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Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, Manti Te’o and the HUGE News Story That Never Was – The University of Miami and the NCAA Investigation and the Curious Case of Mark Emmert

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, Manti Te’o and the HUGE News Story That Never Was


There must be a lot of reporters and columnists that cover Major College Football that are thinking something like this to themselves right now:

“I could have broken one of the biggest stories in college football history if I had made one phone call……one Damn phone call!”

Yep, “one Damn phone call” is all it would have taken for the leading lights in the media that cover Major College Football to blow open the…

Manti Te’o girlfriend isn’t dead hoax story

….right in the middle of the college football season which would have forever immortalized the reporter that broke that story just like Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward were immortalized forever for breaking the Watergate story and trapping Richard Nixon in his massive web of lies.

Just imagine the headline of the story on Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend not actually existing as it would have looked, sounded and read in the middle of the college football season:

Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend actually never existed and in fact Te’o has been talking for months to a 25-year old man who lives in Palmdale, California who disguised his voice to talk like a girl and whose real name is Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, “X Reporter or Columnist, “X media publication”

That is of course if you believe that Manti Te’o is such a MORON that he could have carried on a “relationship” with someone over a phone that he was “in love with” even though he NEVER ACTUALLY MET THE WOMAN in question who we now know was in fact a…..MAN!

YES, this is a TRUE STORY!

What the Hell can you do but laugh out loud when you hear these Manti Te’o – Ronaiah Tuiasosopo stories because that is all we here at Coaches Hot Seat have been doing for the last two weeks as these amazing stories are reported in the news media which have forced us to….


Of course, after Katie Couric weighed in with Manti Te’o in a very well done interview we must say Dr. Phil had to get involved which led to this LAUGH OUT LOUD headline in USA Today…

Dr. Phil: Tuiasosopo “romantically in love” with Te’o, USA Today

NO Dr. Phil…in our opinion….

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo is a COMPLETE LOON that needs serious mental help and quick and we also must say that Ronaiah like Manti aren’t exactly filling out forms to join Mensa anytime soon!

As for Manti Te’o and the University of Notre Dame’s various timelines on when everyone knew about the dead girlfriend “hoax” (which we still don’t believe because you would have to have an IQ below 50 to participate in such a stupid and long-running relationship and the folks here at Coaches Hot Seat that used to do training in the US Military peg Te’o’s IQ of average to above average based upon his appearances on TV) in our opinion Manti Te’o and the University of Notre Dame slow-walked this entire “hoax” BS so that the story would not come out before the BCS title game against Alabama and in fact we don’t believe that Te’o or Notre Dame would have said word one about this Bogus story unless they were forced to and REAL TRUTH is that this story was actually about…

College football fans and many Americans getting HOAXED

….by Tuiasosopo and Te’o and it was the American People who were the ones that were LIED to on multiple occasions in our opinion by Manti Te’o and Notre Dame who also in our opinion advised Manti Te’o to LIE during press availabilities in the run-up to the BCS title game.


As for Notre Dame defending their handling of the entire Manti Te’o matter…

Notre Dame defends its investigation, Matt Fortuna, ESPN.com

….we here at Coaches Hot Seat didn’t fall off the last turnip truck driving into town from the country and having lived in California for most of our lives before the Wacko Liberal Nuts drove us out of the Broken State we saw first-hand as it became known that countless Catholic churches and organizations LIED to anyone and everyone for decades while hiding and moving priests from parish to parish that were sexually abusing children….

Los Angeles church leaders sough to hide sex abuse cases from authorities, Los Angeles Times

“Fifteen years before the clergy sex abuse scandal came to light, Archbishop Roger M. Mahony and a top advisor plotted to conceal child molestation by priests from law enforcement, including keeping them out of California to avoid prosecution, according to internal Catholic church records released Monday.”

…. so there is NO WAY in Hell that anyone here at Coaches Hot Seat would trust the “leadership” at Notre Dame to wash our cars forget about how they might have handled what was nothing less than an incredibly embarrassing story that if it had come out during the college football season (as it should have if only one reporter had made one phone call) would have devastated Manti Te’o, the Notre Dame football program and the University of Notre Dame.

