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Coaches Hot Seat Fired-Up and Bouncing off the Walls for Super Bowl XLVII – The Big 12 Conference’s Future – Antler Spray and Athletes….What the Hell?

Coaches Hot Seat Fired-Up and Bouncing off the Walls for Super Bowl XLVII


To say that Coaches Hot Seat members whether they are in New Orleans or elsewhere across America right now are….

Bouncing off the Walls!

…about the upcoming Super Bowl involving “our team” the San Francisco 49ers would have to be the understatement of the year IF you don’t count….

“You would think major media organizations would fact-check their stories before they were published….right?”

Think Manti Te’o and the He/She GUY on the other end of the phone line that in our opinion are together running….

The Biggest Scam since the days of PT Barnum!


Just our opinion…..

Getting back to more important matters and the San Francisco 49ers football team playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens since the Great Bill Walsh became the head coach of the 49ers in 1979 the team has played in and WON Five Super Bowls:

1981 – BEAT the Cincinnati Bengals (26 – 21) in Detroit, Michigan

1984 – BEAT the Miami Dolphins (38 – 16) at Stanford Stadium on The Farm

1988 – BEAT the Cincinnati Bengals (20 – 16) in Miami, Florida

1989 – BEAT the Denver Broncos (55 – 10) in New Orleans, Louisiana

1994 – BEAT the San Diego Chargers (49 – 26) in Miami, Florida

Bill Walsh – 3 Super Bowl Championships (1981, 1984, 1988)

George Seifert – 2 Super Bowl Championships (1989, 1994)

This Sunday’s Super Bowl will mark the San Francisco 49ers SIXTH Super Bowl appearance in the last….

33 Years

…..and a win on Sunday will mean the 49ers will match the Pittsburgh Steelers for MOST Super Bowl WINS at Six.

The word from the Coaches Hot Seat members in New Orleans is that the San Francisco 49ers football team and coaches are….

Rested and Ready to Strike!

…..and to that we say bring this….


….back to San Francisco boys!


The Big 12 Conference’s Future


We have been following the developments of the Big 12 Conference in recent weeks which is in the capable hands of Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby who after meeting with the conference’s ADs on Monday laid out some of the contingency plans the Big 12 has in place…

Big 12 considers what Big Ten, SEC might do next in expansion, Jeremy Fowler, CBS Sports

No one has asked us here at Coaches Hot Seat BUT if we were in a decision-making position in the Big 12 we would be looking to add 2, 4 or even 6 teams BUT then we were taught in college and in the US Military and then later learned on our own in the REAL world that Paul Kennedy’s theory as outlined in his seminal book…

The Rise and Fall of Great Powers, Amazon.com


….which is very well explained in this Wikipedia except on the book….

“Kennedy argues that the strength of a Great Power can be properly measured only relative to other powers, and he provides a straightforward and persuasively argued thesis: Great Power ascendancy (over the long term or in specific conflicts) correlates strongly to available resources and economic durability; military overstretch and a concomitant relative decline are the consistent threat facing powers whose ambitions and security requirements are greater than their resource base can provide for.”

….is in fact how great powers, countries, nation-states and even college football conferences gain power and then eventually lose it if they are not ever-vigilant.

Leaving the subject of the Big 12 Conference for a moment there are many both outside and inside America that believe the American Republic is on a downward slide especially relative to China’s rise which will more than likely put the two economies on equal levels sometime in the next 50 years and to that we here at CHS say…..

Even as the American Republic is run by some of the Stupidest People ever elected to office in both political parties in Washington DC America has two HUGE advantages over China that will keep our country ahead of the Chinese for the foreseeable future which is usually judged to be the average lifespan of a nation’s citizenry which is about 67 years of age for America right now.

American’s two HUGE advantages over China are….

America’s First HUGE advantage is our country’s founding documents: Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights….


….which the Chinese People can only dream of since China is nothing but a Totalitarian state run by fascist murdering thugs that control what the Chinese people do and say and in the next 50 years the entire world will find out if the Chinese are Candy Ass Pussies that don’t have the Guts to overthrow the fascist murdering thugs that now run China and them or if the Chinese People are brave and have courage as some of their countrymen/women did in 1989 during the Tiananmen Square protest.


Yes, we shall see just what the Chinese People really are in this century …..and OUR guess here at Coaches Hot Seat…

The Chinese People are Candy Ass Pussies that will allow the boot of the fascists murdering thugs to stay on their backs.


