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The Current State of Stanford Football After the Loss To USC on Saturday Night – Post Week 12 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Mr. Johnny Cash Speaking the TRUTH To These Hot Seat Coaches!

The Current State of Stanford Football After the Loss To USC on Saturday Night


First….Congratulations to Coach O and the USC Trojans for winning a hard-fought game against Stanford which was a game that the Cardinal had every chance to win in the second-half but could not take advantage of a couple of great opportunities to score in the red-zone which is becoming a recurring theme for Stanford Football in recent years which brings us to…

The Current State of Stanford Football After the Loss To USC on Saturday Night

In 2011 David Shaw took over a very powerful and Top 10 Stanford Football program from Jim Harbaugh and over the last two seasons Shaw has put up records of….

Overall:  31 – 6

Pac-12:  22 – 4

….which in the recent history of Stanford Football would be very good but in our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat is only slightly above average and we believe that because in the last three seasons Stanford has played…

37 Games

…and the Cardinal’s 6 losses have been to….

3 Losses to Equal or Superior Teams (Oregon, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State)

3 Losses to Inferior Teams (Washington, Utah, USC)

….and although there is no shame in losing to an Equal of Superior Team we cannot help but wonder about the troubling trend of Stanford Football losing to Inferior Teams that in 2013 will cost a very talented Cardinal football team a shot at a National Championship.

As a legendary football coach told a Coaches Hot Seat Member 30-plus years ago…

“A loss to an inferior team is all on the head coach not getting his football team ready to play that game.”

….and certainly losing to a very motivated if depleted USC football team is understandable to some extent but please….

How in the Hell did Stanford lose to Utah this season and Washington last season?

The answer to the above question lies in the definition of the word…


…which is defined by most dictionaries as….

“A feeling of great pleasure and happiness.”

….and which is slowly being drained out of the Stanford Football program after being put their by Jim Harbaugh and which will more than likely be totally gone by the end of this season and that reality is a Helluva problem that David Shaw better deal with….

That the love of playing the game of football for the sake of the game itself is disappearing at Stanford

…..soon or Stanford Football will continue to lose to Inferior football teams such as the Two Inferior Football Teams that the Cardinal has left on its schedule in 2013:

Notre Dame

Stanford Football needs to step-up and finish strong in the Big Game and against Notre Dame to FINISH the 2013 season and head coach David Shaw needs to remember that as he goes about doing his job in coaching Stanford Football that if he totally removes the…

Joy that comes from playing the great game of football

….from the Stanford Football program then Stanford will become something that Stanford Football should not be which is a football program that exists only to…

Win Football Games

….which people can find at any number of football programs across America and which is NOT what Stanford University as a whole stands for and thus should NEVER be allowed to happen on The Farm.




Post Week 12 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

Mr. Johnny Cash Speaking the TRUTH To These Hot Seat Coaches!


Top 20 Head Coaches on the Post Week 12 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


1.  Norm Chow, Hawaii – We again stayed up late on Saturday night to watch Norm Chow’s Hawaii football team and in overtime the Warriors gave away a game to San Diego State and the losses continue to pile up…

10 Losses in 2013

….and Chow’s overall win/loss records are now…

Overall:  3 – 19

MWC:  1 – 14

….which is….BAD…especially considering that the last Hawaii head coach, Greg McMackin, NEVER lost fewer than…

6 Games

….in four years on the job and he was run out of Honolulu after coaching what many considered to be “below average” football in The Islands.

Now at 0 – 10 Hawaii has left to play this season…

At Wyoming

….and Chow and his Warriors are looking right an…

OFER for the 2013 Season

….which would be nothing short of a Complete Freaking Disaster for a once proud Hawaii football program.



2.  Will Muschamp, Florida – We here at Coaches Hot Seat can only wonder….

WHAT IF the Florida coaches and players had played all season like they played against South Carolina what would the Gators record be right now?

In case you didn’t see the Florida – South Carolina game on Saturday night the Florida coaches and players played like they were….

Desperate to BEAT South Carolina

….which is the way that coaches and teams should play ALL of their games IF they are interested in winning….

Games and Championships

…that is and which raises a very interesting question:

Why would a Florida football team that has in our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat given in many games in 2013…

Less Than 80 Percent Effort

….suddenly play a game like there hair was on fire against South Carolina?

Because the…

Head Football Coach

Athletic Director


…at the University of Florida are ALL on the Hot Seat and ALL should be on the Hot Seat because…

Captain Kangaroo


…..could win at least SEVEN games a year coaching the Florida football team and Will Muschamp will not BEAT the…

“Captain Kangaroo WIN Benchmark”

….in two of his three seasons in Gainesville!


