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Phil Mickelson Should Tell the Wacko Liberal Nuts In the Broken State of California To Take Their Massive Tax Increase on the Entrepreneurs, Job Creators and High-Income Earners and Stuff It Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine! – Hey, Jupiter, Florida Is A Great Place To Live Phil and in the Summers When It Is Hot As Hell In South Florida….You Can Join Coaches Hot Seat In Aspen, Colorado….Rocky Mountain High! – Our Take On Chip Kelly to the Philadelphia Eagles and What New Oregon Head Coach Mark Helfrich MUST DO To Stay Off the Hot Seat! – Coach Hard Mark!

One of the greatest golfers that has ever lived, Phil Mickelson, has made some noise in recent days about the confiscatory tax rates in the Broken State of California (13.3% for high-earners) that combined with the new Federal Income Tax rate on Americans making over $250,000 (39.4%) equals about a 50 Percent Marginal Tax Rate which led Phil to say that some “drastic changes” were in order which we here at Coaches Hot Seat took to mean Phil coming to his senses and moving from California to a state like Florida, Texas or Nevada where there is NO state income tax and if Phil Mickelson does decide to abandon the Broken State of California for another American state that does NOT…

Wage A Daily and Direct War on Entrepreneurs, Job Creators and High-Income Earners

….then we are here at Coaches Hot Seat would welcome Phil Mickelson to the REAL world outside of California where life is good and where government officials aren’t working overtime to destroy every family and business that enters their field of vision!

No apology necessary from Phil Mickelson, who has every right to complain about California tax hike, Hank Gola, New York Post


The Wall Street Journal is out with a very entertaining editorial about Phil Mickelson’s current high-tax in the Broken State plight….

The Mickelson Vote, Lefty Offends the Lefties, Wall Street Journal

…and Daniel J. Mitchell of the Cato Institute has done a nice video primer on the Laffer Curve which is an economic theory (a FACT for us here at Coaches Hot Seat) on the Idiocy of governments raising taxes on people and expecting more tax revenue as if people are just Idiots that will sit back and take the punishment of the People that states like the Broken State of California inflict on its citizens or will continue to work just as hard when they get less and less for their hard work.

Here is Daniel J. Mitchell’s story on Phil Mickelson at Cato at Liberty…

California’s One-Man Laffer Curve, Cato at Liberty

…..and Daniel’s nice explanation of Arthur Laffer’s “Laffer Curve” which is a must-see for Americans living in high-tax states that are thinking about moving to another US state where they can keep more of their hard-earned money!

Come on Phil Mickelson….

Tell the Wacko Liberal Nuts that are destroying the Broken State of California to take their BS and….

Stuff It Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine!

Hell, for the Millions of Dollars you would save yearly by moving to Florida you could buy a Massive home near Tiger Woods in Jupiter, Florida and still have lots of YOUR hard-earned money left over to do great things with like give it to worthy charities instead of handing it over to the Wacko Liberal Nuts in Sacramento!

Hey, one of our South Florida real estate experts (meaning his wife is always sending him listings of homes in South Florida that she would like to buy!) has a couple of homes you could buy near Jupiter!

203 S. Beach Road, Hobe Sound, Florida
9 Bedrooms
17 Baths
20,931 sq. ft.



146 Bear’s Club Drive, Jupiter, Florida
9 Bedrooms
12 Baths
12,332 sq. ft


Hell, those houses look mighty fine Phil and in the summer when it gets to Damn hot in South Florida and the kids are out of school you could join Coaches Hot Seat in Aspen, Colorado!


Hell, this home near Maroon Creek Golf Club is available!

1230 S. Tiehack Road, Aspen, Colorado
4 Bedrooms
4 Baths
6,488 sq. ft.


Now tell the Wacko Liberal Nuts in Sacramento to GO TO HELL and go out and play great in the PGA Tour event at Torrey Pines this week!



Chip Kelly to the Philadelphia Eagles


Former Oregon head coach Mike Bellotti pointed out a few reasons why Chip Kelly will be a success in the NFL in an interview this past week…

Bellotti explains what sets Chip Kelly apart from other coaches, Sports Radio Interviews

“What he saw in Chip Kelly:

“I brought him in as an offensive coordinator. You don’t really look at a person and say, ‘This guy will be a great head coach,’ but as I worked with him for a couple of years, what you see is the detail orientation, the ability to communicate with players and coaches, the ability to recruit, the ability to motivate, the creativity involved with the offense and the understanding of both offense and defense. Chip is a great football coach and he will be successful at any level because football is football. It doesn’t matter if you coach the high school level, the college level or the NFL level. I know people are going to laugh when I say that, but the reality is it’s just coaching ball and it’s really about the Xs and Os and then it is about the people you get. The number of people in the stands don’t affect the game itself, so Chip’s schemes and thought processes on how he is going to attack a defense, who he is going to put on the field and how he is going to make sure they’re successful is what separates him from the average coach.”

We agree with Coach Bellotti as well on what separates Chip Kelly from other coaches and why we think Kelly will turn the Philadelphia Eagles into a force in the NFC East in very short-order and make Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ life a living Hell in the process….BUT….there is also something else about Chip Kelly that we have noticed that we also believe will serve him well in the NFL.

That “something” is that Chip Kelly will not allow his EGO to get in the way of making critical decisions on and off the field with the Philadelphia Eagles and if something is not working or a player is not performing or someone is not pulling his weight then Kelly will move to change that scheme, player or person or remove its presence from the football team if necessary and as long as the general manager and owner of the Philadelphia Eagles stay out of Kelly’s business of coaching and managing the team the Eagles will play winning football and make the people in Philly that hired Chip Kelly look very smart indeed.


As for new Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich we have heard great things about Mark for years and we here at Coaches Hot Seat welcome Mark Helfrich to the roster of one of the 124 I-A (FBS) head coaches that we follow very closely here at CHS and as we size-up the very powerful and loaded Oregon football team that Helfrich takes over from Chip Kelly we make this observation:

Chip Kelly has left the Oregon Ducks football team loaded with talent and there are plenty of very good assistant coaches that are staying around in Eugene and thus…


….by the Oregon Ducks and come December Mark Helfrich will find his rear-end on the Hot Seat!

A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

Welcome to the Head Coaching ranks in I-A (FBS) Football Mark Helfrich and we would recommend you wake-up every day and coach like your job and future is on the line….

Because that is the TRUTH and as Lance Armstrong said….”The Truth Shall Set You Free….AND/OR…..Put You on the Hot Seat!

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