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Manti Te’o and the BIG and REAL “Hoax” – Lance Armstrong Admits to Doping – San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Conference Championship Game in Atlanta

Manti Te’o and the BIG and REAL “Hoax”


If there was a REAL “Hoax” as it pertains to the Manti Te’o girlfriend hoax story the “Hoax” was the Bullshit that was perpetrated against college football fans and the American People by the….

American Media!

We should have listened to the Coaches Hot Seat member who speaks up ever so often and is ALWAYS right about things (He had Bama BIG over Notre Dame) that are happening in modern day America (He called Lance Armstrong “a fraud” about a decade ago) who said back in October to no one in particular at Coaches Hot Seat Central one night:

“This Manti Te’o may be the biggest fraud in America.”

Coaches Hot Seat member:  “You mean he is overrated as a football player?”

CHS Member who is ALWAYS right:  “No, I mean he is a fraud all the way around.”

Note:  The above is the opinion of a Coaches Hot Seat member who is an American citizen living in the United States of America so the Te’o family can take their bogus comments in the media recently and apparent complicity in this Te’o girlfriend “hoax” story and stuff it where the Sun doesn’t shine! (See: Manti Te’o – A career that has come full circle, Eric Hansen, South Bend Tribune which may be the BIGGEST Bullshit story ever written in the history of the American Republic!)

Getting back to Manti Te’o and the girlfriend “hoax” story which now both Te’o and Notre Dame claim to be unwitting dupes to we here at Coaches Hot Seat will put our best man on the job (He had Jim Tressel nailed long before anyone else did) and onto the claims made by Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick in his press conference last night and in any press conference that Manti Te’o holds in the future and if any BS spews forth we will as always give OUR opinion on things.

As for Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick’s press conference on Wednesday night on the Manti Te’o “hoax”….

….we can only say to Stanford Law School grad Jack Swarbrick:

“Is that REALLY the story you are going with Jack?”

We know that Jack Swarbrick is NOT an idiot and thus the only conclusion that we can draw from Swarbrick’s press conference is that….

“Something stinks in South Bend, Indiana.”

Again….just OUR opinion.

As for Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick and the University of Notre Dame not informing the news media and the public of what they clearly learned was a Bogus and Fraudulent story about Manti Te’o’s girlfriend dying from Te’o himself on or around December 26, 2012 we can only say that it is Total and Complete Bullshit that Notre Dame kept this story private (as may have members of the news media as well at large media organizations which if true is Soviet Union media style behavior) when the public clearly had a right to know that one of the BIGGEST stories in 2012 in sports was nothing but….

Completely Bogus and a Complete Fraud

…..and thus it is our opinion here at CHS that the University of Notre Dame kept this Manti Te’o girlfriend “hoax” story private because the Notre Dame football team was playing in the BCS National Title game which should signal to everyone about the integrity and ethics of the so-called “leadership” at the University of Notre Dame and that signal is that there is NO integrity and ethics at Notre Dame even if what the folks in South Bend are now saying is true!

Frankly, the entire “leadership” at the University of Notre Dame should be brought together into a room and FIRED by the Notre Dame trustees for hiding and keeping private this story of Manti Te’o and his non-existent dead girlfriend when the learned about it in late December but then that idea assumes that the trustees at the University of Notre Dame have a shred of integrity and ethics and in our opinion they don’t because in our opinion the trustees at the University of Notre Dame would take down the entire university if it meant hiding something that might cause a PR hit to the Notre Dame football team.

Again….just OUR opinion.

As for ESPN if the Worldwide Leader had this story on Te’o before the BCS National Championship game and sat on it so the story that Manti Te’o had a non-existent dead girlfriend wouldn’t negatively affect the TV ratings of the Alabama – Notre Dame BCS Title Game we can only say IF that is true then ANYONE at ESPN that knew about this story and didn’t report it to the public should be FIRED immediately.


We could go on for quite awhile in our way too longwinded manner on this entire Manti Te’o – Notre Dame – Girlfriend “Hoax” story BUT Clay Travis at his website Outkick the Coverage ASKS and ANSWERS many of the important questions that the news media and reporters that are paid large fortunes to cover the game of college football were unwilling or not interested in asking about Manti Te’o and his girlfriend “story.”

Read, learn and start asking questions to EVERYONE at Notre Dame and in the news media the kind of tough questions that MUST BE asked if we are going to have a functioning American Republic:

Manti Te’o’s Fake, Dead Girlfriend Breaks the Internet, Clay Travis, Outkick the Coverage



Lance Armstrong Admits to Doping


All you have to know about Lance Armstrong as a human being forget about as an athlete is that Armstrong is the two WORSE things that a successful and wealthy person can be:

1.  Lance Armstrong is a Pompous Arrogant Ass that believes he is God’s gift to Planet Earth (Think Lane Kiffin as well)

2.  Lance Armstrong is CHEAP

Of course, both of the above observations are OUR opinions and they were formed over the past decade from talking to people in the San Francisco Bay area that spent some time hanging out with and riding with Lance and to say that those folks had a negative opinion of Lance as a human being would be a BIG understatement but at the same time they also had a very high opinion of Lance Armstrong as an athlete and competitor.