In three seasons as the head coach at Florida Ron Zook put up records of…

Overall:  23 – 14

SEC:  16 – 8

….and in three seasons at Florida Will Muschamp with two games still to be played has put up records of…

Overall:  22 – 14

SEC:  13 – 11

So Ron Zook gets run out of Gainesville on a rail by Florida AD Jeremy Foley after the Gators lost the seventh game of their 2004 season to Mississippi State and yet Will Muschamp who will have a worse record than Zook come December has…..

“One Thousand Percent” Backing

….by that same Florida AD now?

Please, is there anyone with a working brain that can make sense of that?

Oh….IF….Will Muschamp has to be fired AD Jeremy Foley and maybe even UF President Bernie Macken will have their Precious Asses run out of Gainesville as well?

YES….now the “One Thousand Percent” Backing Complete Nonsense Makes Sense!

Florida football is now 4 – 6 on the season and the Gators have left to play…

Georgia Southern
Florida State

…..and I-AA (FCS) Georgia Southern is 6 – 4 on the season and has lost to Wofford, Appalachian State and Furman so if Georgia Southern comes into Gainesville and beats the Gators will Muschamp still have…

“One Thousand Percent” Backing

…from the Florida AD and President?

Oh, we can’t wait for that news conference!



3.  Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia – Was it really only in January 2012 in the Orange Bowl that West Virginia beat Clemson by a score of…

70 – 23?

Yes that is TRUE and it was only 23 months ago that Dana Holgorsen and West Virginia football were near the top of the college football world and since that beatdown of the Clemson Tigers the Mountaineers have put up records of…

Overall:  11 – 13

Big 12:  6 – 11

…..which is nothing short of a Complete Freaking Disaster and has us wondering here at Coaches Hot Seat just what in the Hell has gone wrong for Dana Holgorsen and West Virginia in the last two seasons which hit a new low on Saturday with a loss to pitiful Kansas?

Yes….what is THE PROBLEM with Dana Holgorsen at West Virginia?

West Virginia has a bye week coming up before finishing the season against Iowa State at home and WHAT IF the Mountaineers lose to the Cyclones on November 30?

Who the Hell knows but what we do know is that as of right now the West Virginia football program is a…

Complete Freaking Disaster!

…..and it looks to us like a football team that is getting very marginal overall effort from the WVU players which is a sure sign that something is terribly Damn wrong in Morgantown BUT what is THE PROBLEM with Dana Holgorsen and West Virginia?

Answer that question and you will know a lot.


4.  Ron Turner, Florida International – With the loss at UTEP on Saturday head coach Ron Turner and Florida International are now…

1 – 9

…on the season with their only win coming over a winless Southern Miss by One Freaking Point and whether the bottom of the FIU football program falling out under first-year head coach Ron Turner means Turner will be fired come December we don’t know and frankly….

Do Not Care!

…and that should tell everyone about the current state of FIU football!



5.  Charlie Weis, Kansas – We have been saying for weeks now that we would be STUNNED if Kansas won another game in 2013 and on Saturday we were…


….when Charlie Weis and his Kansas team beat Dana Holgorsen and West Virginia but then after seeing the way that the Mountaineers played against the Jayhawks….

Pitiful….Just Pitiful

….we probably shouldn’t have been STUNNED because at least the Kansas players played like they actually wanted to win the Damn game….which CANNOT be said for the WVU players at all.

Kansas is now 3 – 7 on the season and has these games left to play…

At Iowa State
Kansas State

….and again we will be STUNNED if Kansas wins another game in 2013 but then we were STUNNED last Saturday so anything is possible in this coming Saturday’s…

Hot Seat vs. Hot Seat

….coaching matchup between Charlie Weis and Paul Rhoads!


6.  Mike London, Virginia – Virginia football had a bye in Week 12 and now at 2 – 8 on the season the Cavaliers have left to play this season…

At Miami
Virginia Tech

…..and to us that means UVA is more than likely going to finish the season at…

2 – 10

….which would make…

Three Losing Seasons in Four Years on the Job

….for Mike London at Virginia and again we cannot help but wonder….

Why exactly does Mike London have a $8 Million Dollar Plus Buyout at Virginia?

….because in our opinion IF you take over a football program from a head coach that was fired….Al Groh in this case….and the program is going backwards from what even a fired head coach was able to put up…

Al Groh’s Last Four Years Record:  22 – 27

Mike London’s Four Years Record:  18 – 29

…..over the same four-year time period then that new head coach should be…


Oh, that’s right to fire a coach that has put up…

Three Losing Seasons in Four Years


Has Won 18 Games in Four Seasons

….Virginia Athletics would have to pay that coach more than $8 Million Freaking Dollars!

