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Who Cares About USC Football More? Lane Kiffin OR Coaches Hot Seat – Oh, That Is An Easy Question To Answer…In OUR Opinion Of Course – Coaches Hot Seat at Alabama vs. USC 1977 LA Coliseum – Top 10 Coaches on the Post Week 2 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Give ‘em Holy Hell Johnny Cash!

Before we get to the Top 10 Head Coaches on the Post Week 2 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings we first must say a few words about the school who’s head coach is now sitting on the Hottest Seat in football today with that of course being…

USC Head Coach Lane Kiffin


…and what we would like to say about USC football is that when Lane Kiffin was born in 1975 and while he was still running around in diapers in the late 1970s most of us here at Coaches Hot Seat were BIG fans of USC football which easily at that time was the most powerful football program on the West Coast.

The reason it is important to say that we here at CHS were BIG fans of USC football long before Lane Kiffin even knew what a football was is that even today we are BIG fans of USC football and it is our opinion that when USC football is struggling the entire Pac-12 Conference is weaker and that is why many of us reveled in the Pete Carroll years at USC when the Trojans were always one of the top college football teams in the country.


Anyone that has read the Coaches Hot Seat Blog over the past seven years knows how much fun we had going to USC football games in Los Angeles in the 2000s and how it was in the late 1970s that a couple of CHS members got to see the mighty Alabama football team and its head coach Paul “Bear” Bryant in person at the LA Coliseum as discussed in this CHS blog post:

Most Coaches Hot Seat Members Headed to Oregon for the Stanford – Oregon State Game….Two CHS Members Already in Tuscaloosa for LSU – Alabama – College Head Coaches Contracts and Outrageous Buyouts Are…A Colossal Waste of Money – How To Negotiate With Little Debbie Boy – Huey Lewis & The News, November 4, 2011, CHS Blog

Very simply:  IF USC football is struggling or falling to pieces as it is under Lane Kiffin the entire Pac-12 Conference is hurt and that is why it is our opinion that when you get right down to the where the rubber meets the road the members of Coaches Hot Seat…

Care a Helluva LOT more about the success of USC football than Lane Kiffin

…and it is also our opinion that the reason that USC has looked so bad at times under Kiffin is that Kiffin sees the USC job as nothing but a…


….and not as job that he cannot live without and if you are starting to understand why USC is struggling so much right then welcome aboard!

In the summer of 2010 before Lane Kiffin’s first year at USC we wrote the following blog post which still to this day sums up our opinion of Kiffin begin the head football coach at USC…

USC, the NCAA and Lane Kiffin – Lane Kiffin and Chauncey Gardner – Our Impression of USC Football and Athletics During Pete Carroll’s Reign – Conference Expansion  June 11, 2010, CHS Blog

….and in the above blog post we wrote:

“Before we get to our impressions of the USC football program and athletic department during Pete Carroll’s time at USC, we first must say a word or two about Lane Kiffin.

Easily the thing has stunned us most at Coaches Hot Seat in recent months in the game of college football is the amount of respect and deference that is given to Lane Kiffin just because he is the head football coach at USC. It is one thing to recognize that Kiffin is the head football coach at USC, but it is another thing to kiss his ass on a regular basis, which is becoming an altogether regular occurrence and for what reason we do not know.

Let’s make this very simple: Lane Kiffin is not remotely qualified to be the head football coach at USC.

All of the head coaches in I-A and over half of the assistant coaches are more qualified than Kiffin to be the head football coach at USC. We know dozens of high schools coaches that are more qualified to be the head coach at USC than Lane Kiffin and there must be thousands more that we have never heard of that not only could coach circles around Kiffin and his Gang, they would not be an absolute ass to boot!

Lane Kiffin is the head football coach at USC today because his Daddy is Monte Kiffin and thus Lane has “Kiffin” behind is name AND because three men in positions of power made three incredibly stupid decisions to hire Lane Kiffin as their head football coach.

