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Boise State Head Coach Chris Petersen On Coaches Being Put on the “Hot Seat” – Memo To Chris Petersen Who Is Making Millions of Dollars A Year: This Is AMERICA…If You Can’t Handle the Heat Find Another Profession! – The Post Week 3 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – The Top 10 Coaches on the Post Week 3 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

Before we get to the Post Week 3 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings and the Top 10 Head Coaches on the latest Coaches Hot Seat Rankings we first must address something that was said by the ESPN announcers on the Air Force – Boise State telecast on Friday night.

We are paraphrasing but the ESPN broadcasters said they had been talking to Boise State head coach Chris Petersen in preparation for the Air Force game and that Petersen said (paraphrasing):

“This Hot Seat stuff is just terrible. Coaches are already under lots of pressure and talking about firing coaches in Week 2 is just crazy.”


The above is close but not exactly what Chris Petersen told the ESPN broadcasters but we believe you and we here at Coaches Hot Seat get the drift of what Petersen was saying which was…

“Coaches being put on the Hot Seat early in the season is wrong because coaches are already under pressure without that talk.”

We cannot imagine that Chris Petersen is talking about the Coaches Hot Seat website since we are just a tiny presence on the Internet that has no influence over anyone, any issue and especially on what head coaches are or are not on the Hot Seat so we are guessing that Petersen is talking about large media organizations like ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, Fox Sports, Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports, etc. that are discussing amongst themselves what coach is or might be on the Hot Seat and to Chris Petersen claiming that someone in the media doing that is inappropriate we can only say…

Take your $2 Million Dollars a Year Job Coaching Football and Stuff It Where the SUN DOES NOT SHINE!


Geez Chris Petersen….in a time when there are 70 Million Plus Americans not even in the workforce and no doubt living hand-to-mouth each week while they struggle to keep food on the table and keep a roof over their and/or their family’s head that a Prima-Donna college head football coach would complain about coaches making…

Millions of Dollars A Year

…job status being questioned is so far over-the-top we don’t even know where to start.

Well, we could start with this…

NO ONE forced you Chris Petersen or ANY other football coach to…

Coach Football!

…and in case you didn’t know it Petersen since you have worked your entire life on a college campus which is a Complete Fantasyland out in the REAL WORLD if you do not perform at a very high level every Damn day of the week…

Your Ass Will Be Sent Packing

….and without a big buyout with Millions of Dollars in your pocket as you go out the door after you have FAILED at your Damn job!

Athletic Departments across America have paid out over the past 20 years..

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

…in the form of buyouts to head coaches and assistant coaches that failed miserably at their jobs and in case you haven’t checked lately Chris in a time when American workers wages have stagnated and even reversed for many the salaries of college head football coaches have more than TRIPLED in the last 20 years!

That the media is talking about Lane Kiffin and Mack Brown possibly losing their jobs is NOT inappropriate because Kiffin and Brown have been in the last few years performing at a level way Damn below what they should at their respective schools especially when they are making…

Millions of Dollars A Year

….to coach football programs that win football games and championships and if Chris Petersen can’t stand the pressure that comes with being a head football coach at a major college then Petersen can find something else to do like teach philosophy or botany there at Boise State University for about $50K a year and no one will bother…

Precious Chris Petersen’s Precious Ass

….who in our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat

Does NOT have the GUTS or COURAGE

…to take a Big-Time head coaching job at a Big-Time school because he knows he…

Could NOT handle the pressure! PERIOD.


Hey Chris Petersen! There are members of the US Military at this very moment operating in combat zones all around the world making less than $50K a year that do have GUTS and COURAGE and you are complaining about some media organizations…

Talking about the job status of college head coaches making Millions of Dollars a year?

Please, how about coaching your Damn football team Chris Petersen and if you want to prove you have some GUTS and COURAGE if USC, Texas, Nebraska or some other Big-Time school calls you later this fall why don’t you….

