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Coaches Hot Seat Converging On Santa Monica for 2013 Rose Bowl With The Trojans and Bruins NO Where In Sight in the Los Angeles Area! – Yes, the KING of California Is Now the Stanford Cardinal Football Team! – Yes, Lane Kiffin, Life’s A Bitch….Isn’t It? – Lane Kiffin, Marty Robbins and El Paso – Final 2012 Calendar Year Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Lane Kiffin Moves Into the No. 1 Spot on the CHS Rankings After He Can’t Even Get His Football Team To Dinner On Time!

Coaches Hot Seat Converging on Santa Monica for the 2013 Rose Bowl Stanford vs. Wisconsin with the Trojans and Bruins NO Where In Sight!

It is a very unique and special feeling to be in Santa Monica with the Stanford Cardinal football team in Los Angeles for the January 1, 2013 Rose Bowl while the USC Trojans are in El Paso for the Sun Bowl and the UCLA Bruins are already done with their season after losing to a team in Baylor that earlier this year lost to West Virginia 70 – 63!

Hey, Jim Mora and the Mighty UCLA Bruins held the Baylor Bears to 49 points so…

Good On You Jim!

…but we have a statement for Mora Jr…

Imagine for a moment if Jim Mora Jr. spent as much time coaching the UCLA football team as he spends worrying about his new house in Manhattan Beach then the Bruins might have actually shown up to play against Baylor!

Come on Jim Mora Jr.!

Quit worrying about wallpaper and paint and starting coaching your football team!

Sigh…it looks like La-La Land has infected Jimmy Mora and Jr. will no doubt be worthless by the time the spring rolls around after several months of beach-bumming!

As for the head coach across town that also seems in our opinion to care more about his beach house than coaching the USC Trojans football team which is of course…

Lane Kiffin

….after “Kif” was unable to get his USC football team to a dinner on time at a Sun Bowl event earlier this week we have moved Lane into the…

No. 1 Spot on the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

….which is where Lane Kiffin should have been anyways since it took a…

Really Damn Incompetent Coach

….to only win 7 Games in 2012 with a USC football team that had MORE talent than EVERY team on its schedule this season and has FIVE to SIX time more talent than its Sun Bowl opponent Georgia Tech.

Hell, if USC loses to Georgia Tech on New Year’s Eve in Sun Bowl which is a team in the Yellow Jackets that got spanked by Middle Tennessee 49 – 28 earlier this year on their home field then the “Powers That Be” at USC shouldn’t let Kiffin back on the Trojans charter flight back to Los Angeles…

Oh, that’s right!

USC athletic director Pat Haden is desperately in love with Lane Kiffin and has been snookered by the Idiot just as the late Al Davis and now former Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton was who both put Lane Kiffin in charge of their football teams and as Dr. Phil would say in this spot…

“How’s that working out for you?”

Well, Al Davis is dead and Mike Hamilton was fired at Tennessee and on Friday night in Santa Monica when Coaches Hot Seat had dinner with several USC alums that could buy and sell most of Los Angeles in the morning and still get in 18 holes of golf in the afternoon one of those wealthy USC alums leans across the table visibly upset about the conversation on Lane Kiffin and USC and says….

“If USC doesn’t win the Pac-12 title in football in 2013 then Pat Haden won’t have to worry about firing Lane Kiffin because Pat will be fired first and then Lane next and then we will go out and hire a real athletic director and a real football coach.”


Hey, Lane Kiffin you now have a goal for 2013!

Win the Pac-12 Championship in football


Oh, this really is TOO MUCH FUN!

Poor Lane Kiffin is down in El Paso with the USC Trojans football team and Marty Robbins….

….and Coaches Hot Seat is hard by the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica with Stanford playing in the Rose Bowl as Pac-12 Champions!

Life’s a BITCH…..isn’t it Lane Kiffin?

