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A Few Thoughts and Grades from Coaches Hot Seat on the Recent College Football Coach Firings, Hirings and Coaching Searches….

A Few Thoughts and Grades from Coaches Hot Seat on the Recent College Football Coach Firings, Hirings and Coaching Searches….

Tommy Tuberville HIRED at Cincinnati

Grade = B

Comments:  We have FOUR WORDS for why Tommy Tuberville took a step-down in the world of college football to leave Texas Tech for Cincinnati:


From many years ago a Coaches Hot Seat Member tells the tale of playing a professional golf tournament in Odessa, Texas (about 140 miles south of Lubbock which is the home of Texas Tech) and at dinner one night with the family that was nice enough to put this CHS Member up for the week (being that the CHS Member was a poor professional golfer!) the CHS Member asked the father of the family if the wind blows all the time in West Texas and the father responded by saying:

“Son I have lived here all my life and I don’t remember a day when the wind wasn’t blowing!”

Hey, the people of West Texas are great BUT there is…


…that could get us to take a ANY JOB in Lubbock, Texas forget about a few million dollars a year to coach the very fine football program at Texas Tech.

From the start it was our opinion that Texas Tech was a bad fit for Tommy Tuberville who now takes his FOURTH head coaching job since 1995…

Ole Miss – 1995 – 1998
Auburn – 1999 – 2008
Texas Tech – 2010 – 2012
Cincinnati – 2013

….and just like Steve Spurrier when he took the job at South Carolina in 2005 IF Tommy Tuberville had called and asked us in 2009 if he should take the Texas Tech job we would have said…

“Be patient Tubbs. There are a couple of jobs that you will really want that are about to open up.”

(As for Steve Spurrier, if Spurrier had waited for only a couple of weeks longer back in 2004 it is our opinion that Spurrier would have gotten the LSU job in the wake of Nick Saban heading to the Miami Dolphins and can you imagine the SEC and National Championships that Spurrier could have won at LSU over the past EIGHT seasons? Les Miles with tons of talent has won…

2 SEC Championships
1 National Championships

…BUT in our opinion Spurrier would have at LSU over the past EIGHT seasons won…

4 to 5 SEC Championships
2 to 3 National Championships

….if not MUCH MORE!)

As for Tommy Tuberville being hired by Cincinnati it is our opinion that Tubbs was tired of his wife and kids not being happy in West Texas and when a job came open that is literally just across the Ohio River from the state of Kentucky and only 30 or so miles away from where Tubbs’ wife grew up there was NO WAY IN HELL that Tuberville was going to turn down the Cincinnati and good on Tubbs for putting his family first while at the same getting himself out of what was nothing less than a toxic situation at Texas Tech in the wake of the firing of Mike Leach.

Will Tommy Tuberville match the success of Brian Kelly and Butch Jones at Cincinnati?

Well, IF Tommy Tuberville is properly motivated to both recruit players and coach those players up then Cincinnati will continue its winning ways under Tubbs….BUT…..if Tuberville is not as motivated and committed to winning that Kelly and Jones were then the Bearcats will struggle and Tommy Tuberville will collect $10 million dollars or so over the next few years that will solidify he and his family’s retirement which will probably see Tubbs go into TV work or something similar just to keep him busy in his golden years.

Bret Bielema HIRED at Arkansas

Grade = A

Comments:  Back in the late 1990s when a few Coaches Hot Seat members were both young and stupid those CHS members were living and working in San Francisco and Seattle enjoying the “dot.com” bubble with the rest of America and they also happened to be sitting on “stock options” from the Internet companies they were working for that were worth a Helluva lot of money (More than the Massive Amounts of Money being paid to college head football coaches in 2012 to get them NOT to coach after they have been fired from their jobs) and while all this was going on the following very curious headline popped-up on the still very young Internet from cnet.com on January 28, 1999:

Amazon raises big money from debt offering, cnet.com

“Amazon.com today said it is offering a whopping $1.25 billion in convertible debt to institutional investors.”

The Coaches Hot Seat members that saw the above headline on January 28, 1999 all asked themselves the same question to themselves?

