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Post Week 10 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Top 20 Head Coaches on the Post Week 10 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Give These Top 20 Hot Seat Coaches Hell Mr. Johnny Cash!

Post Week 10 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

Give These TOP 20 Hot Seat Coaches Hell Mr. Johnny Cash!



1.  Charlie Weis, Kansas – With the loss to Texas on Saturday Charlie Weis and his Jayhawks dropped to…

2 – 6

…on the season and still have to play in 2013….

At Oklahoma State
West Virginia
At Iowa State
Kansas State

….and it is still our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that we will be…


….if KU football wins another game this season.

Charlie Weis has now put up win/loss records at KU of…

Overall:  3 – 17

Big 12:  0 – 14

…..in two seasons and those three wins are over…

I-AA South Dakota State
I-AA South Dakota
La. Tech

…and we must ask the questions:

Is this good enough for Kansas football?

Do the fans of Kansas athletics even care how the Kansas football team performs?

Who the Hell knows BUT since the 2006 college football season when Charlie Weis coached Notre Dame to a 10 – 3 record Weis has put up in his last five seasons at Notre Dame and Kansas a coaching a record of…

19 – 38  (.333)

….and if that record is worthy of…

$2.5 Million Dollars A Year

….and a $12.5 Million Dollar Guaranteed Contract then the American Republic is finished because there are now…

Complete Morons

…..running at least two I-A (FBS) athletic departments in America that should be doing the only thing that George W. Bush would be qualified to do if his last name wasn’t “Bush”:

Shoveling Shit in West Texas!


Can Charlie Weis and Kansas beat Oklahoma State in Stillwater on Saturday?

Uhhhh….Could Barack Obama every carry the state of Oklahoma in a Presidential Election?

2012 Presidential Election Results

Mitt Romney – 66.77%

Barack Obama – 33.23%

Answer to both questions…..HELL FREAKING NO!

Hey, at least there is still hope for us poor folks at Coaches Hot Seat that we too will run into a….

Complete Moron

…one day that will hand us a…

$12.5 Million Dollar Guaranteed Contract

….for a job that we are Completely Damn Unqualified To Do!


2.  Norm Chow, Hawaii – Norm Chow and the Hawaii Warriors lost again on Saturday to Utah State by a score of 47 – 10 to run their 2013 record to…

0 – 8

….which runs Norm Chow’s overall win/loss record in two seasons at Hawaii to….

3 – 17

….which is a Helluva comedown from the team that June Jones left in The Islands when he took the SMU job in 2007 when Jones put up…

76 Wins

….in 9 seasons at Hawaii and that is why Norm Chow is on a…

Very Damn Hot Seat!

…and probably will be on that Hot Seat until he is fired.


3.  Ron English, Eastern Michigan – In the aftermath of Eastern Michigan’s loss to Toledo by the score of…

55 – 16

….on Saturday EMU head coach Ron English’s win/loss records with the EMU Eagles are now…

Overall:   11 – 46

MAC:  7 – 30

…..and needless to say the folks in Ypsilanti, Michigan are none to happy with their football program and to finish the season English and Eastern Michigan must face…

Western Michigan
Bowling Green
At Central Michigan

….and about all we can say now is…

Coach Hard Ron English and Play Hard Eastern Michigan Eagles!


4.  Kevin Wilson, Indiana – In Kevin Wilson’s third and predicted “breakout” season with the Hoosiers the Indiana football team is now…

3 – 5

….after Saturday’s loss to Minnesota at home and IF Wilson and the Hoosiers are going to make a postseason bowl game then they will need…

3 Wins

…out of their last 4 Games and those Games are against…

At Wisconsin
At Ohio State


Needless to say the game against Illinois this coming Saturday in Bloomington is a Big-Time MUST WIN Game for Kevin Wilson and his Indiana football team and if the Hoosiers lose to the Illini then we will have a…

“Code Red Situation”

….at Indiana that will lead to one of two things:

A Head Coach Getting Fired = Kevin Wilson

A Head Coach On A Very Damn Hot Seat Going Into 2014 = Kevin Wilson

Coach Hard Kevin Wilson!

Oh…by the way…in three seasons at Indiana Kevin Wilson has won…

8 Football Games


5.  Ron Turner, Florida International – Ron Turner and his FIU football team lost to East Carolina at home on Saturday which dropped the Golden Panthers record to….