In our opinion there is NO ONE at the University of Notre Dame that can be trusted with .5 cents and if there was anyone at Notre Dame with any integrity, ethics or intelligence they would have immediately upon learning from Manti Te’o after Christmas that his dead girlfriend never actually existed and in fact the entire story was Bogus and was a “hoax” would have immediately called the authorities including the FBI who would have sprung into action and identified the “hoaxer” and ended the entire thing right then and there BUT then that would of course led to the news media getting the story as well and in our opinion Notre Dame would have gone to incredible lengths to keep this entire story out of the press since it would made Manti Te’o and Notre Dame football look like FREAKS that would cause people to….


On a side note, if you read the LA Times story on what these TRULY EVIL Catholic priests including Cardinal Roger Mahony did for years to hide priests that were sexually abusing children in this story….

Los Angeles church leaders sough to hide sex abuse cases from authorities, Los Angeles Times

….and if you are an intelligent person with just a modicum of common sense you will understand that if there is an Heaven and Hell Sorry Pieces of Crapola like Cardinal Roger Mahony will be BURNING IN THAT HELL forever just as will the people that covered-up for Jerry Sandusky who to date have not been brought to justice and also in our opinion have not all been accounted for and identified……yet.

To close the chapter on this entire Manti Te’o story which Dr. Phil will help to do with his sit-down with the in our opinion a Very Damn Mentally Ill Ronaiah Tuiasosopo which will be aired on Thursday and Friday:

1.  Ronaiah Tuiasosopo and Manti Te’o carried on a months long “relationship” which led to Tuiasosopo being “romantically in love” with Te’o and Te’o being “deeply in love” with Ronaiah otherwise known as “Lennay” WITHOUT either meeting each other!

YES, the above makes Perfect Damn Sense in the Really Damn Bizarro World…..NOT!

2.  Manti Te’o found out in early December that in fact his “girlfriend” Lennay who he had never met but was somehow “deeply in love with” who had died was NOT actually dead but instead of just telling the TRUTH Manti decided that since Manti “playing like a champion” for his dead girlfriend was one of the biggest stories of the year he might as well just go ahead and continue to LIE because after all Manti had been “tailoring” his stories about Lennay (the girlfriend he never met who was actually a man!) to the news media all along so what was a few more lies to get through award season and the BCS title game?

YES, the above makes perfect sense if you have a scorecard in front of you to keep up with this soap opera come to life and if you are a Very Damn Stupid and Gullible Idiot!

3.  Notre Dame officials were told by Manti Te’o just after Christmas that the biggest story during the college football season….that Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend had inspired him to “play like a champion”………didn’t really exist and in fact Manti Te’o had been “hoaxed” and what did those Notre Dame officials do?

Call the police?  NO

Call the attorney general of Indiana?  NO

Call the FBI?  NO

After all there was no NCAA violation the Notre Dame officials determined so why not just tell Manti Te’o to LIE and continue the BOGUS dead girlfriend story in Miami (in our opinion) in the lead-up to the BCS title game and they also decided that they WOULD NOT tell the news media that the biggest story of the college football season was in fact a….


Sorry, if you think it was right for the “leadership” at Notre Dame to tell Manti Te’o to LIE (in our opinion) and to continue to tell the Bogus dead girlfriend story in Miami when they knew full well it was nothing but a LIE then you are as Mentally Ill as Ronaiah Tuiasosopo and a Very Sorry Damn excuse for an American Citizen.

Notre Dame should have immediately called the authorities including the FBI and reported that the star player on their football team was involved in some kind of very Damn strange “hoax” and once the FBI had identified and stopped the “hoax” which would have taken no more than 24 hours the “leadership” at Notre Dame should have immediately told the news media what they knew and put Manti Te’o in front of the news media to explain his side of the story which cannot be explained to anyone with a working brain because this entire story is…


….at least as it has been reported in the press to date….in our opinion of course.

Of course the above didn’t happen at Notre Dame….Notre Dame and Manti Te’o TELLING THE TRUTH….and in our opinion it didn’t happen for the same Damn reason why there were Tens of Thousands if not Hundreds of Thousands of young children sexually abused by Catholic priests over the past 200 plus years in the United States of America (probably Tens of Millions of Children over the past 2,000 years around the world) and both of these issues go right to heart of people in positions of power doing their Damndest to cover-up embarrassing issues and in the case of the Catholic Church in America illegal and despicable crimes that will of course send all of those Catholic priests that covered up for those priests committing heinous acts STRAIGHT TO HELL!

As we tell our children….

NO ONE can be trusted.  PERIOD.

…and we have to tell our children that because there are way too Damn many Sorry Pieces of Crapola like Cardinal Mahony in positions of power in America that would willingly do things like hide and move around Catholic priests that were sexually abusing young children.