YES, EVERYONE or almost everyone in professional cycling over the past two decades plus was using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDS) but that TRUTH sure the Hell doesn’t make it right that Lance Armstrong used PEDS and then tried to destroy the people that told the world that Armstrong was a cheater which happens to be the TRUTH.

Forget about the 7 Tour de France race wins and forget about all of the other accomplishments by Lance Armstrong during his amazing cycling and athletic career because they all pale in comparison to what a….

Very Sorry Excuse for a Human Being that Lance Armstrong TRULY IS


Many years ago a couple of us here at Coaches Hot Seat were in France on business while the Tour de France happened to be going on and it was one of those races that it looked like Lance Armstrong was going to win but not without some difficulty (2003)….

….and we were having lunch with a Frenchman friend of ours that worked in sports in a French Alps town that the Tour de France was headed towards and what our Frenchman friend of ours said about a decade ago really rings true today:

Coaches Hot Seat:  “So what do the French thing of Lance Armstrong?”

Frenchmen Friend:  “Armstrong is a pompous ass who cheats but then they (bicycle riders in the Tour de France) all cheat now and if there is an honest rider in the Tour I will buy our lunch.”

Coaches Hot Seat:  “I guess we are buying lunch.”

So true Frenchie so Damn true and in the coming years it will be interesting to see if Lance Armstrong attempts to right the many wrongs he committed against the people that were left in the wake of Lance working overtime to satisfy his MASSIVE EGO or if it will have to be Lance’s MAKER that will have to settle the score personally and if that turns out to be the case for Armstrong those 7 yellow jerseys will be really be completely worthless to you Lance.


San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Conference Championship Game in Atlanta


Before the 2012 – 2013 NFL season started it was the unanimous opinion of everyone here at Coaches Hot Seat that Jim Harbaugh’s San Francisco 49ers would win the NFC West Division and play at least one home playoff game and be back in the NFC Conference Championship Game with Alex Smith as the Niners QB just as Smith led San Francisco to the NFC Conference Championship Game last season.

In 2011 – 2012 the San Francisco 49ers went 13 – 3 in the regular season with Alex Smith at QB and beat the New Orleans Saints in San Francisco in the NFC Divisional Playoff Round before losing to the New York Giants at home in Candlestick in overtime in the NFC Conference Championship Game.

In 2012 – 2013 the 49ers opened the season with a record of…

6 – 2

…with Alex Smith at QB who was injured in Week 9 against the St. Louis Rams which is a game that Kaepernick finished which ended up in a tie between the 49ers and Rams and over the last 7 games with Kaepernick as the starting QB the 49ers are….

5 – 2

….with the two losses come AT St. Louis in Week 12 and AT Seattle in Week 15.

In our opinion the San Francisco 49ers would have finished with at least ONE more win if Alex Smith had been playing QB in the last 7 games and the 49ers would still be playing in the NFC Conference Championship Game in Atlanta on Sunday and the only question that remains to be asked and answered is….

Can the San Francisco 49ers with Colin Kaepernick at QB beat the Atlanta Falcons in the Georgia Dome to advance to the Super Bowl?

Well, the Vegas Boys have the San Francisco 49ers anywhere between a…

3 to 4.5 point favorite

….over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday and in our opinion the 49ers under Jim Harbaugh are just a MUCH BETTER team than Atlanta and IF San Francisco loses on Sunday to the Falcons it will be because Colin Kaepernick was inserted into the QB position with the Niners a season or two early and that is a move that might just cost San Francisco and Jim Harbaugh at shot at playing in the Super Bowl this year.

As for Colin Kaepernick he is a very hard working kid and a great talent that we here at Coaches Hot Seat are really pulling for hard to succeed and to that point all we can say now is…

San Francisco 49ers….

BEAT THE HELL out of the Atlanta Falcons

….which would be great fun to watch as would seeing Atlanta Falcons owner and former co-founder of The Home Depot Arthur Blank crying on the sidelines in the last few minutes of the game as his Falcons went down!

Come on San Francisco 49ers….

Let’s win the NFC Conference Game over the Atlanta Falcons and head to…

Super Bowl XLVII

….in New Orleans on February 3!

This is what we want back in San Francisco!




With most of the Coaches Hot Seat members getting together on Sunday to watch the two NFL Conference Championship Games we will have the….

Final 2012 – 2013 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

….out on Monday morning and they promise to be very interesting with Lane Kiffin no doubt headed to an entire offseason of sitting on the…

No. 1 Hot Seat


…..with 2013 being the make-or-break season for Lane Kiffin’s young coaching career because if the Trojans don’t get it done this Fall then the only question come December will be….

Who will be the Head Football Coach AND Athletic Director at USC?

Oh, you don’t think the “Powers That Be” at USC are going to allow Pat Haden to hire the next head football coach of the Trojans if Lane Kiffin has to be fired do you?

You see Pat Haden has made it crystal clear that he believes Lane Kiffin is a “GREAT COACH” and if you believe Lane Kiffin is a “GREAT COACH” then how in the Hell can you possibly hire a GREAT COACH to replace Kiffin?

Answer:  YOU CAN’T!

Just think come January 2014 USC athletics could have a…

New Basketball Coach

New Football Coach

New Athletic Director

YES, in Trojan Land it is now….FIRE ON!

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