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“The Only Thing I Can Do Is Cry” and the Mindless Menace of Violence In America “Which Again Stains Our Land and Every One Of Our Lives” Rolls On Across the Republic– Human Beings Have Been Killing Their Fellow Human Beings In Huge Numbers for 50,000 Plus Years Now On Planet Earth and It Is Past Time…Way Past Time For It To Stop – Robert F. Kennedy’s Words From 44 Years Ago Still Ring True Today and Yet The Violence Continues On and On and On – Let It Ring Loud and Clear: Americans Need To STOP Killing Their Fellow Americans – Is That Really Too Much To Ask?

Upon returning home from work on Friday evening a Coaches Hot Seat Member’s wife said to her husband about the only thing that could be said about the tragic events in Connecticut…

“The only thing I can do is cry.”

There were lots of people in America rushing to microphones and cameras on Friday to blame this or that of that and this on why a mentally deranged individual killed 28 of our fellow Americans including 20 young and innocent children but there is just no getting around the FACTS:

A mentally unstable and deranged young man needlessly and selfishly ended the lives of 28 Americans for NO Damn reason and like the rest of America we here at CHS send out our prayers and deepest sympathy to people that had family members and children murdered on Friday.

There really is no way to get inside the head of someone that would kill their fellow human beings and especially murder young children in cold blood so we will not even try to understand this monster that by all the news reports we have read had some serious mental problems….


…we will address the outrageous and unacceptable levels of Violence in America…

“which again stains our land and every one of our lives.”

There really is no good place to start on what or who to blame for the thousands of violent deaths in America each year that are murdered by the hands of other Americans but a good of a place to start as any is the fundamental point that must be understood by all and which we teach our children just as we were taught by our parents….

“It is wrong to harm someone else through the use of violence and one should only use violence in self-defense if you, your family or someone else is threatened in a direct, immediate and life-threatening way.”

The problem with the species Homo Sapien or Human is that since Humans became what we recognize as Humans today approximately 50,000 years ago the Human Being has been a very violent and at times a particular vicious presence on Earth and through most of Human history the rule rather than the exception it is today is for Human Beings was to be incredibly violent particularly towards each other and other species it came to dominate on this planet.

Look no further than the 20 th century which saw two World Wars and thousands of smaller regional conflicts that saw over…

100 Million

…of our fellow Human Beings killed in just 100 years as various countries fought for supremacy over their fellow Human Beings with Germany, Japan, China and the Soviet Union in the last century being led by some of the most EVIL people that ever walked upon the face of the Earth.

The TRUTH is that for most of human history the story of Human existence is often told around…

Human Beings Killing Their Fellow Human Beings

….which continued into the 21 st century with the Attack on America on 9/11 by Osama bin Laden and America’s foolish, stupid and incredibly wasteful attack in terms of human life and treasure on Iraq in 2003 which cost America 50,000 plus casualties and 4,000 plus killed and by even conservative estimates led to the deaths of 75,000 plus innocent Iraqi citizens that hated Saddam Hussein more than they knew about or hated America.

The murders in Friday in Connecticut of 28 of our fellow Americans were only a continuance of this outrageous and unacceptable violence in our country and no matter what gun laws are passed or restrictions are put into place the cold hard TRUTH is that…

Human Beings will keep killing their fellow Human Beings

…until a meteor, the climate, a virus or something else wipes Human Beings off of the face of Planet Earth and starts again with a new cycle of life that hopefully will be less violent, less mean and less evil than Human Beings are today.

“Violence is deeply embedded in American life and culture being that our country was born of revolution,” is what an old professor of ours told us over dinner at his home many years after we took his courses in college and certainly that old professor of ours no doubt understands tonight that just as a mentally unstable young man could only learn how to commit such horrific acts of violence as he committed in Connecticut on Friday from a society that at the same time glorifies and ignores violence there would be no American Republic today if there were not Americans during our country’s history that were willing and able to inflict stunning amounts of violence on their fellow Human Beings in the name of defending Freedom, Liberty and Democracy around the world.

Therein lies the paradox of America.

There would be NO America if there had not been Millions of Americans in our country’s history willing to commit violence on a massive scale (think Hiroshima or Nagasaki) in the name of the Principles that the American Republic was founded upon

And yet….

The very things that we honor and celebrate so often in America, our country’s past victories on the battlefield, the veterans that fought and fight today for our country and the incredible bravery of Americans as they faced off against evil all over the globe are far too often twisted into something that is glorified for reasons other than that the American Republic and the American People very existence was at stake which was the case in World War II for sure as the world would have been a Very Dark and Very Evil place if Germany’s Hitler, the Soviet Union’s Stalin and Japan’s Hirohito had come to rule Earth.

With the above beings said the Coaches Hot Seat members that have seen violence and death up-close and personal while they served in the US Military would like to be very clear about one thing:

There is NO glory or satisfaction in killing other Human Beings even when those Human Beings deserve to die as Osama bin Laden most certainly did which is no doubt why President Obama made the bin Laden operation a “kill” mission because just as bin Laden and the Al Qaeda surprised and terrorized Americans on 9/11 bin Laden deserved to be surprised and terrorized in the last minutes of his pitiful life on this planet.

NO….there is NO glory in killing other Human Beings either in war, in the streets or in video games and the amount of violence in America today is so incredibly unacceptable that if we here at Coaches Hot Seat were in positions of power in our country today we would be speaking in very loud and very direct terms to the American People about the violence and how Americans working in their local communities, towns and cities could have a real impact upon the world around them and especially on the future of our young people who deserve better than to grow up in a world where violence, murder and killing is now deeply ingrained into the life of our nation.

Most of all what we need in America is tough people that can speak TRUTH to POWER and to their Fellow Americans about the never-ending violence in America and who can also make it very Damn clear that the current levels of violence in America is not only unacceptable but that it also needs to stop…and now.

44 years ago in April 1968 then Senator Robert F. Kennedy who was only 42 years old and only months from his own death at the hands of someone committing a violent act with a gun in his hand addressed the City Club of Cleveland on the day after Martin Luther King Jr. was shot down in Memphis, Tennessee at the hands another evil person with a gun in his hand and just as it was the TRUTH in 1968 the words of Robert F. Kennedy ring true today in what became to be called the…

Mindless Menace of Violence in America Speech, City Club of Cleveland, April 5, 1968, Senator Robert F. Kennedy

Amen to that Robert F. Kennedy and how about Americans of all races, creeds and backgrounds STOP killing your fellow Americans?

Is that really too much to ask?

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