1 – 7

….on the 2013 season and FIU has left to play in 2013…

At Middle Tennessee

Will Ron Turner and FIU win another game in 2013?

Does it even matter?

Not really BUT Ron Turner is on a Very Damn Hot Seat!


6.  Todd Monken, Southern Miss – After the Southern Miss loss to Marshall on Saturday by a score of…

61 – 13

….USM football has now lost…

20 Straight Football Games

…..and with these games still left to play in 2013…

At La. Tech
Middle Tennessee

…..we guess that Southern Miss MIGHT win at least 1 game this season and that we think “Southern Miss MIGHT win at least 1 game this season” says all that one needs to know about the current state of Southern Miss football which Jed Clampett would have accurately described as…

“Pitiful…..Just Pitiful”


…and what we here at Coaches Hot Seat would describe as…

A Damn Disgrace!

The two most amazing numbers about Southern Miss football in 2013:

Southern Miss is giving up an average of 44.6 points per game

Southern Miss is scoring an average of 12.8 points per game

A Damn Disgrace AND Pitiful….Just Pitiful!


7.  Mike London, Virginia – Pay attention now and we will show you what…

Complete Stupidity

….looks like from a story at College Football Talk on October 18, 2013…

Virginia’s future includes “Mike London as our coach”, John Taylor, College Football Talk

“As the Post points out, it would be a costly move for Littlepage to jettison London after the 2013 season: nearly $8.1 million for London’s buyout, plus an additional $3.1 million to buy out the coaching staff.”

Virginia head coach Mike London has an…

$8.1 Million Dollar Buyout

….and the UVA assistant coaches would cost and additional…

$3.1 Million Dollar Buyout

….for a total of…

$11.2 Million Dollars

…..to buyout a head coach that has an overall record in 4 seasons at Virginia of…

18 – 28  (.391)


Please….why would Virginia head coach Mike London have a contract that would include a buyout more than…

1 Year’s Compensation AT THE MOST!

…and instead has a buyout of…

$8.1 Million Dollars?

What has Mike London EVER done in his coaching career to have deserved such a contract?

NOTHING is the answer to that question…..PERIOD.

What A Damn Disgrace that Virginia AD Craig Littlepage is to the University of Virginia and to Intercollegiate Athletics to agree to such a…

Bogus and Absurd Contract

…for head football coach Mike London…..A DAMN DISGRACE….PERIOD…in our opinion of course.

Mike London and Virginia with their loss to Clemson on Saturday by a score of….

59 – 10

….are now….

2 – 7

….on the 2013 season and the Cavaliers still have to play…

At North Carolina
At Miami
Virginia Tech

The TRUTH:  Mike London and Virginia is now looking at a…

2 – 10

….record in 2013 which would run his overall record at UVA to…

18 – 31  (.367)

….and Mike London has an…

$8.1 Million Dollar Buyout?


IF Mike London is forced out at Virginia then UVA AD Craig Littlepage should be next in line….our opinion of course….and we would fire Littlepage for one very obvious Damn reason…

Complete Damn Stupidity!


8.  Paul Rhoads, Iowa State – IF there is one thing we here at Coaches Hot Seat believe about college head football coaches it is that…

Head Coaches MUST Work Like Hell

….just to stay on top of their programs and in Paul Rhoads first four seasons at Iowa State Rhoads pretty-much stayed on top of the Cyclones football program although Iowa State put up in those four seasons 4 straight…

3 – 6

…..records in Big 12 play which is in our opinion slightly “below the mark” for what Iowa State should be able to achieve if the Cyclones have a head coach that is…

Working Like Hell

….to stay on top of the ISU program and for whatever reason in the last year Iowa State has taken a few steps backwards under Rhoads and after Week 10 of the 2013 season ISU is now sitting on a…

1 – 7

….record and with these games still left to play…

At Oklahoma
At West Virginia

….it is going to take a herculean effort from Paul Rhoads in the last four games to stop the Iowa State football season from turning into a…

Complete Freaking Disaster

….which is why this coming Saturday’s game against TCU who also now has a head coach (Gary Patterson) on the Hot Seat is a…


….or things will just keep getting HOTTER in Ames, Iowa.