YES, Roger Mahony IF your beliefs are true….

You are going to Hell you Sorry Bastard for eternity.


Again, the above are the opinions of Coaches Hot Seat who are Citizens of the United States of America and unlike most of the Sorry Bastards written about above there are many Citizens of the United States of America at CHS that put their behinds on the line for their country which they DID NOT DO so Sorry Bastards could pull the kind of Bullshit they are now pulling in OUR country today.


The Miami – NCAA investigation  and the curious case of Mark Emmert


Something has struck us as odd since NCAA president Mark Emmert held his press conference last week announcing that a few NCAA investigators that were working on the University of Miami case had been fired because they had sat in on some depositions in a bankruptcy case involving a principle in the Miami investigation (Nevin Shapiro) and that odd things is that why would someone be fired for doing nothing wrong?

Evidently, there are some people inside the NCAA that are wondering the same thing as Dave Hyde of the Sun-Sentinel writes about….

An NCAA investigator questions the NCAA, Dave Hyde, Sun-Sentinel

“As confusing, as surprising, as embarrassing, as unbearably long as this NCAA investigation of the University of Miami seems from the outside, an official on the inside adds another word.

“Unprecedented,” an NCAA investigator who worked on the Miami case said.

This is a walk through the looking glass. This is a view of the other side, at how the sausage in NCAA investigations gets made — or un-made, as in this strange Miami case.

NCAA President Mark Emmert called a national news conference last week, saying he was “angry,” that an investigator sat with the lawyer for UM whistle-blower Nevin Shapiro on the depositions of former athletic employees.

This NCAA investigator, who demanded anonymity, raised a different angle to that issue. It broke no law, he said. It didn’t involve a twisted ethical question, he said.

“There are a lot of us wondering just what the purpose of (Emmert’s news conference) was — and why it happened in the first place,” the investigator said.”

We here at Coaches Hot Seat were wondering the same Damn thing as well because for the life of us we cannot understand what is wrong with a NCAA investigator sitting in on a deposition of a bankruptcy case when there is NOTHING ILLEGAL about a NCAA investigator sitting in on the deposition of a bankruptcy case.

Oh, you think the NCAA would not have gotten the information they got via the deposition on their own and thus it was wrong for the NCAA investigator to sit-in on the deposition?

What the Hell?

We are going to let everyone in on something that a lot of people that follow and cover Major College Football must not understand:

Right now at this moment there is MASSIVE CHEATING going on in and around dozens (5o to 80) Major College Football and Basketball Programs that makes what went on at SMU in the 1970s and 1980s look like NOTHING.

Oh, but there is one BIG difference between what went on at SMU during the “Pony Express” days and what is going on in Major College Football and Basketball right now:

The people doing the MASSIVE CHEATING which is a combination of coaches, boosters and players have learned how to keep everything very quiet as in “keep it down home cuz” quiet.

There is one and often a dozen or more Nevin Shapiro’s at many I-A (FBS) schools….

Renegade Miami football booster spells out illicit benefits to players, Charles Robinson, Yahoo! Sports, August 16, 2011

….today and the NCAA just flat-out does not have the people or the capability to do the kind of investigations that should be going on right now to root out the MASSIVE amount of cheating which EQUALS Millions of Dollars that are flowing to college football and basketball players on all-levels that are having an impact upon the amount of talent that football and basketball programs are able to recruit to their schools as the money begins to flow long before an 18 year old “scholarship player” steps on campus.

Forget about just sitting in on depositions of bankruptcy cases which is NOT illegal in any legal sense we know of because IF Mark Emmert hired Coaches Hot Seat tomorrow to run NCAA enforcement we would immediately put into place a plan of action titled something like….

“Operation Smoke the Bastards Out”

….which would be a combination of Eliot Ness and the Untouchables…

….and the CIA’s intelligence operations overseas during the 1980s that led to this…..


We here at Coaches Hot Seat would only need…

100 of America’s best men and women

2 years

Plenty of leeway to get things done

….and by the end of those 2 years cheating in Major College Football and Basketball would be over and NO schools would be hit with sanctions or hit with probation because we would not be focused on the schools but rather way down the line where the rubber now meets the road which is where the booster of a football program uses a “bag man” (thanks to Danny Sheridan for that great and accurate term) to deliver the money, goods, jobs and all manner of other things to recruits and their families.

