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Happy New Year and Here’s Hoping and Praying for a Happy, Prosperous, Generous, Meaningful and Great 2013! – Lane Kiffin, the USC Trojans and the Complete Disaster in the Sun Bowl – Boise State To Stay in the Mountain West Conference – GO Stanford! – BEAT Wisconsin and Bring the Rose Bowl Trophy Back To The Farm!

Happy New Year and Here’s Hoping and Praying for a Happy, Prosperous, Generous, Meaningful and Great 2013!


Many moons ago one of our college science professors began a lecture talking about how it seems that time passes faster as one gets older and as 18 to 22 year old young Bucks that were more interested in the blonde in the skirt in the third row that we imagined kept bumping into one of us all over campus (Yes, one of us eventually married that blonde in the skirt in the third row in that college science course!) we didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to that lecture many moons ago but NO DOUBT time does move faster as one gets older and 2012 just…


Of course, we only perceive that time is moving faster as we get older mainly because we do not take the time to notice all of the incredible things happening around us as we go about our daily routine and thus as we age fewer and fewer things make a distinct impression on us as did the Christmas’s of our youth that are deeply imbedded in our brains as is many of the fun things we did growing up in this fabulous country known as the American Republic.

Dr. Ronald Riggio of Claremont McKenna College which is only 30 or so miles east of the Rose Bowl off Interstate 210 nailed why time seems to move faster as we get older in a blog post at Psychology Today…

Why Time Goes Faster As You Get Older, Psychology Today


…and is right on target on how us “old folks” can help slow down time again:

“So here is the key to slowing down the pace of life (at least psychologically): As much as possible, take advantage of new and unique experiences. When we go to the same places and do the same things, we don’t make distinct memories and time seems to fly by. Zimbardo and Boyd suggest focusing on positive (rather than negative) past memories, trying to live more in the present, and holding a positive perception of the future – envisioning a future full of hope and optimism. In other words, use time wisely.”

Amen to that Dr. Riggio and could someone pass over another Fat Tire beer to the Coaches Hot Seat Blog post station at the Coaches Hot Seat “official hotel” in Santa Monica right on the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica?


Thanks and as Dr. Riggio claims if we drink this Fat Tire cold beer in “the present” and focus solely on just that it will help slow down time so the essential lesson of this detour into the world of Cognitive Psychology is…

Focus on the Fat Tire cold beer in “the present”

Drink another Fat Tire cold beer and focus on drinking it in “the present”

Ditto, Ditto, Ditto….

Yes, that seems to be working for us because time is already slowing down!

Happy New Year and Focus on the Present in 2013!


Lane Kiffin, the USC Trojans and the Complete Disaster in the Sun Bowl


Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times…

USC’s dreadful performance is a perfect way to conclude imperfect season, Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times


….and Vincent Bonsignore of the Daily Breeze…

Something’s rotten in the land of Troy, and it starts at the top, Vincent Bonsignore, Daily Breeze


…summed up very well the dreadful and downright embarrassing performance of the USC Trojans in the Sun Bowl against Georgia Tech on New Year’s Eve with Lane Kiffin’s “mighty” Trojans only scoring…

7 Points

…on a Georgia Tech defense that averaged giving up…

29.92 Points Per Game in 2012

….which should tell everyone a lot about the current state of the USC offense which…


….BUT there is something else that we here at Coaches Hot Seat saw as we watched the Sun Bowl from Santa Monica at the Coaches Hot Seat “official hotel” and that was that the USC Trojans football not only…


…against Georgia Tech for all practical purposes the USC football team…


….against Georgia Tech in the Sun Bowl which is a disastrous indictment of Lane Kiffin as a…

Head Football Coach


A Man


A Representative of the University of Southern California


An American Citizen

The TRUTH is that the USC football team just FLAT-OUT QUIT even before the game against Georgia Tech in El Paso started and if we were running the USC athletic department after that disgraceful and embarrassing performance of the USC football team in the Sun Bowl the Trojans head coach Lane Kiffin would have been at the John McKay Center on the USC campus packing up his office TONIGHT because we would have fired Kiffin as soon as we got back to the USC campus.

Of course, Coaches Hot Seat is not the Athletic Director at USC.