9.  Randy Edsall, Maryland – Head coach Randy Edsall and the Terps had a bye in Week 10 and with Maryland now sitting on a record of…

5 – 3

….on the season and with these games still left to play….

At Virginia Tech
Boston College
At NC State

…..one has to think that the Terps will get at least 6 Wins this season and to a postseason bowl BUT IF Maryland did lose their last four games then the folks in College Park will be looking for a new head football coach come December.

What IF Randy Edsall and the Terps finish at 6 – 6 in 2013?

A Very Damn Hot Seat for Randy Edsall for the foreseeable future!


10.  Kirk Ferentz, Iowa – Since the 2009 – 2010 football season when Iowa gave Kirk Ferentz a new contract that would pay Ferentz…

$4 Million Dollars A Year


A $40 Million Dollar Guaranteed Contract over 10 Years

….after the Hawkeyes went 11 – 2 and played in the Orange Bowl Iowa has won over the past 4 seasons a total of….

24 Football Games

…..and in case the folks at the University of Iowa don’t know it Iowa could find any random good or bad football coach in America and pay him…

$100,000 Per Year

….or any Random Moron off any street in America for that matter and he or she could have won…

24 Football Games

….over the past 4 seasons which really shows just…

How So Very Damn Stupid the People making the decisions at the University of Iowa REALLY ARE!

Iowa is now 5 – 4 on the season and has left to play…

At Purdue
At Nebraska

….and since the Bad News Bears could beat Purdue Iowa will at least again be…

Average or Candy Ass “bowl eligible”

….in 2013 which in Iowa evidently gets you….

$4 Million Dollars A Year!

Memo to the Good People of Iowa:  Stop the Damn Insanity of these Idiots at the University of Iowa giving out $40 Million Dollar GUARANTEED contracts to people that don’t deserve such Stupid and Absurd contracts and by the way since we have the Good People of Iowa’s attention who are getting fat and rich off BIG government farm programs…

We believe that Ethanol is Complete Bullshit and it is destroying the engines in our cars!


11.  Charley Molnar, Massachusetts – With the Massachusetts Minutemen loss to Northern Illinois on Saturday by the score of…

63 – 19

….head coach and UMass is now…

1 – 8

…on the season and the Minutemen still have to play…

At Central Michigan
At Ohio

…..and it looks like Charley Molnar will end up having…

Two Wins

….in two seasons coaching UMass and if that is good enough for UMass then that is good enough for us BUT not good enough for Charley Molnar to be anywhere but on the…




11.  Bo Pelini, Nebraska – In one of the all-time miracle plays by a team with a head coach on a….

Very Damn Hot Seat

….the Cornhuskers were able to take advantage of some…

Very Damn Stupid Play

….by Northwestern on Saturday to complete a Hail-Mary Pass that only a…

Very Damn Poorly Coached Team

….would have given up but that is a team led by Pat Fitzgerald and not Bo Pelini who is STILL on the Hot Seat in the wake of that miracle win because let’s face the TRUTH:

Nebraska had no Damn business beating Northwestern on Saturday and was lucky that Northwestern is so Damn poorly coached!

Now at 6 – 2 on the season head coach Bo Pelini and Nebraska have to still finish strong because our Omaha, Nebraska friends are still telling us that Bo Pelini really needs to take the Cornhuskers to the…

Big Ten Title Game

….this season to return as the head coach at Nebraska in 2014 and with these games still left to play…

At Michigan
Michigan State
At Penn State

…..the game this coming Saturday in Ann Arbor, Michigan is a BIG Game for both…

Bo Pelini


Brady Hoke

…with the losing head coach being on a Very Hot Damn Seat and to that we can only say…..

Coach Hard Bo Pelini AND Brady Hoke!



12.  Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia – Head coach Dana Holgorsen and West Virginia got their MUST WIN on Saturday against TCU and now at….

4 – 5

….on the season and with these games still left to play…

At Kansas
Iowa State

…..Dana Holgorsen probably needs to win AT LEAST…

2 of their 3 remaining games

….to not be in a Helluva “situation” come December BUT IF Holgorsen and WVU can’t at least beat…

Kansas and Iowa State

….this season then Dana Holgorsen probably should be fired come December.

Next up for Dana Holgorsen and West Virginia…

A HUGE Game against Texas at home with both head coaches….Dana Holgorsen and Mack Brown….badly needing a win and being on a Very Hot Seat if they don’t get the victory!