1. The first man would be Al Davis who hired Lane Kiffin at the Oakland Raiders. Al Davis is crazy. Enough said.

2. The second man would be Mike Hamilton, AD at Tennessee. Kiffin’s agent went to Tennessee and somehow got Kiffin into the conversation at Tennessee and for some incredibly stupid reason Mike Hamilton hired him. If you could get Mike Hamilton into a room today and he would say that hiring Lane Kiffin was the right decision then Mike Hamilton should be fired on the spot. Stupid Is As Stupid Does and hiring Lane Kiffin at Tennessee was STUPID!

3. The third man is USC AD Mike Garrett. Now, we don’t know if Garrett was the only person involved in hiring Kiffin or not, but Garrett is the AD and we rather doubt that Kiffin would have been hired without Garrett’s approval. Maybe, but we doubt it. Still, Lane Kiffin was hired at USC and that was an incredibly stupid decision, even STUPIDER than the ones Davis and Hamilton made because of one very simple reason…”

That’s right…we wrote in the summer of 2010 that…

“Let’s make this very simple: Lane Kiffin is not remotely qualified to be the head football coach at USC.”

…and we repeat it again in September 2013 for the ones slow on the uptake OR for the Rhodes Scholars out there that have high IQs but don’t know their asses from the side of a barn:

“Let’s make this very simple: Lane Kiffin is not remotely qualified to be the head football coach at USC.”


Now let’s get to the Post Week 2 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings:

YES….Give ‘em Holy Hell Johnny Cash!

A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

Post Week 2 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


1.  Lane Kiffin, USC – Anyone that watched the Washington State – USC game on Saturday night knows the game was very poorly played and was easily one of the worst called and played offensive games in the last 40 years of us here at Coaches Hot Seat watching college football BUT to really understand what a monumental loss that USC losing to Washington State at home in the LA Coliseum really was understand this FACTOID:

Before Saturday over the past FIVE seasons Washington State under head coaches Paul Wulff and Mike Leach had won…

12 Football Games!

…and the Cougs over the past FIVE seasons had won…

3 Football Games on the Road!

….against Oregon State, Colorado and UNLV who ALL were teams that had losing records in the years that WSU beat them on the road!

YES, the mighty USC Trojans just got beat at home in the LA Coliseum to a team that has won just…

12 Freaking Football Games!

..over the past 5 seasons and the mighty USC Trojans were only able to score 7 points on a Washington State team that just gave up…

31 points to Auburn who has a first-year head coach in Gus Malzahn in Week 1 of this season!

Geez…Oh….it gets worse when you understand the FACT that even with the NCAA sanctions that USC ran onto the field on Saturday night easily…

TEN Times more talent

…than Washington State brought to the LA Coliseum and the Yahoo! Sports/Rivals.com Recruiting rankings proves that FACT for all of the sycophants that are still kissing Lane Kiffin’s precious ass and there are still Very Damn Stupid People doing just that for what reason we cannot fathom!

USC Trojans Yahoo! Sports/Rivals.com Team Recruiting Rankings

2009 – #4
2010 – #1
2011 – #4
2012 – #8
2013 – #13

Washington State Yahoo! Sports/Rivals.com Team Recruiting Rankings

2009 – #92
2010 – #90
2011 – #72
2012 – #55
2013 – #53

USC has TEN Times more Talent than Washington State! DUH!

On Sunday evening we called a good friend of ours that follows high school recruiting religiously on the West Coast and asked him if there was even one recruit that Washington State had signed over the past five years that USC either did or possibly could have or even might have offered a scholarship to and his answer to that question was very quick and very straight to the point:

“No, not even one.”

So Mike Leach, who we will admit is TEN TIMES the football coach of Lane Kiffin, takes a team into the LA Coliseum that doesn’t have a player on its roster that USC would have offered a scholarship to and beats the mighty USC Trojans.

Is there anyone with a working brain with an IQ over room temperature that can explain the USC loss to Washington State and can do it without bursting out laughing?

Didn’t think so.

The TRUTH:  We have some very good friends and USC alums that were at the Washington State – USC game on Saturday night and later on Saturday evening we got them onto the phone and put them on speaker so everyone could hear what they were saying and after lamenting how badly coached that USC looked against the Cougs one of them said what should wake USC AD Pat Haden the Hell up from the slumber he falls into each Fall when he is not kissing Lane Kiffin’s ass that is!:

“I have not seen USC players quit since Paul Hackett era ended and Pete Carroll was hired but a lot of Trojans quit on Saturday night.”

