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Both Louisville’s Charlie Strong and Colorado’s Butch Jones Considering Other Head Coaching Jobs – Western Kentucky Head Coach Willie Taggart Up for South Florida Job

Both Louisville’s Charlie Strong and Colorado’s Butch Jones Considering Other Head Coaching Jobs

With both Louisville head coach Charlie Strong and Cincinnati head coach Butch Jones wavering between staying with their current school or taking another very good head coaching job opportunity…

Charlie Strong is trying to decide between staying at Louisville and taking the Tennessee head coaching job

Butch Jones is trying to decide between staying at Cincinnati and taking the Colorado head coaching job

…both Strong and Jones should use a technique that a very wise, very successful and very wealthy man advised us to use when we were presented with the dilemma of considering another very good job even though we really liked our current job:

That Very Wise, Very Successful and Very Wealthy Man told us:

“When you have great job that you really like and you are presented with an offer for a new job that you are very interested that is also very attractive imagine for a moment that you are not now currently holding either job and decide on which job to take based upon that point of view if both of those jobs were presented to you at the same time.”

What would the above point of view do for Charlie Strong and Butch Jones?

It would allow Strong and Jones to look at both of the jobs they are considering in an unbiased way allowing them to choose from the two jobs as if they were both being offered to them for the first time and at the same time without holding either job at the time.

Psychologists would tell Charlie Strong and Butch Jones that they ALREADY KNOW which job they want the most and it is just a matter of both Strong and Jones following their gut, following their heart and taking the job that they most want to do for the next few years.


Western Kentucky head coach Willie Taggart up for South Florida job

The reports out of Tampa, Florida are that Western Kentucky head coach Willie Taggart has interviewed for the South Florida head coaching job…

Western Kentucky’s Taggart meets with USF about coaching job, Tampa Tribune

….and in our very biased opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat toward Taggart if we were the “Powers That Be” at USF we would have already hired Willie Taggart for that job.

As many people know Willie Taggart played for Jack Harbaugh (Jim Harbaugh’s dad) at Western Kentucky and was the offensive coordinator at WKU when the Hilltoppers won the I-AA National Championship in 2002 and of course Taggart was an assistant coach at Stanford for three seasons (2007 – 2009) at Stanford under Jim Harbaugh.

If for some reason current Stanford head coach David Shaw took an NFL head coaching job or another college head coaching job (not likely although Stanford head coach David Shaw and the Stanford assistant coaches deserve and have earned raises in the 15 to 20 percent range right now) Willie Taggart would be on a very short list to replace Shaw on The Farm and since the folks at Stanford are now Very Damn Serious about fielding one of the top college football teams in the country every season that Taggart would be so high on Stanford’s list says a lot about Willie Taggart’s background and his potential to be one of the top head football coaches in Major College Football.

Memo to the “Powers That Be” at USF:  HIRE Willie Taggart!

And of course if Willie Taggart doesn’t perform at USF he knows what awaits him…..

Good Luck Willie!

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