Pat Haden is the Athletic Director at USC and Pat must be feeling very proud of the USC football program tonight after the Trojans performance in El Paso from the dinner the team was late to, to the embarrassing Tweets by a couple of USC players to the USC football QUITTING even before the game started against Georgia Tech because after all…

Pat Haden backs Lane Kiffin “150 Percent”

….and thus Pat Haden owns completely what happens with the USC football program under Kiffin’s watch and that means Pat Haden is…


….for the Non-Play, Non-Showing Up and Completely Quitting by the USC Trojans in the Sun Bowl.

Be Proud Pat Haden of the USC football program….


…because it is YOU along with Lane Kiffin that is at this very moment destroying the USC football program.

One very interesting comment this week by a USC-alum that has worked in the Los Angeles area his entire life after college and has known Pat Haden for 30-plus years when asked about the state of the USC football program was said:

“Hey, I love Pat Haden but you have to understand something about Pat that only people that have spent time around him can possibly understand.”

Coaches Hot Seat: “What is that?”

USC-alum: “In Pat Haden’s almost 60 years on his Earth Pat has NEVER been wrong about anything.”

Coaches Hot Seat: “You mean he won’t admit he was wrong about something.”

USC-alum: “No, I think Pat Haden believes he has NEVER been wrong about anything in his entire life.”

Coaches Hot Seat: “Sounds like you are describing someone with a narcissistic personality disorder.”

USC-alum (thinks about that comment for about 10 seconds): No, Pat isn’t so much narcissistic as he just believes that if an opinion forms in his brain then it cannot possibly be wrong.”

Coaches Hot Seat: “That seems to describe Lane Kiffin as well.”

USC-alum: “You just figured out something I have thought myself for awhile now. Pat Haden as the quarterback as USC was borderline arrogant and acted at times as if he was better than everyone else around him and if you take a look at how Kiffin has acted during his young coaching career it’s almost as if Kiffin and Haden were just alike at the same ages.”

Coaches Hot Seat: “So you think Haden sees himself in Kiffin at a younger age and Pat believes that Kiffin will mature into a good football coach and person eventually?”

USC-alum: “Exactly and remember if Pat Haden believes something then it must be true.”

Coaches Hot Seat: “The only problem with that is that Lane Kiffin is a disaster as a football coach and an embarrassment as a human being and frankly I don’t think Kiffin gives two rips about Pat Haden, USC or anything beyond Lane Kiffin own precious ass.”

USC-alum: “And that is why when it comes time to fire Lane Kiffin….which should have already happened in my opinion because he never should have been hired for the USC job in the first place…..Pat Haden will have to be fired first because Pat Haden has NEVER been wrong about anything in his life on Earth and thus could not have possibly been wrong about Kiffin.”

Coaches Hot Seat: “That sounds like a Helluva mess you have going there at USC.”

USC-alum: “It’s worse than that. It’s two people in Pat Haden and Lane Kiffin that both believe they have NEVER been wrong about anything in their entire lives and people like that don’t really care if they destroy things because above all they must do everything possible to not reach a point or moment in their lives where they would have to admit they were wrong and thus why there is lots of turmoil and pain ahead for USC football in the coming years and it tears me up inside that Pat is going to allow of this to happen just to satisfy his massive ego and not have to admit he was wrong about Lane.”

Coaches Hot Seat: “Geez, what a future to look forward to for USC football fans.”

USC-alum: “Yes, it’s an F-ING disaster.”

The above conversation was over lunch in Brentwood, California just east of Santa Monica on Sunday BEFORE the disastrous and embarrassing performance by the USC Trojans football team in the Sun Bowl against Georgia Tech which was a game that we here at Coaches Hot Seat believe that the USC Trojans…


…before they even arrived at the stadium.

Yes, be proud Pat Haden.

Be Mighty Damn Proud of the USC Trojans and don’t forget Pat…

Fight On!

For several years now we here at Coaches Hot Seat have been hoping to find the time to do a Coaches Hot Seat for the NFL and someone pointed out at dinner tonight after watching the Sun Bowl game is that what we really need is an…

Athletic Director’s Hot Seat

….which would no doubt place…

Pat Haden in the No. 1 Spot on the Athletic Director’s Hot Seat in 2013


Lane Kiffin is already in the No. 1 Spot on the Coaches Hot Seat Ranking!

Yes, Pat Haden and Lane Kiffin…


…which should be the new cheer for USC football because that is actually what the USC football team did against Georgia Tech on New Year’s Eve…



Boise State To Stay in the Mountain West Conference


The folks up in Boise finally came to their senses and on Monday it was announced that Boise State is going to stay in the Mountain West Conference….

