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The New England Patriots Look To Be Very Very Very Good and the San Francisco 49ers Are Up Next – The Way Coaches Hot Seat Would Attempt to Get to the Top of College Football – Speaking of Nick Saban the NFL and the New York Jets…

The New England Patriots Look To Be Very Very Very Good and the San Francisco 49ers Are Up Next

Watching Tom Brady and the New England Patriots destroy the Houston Texans last night on ESPN was a sight to behold especially for the dozens of San Francisco 49ers fans here at Coaches Hot Seat that know full well that the Niners have to travel to Foxboro next Sunday night to play New England in what is now a Very Very Very BIG Game in the whole scheme of things in the NFC Western Division.

Not that we know much about the game of football here at Coaches Hot Seat BUT this game next Saturday night between the Niners and the Patriots might just be a spot where 49ers head coach Jimmy Harbaugh considers pulling a “Don Shula” and starting Alex Smith at QB instead of Colin Kaepernick who has played well at times and only mediocre at times for the Niners over the past several weeks as the 49ers passing game has really struggled with Kaepernick under center.

When we say that Jimmy Harbaugh would be pulling a “Don Shula” in starting Alex Smith instead of Colin Kaepernick against the Patriots we refer to the infamous 1968 Baltimore Colts season when then Colts head coach Don Shula was forced to play QB Earl Morrall throughout the ’68 season after his starting QB the Great Johnny Unitas was injured in preseason with Unitas not getting back under center until the middle of probably the most famous football game in history the Joe Namath “I Guarantee It” game otherwise known as the…

Super Bowl III

…which was played on January 12, 1969 between Don Shula’s Baltimore Colts and Weeb Ewbank’s New York Jets (Yes, we do miss the Great Steve Sabol!):

The main reason we believe it would be smart for Jimmy Harbaugh and the Niners to start Alex Smith against the Patriots is that Smith has a lot more experience in tough road games and if for some reason that Smith should struggle early in the game Harbaugh knows that he has Kaepernick on the sidelines who no doubt would be chomping at the bit to get into the game to show the world on Sunday Night Football what he could do.

It is almost a NO LOSE situation for Harbaugh and the Niners to start Alex Smith against the Patriots and see what Smith can do early in the game to see if he can get the passing game of the Niners going again and if Smith falters…

Put Kaepernick in which would be a great change-up for the Patriots to have to prepare for and deal with in what is one of the bigger games in Jim Harbaugh’s two years with the 49ers mainly because San Francisco has to play the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle the next Sunday before finishing at home against Arizona.

Start Alex Smith Jim and let’s see what he can do and have Kaepernick at the ready if Smith doesn’t perform.

One thing for sure…

The San Francisco 49ers will have to play their BEST game of the season next Sunday night to beat the Patriots in Foxboro.


The Way Coaches Hot Seat Would Attempt to Get to the Top of College Football

The last few weeks have seen some pretty interesting developments in Major College Football with ALL of the biggest football programs that had head coach job openings…

Arkansas – Bret Bielema
Auburn – Gus Malzahn
Boston College – Steve Addazio
California – Sonny Dykes
Cincinnati – Tommy Tuberville
Colorado – Mike MacIntyre
NC State – Dave Doeren
Purdue – Darrell Hazell
Tennessee – Butch Jones
South Florida – Willie Taggart

….going with HEAD COACHES that except for Bielema to Arkansas and Tuberville to Cincinnati were HEAD COACHES that moved-up from lesser known schools that often were football programs that were performing at a mediocre or even worse level when they took over their now former programs.

Our point in pointing out this trend of the better known Major College Football programs hiring HEAD COACHES that have achieved some success at lesser known programs is that IF we were a young coach and looking to one day be a head coach on the highest levels of Major College Football we would after spending a few years as an assistant coach be looking for ANY Head Coaching position at the Division II, I-AA (FCS) or lower level schools of the I-A (FBS) level so that we could start getting experience as a Head Football Coach and more importantly if we made any mistakes in handling players, running the program, etc. those mistakes would be made at a lesser known place that would be well off the media’s radar and thus would not endanger our future coaching career.

One thing we have heard tossed around in recent weeks about certain football programs is that…

“That’s a dead-end job.”

“Don’t take that job unless you want to get fired.”

“Forget about that place!’

…BUT we have a Newsflash for agents and assistant coaches that think that way about certain jobs and thus will not take on the challenge of places like…

Arkansas State
La. Tech
San Jose State
Northern Illinois
Kent State
Western Kentucky

…and that Newsflash is that GREAT or VERY GOOD Football Coaches can win…


….and Real MEN and REAL Football Coaches do not shy away from challenges like the above schools but embrace that challenge and guess what…

If they are GREAT or VERY GOOD Football Coaches THEY WIN

….at those “dead end jobs” and they then move-up to bigger and better things like…

Gus Malzahn, Steve Addazio, Sonny Dykes, Mike MacIntyre, Dave Doeren, Darrell Hazell, Butch Jones and Willie Taggart

…have done in the last couple of weeks and Bravo to the above Football Coaches for having the Guts to take on a tough job, to do that tough job well and be rewarded for their great work with an even better job.