Well, at least after 2013 when the USC Trojans DO NOT WIN the Pac-12 Championship the great game of college football will finally be done with the punk from Manhattan Beach otherwise known as…

Lane Kiffin

….and when Lane Kiffin is told to clear his things out of the John McKay Center at USC we here at Coaches Hot Seat and millions of college football fans across America will be able to sleep easier at night knowing that one of the historically strongest Major College Football programs in USC will no longer be run by an…


Oh, this really is TOO MUCH FUN!

On to the…

Final 2012 Calendar Year Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

One last time in 2012….Tell them the TRUTH Johnny Cash!

1.  Lane Kiffin, USC – Even we here at Coaches Hot Seat had Lane Kiffin and the USC Trojans winning 10 games in 2012 and we predicted a 10 – 2 season for the Trojans because USC is just loaded with talent on both sides of the ball and Hell…


….could have won 9 games coaching USC in 2012 and yet….

USC ended up 7 – 5 overall and 5 – 4 in Pac-12 play which is the SECOND time that the Trojans have gone 5 – 4 under Lane Kiffin in three years on job and a head coach at USC really does have to work very hard to lose 4 conference games when…

Captain Kangaroo

….could recruit 4 and 5 star players to USC all day long and yet….

Lane Kiffin

….is now in three seasons at USC…

17 – 10 in Pac-12 play

….and if that kind of record is acceptable to the fans of USC football then guess what?

USC Football fans are willing to accept Sub-Mediocrity


Be proud Pat Haden because the USC football program is become MEDIOCRE under YOUR watch.

Yes, to save USC football from itself not only will Lane Kiffin have to be fired USC AD Pat Haden will have to be fired as well because let’s all just face the TRUTH….in our opinion of course…

Pat Haden DOESN’T HAVE THE GUTS to fire Lane Kiffin

…because if Pat Haden fired Lane Kiffin then someone would be sad and we can’t have sad people in the world even if they are incompetent and should be fired and if the USC football program has to go down in order to avoid sadness…

Then So Be It!

Here’s a thought for USC football fans:

Hire Donald Trump as USC AD for 10 minutes and have him fire Lane Kiffin and then Pat Haden can avoid making someone sad!

Oh, this really is TOO MUCH FUN!

Pinch us because we have to be dreaming!


No, it’s not a dream!

Stanford’s in the Rose Bowl as Pac-12 Champions

Lane Kiffin is in El Paso with the USC Trojans and Marty Robbins

Jim Mora Jr. is spending more time worrying about his beach house, wallpaper and paint than coaching the UCLA Bruins

Oh, this really is TOO MUCH FUN!

Oh, by the way and a heads up to Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson and the Yellow Jackets football players:

The USC alums that we had dinner with on Friday night in Santa Monica who didn’t want to “waste” their money going to the Sun Bowl to watch USC all said that…

“Hell, even Lane Kiffin can’t lose to this joke Georgia Tech team. I mean, come on, Georgia Tech would be lucky to beat most of the good high school football teams in California so we are not worried about USC losing at all to the Stumbling Wreck from Georgia Tech which is located in that town that that Sherman destroyed…..right?”

Well, it’s good to know that the USC Trojans are going to kick the Hell out of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and make Paul Johnson look like a fool and joke of a football coach on New Year’s Eve!

2.  Randy Edsall, Maryland – Oh, that was an ugly end to Maryland’s season with the Terps losing their last SIX games to…

NC State
Boston College
Georgia Tech
Florida State
North Carolina

…which dropped Maryland’s record to 4 – 8 on the season and Randy Edsall’s record in two years in College Park to…

Overall:  6 – 18
ACC:  3 – 13


Yes, the 2013 football season is….

Make or Break

…for Randy Edsall at Maryland and anything less than SIX Wins and a postseason bowl trip and the Edsall era at Maryland will be OVER.

3.  Charlie Weis, Kansas – We have gotten some good laughs in the last couple of weeks as people in the media that don’t know their ass from the side of a barn have said something like…

“Charlie Weis should be getting credit for the 2012 Notre Dame football team being undefeated.”

