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In Jim Harbaugh WE TRUST….BUT….There Is A Lot of Nervousness In the City by the Bay About the 49ers – Packers Game on Saturday Night – Kicking Advice for David Akers and Hoping That Jimmy Harbaugh Doesn’t Let His Big EGO Get In the Way of Doing What’s Right If Things Don’t Go Right on Saturday Night – Go San Francisco 49ers and On To the Super Bowl!

In Jim Harbaugh WE TRUST is the motto here at Coaches Hot Seat….



….judging by the nervousness we are seeing in the eyes and actions of San Francisco 49ers fans during our few hours in the City by the Bay on Friday it seems there are a whole lot of people concerned a Helluva lot about the 49ers – Packers game on Saturday night.


Tony Manfred of Business Insider has all of our worries in one place in his latest…

There Are Warning Signs All Over The Place For The San Francisco 49ers Right Now, Tony Manfred, Business Insider

….which include…

1.  The kicker David Akers who has been very inconsistent in 2012 and according to the kickers here at Coaches Hot Seat is putting his plant football about 1 inch too close to the ball and kicking tee which is an explanation that we cannot explain or understand

2.  Justin Smith is hurt and although he will play against the Packers who knows how well he will be able to play and a healthy Justin Smith is a MUST for the 49ers to play well and win

3.  Jimmy Harbaugh has stuck with his decision to play QB Colin Kaepernick over Alex Smith which is still a strange decision to us here at Coaches Hot Seat because the opposite of what Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers coaches are saying….

Colin Kaepernick can do things Alex Smith cannot do

….to which we counter by saying….

Alex Smith can do things Colin Kaepernick cannot do like WIN BIG GAMES!

….which brings us right to the crux of the issue with the 2012 – 2013 San Francisco 49ers:

The 2012 – 2013 San Francisco 49ers at the beginning of the year with Alex Smith at QB were in our opinion and in the opinion of many others the….

BEST team in the NFL

….and now due to a mediocre kicking game, a spotty defense at times and a controversy at QB the San Francisco 49ers are still a very good football team…


….they have dropped from being the favorites to win the Super Bowl to a team that is only 3 point favorite at home in Candlestick against a Green Bay Packers team that the Niners thoroughly dominated in Week 1 winning 30 – 22 with Alex Smith at QB in a game that wasn’t even close until two late scores by the Packers.


YES, In Jim Harbaugh WE TRUST…

BUT Jimmy

….don’t lose this game to the Packers at home in San Francisco or you will go down in NFL history as a coach that turned a team that was the prohibitive favorite to win the Super Bowl into a team that far underachieved and was thrown off-track because the starting QB (Alex Smith) did the right thing and was honest about a hit to the head and concussion that he got during a game which led to him getting his ass benched for…


Let’s just hope that Jim Harbaugh’s two biggest weaknesses as a coach…

Arrogance and Stubbornness

….don’t cost the San Francisco 49ers a shot at playing in and winning a Super Bowl which means that IF Colin Kaepernick struggles on Saturday night against the Packers that Harbaugh should not hesitate to put Alex Smith in to lead the 49ers to victory!

Don’t put your EGO Jimmy ahead of what is BEST for the San Francisco 49ers!


Yes, this should be a GREAT GAME from Candlestick Park on Saturday night and to that we say…

Go 49ers!

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