Over to you Pat Haden and if you dither too long Pat….

You and your buddy McKay will be the former AD and Associate AD at USC and look like fools as you are sent packing out of the McKay Center!


2.  Mack Brown, Texas – We here at Coaches Hot Seat had a feeling that there was enough Horseshit coming out of the Texas football offices down through the media in the Great State of Texas in the past 6 months to fill the Colorado River in downtown Austin like this story from this past April on the state of Longhorns football:

Brown, Texas hope goals aren’t too far-fetched, Mike Finger, Express-News

…and clearly after a slightly better than average BYU team that lost in their first game to Virginia which got pulverized by Oregon on Saturday and then turned around and pulverized the mighty Texas Longhorns there are serious problems with the Texas football program that ALL the talk, PR Bullshit, media appearances and other things that have nothing to do with actually coaching-up the Texas football team will not solve because only ONE THING will get the stop the bleeding in Austin:

The Texas football players have to learn one of the basic fundamentals of football:


Maybe this will help….

…as will about 10 hours of one-on-one Texas football players actually tackling each other in practice instead of the pillow-fight practices that Mack Brown has been running over the past several years that not coincidently has been going on at the same time as the Texas football program has spiraled down the toilet.

After the loss to BYU the Texas Longhorns are now 1 – 1 and they have left…

Ole Miss
Kansas State
at Iowa State
at TCU
at West Virginia
Oklahoma State
Texas Tech
at Baylor

….and we ask everyone out there that follows college football:

Does anyone see Texas winning more than 7 or more games in 2013?

Well, the Texas third-stringers should be able to beat Iowa State and Kansas so that would be…

3 Wins

….and…..and…..and…..and…change that question to:

Does anyone see Texas winning 6 or more games in 2013?

OK, maybe Texas is playing so bad because it really doesn’t have any talent on its roster so let’s go to the recruiting rankings:

Texas Longhorns Yahoo! Sports/Rivals.com Recruiting Rankings

2009 – #5
2010 – #3
2011 – #3
2012 – #2
2013 – #24

So throw out 2013 which would be any top freshman playing for Texas this season and Texas has….

As MUCH talent as any college football team in the country which mean it would be a Damn disgrace if Texas doesn’t win at least 10 games in 2013 BUT we have some news for all those Texas fans out there that are fed up with…

Mediocre Football

….it is our opinion that the “Powers that Be” at the University of Texas and some of the top boosters to the Texas football program will…in our opinion…

Rather See the Texas Football Program Destroyed


The University of Texas Destroyed

…before they will fire Mack Brown because the above folks are some of the Most Arrogant and Biggest Pompous Asses on the face of the Earth and Arrogant Big Pompous Asses have a very Damn hard time admitting when they are wrong so UT fans…

Prepare to have the Texas Football Program Destroyed

….in the name of a few Arrogant Big Pompous Asses that couldn’t catch or throw a football on the very best damn day of their lives not having to admit the TRUTH…

They were WRONG!

As for Mack Brown firing defensive coordinator Manny Diaz and replacing him with Greg Robinson what Mack Brown needs to understand is that Greg Robinson was a good defensive coordinator light years ago but in modern American football if you don’t have the ability to stop a spread offense that can also throw the ball you have…

No Damn Chance

…and Greg Robinson has…

No Damn Chance

….to do anything at Texas BUT make Mack Brown’s seat that much HOTTER!

Oh, Mack, did you see Greg Robinson’s defenses at Syracuse and Michigan?

IF NOT…below is a Ron Zook coached Illinois team putting up 45 points in regulation on Greg Robinson’s defense at Michigan!

Final Score: Michigan 67 – Illinois 65!

Coach Hard Mack Brown and how about ending those pillow-fight practices?

P.S.  The LOUD laughter that fans of Texas football are now hearing?  That would be coming from….College Station, Texas!  


3.  Kirk Ferentz, Iowa – Kirk Ferentz and Iowa got off their SEVEN straight loss skid that dated back to last season by beating…

I-AA (FCS) Missouri State

…on Saturday which in the REAL World is known as a….