Take the Damn Job!

….and let’s see if you can really coach the game of football or are you just riding the coattails of what the previous head coaches built at Boise State and playing in a conference against very mediocre football teams.

Yes, Chris Petersen has every right to criticize anyone he likes….this is America after all and FREE SPEECH is what separates us from Fascist countries like China and Russia which are scared to death of their own people…but Chris Petersen…

Americans…ANY Americans…have the right to criticize you or any other Damn college head coach

…and if you don’t like the criticism then find something else to do as former Auburn head coach and College Football Hall of Fame member Pat Dye advised coaches to do if they can’t handle the heat:


“If you’re a football coach, criticism comes with the territory. If it tears you up, you better get into another profession.”

Oh….Pat Dye said the above in……1985.

Memo to USC AD Pat Haden:  Pat, when you fire Lane Kiffin and no doubt you will fire Lane Kiffin soon don’t bother to make a call to see if Boise State head coach Chris Petersen is interested in the USC job because Petersen CAN’T TAKE THE HEAT that comes with coaching at Big-Time job because Precious Chris is afraid that he might wake-up one day and see people on ESPN talking about his job status!

Question:  When did America become such a bunch of Candy Ass Pussies that people making Millions Dollars A Year to do a job the readily and voluntarily took can’t take a little criticism?

No doubt it was after World War II because there is not a chance in Hell that Candy Ass Pussies coaching a college football team that can’t take someone criticizing their Precious Asses would have NEVER been able to whip the Germans and Japanese….PERIOD.

Getting onto one of these boats was/would be REAL PRESSURE Chris Petersen…


….not having someone put your Precious Ass on the Hot Seat when you are making Millions of Dollars a year and when there are 70 Million Americans that can’t get a Damn job!

With that off our chest let’s get to the Post Week 3 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings!

Give ‘e Hell Mr. Cash!

Top 10 Head Coaches on the Post Week 3 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


1.  Mack Brown, Texas – We have a member of Coaches Hot Seat that can tell stories about the Alabama football program going back to the 1970s who also knows where all the bodies are buried in Tuscaloosa and who put them there and on Sunday as we watched NFL football he made the comment about Mack Brown and Texas football:

“Texas right now looks a lot like the end of the Gene Stallings and beginning of Mike Dubose era at Alabama. There are all kinds of people that have nothing to do with winning football games that have their hands and voices in all kinds of things at UT (Univ. of Texas) that have nothing to do with Texas winning football games.”

What should scare the Hell out of the fans of Texas football is that as Gene Stallings was pushed out the door….meaning forced to resign….at Alabama after the 1996 season which saw Bama put up a 10 – 3 record Mike Dubose was hired by Alabama who promptly put up a dismal record of 24 – 23 in four seasons in Tuscaloosa and was the head coach when Alabama got hit hard by the NCAA during the Albert Means debacle BUT what really makes Alabama in the mid-1990s and Texas of today similar is that both schools…in our opinion of course…were/are heavily influenced and it might even be said are controlled by wealthy alumni and boosters that are calling all the shots in Austin.

The reason that it is our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that the current President and Athletic Director at Texas no more run the University of Texas and the Texas Athletic Department than the Man on the Moon is that the signs of this TRUTH are everywhere in Austin if one is willing to do a little legwork and even last week two members of the media knew exactly who they needed to talk to relative to Mack Brown’s job security and it wasn’t any employed by the University of Texas:

Jamail in Mack’s corner, Kirk Bohls, Austin American Statesman

Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman, who has been working in Texas media longer than many of us here at CHS have been alive on Earth called Texas booster and billionaire Joe Jamail to check on Mack Brown’s status and we find out that Mack Brown actually talks to Joe Jamail EVERY FREAKING DAY! Yes, we can see Nick Saban talking to an Alabama booster EVERY FREAKING DAY….NOT!