“Why in the Hell is Amazon.com raising over $1 BILLION DOLLARS via a bond sale when their stock is trading so well and what the Hell was Amazon.com going to do with all that money?”

YES, there is a very good reason why Amazon.com founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is a Billionaire today and the CHS Members’ “stock options” in the Internet companies they were working for vanished into thin air by the middle of 2000 when the “dot.com” bubble popped and that very good reason is that Jeff Bezos is a very Damn smart man that has the uncanny ability to see into the future and determine what his customers want and more importantly in 1999 Bezos saw Amazon.com’s stock price and the stock prices of other Internet companies exploding upwards and probably thought to himself something like….

“These “dot.com” stock prices going up like this cannot go up forever and if the stock market crashes I don’t want Amazon.com to be unable to go to the equity markets and raise money so we better raise a Helluva lot of money via a bond debt offering right now to have as safekeeping if times get tough in the next few years.”

Well, by the spring of 2000 the “dot.com” stock bubble had indeed been popped and Amazon.com’s stock price went from being over $100 Bucks a share in late 1999 to under $10 Bucks a share by the Fall of 2001 and Lo and Behold what got Amazon.com through the tough times for dot.com companies which lasted for almost three years was that it had banked over $1 Billion Dollars just for those tough times and if you had been smart enough to buy a few thousand shares of Amazon.com’s stock in September 2001 when it went below $6.00 Bucks a share you would have a Helluva lot of money today with Amazon.com’s stock now selling at…


What the Hell does Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos raising over $1 Billion Dollars via a bond debt offering in January 1999 have to do with Bret Bielema leaving Wisconsin for the Arkansas head coaching job?

BOTH Jeff Bezos and Bret Bielema were not only focused on the here and now BUT they BOTH were also looking down the road and like Bezos it is our opinion that Bret Bielema looked down the road for what might happen to the Wisconsin football program in the future and thought to himself something like (our opinion of course)….

“If I get a job offer at a school where I can win some games (like Arkansas) I am going to take that job because things are getting a little to “shaky and testy” around here (meaning Wisconsin of course).”

Look no further than Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez’s decision to coach the Badgers in the Rose Bowl as yet another marker and heads-up that things are not going well with Wisconsin athletics and that one man’s MASSIVE EGO is now blotting out the Sun and everything else in Madison, Wisconsin.

The TRUTH is that there are plenty of GREAT coaches that would take the Wisconsin head coaching job tomorrow and could easily coach the Badgers in the Rose Bowl BUT IF Wisconsin hired a head football coach tomorrow then Barry Alvarez would not have his ass kissed for 30 plus days between now and the Rose Bowl and of course “The Great” Barry Alvarez would not be able to ride into town and prove that he is indeed “The Great One!”

Oh, Geez….

I am Barry Alvarez and I AM GREAT and if the Wisconsin football program goes down for a few years because I wouldn’t hire a head football coach when there are right now dozens of GREAT coaches that would take the job tomorrow then let the Wisconsin football program go down for a few years because for Damn sure if you think I am going to pass up the chance to get my Precious Ass kissed for 30 plus days and be THE MAN again then you are wrong my boy…WRONG!

Memo to Barry Alvarez:  Hire a Head Football Coach at Wisconsin and let him coach the Rose Bowl.

Oh, Barry Alvarez’s MASSIVE EGO is so BIG it is blocking out the Sun and Barry can’t see two feet in front of himself or even hit the toilet when peeing?

YES, that sounds about RIGHT!

ALL of the respect we had for Barry Alvarez just went flying out the window in the last few days after this Bogus “I will coach the Rose Bowl” BS and Alvarez is even having Wisconsin pay him $200,000 Plus Dollars to coach the Rose Bowl (when he is making $1 million plus a year and should do it for nothing) BUT even worse in our opinion were Bret Bielema’s comments in his press conference at Arkansas about how…


…that the University of Wisconsin and AD Barry Alvarez are when it comes to paying assistant coaches and in our books here at Coaches Hot Seat the two worst things you can be in the world are…

A Pompous Arrogant Ass that believes He is God’s Gift to Planet Earth



Guess what?

In our opinion Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez IS BOTH!

We will see YOU and YOUR MASSIVE EGO at the Rose Bowl Barry!

