of these ADs, college presidents and boards of trustees…


…what they are doing when they are hiring a Head Football Coach and we end with things like…

Charlie Weis at Notre Dame

Charlie Weis at Kansas

Lane Kiffin at USC

Lane Kiffin at Tennessee!

We have lots more Coaches and Schools we could list right here but why embarrass the Hell out of ADs, college presidents and boards of trustees that made…

Very Damn Stupid Decisions

…in the Head Coaches that they hired which often only made things worse at their schools?

As for Charlie Weis at Kansas at this very moment the University of Kansas amazingly OWES Charlie Weis….

$10 Million Dollars

….over the next four football seasons and if were an alum, booster or fan of Kansas football we would be Mighty Damn Pissed-Off about that FACT!

4.  Kirk Ferentz, Iowa – Just our opinion BUT we would not hire Kirk Ferentz to coach a junior college right now because it looks to us that Ferentz has lost his passion to coach the game of football and because of that we only see struggles ahead for the Iowa football program and if the Hawkeyes have another bad season in 2013 and the administration at Iowa is forced to fire Ferentz in December of next year they will owe Ferentz….

$18 Million Dollars!

No wonder Kirk Ferentz’s has lost his passion to coach the game of football….

Kirk Ferentz is going to make counting 2012 over $20 Million Dollars whether Iowa wins another game or not and…


…Iowa lost their last SIX GAMES of the year and in our opinion…

Kirk Ferentz could care the Hell less.

Just our opinion.

Now if we were alums, boosters and fans of Iowa football we would be chewing on the asses of the University of Iowa administration right now for the Idiocy of giving a football coach the kind of contract that Ferentz now has but then…

Very Damn Stupid People will tend to do Very Damn Stupid Things

….and only…

Very Damn Stupid People would guarantee to pay football coaches Tens of Millions of Dollars whether they win or not or even if the coach is coaching at the school or not.


5.  DeWayne Walker, New Mexico State – NO, the 2012 college football season did not go well for DeWayne Walker and New Mexico State with the Aggies going…

Overall:  1 – 11
WAC:  0 – 6

….which included a 66 – 28 LOSS to Texas State on Saturday to end the season BUT there is one bright spot at least….

New Mexico State BEAT I-AA (FCS) Sacramento State which Colorado was not able to do for their lone win on the year!

In four seasons at New Mexico State DeWayne Walker’s records are…

Overall:  10 – 40
WAC:  4 – 26

….and if that is good enough for New Mexico State then who are we to say any different!

6.  Bobby Hauck, UNLV – After the loss to Colorado State to end the season at 2 – 11 for UNLV’s third-straight TWO WIN season under Bobby Hauck this headline popped-up out of Vegas…

Hauck and his bosses still believe football is on the right path, Las Vegas Sun

….and with these kind of records by Hauck at UNLV…

Overall:  6 – 32
MWC:  5 – 18

….it is hard to imagine there will be much optimism for Rebels football entering the 2013 college football season.

YES, UNLV is a very hard coaching job that demands a special kind of coach that is different from most head football coaches that are up for head coaching jobs these days….including Bobby Hauck…..and when Hauck was hired it came down to Hauck or Dennis Franchione and in our opinion neither Hauck or Franchione were the “right” kind of coach for the “Vegas” or UNLV job nor was the head coach before Hauck, Mike Sanford, the “right” kind of coach for UNLV.

UNLV needs a “Vegas” kind of coach and when we think of “Vegas” and UNLV we of course think of Jerry Tarkanian who coached the Runnin’ Rebels basketball team to great success which featured an up-tempo high-scoring offense that scored a Helluva lot of points and garnered a lot of attention and what UNLV football needs is a head football coach that puts a team on the field that does the same Damn thing that “the Tark” used to with UNLV basketball.

With that in mind IF we were Bobby Hauck we would go out and find an offensive coordinator that runs a wide-open spread running and passing offensive attack that can score 50 plus points a game and cut that new offensive coordinator loose with the UNLV offense and see if the Rebels can get some momentum going in 2013.

Hell, there are now dozens of high school, junior college, I-AA, and I-A assistants that run up-tempo offenses that put up 50 plus points a game that would love the opportunity to come to UNLV and run the Rebels offense in 2013 even if there was the chance that if things didn’t work out the entire coaching staff would be fired after the season and if we were Bobby Hauck we would right now be on the hunt for just that coach.

6.  Kevin Wilson, Indiana – Kevin Wilson’s Indiana team DID GET BETTER in Year 2 from Year 1…

2011:  1 – 11
2012:  4 – 8

…and the Hoosiers even won TWO Big Ten Conference games and now Wilson and IU football MUST get much stronger and faster in offseason conditioning to take another step forward which in 2013 should be a run at a 6 – 6 record and a bowl game.

At Indiana over the past 20 Seasons under head coaches Kevin Wilson, Bill Lynch, Terry Hoeppner, Gerry DiNardo, Cam Cameron and Bill Mallory the Hoosiers have only been to…

ONE BOWL GAME (2007 Bill Lynch with a hat tip to Terry Hoeppner)

….so Kevin Wilson getting Indiana to SIX WINS and a bowl game in 2013 would be a Helluva accomplishment and now all that is left to do is for Wilson and his Hoosiers to do just that!