14.  Will Muschamp, Florida – As Joe Friday used to say on Dragnet….

“Just the Facts Ma’am…..Just the Facts”


….and the FACTS about Will Muschamp as the head coach of the Florida Gators over the last three seasons are…

Overall:  22 – 12  (.647)

SEC:  13 – 9  (.590)

….and when talking about Florida football those FACTS are…

Very Damn Ugly!

By comparison in three seasons as the head coach at Florida the FIRED Ron Zook had winning percentages of…

Overall:  .621

SEC:  .667

…..which is why anyone with a working brain understands why Will Muschamp is now on a Very Hot Seat in Gainesville.

If one believes the views of long-time Gainesville Sun columnist Pat Dooley….and who the Hell wouldn’t?…..things are Very Damn Bad for Florida football in the aftermath of the Gators loss to Georgia on Saturday…

One main reason for this loss, Pat Dooley, Gainesville Sun

…which included this little nugget that should get everyone’s attention across the world of college football:

“So are the Gator fans who are staring down the embarrassing possibility of having their first losing season since Jimmy Carter was president and their first bowl-less season in 23 years.”

Florida Football not having a winning season and not going to a bowl game in 2013?

Is that possible?

Well, the Gators are now…

4 – 4

…on the season and still have left to play….

At South Carolina
Georgia Southern
Florida State

…..and if Florida does lose to Vandy, South Carolina and FSU to finish the season at 5 – 7 (with a win over I-AA (FCS) Georgia Southern) then we CANNOT imagine that Florida AD Jeremy Foley wouldn’t…

Fire Will Muschamp

….come December unless Jeremy Foley has…

One Standard for Ron Zook


Another Standard for Will Muschamp

….and if that’s the case then what does Jeremy Foley stand for anyway….


….because that is what Florida Football is right now Jeremy….


In the 18 seasons that Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer were the head football coaches at Florida they put a combined record of…

187 – 42 – 1  (.815)

…..and in the 6 seasons that Ron Zook and Will Muschamp were/are the head football coaches at Florida they put up a combined record of…

45 – 26  (.634)

….and as we were discussing the current state of Florida Football with some UF-alum friends of ours this past weekend in Jacksonville that we have know for 20-year plus and who were students at Florida when Steve Spurrier was playing QB For the Gators in the 1960s one of our UF-alum friends made a great point:

“Jeremy Foley (Florida AD) didn’t hire Spurrier in 1990 because he was just an associate AD then and Foley didn’t hire Urban Meyer because that was all Bernie Machen (Florida President) and if Machen doesn’t leave Utah to become the president at Florida in January 2004 there is no way that Foley hires Meyer in January 2005….no way in Hell.”

Would Florida AD Jeremy Foley have considered and hired the very hot Urban Meyer who was then the head football coach at Utah and was also being chased by Notre Dame at the time IF former University of Utah president Bernie Machen hadn’t been the president of the University of Florida in the 2004 – 2005 timeframe?

In our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat:  NO is the answer to that question and Urban Meyer would have taken the Notre Dame job in January 2005 and Charlie Weis would probably still be coaching in the NFL.

Oh what a tangled web these coaching searches and hiring decisions weave!

Of course none of the above opinions change the FACT that the Florida Gators under Will Muschamp are now….

4 – 4

….on the 2013 season and Will Muschamp is facing the…

MUST WIN Game of his young head coaching career

….in Gainesville on Saturday against Vanderbilt in a game that kicks-off at…

High Noon

…..which somehow seems appropriate.

Very simply in our opinion….

IF Will Muschamp and the Gators lose to Vanderbilt on Saturday….

Will Muschamp’s coaching career at Florida will be over come December barring the miracle of the Gators beating BOTH South Carolina and Florida State in the closing weeks of the season and with that we can only say….

Coach Hard Will Muschamp!


15.  Skip Holtz, La. Tech – Even though La. Tech got a win in their last game against pitiful Florida International in Week 8 La. Tech head coach Skip Holtz is on the Hot Seat after his Bulldogs have put up a…

3 – 5

….record in 2013 BUT the good news for Skip Holtz is who La. Tech gets to play down the stretch of the season…

Southern Miss
At Rice
Texas-San Antonio

….which should produce AT LEAST a couple of wins for Holtz and the Bulldogs but then Holtz took over a La. Tech team from Sonny Dykes that was coming off of records of…

8 – 5
9 – 3

….the last two seasons and shouldn’t Skip Holtz with ALL of his vast experience in coaching be able to keep going what Dykes built at La. Tech?