Texas denies report of Dodds stepping down, Mike Finger, Express-News

Mike Finger of the San Antonio Express-News called Texas booster and billionaire Red McCombs to get his opinion on Mack Brown and Texas AD DeLoss Dodds’ future which is OF COURSE who Mike Finger should have been calling….right Red?

We have some news for fans of Texas football and Texas athletics:

There are very few to NO places in America where reporters and columnists would call boosters to check on the job status of the athletic director and head football coach EXCEPT at Texas which in our opinion is now…

Run by a very small group of very rich, very powerful and Very Damn Dumb boosters that don’t know their asses from the side of a barn when it comes to what it takes to field a winning football team on the field AND it is also our opinion these boosters would swap not having to admit they are WRONG about anything even if the Texas football program was destroyed in the process of satisfying their massive egos.

Our opinion of course.

Beyond the above there are several other problems and issues at Texas that have NOTHING to do with the Texas football program winning football games and championships including the Complete Absurdity of Mack Brown’s entire life being turned into a reality show by the Longhorn Network which we believe is taking its toll on Mack Brown and is directly impacting in a very negative way the Texas football program something that Brown himself even talked about last Fall:

Even Mack Brown Hates The Longhorn Network, Deadspin.com

Of course, NONE of the above excuses Mack Brown for having final authority and full responsibility for the Texas football program and its performance on the field and since the 2009 – 2010 National Championship Game against Alabama the Texas Longhorns have played 41 games over the past four seasons and their record is…

23 – 18  (.561)

…and to put those 18 losses in the last 3.25 seasons into perspective between 2001 and 2009 (9 seasons) Brown and Texas only lost…

16 Games Total!

What then has gone wrong at Texas and can Mack Brown do anything to turn things around in Austin?

Well, since no one here at Coaches Hot Seat is going to take over the coaching duties of a college football program anytime soon we called a high school coach in the Great State of Texas that gave us some great insight into defending the spread offense last Fall and we asked him what he thought was wrong with Texas football and his response was:

“Texas is just not very well coached right now.”

Coaches Hot Seat:  “Can you elaborate on that?”

Texas High School Football Coach:  “They are out of position on defense a lot and often take bad paths to the ball carrier. On offense I don’t have a clue to what the Hell they are trying to do or be. Are they a spread offense, a power running offense or are they going into a game with several hundred plays and most of them they can’t run very well? I would guess the latter.”

There you have it fans of Texas football from the horse’s mouth which in the state of Texas a high school football coach is about a knowledgeable of a person that you can talk to about the game of football.

The Texas defense is in disarray and the Texas offense doesn’t have a clue what it wants to be which 99.9 percent of time in the game of football leads to…


….like 18 losses in their last 41 games for Texas football!

What can be done to turn things around at Texas?

WELL, anyone that watched the Ole Miss – Texas game saw a Longhorns defense that was worn out by the beginning of the 4 th quarter which led to the Rebels running wild and beating Texas in the 2 2 nd half by a score of…

27 – 0

….and which saw the ‘Horns offense finish the game with these SEVEN drives…

7 plays – 41 yards – Punt
3 plays – 4 yards – Punt
3 plays – 3 yards – Punt
3 plays – 3 yards – Punt
3 plays – 4 yards – Punt
6 plays – 5 yards – Fumble
6 plays – 28 yards – Turnover on Downs
4 plays – 5 yards – Turnover on Downs

….which put a tremendous strain on the Texas defense and would lead us to the following if we took over Texas football tomorrow:

We would tell Texas offensive coordinator Major Applewhite to put away his big playbook and bag of “innovative” plays because against Kansas State this week Texas football was going to find out if there were still any REAL MEN on the UT football team because we are going to….


….against Kansas State because for Damn sure we want to keep the Texas defense on the sidelines as much as Damn possible!

Of course, there is nothing like a play-action pass play after you have whipped your opponent up front and run the ball up and down the field on them BUT does anyone think that Texas football and especially the Horns offense can whip anyone in college football today?

