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Hell, This Week We Found A Fan Base MORE Arrogant Than the USC Trojans Fans and That Would Be the Fans of Notre Dame Football Who REALLY Believed They Were Going To Crush Alabama! – YES…REALLY! – To That We Say….A BIG NOT! – The Vegas Boys Were Wrong….Bama Was 30 Plus Points Better Than The Irish And Could Have Beaten Notre Dame 100 – 14 If They Had Wanted To! – Congratulations To the Alabama Crimson Tide For Winning the Bogus BCS National Championship! – The Great Huell Howser Died On Monday In California – God-Speed To You Huell Howser and We Will Toast You and Your Great and Well-Lived Life in San Francisco On Saturday!

Believe it or not but we here at Coaches Hot Seat in the last few days in South Florida actually found fans of a college football program that are more arrogant than the fans of the USC Trojans and those Very Damn Arrogant Fans would be the fans of…

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish!


It wasn’t so much that Notre Dame was going to beat Alabama which we guess someone with a modicum of IQ could have believed if he didn’t watch much of the college football regular season BUT that these very arrogant fans of Notre Dame almost to a man and woman on the streets, in the bars and restaurants and everywhere one went in and around Miami really did believe that the Irish were going to…

CRUSH Alabama!

Oh, the Complete Damn Stupidity and even we here at Coaches Hot Seat believed that by predicting a final score of the Bogus BCS national title game of

Alabama – 27
Notre Dame – 18

….that the Notre Dame football team would actually show up to play, would actually tackle like real football players and the Irish coaches would actually have a plan focused on trying to beat a team that had two to three times more talent than Notre Dame BUT….

The Notre Dame Football Team HAD NONE OF THE ABOVE

….and the TRUTH is Alabama could have beaten the Irish

100 – 14

…if they had wanted to which only shows how so Very Damn Stupid it is that there is currently only ONE game that decides the Bogus BCS national championship at the end of the college football season which will mercifully change in 2014 with four teams having an opportunity to win it all which will allow the FRAUDS to be identified in the national semi-final games before they get to a national championship game which happened in spades on Monday night in South Florida.

As we have said all year long here at Coaches Hot Seat…

Notre Dame is a slightly better than average football team that was lucky to win 9 games in 2012 forget about their final win total of 12 games and IF Notre Dame had played in the SEC, Pac-12, Big 12 or even ACC conference in 2012 they would have had…


….and would have been playing in a nice bowl but certainly not the national championship which was a place on Monday night where it was shown to the world that…


…because not only is Notre Dame not even in the same Universe as Alabama if Notre Dame and Alabama played 100 times the Crimson Tide would whip the Irish so badly and run circles around them from one end of the field to the other it would put a permanent stain on Notre Dame football AS SHOULD this game on Monday night which should preclude the Irish from being selected ahead of 1-loss teams from the SEC, Pac-12, ACC and Big 12 for the 4-team Postseason Playoff in the future that is until Notre Dame actually plays a schedule that matches what the teams in the power conferences are playing each season.

(Please, don’t try to tell us that Notre Dame played and beat Oklahoma and USC on the road since Oklahoma is now led by a part-time head coach in Bob Stoops who in our opinion does less work that the Maytag repairman and of course USC which is led by a head coach that doesn’t have a clue what he is doing, Lane Kiffin, and an AD, Pat Haden, that has gone upriver and has lost all touch with reality. Anyone know where we can find Martin Sheen to send out to hunt down Pat Haden and bring him to his senses on what an Idiot he has running the USC football program? Oh, Pat Haden is in his office on the USC campus at this very moment gazing up at a picture of himself playing in the Rose Bowl in the 1970s? Like we said, Pat Haden has gone upriver!)


As for the Alabama Crimson Tide we would like to congratulate Alabama for winning the 2012 – 2013 Bogus BCS National Championship and in this Bogus BCS system if you win the SEC title next season you will be in another Bogus BCS national title game which might just have another team that has done little to deserve a shot at playing for a National Championship but alas I-A (FBS) has the…

Stupidest System that could possibly be dreamed up by human beings to decide a champion

….which will be improved slightly starting in 2014 which more than likely end the blowouts in the national title games because we will all learn in the National Semi-Final games each year…

Who Is Worthy = Alabama, Stanford, Oregon, Louisville, Texas A&M, Georgia, Florida State in 2012

Who Is NOT Worthy = Florida, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Kansas State in 2012

Congratulations to the Alabama Crimson Tide for a great 2012 – 2013 football season and a Bogus BCS national championship that was well won even if playing Notre Dame was like playing the football team fielded by the Sisters of the Blind!


The Great Huell Howser Passes Away


In a totally non-football related issue the Great Huell Howser passed away early Monday morning and many of us learned of Huell’s death only a couple of hours before the start of the Alabama – Notre Dame game on Monday night which was like a thunderbolt from the sky since we did not know that our friend and California TV legend was even ill or was anywhere near the end of his incredible life.

Huell Howser dies at 67; TV host profiled California people and places, Greg Braxton, Los Angeles Times

The Amazing Huell Howser – Knowing and Working With a SoCal Legend, Bohdan Zachary, KCET.com

Huell Howser Has Died; See a Map of Communities He Visited, Ian Hill, KCET.com

Huell Howser as Friendly and Inquisitive in Person as He Was On TV, KCET.com

Huell Howser Was A Source of Instant Inspiration, KCET.com

Huell Howser Productions

Huell Howser Archives at Chapman University

For the 90 plus percent of the people reading this blog that don’t have a clue who Huell Howser is Huell Howser was a good ole’ boy from Gallatin, Tennessee who had made himself into a major TV personality based out of Los Angeles, California who starred in, produced, edited and about everything else the long-running California’s Gold television program on public TV stations across California with the flagship station for Huell’s programs being KCET in Los Angeles.

Huell Howser’s main program California Gold ran for 18 seasons comprising 443 episodes and many of us here at Coaches Hot Seat can quote chapter and verse from many of those programs because we and our families laughed with and at Huell as he traveled up and down the breadth of the “Golden State” of California profiling people, places and things that often led to us visiting many of those same places ourselves which made our lives only that much richer and for that credit should go the One and Only Huell Howser who already is terribly missed but whose legacy and laugh will live on forever.

We love you very much Huell Howser and far away from the California you loved so very much we wish God-Speed to you our friend and we Thank You for a life well lived. Many of us will be in San Francisco this coming weekend for the 49ers – Packers playoff game and we will certainly raise a toast in one of our and your favorite watering holes in the City by the Bay to the irreplaceable Huell Howser and the joy and laughter that Huell brought into our and so many other people’s lives.

Thanks Huell.

Huell Howser – 1945 – 2013

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