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Florida Head Coach Will Muschamp’s “Vote of Confidence” from the Florida AD and President – Week 12 MUST WIN Games for Head Coaches and Teams – 23 Head Coaches and Teams Facing MUST WIN Games in Week 12

Florida Head Coach Will Muschamp’s “Vote of Confidence” from the Florida AD and President


One of the more interesting things that started coming out of Gainesville in the wake of Urban Meyer leaving Florida after the 2010 season to “take some time off from coaching to spend with his family” was something that was very surprising to us because only days after Will Muschamp was hired to be the head football coach at Florida on…

December 11, 2010

….we started hearing from people saying things off the record like…

“Urban Meyer has left a disaster at Florida.”

“There is no talent at Florida.”

“Will Muschamp will have to rebuild Florida from the ground-up because of what Meyer left behind.”

….and our favorite….

“Muschamp will need years to turn around things at Florida.”

There were of course plenty of people in the media that were willing to believe the above Horseshit and it was Horseshit when it started leaking out of Florida in December 2010 and it is Horseshit today and the reason that many in the media were willing to believe such Horseshit is in our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that….

There are a lot of people in the media that LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to kiss Florida AD Jeremy Foley’s ass

….because it is also our opinion Jeremy Foley has done a masterful job of….

Kissing the Asses of the media that cover college football

….which is filled with people that would sell out their own children for an extra hot dog in the press box of halftime at football games and if you give them two extra hot dogs don’t be surprised to hear them say things like….

“That poor Will Muschamp must be given more time because don’t forget….Urban Meyer left a disaster in Gainesville.”


If you ever wondered how in the Hell the German media didn’t question Adolf Hitler rounding up Millions of Jews, Gypsies and other “Undesirables” in the 1930s before sending them off to death camps then look no further than the collective college football media right now which are more than willing to give Will Muschamp a pass because of…

An Extra Hot Dog or Two!


YES….you can buy the media with an Extra Hot Dog or Two and as any American can easily see in Washington DC all it takes for the media to completely not cover HUGE scandals and to carry the water for one or more of our “Elected Leaders” is for people in positions of power in OUR Government to let the media members feel like they are “on the inside” which is also a tactic used successfully by athletic directors all over America including at the University of Florida….in our humble opinion of course!

Before we get to the “Vote of Confidence” for Will Muschamp by the Florida AD and President on Wednesday we must first address the…

Complete Idiocy

…that has been told over and over again and repeated in the media over and over again that…

Urban Meyer left a Complete Disaster for Will Muschamp in Gainesville

Here are Urban Meyer’s win/loss records in six seasons at Florida….

2005:  9 – 3
2006:  13 – 1
2007:  9 – 4
2008:  13 – 1
2009:  13 – 1
2010:  8 – 5

Overall:  85 – 15

SEC:  36 – 12

….and below are the Yahoo! Sports/Rivals.com Team Recruiting Rankings for the last seven seasons at Florida:

2007 – 1
2008 – 3
2009 – 11
2010 – 2
2011 – 12
2012 – 3
2013 – 4

Now come on….

Is there anyone with a working brain….not counting the college football media that would sell out their own children for an extra hot dog at halftime in the press box as someone whispers in their ear “this place was a complete disaster when “X Coach” took over…..that believes Florida DOES NOT have enough talent to win 9-plus games in 2013?

Please, Urban Meyer won…

85 Games in Six Seasons

….at Florida and he turned over a “Complete Disaster” to Will Muschamp?

Please, anyone with a working brain knows what is going on here and why the University of Florida AD and president issued a “Vote of Confidence” in Will Muschamp on Wednesday because to not do so at this time would…

Directly Indict Jeremy Foley and Bernie Machen

….since it was TWO OF THEM that decided that Will Muschamp was the “right coach” for Florida and never forget….as if one could forget it since it this fairytale is being pedaled by anyone with access to a computer in the state of Florida….

Poor “Will Muschamp took over a Complete Disaster here at Florida.”

Guess where else we heard the Same Damn Kind of excuses that have been coming out of Gainesville the past few years at the same time somewhere else?

YES..…you guessed right!


From the people at USC that were always more than willing to tell anyone that would listen that…

“Lane Kiffin is dealing with a Complete Disaster at USC.”

….and even were saying right up until the day before that Lane Kiffin was fired that…

“Lane Kiffin is not on any Hot Seat.”

