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This Entire Manti Te’o Debacle Is the Biggest HORSESHIT “Story” We Have Heard In Our Time On This Earth – ESPN and Jeremy Schaap Should Be Ashamed That They Agreed To Do An “Off-Camera” Interview With Manti Te’o Who In Our Opinion Is One of the Biggest Frauds In American History – As for Te’o Blaming The Girlfriend “Hoax” On Why He Played Bad Against Alabama……That Is BS Te’o and Makes You Not Only A LIAR But A Candy Ass Pussy COWARD As Well

We have seen a lot of HORSESHIT over our four to five decades on this Earth…BUT….there is NO doubt in our minds that this Manti Te’o story is the….


…..in the history of the American Republic and it was capped with ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap doing a Bogus “off-camera” interview with Manti Te’o to supposedly get Te’o’s side of the story with Jeremy Schaap playing the role of the STOOGE.


What is it Manti Te’o?

Are you too much of a COWARD to appear on camera and answer questions from journalists that is if the American news media could round up a dozen journalists that could actually ask REAL questions and follow up on Te’o’s answers before they filed their Damn stories!

Reading Jeremy Schaap’s story from this “off-camera” interview with Manti Te’o…

Manti Te’o denies being part of hoax, ESPN.com

….we have to wonder if Jeremy Schaap was laughing out loud when he heard some of Te’o’s answers because no doubt the Jeremy Schaap we have known (as was his father Dick) has been a REAL journalist in his career that is always willing to ask tough questions…..

Remember this Jeremy when you took on Bobby Fisher? (The Strange Life of Bobby Fisher)

….but it sounds like Jeremy Schaap may have lost his way on the Te’o story for reasons undetermined at the moment.

Our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat on this entire Manti Te’o debacle:

Manti Te’o is a LIAR and a COWARD who doesn’t have the GUTS to just hold a press conference and take REAL questions from REAL journalists so he found Jeremy Schaap who as we found out tonight is in our opinion willing to sacrifice his journalistic ethics because NO REAL journalist especially working for a company like ESPN in 2013 would have done that interview with Te’o without it being videotaped BUT then Te’o’s “handlers” didn’t want Te’o on tape because the TRUTH would have been out there for all to see in living color but alas….NO videotape.

You should be ashamed Jeremy Schaap. Very Damn ashamed.

As for Notre Dame the Irish athletic department and the school had every opportunity in the world to TELL THE TRUTH to the world about what they knew to be TRUE about this Te’o “hoax” girlfriend story before the BCS national title game and yet in order to avoid embarrassment…..in our opinion of course…..Notre Dame and Manti Te’o kept quiet about the so-called girlfriend “hoax” story and also in our opinion if not for….


….actually doing their Damn jobs and acting like REAL journalists this entire story would have never made it into the public and also in our opinion Manti Te’o would be LYING about his “fake girlfriend” to this day.

To really put a capper on this entire story there was the below tidbit from Manti Te’o passed through the filter of Jeremy Schaap and ESPN so we don’t actually know if this actually TRUE or not since the mainstream media in America…


….and we are now doubting if Jeremy Schaap can now be trusted, but it was in Schaap’s story on his meeting with Te’o:

“A group of people, including a woman claiming to be Kekua, showed up at the team hotel for the Discover BCS National Championship Game in Miami. Te’o said he knew they were at the hotel because the group took photos in the lobby of the hotel. Te’o said it affected his play in the game, where Notre Dame lost to Alabama 42-14.”

Oh, so a group of people including a woman claiming to be Kekua showed up in Miami at Notre Dame’s hotel and that is why Te’o didn’t play well in the BCS title game against Alabama?

Oh, Manti Te’o you are worse than a COWARD.

You are a Candy Ass Pussy and a LIAR and ANY NFL team that is stupid enough to draft YOUR SORRY ASS is run by….

Very Damn Stupid People

…but then over 5o Percent of the NFL football teams are run by…

Very Damn Stupid People (Think Jerry Jones who may indeed may be stupider than Manti Te’o!)

….that would buy this Damn Cockamamie story and this is the Biggest HORSESHIT Cockamaney we have ever heard in our lives on this Earth.

Memo to Manti Te’o:  The Alabama football team…



KICKED THE HOLY HELL OUT OF THE Notre Dame football team as well

….in the BCS national title game and for you to blame being distraught and not playing well in that game over a “fake” girlfriend that you never met and you didn’t even know was a “hoax” until two days ago shows what a…

Very Damn Stupid Person

…..you are as well because it would take a Mind-Numbingly STUPID human being to not know a Helluva long time ago that this girl you were talking to online and over the phone was FRAUD and that is if people actually believe your BULLSHIT story and frankly….

We don’t believe ANYTHING that you have said and it is our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that…

Manti Te’o is a FRAUD.

As for Jeremy Schaap….

In our opinion Jeremy your father Dick who all of us here at Coaches Hot Seat thought the world of would have been embarrassed of you tonight with the HORSESHIT way you allowed the people “handling” Te’o to keep this interview “off-camera” which in the year 2013 is beyond Bogus and borderlines on ESPN making a fool of themselves and for what reason we have not figured out yet….

But we will found out that reason and then we will the email Deadspin.com because they are in our opinion one of the few news organizations in America that is actually willing to find, follow and tell the TRUTH.

We do miss you Dick Schaap and YES Dick Schaap was REAL and a LEGEND….

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