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The Manti Te’o – Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Madness and the TRUTH – “When Something Doesn’t Make Any Sense At All the Most Logical Explanation For What Is Really Going On Is More Than Likely the TRUTH.” – As for the University of Notre Dame… – As For Manti Te’o…. – As For Ronaiah Tuiasosopo….

The Manti Te’o – Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Madness and the TRUTH


The trainers and teachers that taught the former members of the US Military here at Coaches Hot Seat that worked in intelligence at some time during their time in the service stressed the point that….

“When something doesn’t make any sense at all the most logical explanation for what is really going on is more than likely the TRUTH.”

Before we get to the Manti Te’o and Ronaiah Tuiasosopo madness let’s first review a real world situation where someone in US Military intelligence helped his commander make a critical decision on whether to attack a potential threat in a real world scenario that happened in the Persian Gulf over 25 years ago.

A United States Naval Warship is patrolling the waters of the Persian Gulf with the task of insuring the waterways of the Gulf remain open for all commercial shipping traffic and while conducting this mission the US Naval Warship is shadowed continuously by Iranian patrol boats that have some missile capability and roughly look like the boat in this photo:


One day while the US Naval Warship is patrolling the waters of the Persian Gulf 20 or so miles off the Iranian coast the Operations Specialist manning the surface radar scope notices that one of the Iranian patrol boats that has been shadowing the US Naval Warship for a couple of weeks is now headed directly for the US Naval ship at a constant pace of around 10 knots which is much different from the roughly parallel course the Iranian ships almost always take when shadowing US Naval Forces in the Gulf.

When the Iranian patrol boat closes within 10 miles of the US Naval Warship the Commanding Officer orders General Quarters and tells the Tactical Action Officer in Combat Information Center to work-up a fire-control solution to hit the Iranian patrol boat with both a missile and guns and the Commanding Officer then calls the Intelligence Officer of the ship to the bridge to discuss the threat posed by the Iranian patrol boat and why it might be headed directly towards their ship.

When the Intelligence Officer arrives on the bridge the Iranian patrol boat has closed within 9 miles of the US Naval Warship and is continuing on a direct route towards the ship at a constant 10 knots and the Commanding Officer asks the Intelligence Officer:

CO: “ What do you make of this Iranian boat headed our way?”

IO:  “Could be just doing a harassing move letting us know he is there or he could be moving in for some kind of quick attack but he and his commanders would have to know that would be a suicide mission.”

Just as the Intelligence Officer says that a Lamps Mark III helicopter is lifting off the flight deck of the ship to go and check-out the Iranian patrol boat and the CO and IO both watch it lift-off and fly towards the Iranian patrol boat in the distance.


CO:  “Well, whatever the Hell he is doing he has about 5 minutes to make his intentions clear or I will blow his ass out of the water.”

The Commanding Officer then instructs someone in Combat Information Center to send out a warning to the Iranian patrol boat that is putting his ship in danger and within seconds the entire bridge can hear that message go out which is played over the bridge speaker

“Iranian warship bearing 090 from US Naval Warship “X” you are putting your ship in harm’s way. Change course now or expect hostile action against your ship. Iranian warship bearing 090 from…..”

CO to IO:  “Why else would he be approaching us besides harassment or some kind of attack.”

The pilot of the Lamps Mark III helicopter radios in which can be heard over the bridge speaker:

Helicopter Pilot:  “We have the patrol boat in our sights and he is heading in a straight line at a constant speed toward your position.”

Tactical Action Officer over the radio to helicopter pilot: “Does he have any of his weapons systems in any kind of ready mode?”

Helicopter pilot:  “Hard to tell. Lots of people on the bridge of that patrol boat doing something though.”

CO to Combat Information Center:  “Do you have a firing solution on the patrol boat?”

Tactical Action Officer to CO:  “Yes, Sir.”

CO to Combat Information Center:  “Bring up the missile and arm it and have the gun standing by. Tell the helicopter to pull away to the South to clear the firing zone.”

Tactical Action Officer to CO:  “Yes, Sir. We are ready and awaiting your order sir.”

CO to IO on the bridge:  “So what could this Son of a Bitch be up to?”

IO:  “Since he is doing a constant speed and is not seeming to be arming any of his weapons systems his rudder and/or engine might be stuck or have malfunctioned.”

