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How To Fix College Football’s Postseason….The Coaches Hot Seat Way! – Yes, It Is Time To Put the Bowl Executives TO WORK! – The Top 20 Winningest Major College Football Teams Over the Past Three Seasons – The Stanford Cardinal Is Rising!

How to Fix College Football’s Postseason the Coaches Hot Seat Way Which Requires the Bowl Executives Making Those HUGE Salaries To Do REAL WORK!


Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated covers most of the issues that the “leaders” in Major College Football and Intercollegiate Athletics are talking about, concerned about and worried about as it pertains to the current college football postseason…

As bowl attendance dips, college football leaders mull changes, Stewart Mandel, SI

…BUT the problems with the college football postseason run so deep and are so historically intertwined with the conferences that only an entire overhaul of how the bowls are authorized, how the teams are selected for the bowls and how the bowl games are promoted, marketed and staged needs to be done OR the bowl games that are not involved in the coming 4-team postseason playoff in Major College Football will find themselves in the dustbin of history and a lot sooner than they would have ever thought.

First, it is our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that the NCAA, the major conferences and the teams in I-A (FBS) football need to fundamentally change their relationship between themselves and the bowl games and move from the current arrangement where all kinds of deals are cut behind the scenes by bowl games and conferences that are often not in the best interests of the schools involved to a more up-front and open college football bowl postseason that closely imitates the current set-up used by the PGA Tour with its “sanctioned” golf tournaments.


The PGA Tour is a non-profit entity that does run a few golf tournaments itself each year BUT the Tour primarily works with other non-profit entities across America and the world that organize and stage “PGA Tour” golf tournaments that the PGA Tour runs “inside the ropes” while leaving the running of everything but what happens on the golf course to the organization running the golf tournament.

When a community or organization wants to stage a new PGA Tour golf tournament that process is often begun by a group of people forming a local non-profit entity that looks for a company that is willing to become the Title or Presenting Sponsor of the event (which now runs in the $4 to $7 million dollar range annually for PGA Tour events) and once a Title or Presenting Sponsor has been found and a suitable golf course has been lined-up to hold the event at the non-profit entity makes a proposal to the PGA Tour to have a professional golf tournament in their town.

If the PGA Tour is satisfied with the ability of the non-profit to stage a PGA Tour event, if they approve of the Title or Presenting Sponsor, if the golf course is challenging enough for PGA Tour golfers and the Tour believes that the local community will turn out to support the event the PGA Tour will then “award” a PGA Tour event to that non-profit entity and from that point forward it is us to that local non-profit entity to raise the additional sponsorship dollars from companies and pro-am events held during tournament week and more importantly when talking about college football bowl games it is the responsibility of the local organization to market and advertise the event in order to attract people to the event that will spend dollars at the golf course and in the local community that would not have been spent otherwise which is one of the things that makes the event worth holding in the first place.

In our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat it is PAST TIME for the conference commissioners to turn the tables on the people running the major and minor bowl games and place the responsibility for marketing and advertising their bowl game in order to make the bowl game a success on the people actually tasked with running the bowl games who would not be able to hold such events if not for the conferences providing the teams that play in those bowl games just as the PGA Tour provides the players that will draw fans and generate interest in a PGA Tour event.

Therefore the Coaches Hot Seat Major College Football NEW Postseason Proposal is as follows:

ALL of the conferences in Major College Football need to combine together in a new organization that we will call the….

Major College Football Postseason Conference Cooperative or MCFPC for short

….and then those conferences in Major College Football need to ask ALL of the bowl games something like:

OK, you want to hold a bowl game that the conferences will send their teams to play and fans to attend during December and January of each year?


Now how much MONEY are you going to PAY US (the conferences) for us providing our teams to play in your bowl games?

YES, we want a Dollar amount!

Why is the exact Dollar amount that the bowl games will offer to the MCFPF important you ask?

BECAUSE the bowl games that “offer” the most money to the conferences and teams that are playing in their bowl games will get to pick the teams that will play in their bowl games FIRST at the new Sunday after Championship Saturday….

