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The Great Jazz Legend Dave Brubeck Died Today Just Shy Of His 92nd Birthday – RIP and God Speed To You Dave Brubeck and Thanks For All Your Great Music That People Will Be Listening To On This Earth As Long As People Are Around on This Planet

The Great Jazz Legend Dave Brubeck died today just shy of the grand ‘ole age of 92….

Dave Brubeck, legend who helped define jazz, dies, AP

Appreciating: Dave Brubeck’s gift for timing endures, Los Angeles Times

Jazz pianist Dave Brubeck defied conventions, USA Today

RIP Dave Brubeck, 1920 – 2012, and thanks for all of the great music which our parents, ourselves our families and their families and millions more people after them will be listening to you for as long as music is played upon Planet Earth.

God Speed to you Dave Brubeck!

Now we only need to find a great jazz place to head to tonight in Gotham!

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