Got Stupid?

The University of Virginia sure the Hell does!


7.  Paul Rhoads, Iowa State – Paul Rhoads 2013 Iowa State team is now 1 – 9 after their loss to Oklahoma on Saturday and the Cyclones ONLY WIN this season is over…


….which is 2 – 8 in their own disastrous season!

Got Complete Freaking Disaster?

Paul Rhoads and Iowa State Football sure the Hell do!

Iowa State has left to play in 2013 games against teams that are also lead by Hot Seat head coaches in…

Kansas, Charlie Weis
At West Virginia, Dana Holgorsen

….so something has to give in the next few weeks in the Big 12 Conference and interestingly the Vegas Boys now have…

Iowa State as a 6 Point Favorite over Kansas!

Should be a fascinating game in Ames, Iowa on Saturday!


8.  Kevin Wilson, Indiana – After the Indiana Hoosiers lost to Wisconsin on Saturday by a score of..

51 – 3

….head coach KevinWilson’s records at Indiana are now…

Overall:  9 – 25

Big Ten:  4 – 18

….and if that isn’t bad enough Indiana has to play…

At Ohio State on Saturday

….and don’t you just know that Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes would just love to lay 70 plus points on the Hoosiers to garner some more points from voters in the Bogus polls…..right?

Seriously now…..is an overall record of…

9 – 25

…which will probably be…

10 – 26

….come December good enough for Kevin Wilson to keep his job considering that the coach that Wilson replaced, Bill Lynch, who was fired by Indiana put up a record in his last three seasons of…

14 – 24

….on the job?

Seems to us that Indiana is No Damn Better today than when it was three years ago when it hired Kevin Wilson BUT then that is just our opinion.



9.  Bo Pelini, Nebraska – We have some members of Coaches Hot Seat that have always been very passionate about their Real Day Jobs and Careers and on a few occasions their passion for wanting to do a Helluva job for their company led those CHS Members to getting a little too heated, a little too confrontational and a little too personal and those CHS Members were told in the days after their “incidents” in no uncertain terms something like…..

“It might be a good idea if you looked for another job.”


“You have a week to get another job and even if you don’t find another job get your stuff cleared out by next Friday.”


“You’re Fired!”

….so we fully understand the Politically-Correct World that Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini is now living in and if one closes their eyes and rolls the clock back and instead of Bo Pelini being involved in a few “incidents” over the years that involved his bosses, the Nebraska fans and various other folks imagine for a moment that NONE of those “incidents” had happened would Bo Pelini now be on the Hot Seat?

Of course NOT is the answer to that question.

Bo Pelini in his sixth season as the head coach at Nebraska has put up records of…

Overall:  56 – 23 (.709)

Big 12/Big Ten:  33 – 13 (.717)

….and after Nebraska’s loss to Michigan State on Saturday the Cornhuskers’ record in 2013 now stands at…

7 – 3

…and although 3 losses in a season is just AVERAGE at a place like Nebraska IF Bo Pelini has never had any “incidents” in his coaching career in Lincoln we are quite confident that Bo Pelini would not right now be sitting on the…

No. 9 Hot Seat

……but that Bo Pelini is now sitting on the No. 9 Hot Seat is why it is Very Damn Important that Nebraska finish strong in its last two games against…

At Penn State

….so that Bo Pelini can stand behind a podium at a press conference in late November and say something like…

“9 Wins is good but not good enough for Nebraska and that is why we are going to work like Hell to get Nebraska back to winning conference and national championships.”

….while Pelini is thinking something like this to himself at the same moment…

“As long as I don’t get fired before the bowl game.”

Just for some perspective on the expectations at a place like Nebraska former Cornhuskers head coach Frank Solich was fired after SIX seasons on the job (1998 – 2003) and he put up records of…

Overall:  58 – 19 (.753)

Big 12:  34 – 15 (.694)

….which are numbers that should scare the Hell out of Bo Pelini and the Nebraska coaching staff as they prepare like Hell for the last two regular season games of 2013!


10.  Todd Monken, Southern Miss – On Saturday Southern Miss lost to FAU by the score of…

41 – 7

….and FAU has an interim head coach which tells you a lot about the current state of Southern Miss football which is not so much a…

Complete Freaking Disaster

….as it is a football program that is…

Completely Disintegrating Before Our Eyes

….and with these games still to be played…

Middle Tennessee

…there is a very good chance that Southern Miss will end the 2013 season at…

0 – 12

….and will be on a…

24 Game Losing Streak!


That’s about all one can say about Southern Miss football right now….