….which is like saying the guy that invented the wheel in the stone age days should be getting credit for the latest 911 Porsche just because after all…

He invented the wheel!

Let’s go Joe Friday here and go to the FACTS:

Charlie Weis coached for five seasons at Notre Dame and put up records of…

2005:  9 – 3
2006:  10 – 3
2007:  3 – 9
2008:  7 – 6
2009:  6 – 6

Overall:  35 – 27

Sorry, but Charlie Weis’ records at Notre Dame only prove ONE THING:

Charlie Weis isn’t much a football coach because the TRUTH is that…

Captain Kangaroo

….could average winning 8 games a year at Notre Dame with the amount of talent that just shows up in South Bend each year if you are even the worst recruiter in America and instead of the Irish football team getting better the longer that Weis was at Notre Dame the TRUTH is that Notre Dame got worse and worse each year as anyone with a working brain and even a cursory knowledge of the game of football could and should have seen with their own eyes and thus why Charlie Weis was fired after the 2009 season and was replaced by a coach in Brian Kelly that had actually done something in his coaching career before arriving in South Bend and Kelly at least for the moment has Notre Dame playing above the…

Captain Kangaroo Standard of 8 Wins A Season at Notre Dame!

As for Charlie Weis at Kansas the Jayhawks went 1 – 11 in 2012 and they were at least competitive in some games and should have beat Texas…BUT….getting Kansas back to the level it was playing under Mark Mangino will be difficult for Weis and unless Kansas gets to a 6 – 6 record in 2013 we have been told by some KU folks we know in the Kansas City area that the Weis era at KU will be brought to a close after only two seasons on the job.

Yes, now you know why Weis and Kansas just went out and signed a bunch of junior college players because it is either win in 2013 or there will be lots of changes at Kansas and maybe more changes than just Charlie Weis being shown the door.

4.  Kirk Ferentz, Iowa – Once you get past Lane Kiffin then easily the MOST Overpaid Head Coach in Major College Football is Kirk Ferentz of Iowa who is making around $4 Million Dollars a year and over the past three seasons Ferentz has put records of…

Overall:  19 – 19
Big Ten:  10 – 14

….at Iowa and the above records just so happen to coincide with the last time that the “Real Men and Women of Genius” at the University of Iowa gave Ferentz a contract worth $20 Plus Million Dollars over the next decade which Ferentz will be paid whether Iowa is winning or not or even if Ferentz is coaching at Iowa or not!

Oh, if we here at Coaches Hot Seat could just get a few of these…

Very Damn Stupid Athletic Directors, College Presidents and College Boards of Trustees

….across the table from us in business that are chumps and fools when it comes to negotiating contracts for coaches because these Idiots give away the store whether the person running the store is performing or not or is even working at the store or not!

Yes, EVERY Iowa fan whether he is buying tickets, merchandise or anything else with the Iowa football logo on it is paying the Hawkeye head coach…

$4 Million Dollars A Year

….and what are you getting for that $4 Million Dollars a year?

Well, over the past three seasons you have gotten 19 Total Wins in exchange for $12 Million Dollars or…

$631,000 A WIN!

Maybe we should start doing more business in Iowa because these people will pay Top Dollar for mediocre work which means we would get Way Above Top Dollar for great work!

5.  DeWayne Walker, New Mexico State – Even though DeWayne Walker has put up the these records in four seasons at New Mexico State….

Overall:  10 – 40
WAC:  4 – 25

….the word we are hearing is that New Mexico State athletics and football program is in such flux right night now that the folks at NMSU don’t have any idea what to do or even if they will be playing I-A (FBS) football in the coming years so Walker will more than likely get another year as the head coach at the school.

The 2012 season was pretty much a Complete Disaster for New Mexico State football with the Aggies going 1 – 11 with their only win coming over I-AA (FCS) Sacramento State and which included a season-ending loss to first year I-A (FBS) Texas State by a score of 66 – 28.