Didn’t think so.

After a 1 – 2 start Texas has left in 2013…

Kansas State
At Iowa State
At West Virginia
Oklahoma State
Texas Tech
At Baylor

…and save for Kansas IF Texas plays like they did against BYU and Ole Miss the Longhorns will only win 1 Game the rest of this season and if Mack Brown think things are bad now just wait until you have to resign after going….

2 – 10!

Lastly, there is something else that happened between the Texas – Alabama BCS Title Game in January 2010 and today which is a time when the Texas football program has gone…

23 – 18  (.561)

…in its last 41 games and that thing was the below headline that stunned the college football world on June 3, 2010:

Pac-12 set to invite six from Big 12, Chip Brown, OrangeBloods.com

Of course, the above story broke right in the middle of the Big 12 Conference meetings in the summer of 2010 and it detailed how the Pac-10 Conference was going to invite…

Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Colorado

….to form a new Pac-16 Conference which would have left Iowa State, Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska and Missouri to go looking for a new conference affiliation.

In OUR opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat the above story was leaked to OrangeBloods.com by someone at Texas to be released right in the middle of the Big 12 Conference meetings in order to cause a number of things to happen that would in the opinion of the “leaker” benefit the University of Texas even though TEXAS never had any intention of every moving to a new Pac-16 Conference under ANY circumstances….in our opinion of course.

What happened next after the above story was written is well documented with Nebraska applying for and joining the Big Ten Conference which was something the “leaker” at Texas wanted to happen and it led to Texas A&M heading to the SEC Conference which the “leaker” at Texas also wanted to see happen which was then followed by Missouri heading to the SEC which the “leaker” at Texas didn’t really give a Damn about since no one at Texas gave two rips about what Missouri does BUT the above story by Chip Brown at OrangeBloods.com also did something else and that is it…

Weakened the Big 12 Conference

….considerably and provided an opening for Texas to form the Longhorn Network which went on the air in April 2011 and pays Texas about $11 Million Dollars a year.

YES, Nebraska, Texas A&M and Missouri leaving the Big 12 Conference gave Texas a stronger hand which it used to form its own network while the Big 12 Conference still does not have a network of its own BUT in our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat the actions by the people at Texas and when we write “people” we mean a Helluva lot of people that don’t work for the University of Texas is that instead of making Texas Athletics stronger their selfish and egotistical actions have actually done great damage to Texas athletic programs including the Texas football program and the PROOF of that is the performance of the UT football, basketball and baseball programs in the last three years which has been dismal at best and a complete disgrace to the University of Texas at worse…..and the downward spiral at Texas is not over yet….it is NO WHERE NEAR from being over.

In our opinion the University of Texas is run by some of the BIGGEST….

Pompous, Arrogant Asses on the Face of the Earth

….and who would to a man in our opinion…

Destroy the University of Texas


Destroy Texas Athletics

….to satisfy their own Massive Egos which in TRUTH is the ONLY thing that really matters to them on this Earth.

Memo to Mack Brown:  Good Luck against Kansas State this week BUT why don’t you count the minutes and even hours you spend satisfying the egos of a Helluva lot of people that have NOTHING to do with Texas winning football games and what you will find Mack is that the Bastards that claim to “love Texas football” are actually the Bastards destroying the program and sinking your coaching career in the process.

Here’s a suggestion for you Mack Brown from people that don’t have a dog in this fight: Tell the folks at the Longhorn Network and these boosters that are always calling you that they can…


…and to leave you the Hell alone because you have a football team to coach!

Oh, the “people” in charge at Texas don’t really care if Texas football wins or not as long as they are getting their precious asses kissed?

That sounds about right.

Be proud alums and fans of Texas Football! You have sat on your hands and let a Band of Egotistical Morons destroy the Texas Football Team and Texas Athletics and our guess you will continue sit on your asses and do nothing as the Texas Athletics spirals into the toilet bowl because let’s face the TRUTH:

The Candy Ass Pussy Fans of Texas Football and Texas Athletics DON’T HAVE THE GUTS to challenge the Sorry Ass Bastards in Austin.