Evidently NOT and that is why Skip Holtz is on the Hot Seat!

Week 11 for Skip Holtz and La. Tech….

Hot Seat Coach vs. Hot Seat Coach

….with the Bulldogs playing Todd Monken and Southern Miss!

Should be a MUST SEE Game in Hattiesburg, Mississippi!



16.  Bret Bielema, ArkansasThe Urban Dictionary defines KARMA as….

“The Buddhist belief that whatever you do comes back to you, e.g. if you do something good, something good will happen to you, and vice versa.


The belief that all of your actions will have equal repercussions, affecting you.”

….and for the life of us here at Coaches Hot Seat we are still trying to figure out what Bret Bielema’s wife meant when she tweeted…


….after Wisconsin got jobbed by the Pac-12 officials in a game against Arizona State earlier this season BUT FOR DAMN SURE we are can see how it is…


…that Bret Bielema and the Arkansas Football team are now on a…


…..after getting Three Cupcake Wins to start the season against La. Lafayette, Samford and Southern Miss!

Here’s the problem for the now 3 – 6 Razorbacks….their remaining games against…

At Ole Miss
Mississippi State

….and the realization that Bret Bielema and Arkansas could finish the season at…

3 – 9

…..which would of course be…


…..in so many Damn ways that we could not possibly count-up at this time!

Memo to Arkansas Head Coach Bret Bielema on November 4, 2013:  The SEC is NOT the Big Ten….OR….the Big Ten is NOT the SEC whichever works for best for you and if you thought that because you or anyone doing the hiring and firing at Arkansas that because you won a few Big Ten Conference Titles in the pre-Urban Meyer arriving in the Big Ten-era means you will win lots of games and conference titles in the SEC we have some news for you and anyone else out there tweeting KARMA when Wisconsin loses football games….


Oh, Bret Bielema has the “opportunity” to win some games as the head football coach at Arkansas in the next year or two before he gets run out of Fayetteville which is exactly what will happen if the Razorbacks post two straight losing seasons under Bielema BUT the lease is much shorter in the SEC than it is in the Big Ten where they give out $40 Million Dollar Guaranteed Contracts to Average Coaches and have Head Coaches that can tell his team’s fan base to “F-Off” and not lose his job AND IF Bielema doesn’t start winning some football games and we mean in a Helluva hurry….

Bret Bielema will be out of a job and that will be….


…..in more ways that Bret Bielema can possibly realize.


We had an interesting discussion a couple of weeks back here at Coaches Hot Seat about WHAT IF the Big Ten and SEC combined together for the 2013 season and SEC teams played Big Ten teams all season what would be the outcome and which conference would end up with the most wins?

Well, after some discussion the general consensus of Coaches Hot Seat members was that…

It would be a Bloodbath

….with the Big Ten teams losing all the blood as the SEC teams wiped the floor with them save Ohio State who most everyone here at Coaches Hot Seat believes could beat most of the teams in the SEC save Alabama….or maybe a fully healthy Georgia team in 2013.

As for Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema being on the Hot Seat we can only say…

Welcome to the Hot Seat Bret Bielema


It looks like you will be on the Hot Seat for the foreseeable future so get used to it!


17.  Bobby Hauck, UNLV – The calculus for UNLV head coach Bobby Hauck is very simple to understand…

Bobby Hauck needs SIX WINS in 2013 and the Rebels playing in a postseason game


The Bobby Hauck-era at UNLV will come to an end in December

…..and now at 5 – 4 after the loss to San Jose State at home on Saturday only leaves the Rebels with three opportunities to get at least one more win….

Utah State
At Air Force
San Diego State

…..and save Air Force which has looked pitiful for most of the season getting that SIXTH WIN might be easier said than done!

YES…..Utah State is a very important game on Saturday for Bobby Hauck and UNLV


The Week 12 game at Air Force will be HUGE if UNLV loses on Saturday and to that we can only say…..

Coach Hard Bobby Hauck!