…and now getting back to BIG BOY football the Hawkeyes travel to play at Iowa State which is having its own troubles in 2013 after the Cyclones lost to…

I-AA (FCS) Northern Iowa

….to start their season and with that in mind the winning coach of the Iowa – Iowa State game will get the Cy-Hawk Trophy and the losing coach…the HOT SEAT!

Seriously now….Iowa is 1 – 1 on the season and they have left…

at Iowa State
Western Michigan
at Minnesota
Michigan State
at Ohio State
at Purdue.
at Nebraska

…and is there anyone that isn’t Totally Drunk and running around crazy on a football field in the state of Iowa that really believes that Iowa will win even SIX Games in 2013?

Of course, Iowa could LOSE every game remaining on its schedule and it wouldn’t matter because the TRUTH is Iowa athletics and the University of Iowa…


….to fire Kirk Ferentz and with that we can say…Go You Dumb Hawkeyes because only Very Dumb People would have given Kirk Ferentz his current contract….Very Damn Dumb People!


4.  Charlie Weis, Kansas – Charlie Weis and Kansas got off to a GREAT start in 2013 with a 31 – 14 win over I-AA (FCS)….

South Dakota

….and now that the obligatory game against a team that most of the intramural teams on the Kansas campus could beat game is over KU can actually begin the season against…

Rice in Houston!

Charlie Weis is now…

2 – 11

…in his second season at Kansas and we also note that Charlie Weis has a five-year contract with KU that guarantees to pay him…

$2.5 Million Dollars A Year

….through the 2016 football season so IF Kansas was thinking of firing Weis come December they would have to play Poor ‘Ole Charlie (who is still getting Millions of Dollars from the Fools in South Bend, Indiana)…

$7.5 Million Dollars

….so Kansas also probably doesn’t have the money to buy out the remaining three years on Weis’s contract!

Oh, but we are getting ahead of ourselves because Kansas has left in 2013…

At Rice
La. Tech
Texas Tech
At Texas
At Oklahoma State
West Virginia
At Iowa State
Kansas State

…and frankly we would be stunned if Kansas won more than 5 games in 2013 BUT 5 wins might just be good enough for the folks in Lawrence who probably think 5 wins in a season is just…

Fine and Dandy!

$500K Per Win!

Rock On Charlie Weis and Rock Chalk Jayhawk!


5.  Bobby Hauck, UNLV – The UNLV Rebels got blitzed on Saturday night by Arizona by the score of…

58 – 13

….which isn’t that much different from the licking that Minnesota laid on the Rebels in week 1…

51 – 23

…and UNLV HC Bobby Hauck better get things going in the right direction in a hurry or it will be….

What Happens in Vegas May Stay in Vegas…But Bobby Hauck Won’t Be Staying In Vegas


Up next for UNLV…

Central Michigan
Western Illinois
At New Mexico

…which are FOUR very winnable games and if Hauck wants to get off the Hot Seat then he better Damn win all four!

6.  Paul Pasqualoni, Connecticut – After the embarrassing loss to I-AA (FCS) Towson in Week 1 Paul Pasqualoni’s UConn team had a successful week because….

They Had A Bye!

….which means they didn’t lose in Week 2 BUT up next is a very Damn fascinating game as former UConn head coach and first-class weasel Randy Edsall returns to Storrs, CT with his Maryland football team for a first-class…

Hot Seat Coach vs. Hot Seat Coach

…game on Saturday night!

Woo-Doggy and pass the Chips and Velveeta Martha!

As for what might happen in the game between Maryland and UConn your guess is as good as the Fat Man at the craps table in the Mandalay Bay Casino right now (there is ALWAYS a Fat Man at the craps table in the Mandalay Bay Casino!) BUT we do know that whichever team wins this game….

Both Head Coaches will probably still be on the Hot Seat!

7.  Kevin Wilson, Indiana – Kevin Wilson’s Hoosiers had a great chance to get off to a 2 – 0 start in 2013 with a home game against Navy on Saturday BUT the midshipmen outplayed Indiana and beat IU 41 – 35 and next up for Wilson and Company is…

Bowling Green and Missouri

…which are two very tough out-of-conference games that Kevin Wilson REALLY needs to win because the Big Ten Conference schedule is just around the corner with Penn State coming to Bloomington on October 5.