It is very Damn easy to stay as a coordinator at one of America’s power Major College Football programs and make a Helluva lot of money in the process BUT there is a very good reason that US Naval officers want to get command of a ship as soon as possible in their naval careers, even if it is a minesweeper, and that very good reason is that they want to prove themselves…

Capable of Command and Leadership

….which then will set them up for even bigger things down the road.

Look no further for the importance of taking chances in one’s coaching career than the two head coaches in the Bogus BCS Championship Game…

Nick Saban

1990 – Toledo head coach
1991 – 1994 – Cleveland Browns DC
1995 – 1999 – Michigan State
2000 – 2004 – LSU
2005 – 2006 – Miami Dolphins
2007 – Present – Alabama

Brian Kelly

1987 – 1990 – Grand Valley State assistant
1991 – 2003 – Grand Valley State HC
2004 – 2006 – Central Michigan HC
2007 – 2009 – Cincinnati HC
2010 – Present – Notre Dame HC

…who took chances early in their careers with jobs that other more cautious people might not have taken on and now we have those two Head Coaches playing for it al in early January as the head coaches at two of the most famous football programs in Major College Football history.


Speaking of Nick Saban…

When we see headlines like this one…

Report: Cleveland Browns job could interest Nick Saban, SI

…we cannot help but laugh BUT not because we don’t think that the 61 year old Nick Saban isn’t somewhere in the back of his mind thinking something like this right now…

“If Alabama wins another national title in January which will be 3 national titles in 4 years and I have another national title at LSU on the board for 4 total national titles do I really want to continue working around the clock for several more years at Alabama OR would I listen if someone made the “right offer” to take over an NFL club?”

Our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat: There is only ONE JOB in the NFL that Nick Saban would leave Alabama for and that is the…

New York Jets

It is hard for us to imagine short of the New York Jets making the playoff AND going deep into the playoffs that Jets head coach Rex Ryan will be around for the 2013 NFL season and if New York Jets’ owner Woody Johnson (great-grandson of the founder of Johnson & Johnson) who would be one of the few NFL owners we would work for came calling on Nick Saban in the middle of January offering…

The New York Jets Head Coaching Job

$10 Million A Year for 7 Years

….after Alabama had just won its THIRD national title in FOUR years (with Saban already assured of going into the College Football Hall of Fame one day whether Bama wins in January over Notre Dame or not) then how in the Hell could Nick Saban turn down the chance to one day hoist this trophy as well….

….which if achieved combined with Saban’s record in college would put Saban in some very select company as one of the greatest coaches in the history of football?

YES! Send the New York Jets Plane to Tuscaloosa!

We have a couple of dozen Coaches Hot Seat Members that worked in New York City during their younger days mainly in the areas of banking and advertising and we have come to the conclusion that there are only TWO TIMES that one would want to live and work in the New York City area during one’s working career:

1. When one is starting out and they are young and single and can enjoy all that New York City has to offer

2. When one is at the top of his industry and is making plenty of money to live how one wants to live, where one wants to live and do what one wants to do

Here’s the great thing about being the Head Football Coach of the New York Jets.

The New York Jets training facility is in Florham Park, New Jersey…

View Larger Map

….and a Jets Head Coach making $10 Million Dollars a Year can easily live within 20 miles of the Jets facility in the beautiful horse country of New Jersey where there are massive homes with great privacy and even lakes and still only be 30 miles or so from the heart of Manhattan.

Please, how in the Hell could one beat being the…

Head Football Coach of the New York Jets

Making $10 Million Bucks A Year

Living at a Massive Estate in New Jersey Horse Country

Living only 30 miles from New York City?


Our suggestion to New York Jets owner Woody Johnson who a few of us have run into over the years at events and seems to us to be someone that would be a great boss:

IF Nick Saban and Alabama beat Notre Dame on January 7, 2013 for the Bogus BCS National Championship we would be ringing up Saban’s agent who can be found in the grocery aisle where the Little Debbie snack cakes are sold with a phone up to his ear and see if Nick was interested in coming to New York to win a….

Super Bowl


The Lombardi Trophy

Yes, the next 30 plus days promise to mighty Damn interesting and if anyone doesn’t think that Nick Saban’s style of coaching won’t work in the NFL we offer up the below counter-evidence to prove you wrong!

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