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San Francisco 49ers Back to the Super Bowl – Now Let’s Go Win the Super Bowl in New Orleans and Have Both the Lombardi Trophy and World Series Trophy in San Francisco at the Same Time! – Final 2012 – 2013 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

San Francisco 49ers Back to the Super Bowl – Now Let’s Go Win the Lombardi Trophy!


The San Francisco 49ers made the playoffs SIX times between the 49ers last Super Bowl win in 1994 and the arrival of Jim Harbaugh to be the head coach of the 49ers in 2011 but the last almost 20 seasons were for the most part terribly disappointing to 49ers fans and for many of us here at Coaches Hot Seat that have believed the San Francisco 49ers were terribly managed and coached until the last couple of years.

In the Fall of 2006 a small group of sports fans that pulled for, bought tickets for and supported the…

Stanford Cardinal Football
San Francisco 49ers
San Francisco Giants

….gathered in a bar in the Marina district of San Francisco


….to talk about just What in the Hell could be done to turn around the above three sports teams and out of that meeting at that bar rose…..

Coaches Hot Seat

….and as they say the rest is history!

The Stanford Cardinal Football Team is Now A Top 10 Football Program in the Country!

The San Francisco 49ers are playing in the Super Bowl!

The San Francisco Giants have WON Two World Series Titles!

What did we do to impact any of the above teams and their successes?


BUT at times organizations and sports teams need a “slight nudge” or a “suggestion” or a “recommendation” or a “kick in the ass” or a “ultimatum” and sometimes when the RIGHT person does any or all of the above it gets a person who sits in a decision-making role’s attention and if we have played even a tiny role in pushing the right buttons at the right time then all the better BUT as always the CREDIT goes to the men actually “in the arena” which means the…





….that have put Stanford Football, the San Francisco 49ers and the San Francisco Giants at the top of their respective sports and now it is time for the San Francisco 49ers to prepare thoroughly for the upcoming Super Bowl in New Orleans so they can play great against the Baltimore Ravens (Congrats to John Harbaugh, Ray Lewis and the Ravens for being AFC Champions!) and bring this….


…back to San Francisco!

Congratulations to the San Francisco 49ers for being NFC Champions!

Now let’s WIN the Super Bowl and have the World Series Trophy….


…and Lombardi Trophy in the same city, San Francisco, at the same time!


Final 2012 – 2013 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

We do miss you Johnny Cash but even though you are gone that doesn’t mean you can’t still GIVE THEM HELL!

1.  Lane Kiffin, USC – Whatever actually happened in the USC locker room after the Sun Bowl…

Lane Kiffin: “Nothing physical”, ESPN.com

….the REAL story out of the Sun Bowl was how completely unprepared that the USC Trojans were to play Georgia Tech even after a month-plus of preparation time…

Lane Kiffin was the problem in Sun Bowl, Ted Miller, ESPN.com

….which goes right to the heart of the problem with the USC football program and it has nothing to do with NCAA sanctions or some other Bogus excuse that lots of people working for USC are now making in the John McKay Center even as you read this blog.

The problem with the USC football program is very simple and very straight-forward for everyone to understand:

The PROBLEM with USC football is Lane Kiffin.


A Coaches Hot Seat member was in Los Angeles on business recently and had lunch with one of our long-time USC-alum buddies and after some back-and-forth about what the Pac-12 Conference football race might look like in 2013 that USC-alum looked off into the distance at Santa Monica Bay and said….

“USC (football team) is one bad game away from completely unraveling.”

Coaches Hot Seat:  “What do you mean by that?”

USC-alum:  “There is now an undercurrent running throughout and around the USC program that Kiffin doesn’t know what the Hell he is doing and this past season bears that thought out because USC had more talent than every single team on its schedule and ended up going 7 – 6 and finished the year losing to a Georgia Tech team that got crushed by Middle Tennessee State at home.”

Coaches Hot Seat:  “So what USC game are you worried about in 2013?”

USC-alum:  “Well, the Trojans start off with games against Hawaii, Washington State, Boston College and Utah State with only the Hawaii game being on the road and if USC can’t go 4 – 0 against those teams then Kiffin might not make it to the Notre Dame game on October 16 in South Bend.”

Coaches Hot Seat:  “You think Haden would fire Kiffin during the season?”

USC-alum:  “He just fired the USC basketball coach in the middle of the season didn’t he?”

Coaches Hot Seat:  “Yes, no doubt that got Lane’s attention! So how many games does Kiffin have to win in 2013 to return in 2014?”

USC-alum:  “It’s not a matter of a number of games that Lane has to win. Lane Kiffin needs to win the Pac-12 title in 2013 or he will be out of a job by the middle of December.”

Coaches Hot Seat:  “Geez, and we thought the Alabama fans had high expectations.”

USC-alum:  “Hey, whether Pat Haden remembers it or not this is still USC football and another mediocre season after Pete Carroll proved that USC can compete for a national title every season is just unacceptable.”

Coaches Hot Seat:  “Amen to that!”

