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The Paterno Family Report, The Freeh Report and OUR Opinion Here at Coaches Hot Seat on Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno and the “Leadership” at Penn State Has Not Changed On Iota In the Last 16 Months – A Penn State Opinion On Joe Paterno and A TRUTH About the Greatest Head Football Coaches In the History of Football In America…..They Were or Are ALL Very….

There has been a lot written in the last couple of days about the Paternos’ report which was released on Sunday and which was a response to the Freeh report…..


Paterno family report does little diminish belief coach knew of first Sandusky allegation, Dan Wetzel, Yahoo! Sports

Dueling Penn State reports forge degrading tie in court of public opinion, Dennis Dodd, CBS Sports

Paterno report will only make true Joe believers feel better, Gregg Doyel, CBS Sports

In effort to clear Joe Paterno’s name, latest report conjures up same questions, Steve Greenberg, Sporting News

What the Paternos’ critique of the Freeh report didn’t do, and what it did, Ben Kercheval, College Football Talk

….but after reading the Freeh report and the Paternos report our opinion on the “leadership” at Penn State University and Joe Paterno has not changed one iota:


The Coaches Hot Seat opinion on the former “leadership” at Penn State is the same as it was in November 2011…

What Would Have Happened In the Real World Compared To What Happened at Penn State If One of Our Employees Told Us That A Crime Has Been Committed At or On the Property of One of Our Companies – Yes, It Looks Like These Sorry Bastards At Penn State Covered Up A Crime That Was Committed Against…A Child! –Bastards! – We First Want To Hear From Coach Paterno To Find Out What the Hell Happened and Just Who the Hell Was Involved and Then the Penn State Trustees Need To Kick The Sorry SOB PSU President Graham Spanier To the Curb Who In Our Opinion Is One of The Sorriest People In Any Leadership Position In America Today – Solve the Problem Penn State and That Means Clean the Bastards That Are In Charge Out and If That Includes Coach Paterno Then So Be It, Coaches Hot Seat Blog, November 2011

….and that opinion is that former Penn State University president Graham Spanier is one of the Sorriest Human Beings to ever draw a breath of air in the history of the American Republic and the rest of the “leadership” at Penn State were a combination of Idiots, Morons, Fools and Very Sorry Damn People and that goes for most of the Penn State Trustees as well which in our opinion allowed Spanier and Paterno to walk all over them for years.

The Coaches Hot Seat opinion on Joe Paterno is very muddled as we have written on in the past…

Coach Joe Paterno’s Great Career Comes to Devastating End – The Evil and Dark Forces That Control College Football and the College Football Postseason That Do Not Care About the Best Interests of the Student-Athletes, Coaches, Teams, Fans and Alumni of the Schools But Rather Only Care About Greed, Money and Their Petty Self-Interests Will Be Defeated Because In America Good ALWAYS Wins Over Evil Eventually…and the Good Is Coming On Strong and the Evil and Dark Forces WILL Lose, Coaches Hot Seat Blog, November 10, 2011


The GREAT Life and Tragic End To Joe Paterno’s Amazing Time On This Earth – The Number That Sticks In Our Head Relative To Coach Paterno….1926….The Year of His Birth – Our Parents Are Of The Same Generation Of Coach Paterno and We Can Imagine Them Having A Tough Time Understanding An Alleged Sexual Assault On A Young Person By An Adult – Joe Paterno Did What He Was Supposed To Do and Was Let Down By the Supposed “Leadership” At Penn State Who Seemed More Interested In the “Image” and “Brand” Of Penn State University Than Protecting Children – What Kind of Very Sorry Bastards Were Running Penn State? – Godspeed To You Joseph Vincent Paterno – The San Francisco 49ers Loss To the New York Giants – Question: What the Hell Was Kick Return Kyle Williams Thinking…Or Was He Not Thinking…Or Was He Thinking? – Those Are Questions That Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers Coaches Need Answers To and Quick Because Those Two Plays Took A Chance To Win The Game From the TEAM – Congrats To the Patriots and Giants and Let’s Have A Great Super Bowl, Coaches Hot Seat Blog, January 23, 2012

…BUT there is no doubt in our minds that if Joe Paterno did not know about the EVIL actions of Jerry Sandusky then he SHOULD HAVE KNOWN about the EVIL actions of Jerry Sandusky because from reading many news stories and reports in the last couple of years about Sandusky’s activities it is our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that dozens if not hundreds of people around State College, Pennsylvania knew about or suspected Jerry Sandusky and ALL of those people did NOTHING to stop Jerry Sandusky who was given a free hand to do his EVIL actions for years right under the noses of hundreds of people in and around Penn State University.


The Bottom-Line on Joe Paterno for us here at Coaches Hot Seat is that we still admire the man for his incredible accomplishments during his life both on and off the football field but we are very troubled about his actions or rather non-action around the entire Jerry Sandusky disaster that has caused a lot of self-inflicted damage to Penn State University and the Penn State football program and more importantly to the dozens of innocent and young victims of Jerry Sandusky.

We happen to have a very good friend that played football at Penn State for Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky about three decades ago and after the death of Joe Paterno and the Freeh report came out we asked him his opinion on Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky and his response to that inquiry was (which is his opinion):

“I have no comment about Jerry Sandusky, but Joe Paterno was one of the best men I have come into contact with in my life.”

Coaches Hot Seat:  “Any idea if Paterno would have covered up for or not fully reported things about Jerry Sandusky in order to hold onto power and his job as the head coach Penn State?”

Penn State Friend:  “I can’t imagine it…..but Coach Paterno was one of the smartest men I ever knew and you can take that for what it’s worth.”

The above is something that a lot of people forget about Joe Paterno…

Joe Paterno was Very Damn Smart.

Joe Paterno was a 1949 graduate of Brown University


Like ALL of the greatest college and NFL coaches in the history of football in America….Bryant, Lombardi, Walsh, Brown, Bowden, Osborne, Royal, Johnson, Parcells, Noll, Landry, McKay, Wilkinson, Halas, Shula, Spurrier, Saban, Meyer, Belichick, Hayes, Schembechler, etc….

Joe Paterno was Very Damn Smart.

Take that for what it’s worth and on that point if you have a MORON as your head football coach then you….

Have the Wrong Head Football Coach!

The last comment above was for Rhodes Scholar and USC AD Pat Haden!


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