11.  Charley Molnar, Massachusetts – With the loss to Akron on Saturday head coach Charley Molnar’s two-year record at UMass is now…

Overall:  2 – 20

MAC:  2 – 12

…..and we don’t have a clue if that record is good enough for Molnar to get another season as the head coach at UMass and with games left to play…

At Central Michigan
At Ohio

….to end the season the Minutemen will probably finish this season at…

1 – 11

….just as did on the 2012 season and what TWO WINS in two seasons means exactly at UMass we don’t really know but for Damn sure if we were making the hiring and firing decisions at UMass we would certainly the Hell expect more from our football program.



12.  Bret Bielema, Arkansas – As Bobby Petrino works very quietly at Western Kentucky this season putting up a very quiet record of 2 – 4 we here at Coaches Hot Seat cannot help but wonder….


….as in “What If” Bobby Petrino had NOT been riding around Northwest Arkansas with a blonde woman on the back of his motorcycle a 18 months ago but instead was still the head coach of the Razorbacks what would Petrino have done in Fayetteville in what has been nothing less than two disastrous seasons for Arkansas football over the past two years?

In four seasons on the job at Arkansas Bobby Petrino put up records of…

2008:  5 – 7
2009:  8 – 5
2010:  10 – 3
2011:  11 – 2

….and we have to think that IF Bobby Petrino had still been around the past two seasons coaching the Razorbacks instead of…

2012 (John L. Smith):  4 – 8

2013 (Bret Bielema):  3 – 7

…..Arkansas would have AT LEAST put up the below records with Petrino at the helm…

2012:  9 – 3

2013:  9 – 3

….and if the above isn’t a GREAT lesson in not hiring good looking blondes to be your personal assistant then we don’t know what is!

With Bret Bielema now at the helm the Razorbacks are now 3 – 7 in 2013 with these games left to play…

Mississippi State

…..and in a season where Bielema is getting a first-hand lesson in the HUGE difference between Big Ten and SEC football Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long is now inching himself towards the Hot Seat our friends in Northwest Arkansas tell us since Long has hired the last three head football coaches at Arkansas in his six years on the job:

Bobby Petrino – Fired for Running Around with a Hot Blonde

John L. Smith – Never should have been hired

Bret Bielema – Uhhh….3 – 7 in his first year on the job!

Our recommendation for Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema and Arkansas AD Jeff Long:

Arkansas better Damn beat Mississippi State on Saturday because a loss to the Bulldogs and then a loss at LSU to end the season will mean the Razorbacks will put up a…

3 – 9

….record which would not even match the Complete Freaking Disaster of a record that John L. Smith put up last season at Arkansas of…

4 – 8!

Coach Hard Bret Bielema because you are coaching for TWO people’s jobs!



13.  Mack Brown, Texas – The reason why Mack Brown is on the Hot Seat again is very simple for everyone to understand and that reason rightly is….

Expectations for Texas Football Are Very High

…..and in the last four seasons since Texas played Alabama in the Bogus BCS Title Game in January 2010 the Longhorns have put up win/loss records of…

Overall:  29 – 19 (.604)

Big 12:  17 – 16 (.515)

…and those records for Texas Football are just flat-out…

NOT Acceptable

…and Mack Brown knows those records are flat-out NOT Acceptable at Texas.

Now at 7 – 3 on the season the Longhorns have left to play….

Texas Tech
At Baylor

…..and we here at Coaches Hot Seat cannot help but wonder if Texas does beat Texas Tech on Thanksgiving Day and loses to Baylor on December 7 if…

Average Football

….will continue to be accepted at the University of Texas and if….

Average Football

….is OK with fans of Texas Football then it is OK with us!


14.  Kirk Ferentz, Iowa – In the land of the….

$4 Million Dollar Plus A Year Man

…otherwise known as Iowa where Hawkeyes head coach Kirk Ferentz lives the Iowa football team has hit their GOAL of getting…

6 Wins

…in 2013 so ALL IS GOOD and now the Hawkeyes get to see if they can be anything more than….

Below Average

….with games still left to play against…

At Nebraska

…..and the TRUTH is it DOES NOT MATTER whether Iowa wins either of their last two games or not because the fans of Iowa football are going to play Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz over…

$20 Million Dollars

….over the next 6 seasons whether Iowa EVER wins another game or not!

Yes…America is a GREAT country but a country filled with a Helluva lot of Morons in positions of power that are not qualified to shovel shit in West Texas as is the case with the folks giving out $30 Million Dollars Plus to the head football coach at Iowa for….