….but there was one BIG difference between USC and Florida and that BIG difference is….

USC AD Pat Haden did not hire Lane Kiffin

….unlike Jeremy Foley who will look like the….

Biggest Idiot in America and Even Stupider than the Morons that Spent $600 Million Plus Dollars on the Non-Functioning Obamacare Website

….IF Will Muschamp is fired either later this year or next season and don’t think Will Muschamp won’t be fired later this year because you wrongly assume that Jeremy Foley and Bernie Machen will be employed at the University of Florida come December and we would advise you NOT to assume that because Bernie Machen and Jeremy Foley are not dictators but rather are EMPLOYEES and EMPLOYEES can be fired.


Perhaps the funniest headline of Wednesday was this one…

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier praises Florida’s Will Muschamp, Jesse Simonton, Miami Herald

….and that is very Damn funny because is there anyone with a working brain that thinks….

Steve Spurrier wants to see Will Muschamp do anything BUT stay as the head coach at Florida for as Damn long as possible?

Uhhhh…..in our opinion Steve Spurrier WOULD LOVE to see Will Muschamp at Florida for years to come because for Damn sure in Steve’s last head years as a head football coach at South Carolina Spurrier does NOT want to see the Mighty Florida Gators football program rolling again because the Gamecocks have to play the Gators every season!

We spoke with one of our Florida-alum buddies that lives in Jacksonville, Florida late last night and he said to us about Will Muschamp’s “Vote of Confidence”….

“Don’t forget that over the last TEN games Muschamp’s record is 4 – 6. I certainly have not forgotten Florida not showing up ready to play Louisville in the Sugar Bowl this past January.”

Great point.

Frankly, we here at Coaches Hot Seat could care less if Florida keeps or fires Will Muschamp because we have “no dog in this hunt” as folks in the South might say BUT for anyone to claim that….

“Will Muschamp took over a Complete Disaster from Urban Meyer at Florida.”


“Will Muschamp is not on the Hot Seat.”

…..is to deny the TRUTH and the TRUTH is that…

Bozo the Clown


….could win SEVEN Games a year coaching the Florida football team EVERY season and in three seasons on the job Will Muschamp will have only beaten the Bozo the Clown Standard…

1 Time

….and eventually…..like USC Pat Haden….Florida AD Jeremy Foley will wake-up and realize that…

Florida should have higher Standards than the Bozo the Clown Standard

…..or maybe and becoming more than likely all the time Jeremy Foley will be fired and run out of Gainesville looking like a Complete Fool and Idiot….PERIOD.

Just our opinions as American Citizens that gave up a significant portion of their lives serving this great country of ours that is now run by some of the Biggest Damn Idiots to ever walk the Freaking Earth!



Week 12 MUST WIN Games for Head Coaches and Teams


Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech vs. Clemson – There is a very good reason that Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson is teetering on the edge of the Hot Seat and that very good reason is that over the past four seasons…2010 – 2013…the Yellow Jackets have put up a win/loss record of…

Overall: 27 – 22  (.551)

….and that is the kind of record that has really pissed-off enough Georgia Tech football boosters to the point where they are fed-up with…


….and are wondering when Georgia Tech football is going to get back into the business of “winning championships again” and for those that would scoff at the notion that Georgia Tech can and should be winning championships we have a one word response for you…


Now at 6 – 3 on the season Georgia Tech has left to play in 2013…

Alabama A&M

….and since we don’t believe the Yellow Jackets have any chance at all to beat Clemson at Clemson on Thursday night that November 30 game against Georgia at home may be a contest that Paul Johnson will have to win to keep his job and to that we can only say is…

Coach Hard Paul Johnson

We do have to say though that the Georgia Tech option-offense has looked better over the past few weeks in the 3-game winning streak that the Yellow Jackets have put up and to beat Clemson they will need to hold onto the football for extended offensive drives so discipline by the Tech quarterback will be critical if they have any hope to win the game against the Tigers which is a…

MUST WIN Game for Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech!


Steve Sarkisian, Washington vs. UCLA – In 2009 Steve Sarkisian did a nice job of taking over a Washington team that had put up a record 0 – 12 in 2008 and turning the Huskies around to put up a record of….

5 – 7

….but over the next three seasons UW Football under Sarkisian has put up records of…

2010:  7 – 6
2011:  7 – 6
2012:  7 – 6

….and Washington is now sitting on a record of…

6 – 3

….and they have these games still to play:

At Oregon State
Washington State

Will Washington win only SEVEN games again in Steve Sarkisian’s FIFTH season on the job?