Bowl Selection Sunday Show

…..which will be live and televised by ESPN from Radio City Music Hall, or Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center or Carnegie Hall in New York City on the Sunday after all of regular season and championship games have been played each season (except for the Army – Navy game).


Here is how the Bowl Selection Sunday Television Program would work:

LIVE from Radio City Music Hall or Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center or Carnegie Hall in New York City the ESPN “talent” would be on stage behind one of their many sets and they would open the show that was televised live on ESPN by announcing the….

4 Teams that will be playing the 4-Team Postseason Playoff and who will be playing who and where with live cut-ins from the head coaches of those 4 teams

….and then after 30 minutes of discussion and analysis of the 4-Team Postseason Playoff the other teams that will be playing in the other Major Bowl Games will be announced which also lead some analysis and discussion.

Once the 4-Team Playoff and Major Bowl Games matchups are set the lights will be brought up in Radio City Music Hall, Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center or Carnegie Hall and the TV audience will see sitting in the audience the representatives of the bowl games that will then come up on stage and select the two teams that will be playing in their bowl games and the bowl games will select in order based upon…

How much they have promised to pay the conferences for the conferences allowing their teams to play in their bowl game.


“X” bowl game in a Florida city decides that between its sponsors, the TV money and how much it can raise from people attending the bowl game that they will promise to pay “X” amount of money to the two teams that will play in their bowl game and in the end what this “X” bowl game in Florida committed to pay the two schools (which will go to the teams conferences) is the most of all of the non-Playoff and non-Major bowl games and thus this bowl game would have the first two selections on….

Bowl Selection Sunday

….from ANY bowl-eligible team (which should be a team with 6 WINS over I-A (FBS) opponents only with all wins over I-AA (FCS) teams not counting towards bowl eligibility) and the only requirement is that the bowl must select two teams from two different conferences.

Once the first bowl that has promised to pay the most to the two teams that will play in its bowl game has picked its two teams he bowl game that has promised to pay the second most amount will pick the next two teams, the third bowl game will pick the next two teams, etc.. until the bowl game that has pledged to pay the least amount of money picks the two teams that will play in its bowl game.

In the above plan where the bowl games are promising to pay “X” amount of dollars to the two teams (meaning paying the conferences) there would be NO minimum number of tickets and hotel rooms that would need to be purchased by a team or conference and it would be up to the bowl games themselves to generate sponsorship dollars, TV money and ticket sales to meet their commitment to the dollars promised to the teams and that new relationship between the bowl games and the conferences/teams would fundamentally change the Major College Football postseason for the better because it would place the power in the hands of the people that actually deserve that power…..

The Conferences and Teams

….and more importantly it would FORCE the people running the bowl games to do a very novel thing…

Actually do REAL WORK!

….because once the bowl games realize that the gravy train of getting a guaranteed amount of money from schools and the fan bases whether the team or fans wanted to play in the bowl game or not would be OVER and the bowls would also have to do something they have almost quit doing in many cities around America which is one of the main reasons why the bowl games are dying…

The Bowl Games would have to market their bowl games to the local and regional area to get those fans excited about and in the stands at the bowl game!

Major College Football could beginning in 2014 have a much-improved postseason with a committee picking the…

4- Teams in the Postseason Playoff

The Match-Ups in the 4-Team Postseason Playoff

The Teams and Match-Ups for the Major Bowl Games

….BUT beyond that there is now an opportunity to do a fundamental reset of the College Football Postseason with the conference commissioners working together to create a new bowl structure that would end the current backroom deals and Bogus “guaranteed ticket purchases and hotel room stay nights” and thus have the conference commissioners put themselves and the teams in their conferences in the proper place which is nothing less than very valuable commodities that bowl games want and must have to play in their bowls to attract fans of those teams to their communities in late December and early January each year and it should be up to the bowl games to figure out a way to first…

Find A Way To Generate the Dollars to Be in a Position to Attract Great College Football Teams with Enthusiastic Fan Bases


Work Like Hell to Promote and Market Their Bowl Games to the Fans of the Teams Playing in Their Bowl Games and More Importantly Reach Out Aggressively to the Local and Regional Folks That MUST Be A Part of Any Successful Bowl Game


You say the Conference Commissioners and ESPN wants the public and college football fans to get excited about the College Football Postseason?