Just for the record here is USC’s 2013 football schedule:

August 29 – at Hawaii
September 7 – Washington State
September 14 – Boston College
September 21 – Utah State
September 28 – at Arizona State
October 10 – Arizona
October 16 – at Notre Dame
October 26 – Utah
November 1 – at Oregon State
November 9 – at California
November 16 – Stanford
November 23 – at Colorado
November 30 – UCLA

Our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat on what Lane Kiffin has to do at USC in 2013:

Even with the NCAA sanctions USC will again in 2013 have MORE TALENT than EVERY team on its schedule so anything less than 10 wins and Lane Kiffin’s head coaching career is over unless of course there is someone STUPID enough to hire Lane Kiffin again and as long as Jerry Jones is running the Dallas Cowboys there will always be a possibility that there will be someone STUPID enough to do just that!

Memo to Jerry Jones:  FIRE Jason Garrett and hire Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops to be the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. We called one of the few people we really know in the great state of Oklahoma and asked him if Bob Stoops would take the Dallas Cowboys job and that wealthy Oklahoman said to us:


“Bob Stoops would take the Dallas Cowboys job and would win a Super Bowl or two with the Cowboys.”

We happen to agree with the above completely BUT one has to wonder:

Does the 70 year old Jerry Jones want to win another Super Bowl with the Dallas Cowboys?

If he does then he needs to FIRE Jason Garrett and HIRE Bob Stoops.


2.  Randy Edsall, Maryland – In two seasons at Maryland Randy Edsall has put up these records…

2011 – 2 – 10
2012 – 4 – 8

Overall:  6 – 18
ACC:  3 – 13

…..and what Randy Edsall MUST DO in 2013 is very simple for everyone to understand:

Either Maryland gets to at least 6 wins in 2013 with the Terps playing these teams…

Old Dominion
At UConn
West Virginia (in Baltimore)
Boston College
At Florida State
At NC State
At Virginia Tech
At Wake Forest

….or the Randy Edsall-era at Maryland will end sometime in the month of December of this year.



3.  Charlie Weis, Kansas – Yes, the Kansas Jayhawks did go….

1 – 11 Overall


0 – 9 in Big 12 play

….in 2012 BUT Kansas under Charlie Weis in 2012 SHOULD HAVE beat Texas and they COULD HAVE beat two or three other teams but…

SHOULD HAVE and COULD HAVE along with .25 cents is worth about…

.25 cents!

The good folks at the University of Kansas gave Charlie Weis a contract that guarantees that Weis will be paid….

$2.5 Million Dollars

…..for the five years of his contract which means Weis has…

$10 Million Dollars

….left on his contract right now and will in December 2013 have…

$7.5 Million Dollars

….left on his contract so for the sake of the good folks at the University of Kansas we hope that Charlie Weis and the Jayhawks have a better 2013 because if KU goes 1 – 11, 2 – 10 or 3 – 9 this coming season there is going to be a lot of HEAT brought to bear on Charlie Weis AND the people that hired Charlie Weis in Lawrence which means that Charlie Weis better…


Oh, that’s right…

Charlie Weis is guaranteed to be paid $10 Million Dollars over the next four years whether Kansas wins another game or NOT!

Here is the Kansas 2013 football schedule:

September 7 – South Dakota
September 14 – at Rice
September 21 – La. Tech
October 5 – Texas Tech
October 12 – TCU
October 19 – Oklahoma
October 26 – Baylor
November 2 – at Texas
November 9 – at Oklahoma State
November 16 – West Virginia
November 23 – at Iowa State
November 30 – Kansas State

Our recommendation to the BIG boosters and wealthy alumni that support Kansas football and Kansas athletics:

Get your checkbooks ready because come December you may just have to stroke some BIG checks to pay off Charlie Weis’ contract after Weis is fired and the contract of the athletic director at KU that hired Weis as well!

YES, Coach Hard Charlie but then if you don’t Coach Hard you get paid Millions of Dollars also and many of us here at Coaches Hot Seat after seeing all of these Absurd and Stupid contracts that schools have given their head football coaches over the years are wondering how we can get a contract that will pay us whether we are successful at our job or not or even if we are working at our company or not!

No, don’t try to sell that kind of BS to our boards of directors because they would toss us out on our asses if we tried the kind of BS that passes for “contract negotiations” in Major College Football!

4.  Kirk Ferentz, Iowa – We know a SURE-FIRE way to destroy a successful college football program!

After a head coach has one successful year give that head coach a BIG guaranteed contract that will pay him…

$25 Plus Million Dollars

….over 7 years and watch your football program head into freefall!

Case in point:  Iowa football and the Hawkeyes head coach Kirk Ferentz!

After Iowa went 11 – 2 in 2009 playing in a weak Big Ten Conference the good folks at Iowa gave Kirk Ferentz a contract that guaranteed to pay Ferentz $20 plus Million Dollars over the next several years whether Ferentz is great, good, average, sorry or worthless in doing his job and over the pass three seasons Iowa has done this…

2010 – 8 – 5
2011 – 7 – 6
2012 – 4 – 8

…..which is what you call a FREEFALL and what one also could call…

Average and bordering on SORRY!

