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The TRUE “Silly Season” of Major College Football and Why Competitors Always Fight To WIN – The Big East Conference’s Disintegration – Conference Realignment and Paul Kennedy’s The Rise and Fall of Great Powers

The TRUE “Silly Season” of Major College Football and Why Competitors Always Fight To WIN

With the TRUE “Silly Season” about to get underway otherwise known as…

College Football Bowls


Football Games That Fill Otherwise Dead Air at ESPN!

….with the New Mexico and Idaho Potato Bowls being played on Saturday we here at Coaches Hot Seat believe it is time for us to weigh in on the TRUE “Silly Season” otherwise known as the….

WORST Postseason in American Sports!

First off we must first note that there is an incredible…

35 Bowl Games

…slated to be played this year and NOT a surprise of the 70 teams playing in those 35 Bowl Games…

12 Teams

SMU – 6 – 6
Central Michigan – 6 – 6
Duke – 6 – 6
Virginia Tech – 6 – 6
Minnesota – 6 – 6
Rice – 6 – 6
Air Force – 6 – 6
Michigan State – 6 – 6
Georgia Tech – 6 – 7
Iowa State – 6 – 6
Pittsburgh – 6 – 6
Ole Miss – 6 – 6

….have 6 – 6 records with pitiful Georgia Tech sitting on a record of 6 – 7 and scheduled to play USC in the Sun Bowl which really makes the Sun Bowl game a MUST WIN Game for Lane Kiffin and the USC Trojans because if Kiffin & Company lose to a Georgia Tech team with 7 losses and the Trojans end the 2012 season at…

7 – 6

….when Captain Kangaroo…

….could have coached USC to at least NINE WINS in 2012 then we will have to come up with a New Hot Seat Category here at Coaches Hot Seat like…

Orbiting Very Close to the Surface of the Sun!

Coach Hard Lane Kiffin or Off to the Sun it is!


Getting back to the REAL “Silly Season” of the College Football Bowls we must pass along a conversation that a couple of Coaches Hot Seat members had with what we will call a “bowl game advocate” in New York last week who asked us….

Bowl Advocate: “Hey, what do you guys have against bowl games?”

…which was followed by one of the Coaches Hot Seat members putting down his Sam Adams draft beer and then turning towards the “bowl advocate” and saying….

“We have nothing against the bowl games but we also have nothing against placing a lot of importance on who wins ping pong games at Coaches Hot Seat Central.”

Let us explain:

The College Football Bowls save the Bogus BCS title game which will get a little better in 2014 when 4 Teams will have a shot at the National Title after the conclusion of the college football regular season are nothing but…

Exhibition Games That Mean Nothing At All

Now, there isn’t anything great with playing Exhibition Games That Mean Nothing At All BUT that does NOT mean that the Competitors in those Exhibition Games That Mean Nothing At All Shouldn’t…

Fight Like Hell To Win Their Bowl Games

…..because REAL Competitors…

Fight Like Hell To Win ANY Competition or Game They Are Participating In!

The “Ping-Pong” reference by the Coaches Hot Seat Member to the “bowl advocate” in New York last week was referring to the Ping Pong Games that are played at Coaches Hot Seat Central all of the time and anyone that shows up at Coaches Hot Seat Central and asks to play a Ping Pong Game against a CHS Member should be…

Prepared For Battle

….because all of the CHS Members will fight you like a hungry dog that will only eat if he wins the Ping Pong game to WIN every game they play and thus why the college football players playing in some of these very dubious bowl games should…

Fight Like Hell To WIN

….because to Fight Like Hell To WIN is how REAL Competitors go about contesting sporting contests and living life for that matter.

YES, the 35 Bowl Games for the most part over the next 25 days or so are little more than…

Exhibition Games That Mean Nothing At All

….but we fully expect that coaches and players will take these bowl games seriously and since the Worldwide Leader is going to be splashing your rear-ends up on TV for the next 25 days or so you better Damn show-up ready to play and win these bowl games and for those Head Coaches that don’t have their teams ready to play in their bowl games…

You WILL BE moving up the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings!