CO to IO:  “Yes, that is a possibility.”

CO to Officer of the Deck:  “Let’s pick up the speed and see if this patrol boat matches our move. All ahead two-thirds, change course 30 degrees to starboard.”

Officer of the Deck:  “Aye, Aye Sir. All ahead two-thirds. Change course to 040.”

CO to Combat Information Center:  “Did you hear that course and speed change Combat?”

Tactical Action Officer: “ Yes, sir. We still have a firing solution ready.”

CO:  “OK, let’s see what this Son of a Bitch is up to.”

The US Naval Warship picks-up speed considerably and changes course and after about 2 minutes it was clear the Iranian patrol boat was not matching the speed and direction of the US ship and was continuing on a straight-line course at 10 knots.

CO to IO:  “You might be right about his rudder being stuck or broken or something wrong with his engine.”

CO to Combat Information Center:  “Have the helicopter close in on the patrol boat from behind to and see what they are up to.”

One could hear the message to the helicopter go out over the bridge speaker and about 3 minutes later the helicopter pilot is heard over the radio saying:

Helicopter Pilot:  “It looks like they are having some kind of problem with their rudder and maybe engine as well because there are a few guys hanging over the back of the ship and lots of people in the bridge doing something as well.”

CO to IO:  “Hey, you may have just saved the lives of 10 Iranians. How does that make you feel?”

IO:  “As long as they weren’t involved in taking those hostages in Tehran I could care less.”

CO to IO:  “Well, as hot as this area (Persian Gulf) has been lately us blowing that Iranian patrol boat out of the water wouldn’t have been good move PR wise.”

IO to CO:  “Just doing my job keeping these Idiot Iranians alive.”

CO to IO:  “File a report and tell the boys in Bahrain there is an Iranian patrol boat that is out-of-control in the Persian Gulf.”

What is the POINT of the above real-world incident and what does it have to do with the Manti Te’o and Ronaiah Tuiasosopo madness you ask?

Well, since none of this Manti Te’o and Ronaiah Tuiasosopo madness makes any Damn sense at all to anyone here at Coaches Hot Seat then the most logical explanation for what really happened is more than likely the TRUTH.

In OUR opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat the most logically explanation for what really happened in the Manti Te’o and Ronaiah Tuiasosopo madness is…..

Since it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to believe that anyone could possibly be as STUPID and GULLIBLE as Manti Te’o has come off over the past 10 days or so it is OUR opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that…

Manti Te’o and Ronaiah Tuiasosopo were involved in some kind of pseudo-sexual and Incredibly Damn Weird relationship that no one here at Coaches Hot Seat can explain or possibly comprehend.

YES, there is a chance that this is just a case of…

A Severely Deranged and Mentally Unstable Human Being = Ronaiah Tuiasosopo


Someone About 30 IQ Points Short of Being a Moron = Manti Te’o

…coming together to inadvertently form one of the Weirdest Damn Relationships in the history of Man and Woman on Planet Earth and it looks like that is the story that Manti Te’o and Ronaiah Tuiasosopo’s attorney are now trying to sell but for us here at Coaches Hot Seat…


It was interesting to see Katie Couric do a pretty tough and straight-forward interview with Manti Te’o and that may have been because we have heard Katie is angling to join her old buddy from the Today Show, Jeff Zucker, who is now President of CNN and one of the most interesting questions to Te’o from Katie was:

“Are you gay?”

Which Manti Te’o answered by saying:

“No…..Far From It…..FAR FROM IT.”

Obviously, we here at Coaches Hot Seat don’t have a Freaking Clue if Manti Te’o is gay or not which is no doubt an issue that Manti Te’o wants to get out in front of whether he is gay or not since that would be a serious issue to deal with in the NFL and would certainly impact his NFL draft status…

Katie Couric asks Manti Te’o if he’s gay, his answers speaks volumes, Pro Football Talk

We have no doubt with so many people here at Coaches Hot Seat that grew up and lived in the San Francisco Bay area for several decades and since we know, have and are friends with, have worked with and have been around in many different situations a lot more gay men than the vast majority of the people reading this blog on the issue of whether Manti Te’o should come out of the closet or not if he is gay is a no-brainer meaning Te’o should tell the world he is gay IF he is gay and admit it now OR if Te’o is straight he should start dating lots of hot woman that Te’o could find very easily and which would send a direct message to anyone that was interested (like NFL teams and his future NFL teammates and opponents) that he is not gay.