As for the next head football coach at Wisconsin….

We WOULD NOT WORK for Barry Alvarez for ANY amount of money because who in the Hell would want to work for a…

Pompous Arrogant Ass That Believes He Is God’s Gift to Planet Earth?


Yes, the above are our opinions.

Gus Malzahn HIRED by Auburn

Grade = A

Comments:  The TRUTH is that Auburn was just flat-out NOT going to be able to hire any of the top coaches in the game of college football because it is well-known to anyone that has been paying attention that Auburn is one of the tougher places to coach in the country and ironically at the same time it is also a place where if a coach really works his ass off and gives it his all that coach…

Will be able to WIN


Will be loved by the folks at Auburn

At this moment in Gus Malzahn’s coaching career that has seen Malzahn make the stunning rise from the head football coach at Springdale High School in Arkansas in 2005 to the head football coach at Auburn University in 2012 Gus Malzahn is…

Very Damn Motivated

….to make his mark in the world of football and that desire with Malzahn and his coaching staff WILL LEAD to wins and more than likely championships at Auburn because that “desire to achieve” is the most powerful force on the Earth today.

The problem is that for far too many Head Football Coaches in Major College Football today…

30 to 40 out of the 124 I-A (FBS) Head Football Coaches

….they just flat-out do not have that “desire to achieve” within themselves anymore which the GREAT Football Coaches in the history of the Game of Football had within them during their entire coaching careers.

Memo to College Head Football Coaches:  Hell, if you no longer have the “fire within you” and the “desire to achieve” as a head football coach in college football you should….

Get the Hell out of the game!

…and quit ripping off your employer and more importantly ripping-off the fans of the school and football program you are supposed to be representing in the right way and RIGHT NOW there are 30 to 40 Head Coaches in I-A (FBS) football that are doing nothing less than….



Sonny Dykes HIRED by Cal

Grade = A

Comments:  Sonny Dykes is a very good football coach who is also a very good guy and it is going to be fascinating to see how a Southern and Good ‘Ole Boy from Texas fits in at the University of California – Berkeley and we have no doubt it will be great fun over the next few years to watch Sonny work to rebuild Cal football and to hear from our Cal-alum friends on the progress of the program under Dykes.

With Sonny Dykes now at Cal that makes SEVEN football programs…

California, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon, Utah and Washington State

….that are running some kind of spread and/or no-huddle offense which is going to make for some long nights for Pac-12 defensive coordinators in the coming years!

Overall, we give the hiring of Sonny Dykes at Cal an “A” because Sonny is a…

Very Good Football Coach

He Has Football and Life in Perspective meaning he is consumed by football but it doesn’t overwhelm him

Dykes and his staff will work very hard to rebuild the Cal program and not tick-off lots of people in the process

Memo to Sonny Dykes:  Congratulations on getting the Cal Head Coaching Job!

Our only recommendation is that you and your coaching staff there at Cal keep your heads down and do your best to become a positive force on the University of California-Berkeley campus. There are lots of folks at Cal pissed-off about the budget cuts at Cal-Berkeley in recent years and the best thing that the head football coach at Cal could do right now is to make Damn sure that this football players are acting right, going to class, respecting their professors and others in the administration at Cal and of course…

Winning Lots of Football Games!

Good Luck to you Sonny Dykes!

Idaho HIRED Paul Petrino

Grade = A

Comments:  Paul Petrino is a very good football coach who we were here at Coaches Hot Seat have always viewed as…

Bobby Petrino without the Attitude

….and we expect Paul Petrino to spend at least 5 years at Idaho rebuilding the Vandals football program and hopefully developing his top assistants so that if and when Paul gets and opportunity at a larger school in a few years one of those top assistants can step-up and takeover things at Idaho and keep things going just as Boise State had been doing for over a decade now.

Mark Stoops HIRED by Kentucky

Grade = B

Comments:  Mark Stoops is a Stoops so he should be able to coach the game of football and now it is up to Mark Stoops to become a Head Football Coach at Kentucky which is playing in the toughest conference at all…


A great achievement would be for Mark Stoops to get Kentucky to a bowl game in Year 2 and three or four wins in 2013 would be a nice start to Mark Stoops tenure at UK.