Better Question:  What if Washington only wins SEVEN games in 2013 will Steve Sarkisian’s job be on the line come December?

Our Washington-alum buddies say only one thing when we ask them the above question:

“Mediocrity will not be accepted for Washington football.”

You decide what that means.

YES….UCLA is a MUST WIN Game for Steve Sarkisian and Washington.



Will Muschamp, Florida vs. South Carolina – Florida’s record now stands at…

4 – 5

….and the most interesting number around the Gators record in 2013 is the collective win/loss record of the FOUR teams that Florida has beaten this season (Toledo, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas):

15 – 23!

Oh, those are some Powerful Wins the Florida Gators have in 2013 under “1,000 Percent” Backed Will Muschamp!

Florida has left to play this season…

At South Carolina
Georgia Southern
Florida State

…..and if the Gators do end up with a record of 5 – 7 with losses to South Carolina and FSU and a win over Georgia Southern then in our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat….

Will Muschamp and his coaching staff will have done one of the worst coaching jobs in modern American college football which we date to Post-1945 forward.

Just our opinion mind you.


Paul Rhoads, Iowa State vs. Oklahoma – We cannot imagine that even Little Game Bob Stoops could lose at home to a 1 – 8 Iowa State team so this is not so much a…


….for Paul Rhoads and the Cyclones against the Sooners as it is a….

Iowa State is going to lose so let’s hope it’s not too bad of a Game!

With a loss to Oklahoma on Saturday Iowa State would fall to…

1 – 9

…on the season with these games still left to play…

At West Virginia

….and it is our opinion that IF Paul Rhoads and Iowa State lose to Kansas at home on November 23 that Rhoads should be fired after the game and escorted immediately off the Iowa State University campus because a loss to KU would prove Paul Rhoads is the WORST I-A (FBS) head football coach in the country!

Just our opinion mind you.


Darrell Hazell, Purdue vs. Penn State – With only ONE WIN on the board for head coach Darrell Hazell and his Purdue football team in 2013 and that win coming over…

I-AA Indiana State

…..this season is turning into a Complete Freaking Disaster for the Boilermakers and Darrell Hazell whether he knows it or not is coaching for his head coaching future every minute he is alive on this Earth.

The reason why a potential 1 – 11 season for Purdue in 2013 would be so devastating is because under the last Purdue head coach Danny Hope who was run out of town on a rail put up records of…

2009:  5 – 7
2010:  4 – 8
2011:  7 – 6
2012: 6 – 6

….in four seasons on the job and all of the sudden the entire bottom falls out of Purdue football when Hazell arrives in town?

Makes No Damn Sense and why Darrell Hazell is on the HOT SEAT!

YES….Penn State is a MUST WIN Game for Darrell Hazell and Purdue.


Kevin Wilson, Indiana vs. Wisconsin – With head coach Kevin Wilson and Indiana now at…

4 – 5

…on the season and with these games still left to play…

At Wisconsin
At Ohio State

….there is no chance in our opinion for the Hoosiers to get a .500 record and to a bowl game in 2013 and WHAT IF Indiana lost to Purdue in the last game of the season to drop their record to…

4 – 8

….on the year?

Check that….even this sub-.500 Indiana team could not lose to Purdue in 2013 so all of the above means that Indiana is looking at its…

SIXTH Straight Sub-.500 Record and NO Bowl Game

….and THIRD Straight Sub-.500 Record for Kevin Wilson in his three years at the school and if that is good enough for the fans of Indiana football then that is good enough for us!

Hey, Indiana basketball season has started so Party On!


Tim Beckman, Illinois vs. Ohio State – Head Coach Tim Beckman and Illinois are now on a…

Five Game Losing Streak

….and have to face Ohio State at home on Saturday and there is little doubt in anyone’s mind here at Coaches Hot Seat that come Saturday night the Illini will be on a…

Six Game Losing Streak

….and at 3 – 7 on the season with these games still left to play:

At Purdue

Oh, Geez, what if Purdue beat Illinois at home on November 23 and then the Illini lost to Northwestern on November 30?

That would be a Complete Freaking Disaster and why Tim Beckman would be well-advised after his team gets the Hell beat out of them by Ohio State on Saturday to get them prepared and ready to play in those last two games because if those are also both losses for the Illini…

Champagne, Illinois will NOT be a pleasant place come December!



Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia vs. Kansas – With head coach Dana Holgorsen and West Virginia now at…

4 – 6

…on the season and with these games left to play…

At Kansas
Iowa State

…..Dana Holgorsen is in a very dangerous place because if his football team loses either one of both of their last two games against two hugely struggling teams then things are going to be very uncomfortable for everyone involved in Morgantown, West Virginia come December.

YES….Kansas and Iowa State are MUST WIN Games for Dana Holgorsen and West Virginia



Charlie Weis, Kansas vs. West Virginia – A good question about Charlie Weis’ job status at Kansas is…

How many games can Charlie Weis lose considering that Kansas Athletics would owe Weis $7.5 Million Dollars if they fired him this December and $5.0 Million Dollars if they fired him in December 2014?

Damn, yet another example of why schools should insist that head football coaches should have a…

1 Year Salary’s Buyout in their Contracts at ALL Times

…..because an AD never knows when a coach will not perform in his job and when a head football coach has a fully guaranteed contract as Weis has with Kansas it is Charlie Weis with a two-year record of…

Overall:  3 – 18

Big 12:  0 – 15

….that has Kansas over the barrel and gives Charlie Weis all the leverage instead of the way it should be with Kansas Athletics having the leverage and power to motivate Weis to do better.

This is ALL Just Damn Idiocy in our opinion that should lead to the firing of the Athletic Director at Kansas but since this is “Government Work” it will probably lead to a BIG raise for the Kansas AD for the “coup” of hiring Charlie Freaking Weis!

Stop the Damn Insanity!

Kansas is 2 – 7 on the 2013 season with wins over…

I-AA (FCS) South Dakota and La. Tech

…and the Jayhawks have left to play…

West Virginia
At Iowa State
Kansas State

….and we still would be STUNNED if Kansas wins another game in 2013.

Think about this for a second…

Charlie Weis was given a $12.5 Million Dollars Guaranteed Contract by the Real Men and Women of Genius at the University of Kansas


Charlie Weis was paid $18 Million Dollar to NOT coach the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team

Stop the Damn Insanity!



Randy Edsall, Maryland vs. Virginia Tech – Head coach Randy Edsall and Maryland have won…

5 Games in 2013

….and those 5 wins were over….

Old Dominion
West Virginia

…which is like saying you beat Shredded Newspaper and now at 5 – 4 on the season the Terps still have to play…

At Virginia Tech
Boston College
At NC State

What if Maryland lost out would Randy Edsall lose his job as head coach of the Terps?

Well, Randy Edsall’s records at Maryland are…

Overall:  11 – 22

ACC:  4 – 17

…and would be if Maryland lost their last three games of 2013…

Overall:  11 – 25

ACC:  4 – 20

…and if that is good enough for Maryland football fans then that is good enough for us!

What do you think Scott Van Pelt?


Mike Leach, Washington State vs. Arizona – If Mike Leach is going to get things turned around in Pullman then the WSU Cougars need to start getting to at least a .500 record on the season and going to bowl games and now at…

4 – 5

…on the season with these games left to be played…

At Arizona
At Washington

…..if Mike Leach is going to get the 2013 version of Washington State to a bowl game then they better Damn beat Arizona on Saturday in the desert.

YES….Arizona is a MUST WIN Game for Mike Leach and Washington State


Rich Rodriguez, Arizona vs. Washington State – In Rich Rodriguez’s first season at Arizona his Wildcats put up a record of…

8 – 5

….and now sitting on a record of…

6 – 3

…..and with these games left to play….

Washington State
At Arizona State

…..a win over Washington State on Saturday is a MUST if Rodriguez hopes to have his Wildcats match their 8 wins of last season and then Arizona would still have to beat Arizona State in Tempe in the last game of the regular season.

YES….Washington State is a MUST WIN Game for Rich Rodriguez and Arizona.


Garrick McGee, UAB vs. East Carolina – UAB is now…

2 – 7

….on the 2013 season with wins over…

Northwestern State

….which is like saying your team beat a Styrofoam Cup and why Blazers head coach Garrick McGee is now on the Hot Seat!

With these games still left to be played by UAB…

At East Carolina
Southern Miss

…..it could get a lot more uglier for the Blazers in the coming weeks before the final game of the season against winless Southern Miss which will be a…

MUST WIN Game for Both Head Coaches Teams!