OK, then it is time for the Conference Commissioners and ESPN to start running a College Football Postseason that actually engages the fans of Major College Football beyond just saying its “Capital One Bowl Week” and instead put the bowl games front and center on…

Bowl Selection Sunday from Radio City Music Hall, Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center or Carnegie Hall in New York City!

…and more importantly put the onus on the people running the bowl games to actually start earning the obscene amounts of money they are being paid which begins with the bowl game executives actually finding the Dollars to be able to bid on and attract the top teams in the country to play in their game and then to promote and market like PT Barnum to make their bowl games as successful as possible instead of just sitting on their lazy asses as they do now as they watch the SAPS i.e. the conferences and teams pay through the nose for tickets and hotel rooms that those conferences and teams should NOT be required to purchase unless they choose to do so freely which is wholly appropriate in the United States of America.

Will the Conference Commissioners and Teams in those conferences quit acting like chumps as they allow the bowl game executives making six-figure salaries ROLL THEM with BOGUS arrangements on how they believe the finances of the bowl games should be organized…..


….will the Conference Commissioners, College Presidents, Athletic Directors and Head Coaches start acting like…


…and make it very clear that the conferences are no longer going to be controlled by the bowl games because only very stupid people get led around by the noses by the flunkies running these bowl games that would be doing you know what with George W. Bush in West Texas if they weren’t in the bowl business!

Memo to the Conference Commissioners:  Stand Up and Act Like REAL AMERICANS and demand that the college football postseason become what it should be which his something that should ALWAYS in the best interests of the conferences and teams instead of the current Kabuki dance and Rip-Off Carney Carnival that only enriches a few dozen people in America that are running the bowl games while OUR college football teams and fans of OUR teams are getting RIPPED-OFF BIG TIME!

Bowl Selection Sunday LIVE from Radio City Music Hall the day after the Conference Championship Games with the Non-Playoff and Non-Major Bowl Games picking the two teams that will play in their games based upon how much…


….for the right of having OUR TEAMS play in their bowl games would be…


That sound you hear is a collective groan from bowl executives across American pondering the idea of…

Actually doing REAL WORK

….if the above plan was actually put into place and to that we say…

It’s About FREAKING Time!


Check-out the below Top 20 Winningest College Football Teams over the Last Three Seasons in Major College Football and one cannot look at the below list and think anything but that the Stanford Cardinal football program is ON THE RISE….BUT still has a lot of work to do!


Major College Football’s Top 20 Winningest Teams Over the Past Three Seasons (2010 – 2012):

1.  Oregon – 36 – 4  (.900)

2.  Boise State – 35 – 4  (.897)

3T.  Alabama – 35 – 5  (.875)

3T.  Stanford – 35 – 5  (.875)

5.  LSU – 34 – 7  (.829)

6.  Northern Illinois – 34 – 8  (.810)

7.  Oklahoma – 32 – 8  (.800)

8.  Oklahoma State – 31 – 8  (.795)

9.  TCU – 30 – 8  (.789)

10.  Ohio State – 30 – 8  (.789)

11.  South Carolina – 31 – 9  (.775)

12.  Florida State – 31 – 10  (.756)

13.  Wisconsin – 30 – 10  (.750)

14T.  Michigan State – 29 – 11  (.725)

14T.  Tulsa – 29 – 11  (.725)

16T.  Notre Dame – 28 – 11  (.718)

16T.  Kansas State – 28 – 11  (.718)

18.  Nebraska – 29 – 12  (.707)

19.  Virginia Tech – 28 – 12  (.700)

20.  Georgia – 28 – 13  (.683)

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