America’s Second HUGE advantage is our country’s DIVERSITY of many different races, creeds, beliefs, religions, philosophies and views on life which stands in stark contrast to EVERY OTHER country on the planet that is almost always made up of one type of race of people such as the Chinese, Japanese, Brazilians, Germans, etc… and even as sometimes OUR DIVERSITY makes us weak because of the arguments and divisions it can cause in our country over both the short and long-term it is OUR DIVERSITY that is our nation’s greatest strength. Let’s just hope there never comes a day when people all over the world DON’T WANT to come to America because that will truly be the day when the American Republic will be finished and that is doubly why OUR “Elected Leaders” need to come up with some common sense immigration reform that will get all of the people that are now in America that want to stay and work on the books and working (and paying taxes) and come up with a system for allowing new immigrants that also want to work to come to our country that can then come to America in a sane and rational way.

Getting back to the future of the Big 12 Conference since we believe in the writings, teachings and theories of Paul Kennedy as laid out in The Rise and Fall of Great Powers (and Conferences) we also believe that the Big 12 would be wise to expand while it can which is right now before it is locked-out of the chance to add quality schools to its current 10-school/team membership.

If we here at Coaches Hot Seat were sitting in Big 12 commish Bob Bowlsby’s chair right now we would recommend to the Big 12 member schools ADs and Presidents that adding 4 teams right now would be ideal with the following teams being the first schools/teams to approach:

Florida State – Brings the state of Florida and gets Big 12 schools playing football, basketball and other sports in the Sunshine State

Clemson – Clemson football needs a bigger stage to play on than the ACC and a Big 14 would be that bigger stage.

Louisville – Louisville is a better fit in the Big 12 than the ACC and would be a nice running-partner for West Virginia in the Big 12

BYU – BYU would bring a following of loyal fans that are spread-out all over America and all over the world BUT BYU would only be invited to become a member of the Big 12 conference IF it changed how its athletes currently take their 2-year missions because right now there are lots of teams that aren’t thrilled about playing against 23 to 25 year-old football and basketball players in college. Our suggestion: BYU would have their athletes do 3-month mission trips in the summers or after their athletic eligibility has been used up which would mean BYU’s football and basketball teams would be putting on the field of play 18 to 22 years olds just as the other teams around intercollegiate athletics and in the Big 12 are doing right now.

So here is what the new Big 14 would look like with the addition of the above four teams:

Eastern Division
Florida State
West Virginia
Kansas State
Iowa State

Western Division
Oklahoma State
Texas Tech

The new Big 14 would play 9 conference games with each team playing the 6 other teams in its division and 3 cross-division teams with the traditional rivalries, Texas – Oklahoma, Oklahoma – Oklahoma State, Kansas – Kansas State, etc., being protected.

Now let’s look how the new Big 14 would look on a map:


Pretty impressive and in our opinion a MUCH stronger conference than the current 10-team Big 12.

Of course, there has been MUCH made in recent days about Chris Smith’s Forbes story on…

The Most Valuable Conferences in College Sports, Chris Smith, Forbes.com

….which showed that the Big 12 with only 10 members has the one of the biggest payouts “per team” in college sports…

Forbes: Big 12 Annual Payout To Equal $26 Million Per Team, SB Nation

…but that your conference pays out a “few million dollars” more than other conferences do is a trivial matter unless you worship at the alter of….


….because in the end the MOST important thing is the….

Overall Strength and Power

….of a college conference and from where we sit the Big 12 adding Florida State, Clemson, Louisville and Utah would make the Big 12 MUCH stronger and more importantly a much more diversified (think America’s diversity compared to China and why the American Republic is going to whip the China’s ass in this century if the Morons in Washington DC don’t screw things up too badly!) conference which would help set the newly named Big 14 up for long-term success.

As for Texas AD DeLoss Dodds and others in the Big 12 Conference argument that say adding 2 or more teams and breaking back into two divisions and playing a Big 14 Conference Championship Game would make it that much tougher for a Big 14 team to then get into the 4-team playoff to decide the National Champion because it would be one more tough game to play we can only respond by saying…..

Sorry DeLoss Dodds…

We here at Coaches Hot Seat were raised by AMERICANS

….not Candy Ass Pussies that teach their children to run and hide and be afraid of challenges and besides if DeLoss Dodds was right then the SEC which plays a Conference Championship Game would not be sitting on SEVEN straight BCS national titles in a row…..right DeLoss?