Dave Doeren HIRED by NC State

Grade = A

Comments:  The below story about Dave Doeren interviewing and getting the Northern Illinois job always stuck with us here at CHS…

Snow can’t stop new Northern Illinois coach, Andrea Adelson, ESPN CFN Blog

“Nothing was about to stop Dave Doeren from heading to DeKalb, Ill., to take a look around Northern Illinois. Not his car being snowed into his driveway. Not blizzard-like conditions.

Doeren spent two hours digging his car out Sunday morning in Madison, Wisc., before calling a snowplow for help. He drove the two hours south to the campus in a blizzard to get a feel for the town and meet people on campus.

“I know he wanted the job because yesterday he spent two hours digging himself out of his driveway,” NIU athletic director Jeff Compher said.”

….and after following Doeren’s time at Wisconsin we were not surprised at all that Dave put up the following records at Northern Illinois:

Overall:  23 – 4
MAC:  15 – 1

NC State is not the easiest job in the world because it takes one Helluva recruiter to get the necessary number of high-quality recruits to Raleigh to compete with the top teams in the ACC on a regular basis and now Dave Doeren gets to prove if he can do the “very tough” which is to turn the Wolfpack into a annual contender for the ACC title which it seems is “the standard” that the folks running NC State athletics expect from their football program.

Purdue HIRED Darrell Hazell

Grade = A

Comments:  We didn’t know much about Ohio State assistant Darrell Hazell before he took the Kent State head coaching job in 2011 and in watching Kent State play over the last two seasons we found out that Darrell Hazell can coach the game of football.

Hazell now takes on the challenge of taking Purdue football to another level which we would imagine amounts to competing for the Big Ten title every year because when one really thinks about it there is NO reason why Purdue can’t play with any team in the Big Ten Conference on an yearly basis and which is what former Boilermakers head coach Joe Tiller proved could be done when he took Purdue to 10 bowl games in 12 seasons which included SIX seasons with more than EIGHT WINS and ONE Big Ten Championship.

There’s your standard Darrell Hazell…

Joe Tiller

….and if you match or exceed Coach Tiller’s record at Purdue you will have succeeded and be employed at the school for a long time.

Butch Jones HIRED by Tennessee

Grade = A

Comments:  The RIGHT FIT is critical to the ultimate success of a college head football coach and if the University of Colorado had asked us here at Coaches Hot Seat to make a list of the….

Top 10 Coaches That Colorado Should Hire As Their Head Football Coach

….we would have quickly come up with the names of 10 football coaches and….

Butch Jones

….would NOT have been on that list.

That’s not to say that Butch Jones isn’t a very good football coach because Butch Jones IS…

A Very Good Football Coach

….we just never believed that Butch Jones was the RIGHT FIT for the University of Colorado and in our opinion if a school is going to spend a lot of time, effort, resources and reputation chasing down a coach then they better make Damn sure that if they make the right offer that the coach will take the job.

Sorry, for Butch Jones…

Cincinnati is a BETTER FIT

…than Colorado was and that’s not saying anything negative about Colorado but only just giving our opinion on the type of coach that CU should be pursuing which begins with the odd notion that it is always best to pursue coaches that will actually take the job you are offering!

Frankly, as fans of Colorado football here at Coaches Hot Seat we were hoping that Butch Jones would take the Colorado head coaching job because for Damn sure the CLUB MED that Colorado football has been running in Boulder for the last decade would have come to an end and fast and that could have only been a GREAT thing for CU Buffs football!

As for who the University of Colorado should hire as its head coach now that Butch Jones has turned them down and is now in Knoxville we can think of…

25 Football Coaches

….from both the head coach and assistant coach ranks that would do a great job at Colorado but very few of those 25 Football Coaches that we would recommend get mentioned by the news media in the Denver/Boulder area or on any of the blogs that cover Colorado football which certainly must be getting some selective leaks from the administration at Colorado which tells us that Colorado is setting itself up for another FAIL in the head coach hiring department as we continue to hope that Colorado finds a FOOTBALL COACH to revitalize what has become one of the most pitiful excuses for a football program in the country today.