18.  Sonny Dykes, California – We are not going to write in this blog what we really think about the…

Piss Poor Damn Job

….that Jeff Tedford did in his last few years coaching the Cal Bears which new head coach Sonny Dykes took over this season because to write what we REALLY think of the Piss Poor Damn Job that Jeff Tedford did at Cal the last few years would be worse than the takedown that Jon Wilner of the Mercury News did on current Cal Ad Sandy Barbour…

How does Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour still have her job?, Jon Wilner, Mercury News

…..on Friday BUT we don’t think it is a coincidence that Jeff Tedford coached Lane Kiffin at Fresno State and it is our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that….

Lane Kiffin Poses a Clear and Present Danger to ANY football team he might coach in the future


…..and we have already committed to placing Lane Kiffin on the No. 1 Hot Seat IMMEDIATELY if any school is so Damn Stupid to hire Lane Kiffin in the future BUT what does any of the above have to do with Sonny Dykes coaching Cal in 2013?

Well….Sonny Dykes took over in our opinion a….

Complete Disaster at Cal

…..and in 9 football games has done very Damn little to do anything about what is the…

Complete Disaster that is the Cal Football Program

….and that is why Sonny Dykes is now on the Hot Seat!

Cal is now 1 – 8 on the season with their lone win coming over I-AA (FCS) Portland State by the score of 37 – 30 and here is who the Bears still have to play in 2013…

At Colorado
At Stanford

…..which means a Cal football team that is giving up an average of…

42.8 Points Per Game

…..could be facing a…

1 – 11 season

….which is nothing short of a Complete Freaking Disaster!

There were some signs of life in Cal’s game against Arizona on Saturday which the Bears lost only by 5 points and had a chance to win into the 4 th quarter BUT Sonny Dykes and Cal REALLY DO need a win against a I-A (FBS) opponent in 2013 and let’s hope they get one in the last 3 games on their schedule save against Stanford in the Big Game of course!

Keep Coaching Hard Sonny Dykes!



19. Gary Patterson, TCU – Head coach Gary Patterson won…

10 or More Games

…..in 7 of the 11 seasons that he led TCU prior to the Horned Frogs joining the Big 12 Conference in 2012 but in the last two seasons Patterson and TCU have put up records of…

Overall:  10 – 12

Big 12:  5 – 10

….and with the loss to West Virginia on Saturday which dropped TCU’s record this season to…

3 – 6

…and still having these games to play….

At Iowa State
At Kansas State

….there is a very good chance that TCU does not get to .500 or go to a bowl game this season and when that happens at TCU which is very used to winning games and conference championships you find yourself on the….

Hot Seat!

YES…it is bad at TCU right now BUT IF the Horned Frogs lose their last three games of the season BAD would turn into a…

Complete Freaking Disaster

….and that is why Gary Patterson better start coaching-up his football team OR TCU could rejoin the Mountain West Conference and no doubt start winning some football games and championships again!


20.  Darrell Hazell, Purdue – When you take over a football program that fired its last head football coach after that coach had put up records of…

2009:  5 – 7
2010:  4 – 8
2011:  7 – 6
2012:  6 – 6

…..as the fired Purdue head coach Danny Hope had put up over the past four seasons on the job and the new head starts off with a….

1 – 7

….record with the only win coming over I-AA (FCS) Indiana State as is the case with current Purdue head coach Darrell Hazell the current head football coach can expect to find his rear-end on the…

Hot Seat

…..and a Hotter Seat it is becoming ALL the time!

Purdue is giving up an average of….

37.1 Points Per Game

….in 2013 and gave up 56 points on Saturday to Ohio State which could have easily been…

100 Plus Points

….if Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes had so wished and with the Boilermakers now at 1 – 7 and with these games left to be played…

At Penn State
At Indiana

…..we have to think that Darrell Hazell and Purdue are looking right at a…

1 – 11

….season in 2013 which is nothing short of….you got it…a…

Complete Freaking Disaster!

In a game featuring two Hot Seat Coaches on Saturday in Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz and Purdue’s Darrell Hazell we recommend that….

Darrell Hazell and his Purdue Football team play Iowa like HELLFIRE

……whatever “playing like HELLFIRE” actually means and it has to mean play them Very Damn Hard or something similar!

Of course Darrell Hazell knows that IF Purdue does lose to Iowa on Saturday that the….

Hot Seat just gets HOTTER!

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