The Big East Conference’s Disintegration

With Mark Blaudschun seemingly coming out of retirement to do a write-up for USA Today on the beginning of the end of the Big East Conference…

Big East’s Catholic member schools to leave conference, USA Today

….we cannot help but remember back to our younger days when Big East Conference basketball exploded on the scene and our TV sets in the early 1980s with basketball games being played on the USA Network from great venues like Madison Square Garden and The Carrier Dome involving many of the great seven basketball powers…

Villanova, St. John’s, Seton Hall, Providence, Georgetown

….that are now headed out the back door and rightly looking for a new place to play their very good brand of basketball which has been overshadowed by the Big East Conference’s desire to be a player in big-time college football.

With the Big East now headed for an implosion we hope that Boise State and San Diego State will come to their senses and rejoin the Mountain West Conference along with BYU and build a new strong conference in the American West that could be called the….

American West Conference or AWC for short

…which would then include these teams…

Fresno State
San Diego State
Boise State
Air Force
Colorado State
New Mexico
New Mexico State
San Jose State
Utah State

…and with UTEP added from C-USA that would be 16 teams that could be broken into two divisions and would create the opportunity for a terrific…

American West Conference Championship Game

…at the end of each season.

As for the “football schools” in the East and South that recently joined the Big East in hopes of some kind of enhanced status and more money…

East Carolina

…we would recommend heading back and joining with the other Conference USA teams and starting a new conference with a new name that would enable the very good football and basketball teams that would be in that conference to build a new brand around that new conference.

As for what is going on right now with all the change of college conferences if one had read Paul Kennedy’s fine book…

The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, Amazon.com

….they would understand as Kennedy does….(from Wikipedia entry on The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers):

“Kennedy argues that the strength of a Great Power can be properly measured only relative to other powers, and he provides a straightforward and persuasively argued thesis: Great Power ascendancy (over the long term or in specific conflicts) correlates strongly to available resources and economic durability; military overstretch and a concomitant relative decline are the consistent threat facing powers whose ambitions and security requirements are greater than their resource base can provide for.

Throughout the book he reiterates his early statement: “Military and naval endeavors may not always have been the raison d’être of the new nations-states, but it certainly was their most expensive and pressing activity”, and it remains such until the power’s decline. He concludes that declining countries can experience greater difficulties in balancing their preferences for guns, butter and investments.

Kennedy states his theory in the second paragraph of the introduction as follows.

“The “military conflict” referred to in the book’s subtitle is therefore always examined in the context of “economic change.” The triumph of any one Great Power in this period, or the collapse of another, has usually been the consequence of lengthy fighting by its armed forces; but it has also been the consequences of the more or less efficient utilization of the state’s productive economic resources in wartime, and, further in the background, of the way in which that state’s economy had been rising or falling, relative to the other leading nations, in the decades preceding the actual conflict. For that reason, how a Great Power’s position steadily alters in peacetime is as important to this study as how it fights in wartime.”

Kennedy adds on the same page.

“The relative strengths of the leading nations in world affairs never remain constant, principally because of the uneven rate of growth among different societies and of the technological and organizational breakthroughs which bring a greater advantage to one society than to another.”

What then exactly is Paul Kennedy trying to say in The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers?

The Rise and Decline of College Conferences like Nations..…

“correlates strongly to available resources and economic durability”

….and thus it makes PERFECT SENSE that conferences would make moves to add schools that would make them stronger in terms of finances, geography and competition and the Big Ten, SEC and Pac-12 were only doing things that were in the best long term interests of their conferences and conferences that are sitting on their hands….

Think Big East and Big 12

….only put their futures at risk as the Big East is now finding out in spades.

The ACC and the Big 12 Conference should right now be concerned that the Big Ten, SEC and Pac-12 will continue to look out for their best interests in the future and we would not be surprised in the next few years if the Big Ten went after….

North Carolina, Duke, Virginia, Georgia Tech or even Kansas or Kansas State

…and the SEC went after…

Virginia Tech, North Carolina, NC State or even Oklahoma and Oklahoma State

…and the Pac-12 went after…

Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State

YES, there is LOTS more to come with Conference Realignment and no doubt many surprises that will shock and stun intercollegiate athletics as conferences as schools naturally look out for their own best interests and own futures.

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