If Mark Emmert asked how we would go about cleaning up Major College Football and Basketball we would tell him that the 100 of America’s best men and women are going to fan-out across the country to the 5,000 or so already identified boosters of schools that are directly or indirectly involved in funneling Millions of Dollars to recruits and “student-athletes” and we would go to the boosters’ homes and offices and have a heart-to-heart conversation with them that would go like this:

Coaches Hot Seat working for the NCAA:  “Thanks for seeing us today.”

Booster:  “No problem. What can I do for you NCAA boys?”

Coaches Hot Seat working for the NCAA:  “Well, sir. We would like for you to stop funneling money to recruits and student athletes at “X school” and if you don’t stop funneling that money to recruits and student-athletes at “X school” then we will have to take a few actions to stop you from funneling that money.”

Booster:  “Let’s assume for a second that I know what the Hell you NCAA boys are talking about. What exactly kind of actions are you going to take if I don’t do what you say?”

Coaches Hot Seat working for the NCAA:  “Sir, we have a list here of all the money you have funneled to recruits and student-athletes at “X school” over the past 5 years and if you don’t stop your current activities then we are going to….

1.  Have the NCAA open a case on “X school” based upon these records which they will then investigate fully and which we believe will lead to major NCAA sanctions on “X school”

2.  We are going to call all of the news media in the state and tell them all that we know about you and your activities which in our opinion involved hundreds of NCAA violations that will lead to “X school” losing dozens of scholarships and going on probation for years.

3.  We are going to turn these records over to anyone else that asks for them…..

So what will it be sir?”

Do the same about 5,000 times and make it clear that the cheating MUST come to an end or else and Major College Football and Basketball would be cleaned-up within two year and going back to what is going on today the only problem is that the….

Keystone Kops at the NCAA

….have No Damn Clue what is really going on behind the scenes and in the shadows, who they need to talk to stop the cheating and what they would need to say to those “boosters” once they found them.

Memo to NCAA President Mark Emmert:  The NCAA investigators that were investigating the University of Miami that sat in on deposition DID NOTHING WRONG and in fact were only coming up with an innovative way to investigate one of the worst cheating scandals we have ever read or heard about…

Renegade Miami football booster spells out illicit benefits to players, Charles Robinson, Yahoo! Sports, August 16, 2011

….and your ridiculous and unnecessary press conference lamenting the actions of NCAA investigators that were only doing their Damn jobs was not only unfortunate it was a disgrace as well.

Wake the HELL UP Mark Emmert! There is MASSIVE CHEATING going on RIGHT NOW across Major College Football at 50 to 70 schools and the NCAA does not have a….


….how to stop that MASSIVE CHEATING and until the NCAA hires some people that actually know how to get things done in the REAL world things will only get worse and there will be lots more stories like this….

Renegade Miami football booster spells out illicit benefits to players, Charles Robinson, Yahoo! Sports, August 16, 2011

…in the future.

Let’s see here….


100 of America’s best men and women rooting out and stopping the MASSIVE CHEATING in Major College Football and Basketball would for two years would cost about….

$20 Million Dollars

….which would be about 2.5% of the NCAA’s annual expenditures and after those two years of rooting out and stopping the MASSIVE CHEATING it would only take….

$10 Million Dollars

…..a year to keep both college football and basketball clean into the future.

So what’s it going to be Mark Emmert?

Are you going to keep making a fool of yourself and the NCAA OR are you going to find some people that clean up college sports once and for all?

Our guess here at Coaches Hot Seat…

Mark Emmert will keep playing these silly and stupid politically-correct games that he perfected in several decades as an academic on several of America’s college campus and we are going to see dozens of these kind of stories….

Renegade Miami football booster spells out illicit benefits to players, Charles Robinson, Yahoo! Sports, August 16, 2011

….in the coming years and the Keystone Kops otherwise known as the enforcement staff of the NCAA will stumble around and make fools of themselves and when they actually do their Damn jobs (as with Miami) NCAA President Mark Emmert will undercut them, fire them and only make things worse.

Forget about just running enforcement for the NCAA…

We here at Coaches Hot Seat would like to run the ENTIRE NCAA and on the first day on the job a Coaches Hot Seat member would step to the podium at a press conference in Indianapolis and say something like this….

…and then we would drop down on those 5,000 boosters that are involved in the MASSIVE CHEATING in Major College Football and Basketball across America like BATMAN and put and end to all of this BS once and for all.

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