2.  Charlie Weis, Kansas – On Saturday Charlie Weis and Kansas lost to a good Rice team…

23 – 14

…and Weis’s records at Kansas are:

Overall:  1 – 11

Big 12:  0 – 0

….and Kansas has next up La. Tech at home which just lost to Tulane at home.

Can Charlie Weis and Kansas beat La. Tech?

IF they can’t Charlie Weis should be fired after the game….PERIOD.

3.  Paul Pasqualoni, Connecticut – We never really saw the logic in hiring the 62-year old Paul Pasqualoni at Connecticut in 2011 and considering that Pasqualoni took over a UConn team that went to the Fiesta Bowl the previous season his records with the Huskies prove our concerns about his hiring were right:

Paul Pasqualoni’s records at UConn:

Overall:  10 – 15

AAC:  5 – 9

To make matters worse Pasqualoni started the 2013 season off with losses to I-AA (FCS) Towson and to a woeful Maryland team coached by former UConn head coach Randy Edsall and next up for a coach and team that can’s beat Towson or Maryland at home is…

Michigan at home

…which just got embarrassed by a very bad Akron team in the Big House.

YES, a game against a pissed-off Michigan team this Saturday will turn out real well for Paul Pasqualoni and Connecticut…NOT!


4.  Lane Kiffin, USC – The USC offense finally got going on Saturday against Boston College with a 35 – 7 win over the Eagles at the LA Coliseum and up next for Lane Kiffin and the Trojans is….

Utah State

….which played an almost even game against Utah, whipped Air Force and then beat I-AA (FCS) Weber State.

We don’t give much credit when a USC football team beats a football like Boston College which has won….

6 Games

….in the last two years and Utah State is also a team that an even average-coached USC team should destroy so that makes the Week 5 game at Arizona State the first REAL GAME of the year for Kiffin and the Trojans and until then Kiffin can expect to find his rear-end on the…


5.  Kirk Ferentz, Iowa – It is hard to give Kirk Ferentz and his Iowa football team much credit for beating an Iowa State team that lost to I-AA (FCS) Northern Iowa in Week 1 nor will the Hawkeyes get much credit for beating a very bad Western Michigan team next Saturday at home which means that Kirk Ferentz will find his rear-end on the Hot Seat at least until the Hawkeyes travel to play Minnesota on the road on September 28.

Iowa is now 2 – 1 and they have left…

Western Michigan
At Minnesota
Michigan State
At Ohio State
At Purdue
At Nebraska

…and if Iowa plays the above opponents like it has in the first three weeks of the season we can imagine they will win more than…

5 Games

….in 2013 but then why worry about winning games when you are going to make $4 Million Dollars whether you win another game or not!

What a great country America is!

YOU CAN FAIL consistently and still make $4 Million Dollars a Year!

6.  Bobby Hauck, UNLV – Bobby Hauck and his UNLV Rebels got their MUST WIN in Week 3 over Central Michigan and they have an even easier game they better Damn win against Western Illinois on Saturday and after that the Rebels have left…

At New Mexico
At Fresno State
At Nevada
San Jose State
Utah State
At Air Force
San Diego State

…and Hauck really needs 6 Wins in 2013 and finding four more wins after beating Western Illinois among the above games is NOT going to be an easy thing to do.

7.  Terry Bowden, Akron – Terry Bowden REALLY pissed us off here at Coaches Hot Seat on Saturday when his Akron football team went to Michigan and took the Wolverines to the last play and really should have won the game and the reason we are so pissed off is that if Akron is good enough to give Michigan a tough game then how in the Hell could someone explain….like Terry Bowden….is it possible that Akron has only won 2 games in Bowden’s tenure with the Zips and those two wins are over I-AA (FCS) teams?