Average Football!

Be Proud Fans of Iowa Football…Your Football Team is Average!



15.  Randy Edsall, Maryland – Perhaps the person that has now benefited the most of the meltdown of the Virginia Tech football program in recent years has been Maryland head coach Randy Edsall on Saturday whose football team got its first win of the season over a REAL I-AA (FBS) team with a winning record by an overtime win against the Hokies and now at 6 – 4 fans of Maryland football everywhere can rejoice because your football team is now….

Candy Ass “Bowl Eligible!” Hooray!

Now at 6 – 4 on the season Maryland has left to play…

Boston College
At NC State

…..and Joy to the World the Terps have a chance to be more than…

Below Average

….in 2013 and if the Terps lose their last two games….

Does it even matter? Not really.


16.  Tim Beckman, Illinois – Please don’t tell us that….

Coaching Isn’t Everything in Football

….because two seasons ago in 2011 before Urban Meyer took over at Ohio State the Buckeyes led Illinois in Champagne by the score of…

3 – 0

…at halftime and on Saturday in Champaign this year the Buckeyes were ahead of the Illini by the score of…

35 – 14!

In two seasons on the job at Illinois head coach Tim Beckman has put up records of…

2012:  2 – 10
2013:  3 – 7

Overall:  5 – 17

Big Ten:  0 – 14

….and with these games still left to play this season..

At Purdue

….we would recommend that Beckman and the Illini beat a very bad Purdue team on Saturday or things are going to get very Damn ugly in the Land of Lincoln.


17.  Darrell Hazell, Purdue – We here at Coaches Hot Seat might be willing to give first-year Purdue head coach Darrell Hazell some more slack if he had taken over a Boilermakers team that had won very few games the last few seasons but the TRUTH is that Hazell took over a Purdue team that had won….

5 Games in 2009
4 Games in 2010
7 Games in 2011
6 Games in 2012

….and in 2013 Purdue has won…

1 Football Game

…and that win was over I-AA (FCS) Indiana State!

Now at 1 – 9 on the season Darrell Hazell and Purdue have left to play…

At Indiana

….which are two teams that also have head coaches on the Hot Seat and if either of those teams lose to Purdue then those coaches will be in even more trouble and that is why the Boilermakers are looking at a…

1 – 11

…record in 2013 which would be nothing short of a…

Complete Freaking Disaster

….for Boilermakers football.


18.  Sonny Dykes, California – The Complete Freaking Disaster that is California football rolled-on this past Saturday in Boulder, Colorado with a Bears loss to a then 3 loss CU Buffs team and now with only the…

Big Game

…left to play head coach Sonny Dykes and Cal Football are looking right at a…

1 – 11

…record in 2013 and things might not get any better anytime soon with the Bears playing essentially the same schedule in 2014 except they will host BYU instead of Ohio State in an out-of-conference game and play Northwestern in Evanston.

What exactly is the problem with Cal football?

Oh, let us count the way BUT if you are not going to play any defense….

Cal is giving up an average of 44.4 points in 2013

…then you sure the Hell are not going to win many football games and unless Sonny Dykes’ Bears start playing some defense and quick the Sonny Dykes-era at Cal will be a very short one because another…

1 Win Season in 2014

….and the Sonny Dykes-era will be over come December of next year as will be the careers of a Helluva lot of other people in the Cal Athletics department!


19.  Garrick McGee, UAB – After East Carolina crushed UAB on Saturday by the score of…

63 – 14

….the Blazers dropped to 2 – 8 on the season with only wins against Northwestern State and FIU and with games still to be played against…

Southern Miss

…..the last UAB head coach, Neil Callaway, got fired for never putting up a winning season and winning at most 3 games in a season which is a mark the Blazers will evidently not beat in McGee’s two seasons now on the job.

YES…the UAB head football coach is on the Hot Seat BUT does anybody care?

Not really and THAT is the REAL problem with UAB football.



20.  Bobby Hauck, UNLV – Bobby Hauck and his UNLV Rebels had a bye week in Week 12 and now it is back to business in Week 13 with a game at Air Force which is a HUGE game because 5 – 5 UNLV really needs to get to…

6 Wins

….at least in 2013 to give Bobby Hauck a chance to return as head coach of the Rebels in 2014 and with these games left to play…

At Air Force
San Diego State

…..IF we were Bobby Hauck we would not want to have to beat San Diego State in the last game of the season to get “bowl eligible” which makes this week’s Air Force game BIG, BIG, BIG!

Coach Hard Bobby Hauck!

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