Yes, these are some tough times for New Mexico State athletics.

6.  Bobby Hauck, UNLV – Yes, the UNLV head coaching job is tough….BUT….if one looks at the records of the two UNLV coaches that preceded Hauck in Vegas one finds that they won a few more games than Bobby Hauck has so far..

John Robinson – UNLV head coach 1999 – 2004

1999:  3 – 8
2000:  8 – 5
2001:  4 – 7
2002:  5 – 7
2003:  6 – 6
2004:  2 – 9

Mike Sanford – UNLV head coach 2005 – 2009

2005:  2 – 9
2006:  2 – 10
2007:  2 – 10
2008:  5 – 7
2009:  5 – 7

Bobby Hauck – UNLV head coach 2010 – 2012

2010:  2– 11
2011:  2 – 10
2012:  2 – 11

The Bottom-Line: We checked and Bobby Hauck needs to win some more games at UNLV and in 2013 he needs to get the Rebels to 6 – 6 and take them to a bowl game OR the Hauck era at UNLV will be over and Hauck could then return to Montana which badly needs a real head coach right now and where Hauck won 80 games in 7 seasons on the job in Missoula.

7.  Kevin Wilson, Indiana – There’s a saying in golf that no matter what the yardage is telling you how far you are from the pin you should always…

“Go with your eyes.”

…when your eyes and the yardage seem different when pulling a club and in 2012 even though Indiana was 4 – 8 overall and 2 – 6 in Big Ten play from our vantage point with our eyes the Indiana Hoosiers are getting better under second year head coach Kevin Wilson.

In 2012 Indiana beat…

Indiana State

….and even though the three teams in I-A (FBS) that the Hoosiers beat had a combined record of…

7 – 29

….Indiana could have beaten…

Ball State – lost by 2 points
Michigan State – lost by 4 points
Ohio State – lost by 3 points
Navy – lost by 1 point

….so YES Indiana is getting better BUT they need to take another step under Wilson in 2013 and that next step is getting to a .500 record and going to a bowl game.

8.  Rich Ellerson, Army – The US Military folks here at Coaches Hot Seat have been talking amongst themselves in recent weeks about the Army football program and their conversation revolves are how incredibly PC – Politically Correct everything related to the US Military seems to be these days but especially with the US Army and West Point which evidently is not something that just the US Military vets here at Coaches Hot Seat are talking about because more and more posts like this one on Army football…

Is Army just plain getting soft?, Scout.com

….are popping up about Army football and the US Military and there are least a few here at Coaches Hot Seat that remember the last time the US Military started to “get soft” which was in the late 1970s – early 1980s which was also a time when Army football was mediocre at best and downright awful at worst.

Is the US Army and West Point “getting soft” and likewise is Army football “getting soft” as well?

That is a hard question for us to answer BUT when reading blogs like Tom Ricks’ The Best Defense and others that detail some of things going on in the US Military and US Army we can say that we are concerned about the direction of the US Military and US Army and when we combine that with the FACT that we know that current Army head coach Rich Ellerson is a very good football coach and it looks like to us that he is having a hard time getting through to his Army players then….


…something is not right and it may go a lot deeper than just a mediocre Army football team which has won 5 games the last two years and may point to serious problems at West Point itself which if true means this just went from a head football coach being on the Hot Seat to an issue that puts at risk the very survival of the American Republic going forward because if there are problems at West Point then the problems are deep and broad across American society as well and thus many of things that we here at CHS worry a lot about may indeed be true.

YES, Army needs to beat Navy in 2013 but more than that Army football needs to start playing at least on the level of the US Army personnel in the field of battle all over the world which Army football has fallen far, far short of in recent years which brings us back to the question of…

What is wrong with Army football and even West Point?