YES….East Carolina is a MUST WIN Game for Garrick McGee and UAB!



Mark Richt, Georgia vs. Auburn – With Georgia now at…

6 – 3

…on the season and with these games left to be played…

At Auburn
At Georgia Tech

….there is an opportunity for Mark Richt to find his rear-end back to the Hot Seat with 2 or more losses down the stretch of this season because a 7 – 5 record is in our opinion…

Not Acceptable for Georgia Football

…lots of injuries or not and that is why….

Auburn is a MUST WIN Game for Mark Richt and Georgia

….and why this Georgia – Auburn game on Saturday promises to be…

Mighty Damn Entertaining!


Brady Hoke, Michigan vs. Northwestern – Now at 6 – 3 on the season Michigan head coach Brady Hoke is headed straight to the Hot Seat unless his Wolverines can win a few football games down the stretch and with these games still left to play…

At Northwestern
At Iowa
Ohio State

……we would recommend that Hoke and Michigan win the next two games before Ohio State shows up at the Big House on November 30 or Brady Hoke will enter that HUGE GAME sitting on the Hot Seat and that sure the Hell wouldn’t be any fun because a loss to the Buckeyes….who will be desperate to CRUSH Michigan in their final game….would lead to a Very Damn uncomfortable offseason for Brady Hoke and his bosses at the University of Michigan.

YES….Northwestern is a MUST WIN Game for Brady Hoke and Michigan.


Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern vs. Michigan – Was it really only…

Five Weeks Ago

….that Northwestern had the highly ranked Ohio State Buckeyes on the ropes and on the verge of Urban Meyer’s only loss at the school?

YES….that was only Five Weeks Ago and with Northwestern now on a…

Five Game Losing Streak

…..and sitting on a 4 – 5 record with those 4 wins over…

Western Michigan
I-AA (FCS) Maine

….head coach Pat Fitzgerald and Northwestern need a WIN badly right now and without a WIN over Michigan on Saturday Pat Fitzgerald is headed straight to the…

Hot Seat!

Here’s the REAL problem with Northwestern now at 4 – 5 on the season…..with these games still left for the Wildcats to play…

Michigan State
At Illinois

…..there is a very good chance that Northwestern will not even make a bowl game this season and YET…..Northwestern is for all practical purposes…

Roughly Equal to Ohio State!

No Damn wonder Ohio State has won games in 2013 AND had dropped in the polls!



Bo Pelini, Nebraska vs. Michigan State – To show what a razor’s edge that college head football coaches sit on each week late in the 4 th quarter of the last two weeks Bo Pelini’s Nebraska team was behind their opponents and could have easily have lost both of those games to Northwestern and Michigan and the Cornhuskers could easily be sitting on a record of….

5 – 4 instead of 7 – 2

….and at 5 – 4 Bo Pelini would be sitting on one of the Hottest Seats in the country and with that mind it is Very Damn Important for Bo Pelini’s Huskers to keep winning games including Saturday’s game against surging Michigan State.

Now at 7 – 2 on the season Nebraska has left to play in 2013…

Michigan State
At Penn State

….and we would recommend that Bo Pelini and the Cornhuskers WIN ALL THREE of those games to finish out the 2013 season strong!

Just our recommendation.


Gary Patterson, TCU vs. Kansas State – Under Gary Patterson TCU is now on sitting on a streak of….

8 Straight Winning Seasons and Bowl Game Trips

….and with the Horned Frogs now at….

4 – 6

….on the season TCU will have to win their last two games to keep that streak going over…

At Kansas State

…..which in our opinion would be akin to a Major Miracle considering the way TCU has played this season and why Gary Patterson is going to sitting the Hot Seat if he doesn’t get his football team playing a lot better football in a Helluva hurry!

YES….Kansas State is a MUST WIN Game for Gary Patterson and TCU.