7.  Tommy Tuberville, Texas Tech – Tommy Tuberville and his Texas Tech football team did better than we thought they would in 2012…

Coaches Hot Seat Prediction and Analysis: Texas Tech Red Raiders and Tommy Tuberville, May 31, 2012, Coaches Hot Seat Blog

….when we saw the Red Raiders going…

5 – 7

….by putting up an Overall Record of 7 – 5 and 4 – 5 in Big 12 play….BUT….those two losses to end the season against Oklahoma State and to Baylor in overtime were a bad end to what turned out to be a mediocre season and Tubbs finds himself again on the Hot Seat!

Come on Tommy Tuberville…..YOU CAN DO BETTER….we know it.

Hey, that South Florida job is now open and if we were in charge of things in Tampa we might just call up Tubbs agent….you can find him in the grocery store aisle where the Little Debbie Swiss Rolls are sold…..and see if Tuberville was interested in coaching the USF Bulls!

8.  Rich Ellerson, Army – We have said it before in this Blog BUT we do not like putting military academy coaches on the Hot Seat BUT after Army lost to Temple…

63 – 32

….we really had no choice BUT to put Army head coach Rich Ellerson on the Hot Seat and just in time for the game against Navy on Saturday where Army believe it or not even after putting up a 2 – 9 record on the season has the chance to WIN the Commander in Chief’s Trophy with a WIN over Navy!

Sorry, but we here at Coaches Hot Seat are pulling for Navy in this game but if Army wins we will not be disappointed since NO American loses when the brave men and women of our military academies compete on the athletic fields that are but a transition to the battlefields that one day soon they will call home.

10.  Mack Brown, Texas – Check-out these Rivals.com Team Recruiting Rankings for the University of Texas football team for the last five years:

2008:  #14 – 20 players signed
2009:  #5 – 20 players signed
2010:  #3 – 25 players signed
2011:  #3 – 22 players signed
2012:  #2 – 28 players signed

And here are the records of Mack Brown and Texas football over the past three seasons:

2010:  5 – 7
2011:  8 – 5
2012:  8 – 4

Overall:  21 – 16
Big 12:  11 – 15

What the Hell?

YES, after putting up NINE straight TEN PLUS WIN seasons at Texas between 2001 and 2009 which included TWO Big 12 titles and 1 National Championship something has gone terribly wrong at Texas since that loss to Alabama in the Bogus BCS National Championship in January 2010 in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena because there is plenty of talent at Texas which means the blame can only be placed one place and that is with head coach Mack Brown.

Just our opinion but when we here at Coaches Hot Seat have been watching Texas football over the past three seasons it looks to us that compared to Mack Brown’s Texas teams between 2001 and 2009 the Longhorns now look…..

A Step or Two Slower

Not Nearly As Strong

Not Nearly As Quick

Sometimes Lackadaisical

Sometimes Playing Without Full-Effort

Many Times Confused

Many Times Out of Position

Many Times Not Very Well Coached

Surely, we here at Coaches Hot Seat are not the only ones that noticed that Texas today is not the Texas of only a few years back…..right?

YES, that is right and back in October when a couple of Coaches Hot Seat members ventured down to Great State of Texas for a few days before the West Virginia – Texas game in Austin they had the opportunity to talk with a few high school coaches in Texas and the Texas football program was brought up in one of those conversations when the CHS Member asked about what was going on with Texas and Mack Brown and the high school coach said in response to that inquiry:

Texas High School Football Coach:  “You didn’t hear it from me, but they are just not working as hard down in Austin as they used to when Mack first got there and during most of his time at Texas.”

Since we here at Coaches Hot Seat are firm believers in the TRUTH that…

Success Follows Hard Work

…as sure as…

Night Follows Day

….we have no doubt that if we or anyone else wanted to get to the bottom of what is wrong with Texas Longhorn football program (or any other college football program for that matter) if we or anyone else dug deep enough one would probably find that the coaching staff and the players are not working as hard as they should be working and more importantly are NOT working on the right things both in meetings and during practice.

Great college football programs, great military units, great companies, great organizations ALL have a noticeable “edge” or “hum” to them when one is walking around their offices, practice field or unit and that “edge” or “hum” goes up through a person like electricity as one just feels that the place they are in is a place where great things are being accomplished as people work hard off to achieve a very clearly defined set of goals for the college football program, military unit, company or organization.

A Coaches Hot Seat member was in Tuscaloosa earlier this year before Alabama played LSU and when asked recently what the Alabama athletic department was like his response was….

“That place is on fire and humming!”

The Coaches Hot Seat members that were down in Austin in October when asked about what Texas Athletics department was like responded…

“The place is dead and there seems to be no one in charge.”

YES, now you know why Alabama will be playing for its THIRD National Title in FOUR seasons and why Mack Brown and the Longhorns are…

21 – 16

…over the past THREE years.

The TRUTH:  The “edge” or “hum” is gone from Texas and we are not sure if Mack Brown is motivated enough to ever get it back and without that “edge” or “hum” in the Texas football program and athletic department the Longhorns have NO CHANCE to win a Big 12 or National Title for the foreseeable future and certainly not next season.


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