9.  Mack Brown, Texas – Earlier this month a week after Kansas State beat Texas 42 – 24 Texas president Bill Powers took to his blog to give his full support to Texas head coach Mack Brown…

Coach Brown has my full support, Bill Powers, Tower Talk, December 6, 2012

….which struck as odd since there wasn’t a whole of talk beyond radio shows about Mack Brown’s job status….BUT…..shortly after Bill Powers’ blog post on Mack Brown we talked to some of our Texas-alum friends and fishing buddies in the Austin area and to say that they and their Longhorn friends are pissed off at the way Texas has played the last three seasons..

2010:  5 – 7
2011:  8 – 5
2012:  8 – 5

Overall:  21 – 16
Big 12:  11 – 15

….would be a HUGE understatement and no doubt Bill Powers’ blog post on Mack Brown’s job status was an attempt to tamp down some of the anger that is now welling up among Texas football fans that rightly believe that…

Bozo the Clown

….could have posted the kind of records that Mack Brown has put up at UT over the past three seasons.

Since the middle of the 2010 season we here at Coaches Hot Seat have been asking ourselves and talking to a lot of people in Texas about what has gone wrong with the Texas Longhorns football program and a state of Texas high school football coach that we have known for over a decade may have hit the nail on the head about what is wrong in Austin when he recently told a CHS member who was in Texas for Christmas with his family when that high school coach said….

“Something changed in the months after Texas lost to Alabama in the national title game in January 2010. Mack and his coaches were just not as focused and it showed up on the field in the Fall of ’10 and it has only continued the past two seasons. Go back and watch Texas and how they played in 2009 and compare it to how they have played the last three seasons and lots of things jump out at me besides the mediocre QB play the Horns have gotten the last three years and what jumps out most is how many of the fundamentals of football….tackling, blocking, kicking game, turnovers…have deteriorated at Texas which goes right back to those fundamentals not being talked about, coached and drilled into the Texas players by the coaches which goes right back to Mack Brown not demanding that fundamental teaching and play from his coaches and players.”

Well, we watched Texas play Oklahoma and Nebraska in 2009….

….and that high school football coach is RIGHT about the problems with Texas football which are problems that only the head coach, Mack Brown, can fix….that is IF Mack Brown actually has the time to coach the Texas football team since it seems the most important thing in Austin IS NOT…

Texas Football Winning

…BUT rather….

The Longhorn Network Making Money!

NO, there is NO amount of money in the world that could get us to work for the current “leadership” at the University of Texas and if Mack Brown really wants to get the Texas football program back on track he should tell the current “leadership” at Texas that they can either let him focus on coaching the Texas football team or they can take the Texas head coaching job and…

Stuff It Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine!

A most interesting thing will be who will take the Texas job once Mack Brown either leaves or his fired because the word we are hearing is that only an “Idiot” would go to work for the….


…now running the University of Texas that together believe they are….behind Lane Kiffin of course….God’s Gift to Planet Earth and that all of Texas should bow down and thank the…


…for them gracing the Earth with their time and effort!

And you really wonder why the Texas football program is struggling?

10.  Terry Bowden, Akron – Terry Bowden left Auburn or rather was forced out at Auburn after 6 games in the 1990 season when the Tigers were 1 – 5…

Hell, they at least let Gene Chizik coach out the year at Auburn in 2012!

….and after a decade plus out of the coaching game Terry Bowden got back into coach at North Alabama where he put up records of…

Overall: 29 – 9
Gulf South: 14 – 6

….and then at Akron in 2012 where Bowden put up a record of…

1 – 11 overall and 0 – 8 in MAC Conference play


Welcome back to I-A (FBS) football Terry Bowden and…

Welcome to the HOT SEAT!

Hey, Terry Bowden can coach the game of football….BUT….he took over an Akron program that had won…

5 Games

…in the last three seasons and YES it will take some time at Akron BUT in today’s world a…

Year is Now Three Months

A Month Is Now A Week

A Day Is Now An Hour

An Hour Is Now 60 Seconds

….that means Terry Bowden needs to win some games at Akron in 2013 or Bowden’s seat will only get HOTTER!

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