We could say in this spot that Kirk Ferentz needs to win 6 games in 2013 to keep his job BUT then Iowa…


….to buy Kirk Ferentz out even if they did want to fire him so Ferentz can turn in another…


…year in 2013 and still get paid around….

$4 Million Dollars!

YES, America is a GREAT country especially if you are working for MORONS that can get easily rolled by your agent!

5.  DeWayne Walker, New Mexico State – In four seasons on the job at New Mexico State DeWayne Walker has put up records of…

2009 – 3 – 10
2010 – 2 – 10
2011 – 4 – 8
2012 – 1 – 11

Overall:  10 – 40
WAC:  4 – 25

….and if the above records are good enough for the folks at New Mexico State then they are good enough for us!

6.  Bobby Hauck, UNLV – In seven seasons at Montana Bobby Hauck NEVER WON less than 8 games in a season and in 3 seasons at UNLV Bobby Hauck has WON….

6 Games TOTAL

….which explains why Bobby Hauck is now on the HOT SEAT and why 2013 is….


….for Hauck and UNLV or the Bobby Hauck-era in Vegas will come to end by the middle of December.

Hey, Bobby Hauck is going to have no problem getting another head coaching job especially on the Division I-AA (FCS) level if he gets fired by UNLV later this year BUT if Hauck wants to move up to the BIG-TIME meaning a school bigger than UNLV then he must be successful at UNLV and that means that 2013 is the year that things must get turned around or else…..

7.  Kevin Wilson, Indiana – In two seasons at Indiana Kevin Wilson has put up records of…

2011 – 1 – 11
2012 – 4 – 8

…and things need to continue to improve in 2013 for the Hoosiers and that is mainly because Wilson took over an Indian football program from Bill Lynch that was struggling BUT competitive in most games and thus the improvement must continue for Wilson and his football team this coming season or else 2014 will be the make-or-break year for Wilson and Company.

Of course, if Indiana goes 1 – 11 in 2013 then all bets are off and the Hot Seat will be on fire under Wilson’s butt!


8.  Rich Ellerson, Army – Rich Ellerson won 56 games in 8 seasons at Cal-Poly before taking over at Army in 2009 and in the last four years Ellerson and the Cadets have put up records of…

2009 – 5 – 7
2010 – 7 – 6
2011 – 3 – 9
2012 – 2 – 9

Overall: 17 – 31

What the Hell?

Why does it seem the Army football team is stagnating or actually going backwards under Rich Ellerson who we know can coach the game of football?

Our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat for what is going on with Army football:

The Army football players are not working as hard as they could work and they are not committed to being part of a winning football team at West Point.

Considering that the members of the Army football team are the future officers of the US Army we are starting to get very concerned about just what in the Hell is going on not only with Army football but at West Point as well at that should concern every American Citizen as well.

Our question to the Superintendent at West Point Lieutenant General David H. Huntoon, Jr. is:

What the Hell is going on at West Point?

9.  Terry Bowden, Akron – After sitting out of coaching for over a decade after leaving Auburn in 1998 and taking the North Alabama job where Terry Bowden put up a record of…

29 – 9

…in three seasons in his first season at Akron Bowden put up a record of..

1 – 11

….which has landed Terry Bowden on the Hot Seat!

Welcome back to I-A (FBS) coaching Terry Bowden and now COACH HARD or things will just get HOTTER in 2013!


10.  Steve Sarkisian, Washington – There is NO DOUBT that Steve Sarkisian took over a tough situation at Washington with a Huskies team that had won…

12 Games

….in the previous five seasons BUT in four seasons at UW Sarkisian has put up records of…

2009 – 5 – 7
2010 – 7 – 6
2011 – 7 – 6
2012 – 7 – 6

Overall:  26 – 25
Pac-12:  19 – 17

…..and in the words of a former boss of a Coaches Hot Seat member who is a life-long Seattle resident and Washington-alum that gives plenty of his hard-earned money to UW:

“That’s just not good enough.”

In the Western United States there is only one fan base that has higher expectations for their football team than Washington and that is USC and thus why the fans of UW football that we know believe that…

ONE GAME above .500

….in four seasons by Steve Sarkisian is “just not good enough” and that loss to a woeful Washington State team in the Apple Cup and the loss to Boise State in the bowl game to end the season did a lot of damage to Steve Sarkisian’s standing among Washington fans, boosters and alumni and that means 2013 is a critical year for Steve Sarkisian whether he understands that FACT or not.

Our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat of why Steve Sarkisian has struggled somewhat in his four years at Washington:

Steve Sarkisian is NOT working hard enough.

Oh, Steve Sarkisian is spending plenty of time in the office BUT in our opinion he is NOT doing the kind of nitty-gritty hard work that the top coaches in college football do on a consistent basis 24/7 and almost 365 days a year and until Sarkisian decides he is willing to making the kind of commitment and sacrifice that Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Chris Petersen, James Franklin, David Shaw, Charlie Strong and many other college head coaches are making to their football programs the Washington football program will continue to stagnate and Steve Sarkisian will find that is rear-end will continue to heat up!

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