About Face: Boise State staying in Mountain West, Idaho Statesman


….instead of the Idiotic and Very Damn Stupid Idea to join the Big East Conference which was never well thought out by the so-called “leadership” at Boise State University and now that sanity has returned to Boise, Idaho maybe the Broncos can focus on just playing football and winning championships instead of all this conference musical chairs BS.

No doubt the “leadership” at Boise State University would like to join a more prestigious sports conference that would provide more legitimacy for their football and sports teams along with the entire university as well, BUT if Boise State is ever going to make the jump to a Big-Time Conference it should not have been and should never be to a sports conference in the Eastern United States but instead the “leadership” at Boise State should be working towards the goal of improving their sports teams and entire university in hopes of one day becoming part of an expanding Pac-12 Conference.

IF the 16-Team Super Conferences do come into existence in the next decade which most of us at Coaches Hot Seat believe will eventually happen then the Pac-12 will be in the market for four more institutions of higher learning in the Western United States and as of right now we believe that the following schools would be on the list for a potential 4-Team expansion of the Pac-12:

Boise State
Fresno State
New Mexico
San Diego State

IF the Pac-12 was in an expansion-mode right now and its hand was forced by the Big Ten, SEC, ACC and possibly the Big 12 moving to 16-Team Super Conferences the Pac-12 would right now in early 2013 in our opinion select the following four schools from the above list to join the Pac-12 (ranked in order of selection):

1.  Boise State
2.  San Diego State
3.  UNLV
4.  New Mexico

The above four teams would add the TV markets of the…

State of Idaho
San Diego Area
Las Vegas and State of Nevada
State of New Mexico

…which would further solidify the new Pac-16 as the dominant sports conference in the Western United States and give it a geographic and TV-set reach that would rival any of the other Super Conferences in the Eastern and Midwestern US.

As for if ANY of the above schools are now ready, qualified or on a level academically and athletically where they could join the Pac-12 Conference we would have to answer that by saying…


….but that’s not to say that by 2020 that all four of the above schools could grow and increase the quality of their academic offerings to a point where they could be legitimate expansion targets for the Pac-12 Conference and if we were the Presidents and AD at any of the above schools we would right now be looking at the academics and athletics of the current 12 schools in the Pac-12 and be working hard in the coming years to build-up the school in those areas with an emphasis on…

Strong Academics
Growth of Student Bodies in both Undergrad and Graduate programs
High-Quality Research
Competitive Athletic Teams

….and who knows when the Pac-12 comes calling in the next decade the schools that are performing at a very high level in both athletics and academics in the Western U.S. will be very well-positioned to become members of the new Pac-16 which will only make the 4 schools chosen to join the new Pac-16 only much stronger and in much more stable positions going forward into the future.

IF we were the President or Athletic Director at any of the above mentioned schools we would probably put some of our administrative-type folks on our campus that have exploded in numbers in recent years to work on a committee that would rank our school against the current Pac-12 schools in as many areas as our administrative-type folks could dream up and where our school fell short of the Pac-12 schools in academics, athletics, research, etc.. we would then propose plans and goals to close the gap between our school and the Pac-12 schools and we would begin chasing those goals immediately with a goal of being on-par in most areas with at least 50 percent of the current Pac-12 schools by 2020.

Hell, even if the schools that took up the above challenge don’t eventually get invited to join an expanding Pac-12 Conference know doubt the schools will be a better place by 2020 just for pushing and challenging themselves and that is what America’s institutions of higher learning should be doing anyways so GET TO WORK!


Memo to the “Leadership” at Boise State:  We here at Coaches Hot Seat think the world of Boise State University, Boise State Athletics, the Boise State football team and the Boise, Idaho area and being a Western – Rocky Mountain School we were disappointed that you made the knee-jerk decision to join the Big East which anyone with a working brain could see was floundering around years ago and thus we are thrilled that you have changed your minds and have decided to stay in the Mountain West Conference and going forward we hope that Boise State University and Boise State Athletic Teams will continue to get stronger and improve and by 2020 who knows…

Boise State just might find itself in the new christened Pac-16!

Welcome back to the West Boise State and keep up your great work!

(The same goes for San Diego State which is NUTS if they don’t rejoin the Mountain West Conference as well!)

Well, it is New Year’s Day which means we want to again wish everyone a..

Happy New Year!

….and we also want to say….




Let’s WIN the Rose Bowl and bring the Rose Bowl Trophy…

12-28-11 ROSETROPHY01

…back to THE FARM!



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