Getting back to Butch Jones being HIRED by Tennessee if Vols AD Dave Hart had asked us to draw-up a list of…

Top 10 Football Coaches

….that Tennessee should hire and we ranked those 10 Football Coaches from 1 to 10 then Butch Jones would have certainly been on that Top 10 Football Coaches that Tennessee should hire and he would have been ranked Butch Jones at….

No. 3

…behind two football coaches we are not going to name in this spot.

Memo to Fans of Tennessee Football:  Calm down. Butch Jones is a very good football coach and we would rank him as a better coach than….

Phillip Fulmer

….when Fulmer took over Tennessee from an UT assistant position in 1992 and we would rank Butch Jones only slightly behind….

Johnny Majors

…who took over his alma mater in 1977 after winning a National Championship at Pitt in 1976.

Not that anyone here at Coaches Hot Seat is a historical expert on Tennessee football BUT if we were tasked with ranking the Tennessee Head Football coaches in terms of ability, skill and potential when TAKING OVER the UT head coaching position starting with General Robert Neyland who took over the Vols football program in 1926 at the age of 34 we would rank the UT head coaches this way:

1. Johnny Majors (1977 – 1992) – 116 – 62 – 8
2. Butch Jones (2013) – 0 – 0
3. Phillip Fulmer (1992 – 2008) – 152 – 52
4. Robert Neyland (1925 – 1952) – 173 – 31 – 12
5. Bill Battle (1970 – 1976) – 59 – 22 – 2
6. Doug Dickey (1964 – 1969) – 46 – 15 – 4
7. Bowden Wyatt (1955 – 1962) – 49 – 29 – 4
8. Harvey Robinson (1953 – 1954) – 10 – 10 – 1
9. Jim McDonald (1963) – 5 – 5
10. Derek Dooley (2010 – 2012) – 15 – 21
11. John Barnhill (1941 – 1945) – During WW II so doesn’t really count)
12. Lane Kiffin (2009) – 7 – 5

Only time will tell if Butch Jones will move up or down the above list of the last 12 Tennessee Head Football Coaches in terms of wins, losses and championships at Tennessee BUT there is one thing we know for sure….

6 Wins A Year Does NOT Cut-It At Tennessee

7 Wins A Year Does NOT Cut-It At Tennessee

8 Wins A Year Does NOT Cut-It At Tennessee

9 Wins A Year Will Keep You Employed At Tennessee

(Phillip Fulmer averaged around 9 Wins A Year At Tennessee)

10 Wins A Year Will Solidify You At Tennessee

11 Wins A Year Will Make You A Hero At Tennessee

12 Wins A Year Will Make You A Legend At Tennessee

….and if we were Butch Jones we would be targeting 10 Plus Wins by the third year on the job (2015) and competing for the SEC Eastern Division Title or take it from us sitting 2,000 plus miles away from Knoxville…

The Tennessee Football Fans WILL NOT BE HAPPY!

Good Luck to you Butch Jones and in case you didn’t know it your permanent rival game from the SEC Western Division EVERY YEAR is…


Oh, Geez, having to play Florida, Georgia, South Carolina AND Alabama EVERY YEAR would make anyone stay-up all night long trying to figure out a way to make his football team as good as possible because with the current state of Tennessee football that is FOUR LOSSES before the 2013 football season even kicks off!

Below is Tennessee’s 2013 Football Schedule:

Aug. 31 Austin Peay Knoxville
Sept. 7 Western Kentucky Knoxville
Sept. 14 at Oregon Eugene, Ore.
Sept. 21 at Florida * Gainesville, Fla.
Sept. 28 South Alabama Knoxville
Oct. 5 Georgia * Knoxville
Oct. 12 Open Date
Oct. 19 South Carolina * Knoxville
Oct. 26 at Alabama * Tuscaloosa, Ala.
Nov. 2 at Missouri * Columbia, Mo.
Nov. 9 Auburn * Knoxville
Nov. 16 Open Date
Nov. 23 Vanderbilt * Knoxville
Nov. 30 at Kentucky * Lexington, Ky.

What the Hell?  That is one TOUGH schedule!

As we said…

Good Luck to you Butch Jones!

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