Mack Brown, Texas vs. Oklahoma State – After Texas opened the season with a win over New Mexico State and losses to BYU and Ole Miss Mack Brown and the Longhorns were on the precipice of a…

Complete Freaking Disaster

….which was followed by the ‘Horns reeling off SIX straight wins over…

Kansas State
At Iowa State
At West Virginia

….which are wins over…

1 Slightly Above Average Team
1 Average Team
4 Below Average to Awful Teams

….and now it is back to Big Boy Football for Brown and Texas with these games still remaining to be played…

Oklahoma State
Texas Tech
At Baylor

If one is to believe Chip Brown at Orangebloods.com….and we do believe most everything that Chip Brown writes….then Mack Brown is interested in returning to coach Texas in 2014 IF the Longhorns can…

Win or Tie for the Big 12 Championship in 2013

….which more than likely means Texas will have to win out their last three games starting with a win over…

Oklahoma State at home on Saturday

….which certainly makes…

Oklahoma State a MUST WIN Game for Mack Brown and the Texas Longhorns.


Sonny Dykes, California vs. Colorado – There is a Complete Freaking Disaster unfolding in Berkeley, California with the Cal Bears football team now sitting on a…

1 – 9

….record under new Cal head coach Sonny Dykes with that only win coming over I-AA (FCS) Portland State and the Bears still have to play…

At Colorado
At Stanford

Do you think the Cal Bears game against Colorado is important?

HELL YES it is important because losses by Cal to Colorado and Stanford to end the season would see Sonny Dykes post a…

1 – 11

….record in his first year on the job which would hearken back to the days of former Cal head coach (and current BYU AD) Tom Holmoe who put up a..

1 – 10

….record in his last year in the Land of Wacko Nuts!

What is wrong with Cal football right now?

Well, the Cal Bears are…

Giving up an average of 44.7 Points Per Game

….and are..

Scoring an average of 23.9 Points Per Game

….which is a..

20.8 NEGATIVE difference

…..in Giving Up Points to Scoring Points and that will get your ass beat a Helluva lot of times!

YES….Colorado is a MUST WIN Game for Sonny Dykes and the Cal Bears.

As for Cal head coach Sonny Dykes and the struggles that Sonny is experiencing in his first year at Cal with his team on the field and his experience in the Land of the Wackos off the field we can only say to that…

“Some relief may be on the way Sonny….maybe.”


Skip Holtz, La. Tech vs. Rice – La. Tech head coach Skip Holtz has cooled his rear-end off in recent weeks with two wins in a row BUT those wins were over…

Southern Miss

….which is akin to beating Wet Tissue Paper since FIU and Southern Miss are now sitting on a combined record of…

1 – 17

….and now it is back to Big Boy Football for Skip Holtz and the Bulldogs with a game at Rice and now at 4 – 5 on the season if La. Tech is going to a bowl game they better Damn beat Rice on Saturday night in Houston.

YES….Rice is a MUST WIN Game for Skip Holtz and La. Tech.


Ron Turner, Florida International vs. UTEP – After FIU’s loss to Middle Tennessee last Saturday by the score of..

48 – 0

…..FIU head coach Ron Turner has put up a record of…

1 – 8

…..in his first season on the job and the FIU football program continues to descend into a very ugly place and still has these games still left to play…

At Florida Atlantic

Yes, FIU can beat a hugely struggling UTEP football team that has a head coach in Sean Kugler that will be on the Hot Seat soon if his team doesn’t start winning some football games but please how many people are on this Earth that care whether FIU beats UTEP on Saturday considering the Sorry State of the FIU football program?

Not Damn Many in our opinion.

Norm Chow, Hawaii vs. San Diego State – To really understand what a Complete Freaking Disaster Norm Chow’s almost two seasons at Hawaii have been which has led to a combined win/loss record of…

3 – 18

….and an 0 – 9 record in 2013 consider for a moment the last Hawaii head coach, Greg McMackin, who was fired in December 2011 after four seasons putting up these records:

2008:  7 – 7
2009:  6 – 7
2010:  10 – 4
2011:  6 – 7

Overall:  29 – 25

WAC:  18 – 13

Throw on top of that June Junes nine-season run at Hawaii which saw these win/loss records posted…

Overall:  70 – 41

WAC:  47 – 24

…..and the reason why Norm Chow is sitting on one of the Hottest Seats in America becomes clear for everyone to understand and why Chow really needs his Hawaii team to win a few games down the stretch against these teams:

San Diego State
At Wyoming

IF Norm Chow and Hawaii win all three of their remaining games then Chow has an argument to return for the 2014 season…IF NOT….then we have to think there will be a head football coaching change in the The Islands come December and we also have to thank that June Jones might just be returning to The Islands and speaking of the The Islands if the TV Networks want better ratings they should just re-run an episode of this great show from many years ago each week!

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