The TRUTH is the Candy Ass Pussy head coaches in the Big 12 are just…

Flat-Out Afraid and Scared

….of playing in a Big 14 Conference Championship Game and they want things as easy as possible to make it into the 4-team playoff but like almost all Candy Ass Pussies that look for the easy way in life the Big 12 football head coaches are only sticking-it-to themselves because a Big 14 Conference Championship Game pitting the winners of these two divisions….

Eastern Division
Florida State
West Virginia
Kansas State
Iowa State

Western Division
Oklahoma State
Texas Tech

….that was played at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas would be like the SEC Conference Championship Game be one of the BIGGEST sporting events of the year and would put the Big 14 Conference on a BIG stage each year in early December that would make it MORE LIKELY that one or more of the Big 14 teams would get into the 4-team Postseason Playoff but then…

You can’t tell Hard-Headed Candy Ass Pussies that believe they are God’s Gift to Planet Earth when in reality they are nothing but a Freaking Track Coach

….how to think with someone with only basic common sense so the Big 12 Conference will more than likely stay at 10 teams because just as in the past when Big Candy Ass Pussy Tex tells the other Big 12 members what to the other Big 12 member schools INCLUDING Oklahoma shut-up and do what they are told to do!

Memo to Big 12 Commish Bob Bowlsby:  Get all of the Big 12 schools together MINUS Texas and come to an agreement that the Big 12 will invite Florida State, Clemson, Louisville and BYU to join the new Big 14 and then tell the Candy Ass Pussies down in Austin that they have been outvoted and no doubt as Candy Ass Pussies tend to do the Longhorns will probably turn tale and run and threaten to become independent as if Texas football needed something else to make it even more irrelevant in the world of Major College Football! Although Texas head coach Mack Brown says Texas football is “leaving the station so everyone better get on the train” to which we here at Coaches Hot Seat can only say to Mack….

“Unless you put that Texas train on a different track Mack Texas football is going right off a Freaking Cliff!”


Antler Spray and Athletes – What the Hell?


Sports Illustrated wrote one of the more bizarre stories we have ever read in SI and we have been reading SI for almost 40 years now this past week…

The zany story of two self ordained sports science entrepreneurs, David Epstein and George Dohrmann, SI

….and after reading the above story and hearing about the possibility that some athletes including some Alabama football players have used the “antler spray” pedaled by what we believe are some modern day PT Barnum characters we asked a good friend of ours that happens to be a doctor attached to one of the most prestigious practices and hospitals in the country about what he thought about “antler spray” and other products derived from animals and that doctor’s response to us was:

Doctor:  “Yes, I read that crazy Sports Illustrated story as well and all I would say to a patient of mine that was considering taking an extract from another animal besides a human being is that human DNA is a very fragile thing and one never knows what kind of affect such things can have on humans and their physiology.”

Coaches Hot Seat:  “Are you saying that taking extracts from other animals could affect human DNA and alter the basic chemistry of human beings?”

Doctor:  “Well, it is a lot more complicated than that but taking anything that has not been thoroughly tested is always a risk and if someone showed me results that an antler spray actually worked in healing someone quicker or giving them more strength I would probably be even more concerned about what other things the antler spray might be doing to the human body.”

Coaches Hot Seat:  “Sounds like you are saying working out WITHOUT stimulants, steroids and drugs is the way to go.”

Doctor:  “Only a fool would put all of these crazy products that people are coming up with that have never been tested into their body to win a sports contest.”

Coaches Hot Seat:  “Now, what about having a beer after a tough golf match to calm the nerves?”

Doctor:  “As a doctor I not only approve of that beer after a round I would recommend it as well…..in moderation of course!”

Coaches Hot Seat:  “Well, of course and moderation is always in the eye of the man with the beer in his hand!”


Thinking about the possibility of athletes taking antler spray to accelerate healing brought to mind a book and later TV show from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series of books entitled the….

Creeping Man

…in which a doctor was taking some kind of concoction from gorillas to help his virility which needless to say ended in disaster.


Luckily, in the 1980s Granada Television in Great Britain made a TV series titled Sherlock Holmes which featured a program on the Creeping Man which shows the mighty fine acting of the man playing Sherlock Holmes, Jeremy Brett, and what just might happen if you as a human being take the extract of other animals. Enjoy!

Sherlock Holmes, The Creeping Man

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