It just make NO DAMN SENSE and that is why Terry Bowden is moving on up the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings!

Now let’s see here….Akron has left on their schedule…

La. Lafayette
At Bowling Green
At Northern Illinois
At Miami (OH)
Ball State
Kent State
At Massachusetts

…and Michigan would at least be a 21 point favorite against ALL of the above teams so we expect Akron to finish the season with NO MORE losses and a…

10 – 2 Record!

Coach Hard Terry Bowden…..In ALL the games!

8.  Norm Chow, Hawaii – Hawaii had Week 3 off and after their 0 – 2 start to the season they have left in 2013…

At Nevada
Fresno State
San Jose State
Colorado State
At Utah State
At Navy
San Diego State
At Wyoming

…and if Norm Chow is going to start getting the Warriors program going in the right direction then a WIN over Nevada on Saturday in Reno would be a good start.

Of course, if Hawaii loses to Nevada they might not win a game in 2013 and if that happens Norm Chow will probably not be the coach at Hawaii come December.

Coach Hard Norm….like your job is on the line….IT IS!


9.  Randy Edsall, Maryland – We don’t give much credit for a coach on the Hot Seat playing and beating a team that is spiraling into oblivion which in the case of Maryland head coach Randy Edsall is his team’s win over…


…on Saturday which is a team that is now spiraling into oblivion BUT the Terps are now 3 – 0 and with Edsall needing at least SIX WINS to return in 2013 here is what Maryland has left…

West Virginia
At Florida State
At Wake Forest
At Virginia Tech
Boston College
At NC State

From where we sit Edsall and Maryland SHOULD be able to find 3 more wins among their last 9 games BUT for Damn sure if they cannot…

Randy Edsall will NOT BE the head coach at Maryland in December


10.  Bo Pelini, Nebraska – A couple of years ago we had an internal vote for the toughest jobs in college football and had each Coaches Hot Seat member list the…

10 Toughest Jobs in Major College Football

…based upon the pressure placed upon the head coach to win and with 1 being the toughest and 10 being the 10 th toughest job and the final vote looked like this….

1.  Alabama
2.  Ohio State
3.  Texas
4.  Nebraska
5.  LSU
6.  Oklahoma
7.  Michigan
8.  Tennessee
9.  Georgia
10.  USC

…and note that Nebraska came in at the..

4 th Tough Job in Major College Football

…and even if you have WON…

51 Games

…in 5.25 seasons on the job when you are the Head Football Coach at the University of Nebraska when the UCLA Bruins come into Lincoln and put up…

504 Total Yards


41 Points

…you are going to find yourself on the Hot Seat and that is where Bo Pelini finds himself on September 16, 2013.

Going back to the end of the 2012 season and into 2013 against Wisconsin, Georgia, Wyoming and UCLA the Nebraska defense has given up an average of…

47.5 Points Per Game

….and correct us if we are wrong BUT if you are going to give up more than 45 points a game you are sure the Hell NOT going to win very many football games!

The task ahead for Bo Pelini and his Nebraska Cornhuskers is simple enough with these games left…

South Dakota State
At Purdue
At Minnesota
At Michigan
Michigan State
At Penn State

….and that task is to win their next FIVE Games and be 7 – 1 when they head to the Big House to play Michigan on November 9 and if Akron can give Michigan a good game then Nebraska can beat Michigan…


…if Nebraska stumbles in any of their next FIVE Games against teams that the Cornhuskers have a Helluva lot MORE talent than they Bo Pelini can expect the Husker faithful to turn up the HEAT and we mean HEAT that makes what we do here at Coaches Hot Seat look like the spark from a match that will not light.

Coach Hard Bo Pelini…AND…don’t overlook South Dakota State….they can score some points as well and the last thing you need is for a I-AA (FCS) team to come into Lincoln and hang 40 plus points on the Black Shirts!

No, that would not be a “good thing!”

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