In three seasons on the job at Indiana Kevin Wilson’s records are..

Overall:  6 – 20
Big Ten:  2 – 14

…and the simple TRUTH is that although Indiana is not a great of even very good football program Hoosiers football should be around the 6 win mark each and every season and with 10 games left Kevin Wilson needs to find at least 5 more wins.

Good Luck finding those 5 more wins with this remaining schedule!

Bowling Green
Penn State
at Michigan State
at Michigan
at Wisconsin
at Ohio State

OK, if Indiana plays well they should beat Bowling Green, Minnesota, Illinois and Purdue at home…BUT…that is only 4 more wins and Wilson needs FIVE.

Play Hard Hoosiers and for Damn sure don’t lose to MAC Conference team Bowling Green!


8.  Randy Edsall, Maryland – We called a good friend of ours in Washington DC last week who is a Maryland alum that has gone to Terps football and basketball games for 30 plus years on a regular basis and we asked him…

“How many wins does Randy Edsall need to return for the 2014 season?”

….our DC friend says…

“Everything with Maryland athletics seems to be such disarray right now that Edsall might be able to get away with 6 wins because they might not be able to raise the money to buy him out if they did want to fire him.”

Coaches Hot Seat: “What about if he (Edsall) gets less than 6 wins?”

DC Friend: (After a few seconds of saying nothing and then a sigh): “Who the Hell knows?”

So an alum and long-time attendee at Maryland football and basketball games says…

“Who the Hell knows?”

…when asked about the future of Randy Edsall which does raise a lot of questions about where Maryland football and Maryland athletics is going BUT for sure the 2013 Maryland football season is underway and the Terps are 2 – 0 after beating….

Florida International
Old Dominion

…and up next is the Hot Seat Coach vs. Hot Seat Coach game against UConn with West Virginia on deck and Florida State in the hole.

YES, Maryland could be 2 – 3 by October 5 BUT it may not matter what Maryland football does in 2013 because as our long-time friend in DC said…

“Everything with Maryland athletics seems to be such disarray right now that Edsall might be able to get away with 6 wins because they might not be able to raise the money to buy him out if they did want to fire him.”

Geez, where do we sign up for job where you can’t get fired no matter how pitiful you perform?

Oh, Mack Brown is in that same exact kind of job at Texas?

YEA….Liberal Maryland and Conservative Texas finally agree on something!

Pay and Keep People Employed Whether They Are Successful at Their Jobs or Not!

And you wonder why the American Republic is in decline?

Just check-out what is going on at the University of Texas and the University of Maryland where cronyism rules and Common Sense left the building a Helluva long time ago!


9.  Norm Chow, Hawaii – After the loss to Oregon State on Saturday Norm Chow’s records at Hawaii are now…

Overall:  3 – 11

MWC:  1 – 7

….and although we think the world of you Norm the above records are Jed Clampett inspired…

“Pitiful…Just Pitiful!”


Hawaii is 0 – 2 on the season and the Warriors have left…

At Nevada
Fresno State
San Jose State
Colorado State
At Utah State
At Navy
San Diego State
At Wyoming

….and if Hawaii keeps playing the way they have been playing over the past two seasons we cannot imagine the Warriors winning more than…

3 Games

…in 2013.

“Pitiful….Just Pitiful!”

10.  Terry Bowden, Akron – Terry Bowden and the Akron Zips got a much-needed win over I-AA (FCS) James Madison on Saturday by the score of…

35 – 33

…and up next for Bowden and Akron…

Michigan in the BIG HOUSE!

Just wonderful!

In his second season on the job with the Zips Terry Bowden’s record is…

2 – 12

…and with these games left in 2013…

At Michigan
La. Lafayette
At Bowling Green
At Northern Illinois
At Miami (Ohio)
Ball State
Kent State
At Massachusetts

…the Zips better be playing some ball the rest of this season or Bowden might be back doing the color on games on the radio for college football games in 2014!

Coach Hard Terry and…Good Luck against Michigan!

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