In 2013 we believe that Manti Te’o could weather the storm of coming out of the closet if he is gay and have a successful but no doubt trying at times career in the NFL but playing in the NFL while still in the closet if Te’o is gay would probably be worse that just coming clean right now.

On this whole “gay” thing one issue that always made us here at Coaches Hot Seat a little uncomfortable and jealous in an interesting way was when we worked-out with, played racquetball against or saw one of our friends at a health club like the San Francisco Bay Club


….was that once the workout of was over here we were heterosexual guys undressing and showering in the men’s locker room with lots of gay men which on more than one occasion led to a CHS member telling one of his gay friends something like….

“Eyes forward son. Don’t be looking at my ass!”

…which always got a good laugh from everyone nearby BUT there was another issue that made us jealous and that was that here were these gay men who were able to be in a men’s locker room with other naked men that they were attracted to BUT we could not be in the women’s locker room and be naked with the women we were attracted to!

Now how the Hell is that fair?

It ISN’T FAIR is the answer to that question!

YES…IF…Manti Te’o is gay he should admit it now and quit living a lie and if Te’o is just an incredibly gullible kid that is a few IQ points short of room temperature and also happens to be a devoted Mormon and all that goes with being a devoted Mormon (meaning no fun in bed until the wedding night!) then we would recommend that Manti Te’o start dating a really hot Mormon woman and never let that hot woman leave his side between now and the NFL Draft in late April!


As for the University of Notre Dame and the Notre Dame Athletic Department if this Cockamamie story they have put out so far about what they know about Manti Te’o is true and Te’o was having a “relationship” with someone that was occupying what must have been the vast majority of Te’o’s free time away from the classroom and football field it REALLY does in our opinion say a lot about how….

Very Damn Sorry

…that these folks at Notre Dame are if Manti Te’o didn’t think that he could go to someone at Notre Dame and talk about the concerns he had about this girl he had never met but was somehow attached to him for hours a time over the phone and via the Internet,

Even worse in our minds though is that the Notre Dame athletic department and AD Jack Swarbrick did not immediately act when they say Manti Te’o first came to them with his concerns about a “hoax” that was being perpetuated against him on December 26 because IF Notre Dame had immediately contacted the police and FBI the so-called “hoax” would have been shut-down completely within 24 hours BUT in our opinion the people at Notre Dame were more concerned with the BIG public relations hit that would have come with Manti Te’o having to admit that Lennay Kekua was a girl he was in “love with” BUT had never met and that Te’o had in FACT been “hoaxed” by a MAN!

YES, it is OUR opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that the Notre Dame Athletic Department put Public Relations ahead of the best interests of Manti Te’o (If what Notre Dame is saying about everything related to Manti Te’o and the fake girlfriend is the whole TRUTH which we DO NOT BELIEVE for a nanosecond) and because Notre Dame put Public Relations or rather not taking a BIG Public Relations hit ahead of a student-athlete instead of just telling the TRUTH to the public the “hoax” continued against Manti Te’o in Miami right up until the BCS title game against Alabama.

Lance Armstrong was right:  “The TRUTH will set you free and the folks at Notre Dame should right now TELL THE TRUTH because one way or the other the TRUTH is coming out and the further we get from the month of December the more painful the ramifications of the TRUTH coming out will be.

Just ask Jim Tressel about that FACT.

Shame on the University of Notre Dame and as for Manti Te’o we can only say:

Get a FREAKING CLUE son OR admit that you are gay IF you are gay already! If you are NOT gay…..find some hot Mormon woman and quick and have your PR hacks take lots of pictures of you kissing and hugging that woman that will then of course be “leaked” to the tabloids which will lead to headlines like…

“Te’o’s New Girlfriend! She’s REAL this time….and HOT!”

As for Ronaiah Tuiasosopo:  You need a team of psychologists, psychiatrists and medical doctors to have you under serious observation and treatment around the clock for years to come because you are either gay AND very Damn strange or….

You are one sick puppy son!

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