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Post Week 13 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Tell These Hot Seat Coaches the God’s Honest Truth Johnny! – Top 20 Head Coaches on the Post Week 13 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

Post Week 13 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


Tell These Hot Seat Coaches the God’s Honest Truth Johnny!

Top 20 Head Coaches on the Post Week 13 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


1.  Will Muschamp, Florida – There is a very good reason why we hold University of Florida football to a very high standard and that is there were a handful of Coaches Hot Seat Members stationed in Jacksonville, Florida in 1989 in the US Navy when then Florida head coach Galen Hall resigned/was fired by the UF President and those same CHS Members were sharing cold beers together at a favorite watering holes of ours on December 31, 1989 in Neptune Beach, Florida when we heard that the University of Florida had announced….

Steve Spurrier had been hired to coach the Florida Gators

Since we were renting a house right next to one of the biggest Florida Gator fans in the Greater Jacksonville area and who was a student at the University of Florida when Spurrier won his Heisman playing for the Gators the celebrations over the next few years both at Florida football games and at our two side-by-side houses were many and borderline over-the-top…..HELL….those parties after those Florida wins under Fun-N-Gun Spurrier were over-the-top….WAY over-the-Damn-top!

Needless to say after seeing Florida football up-close and personal for the first four seasons of the Spurrier-era in Gainesville WE KNOW what Florida…

Was Before Spurrier Arrived at Florida

Was When Spurrier Was at Florida

Was When Ron Zook Was at Florida

Was When Urban Meyer Was at Florida

IS Now With Will Muschamp at Florida

…..and in our opinion Florida Football as of late November 2013…

Has Never Been Worse

….using the mid-1980s or the last 25-plus years as a timeframe.

There is a very good reason why Will Muschamp raced up the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings in 2013 as the Gators lost to…..

Miami (FL)
South Carolina
Georgia Southern

….and that very good reason is that…

WE KNOW what is going on inside the Florida Football Team AND the Florida Athletic Department because we have a “friend” at the University of Florida who has been telling us for years about Florida Football from the inside and frankly what we are hearing right now about the state of Florida Football should just flat-out…

Scare the Hell out of the Fans of Florida Football

….because in our opinion with Will Muschamp still in charge…

The WORST is yet to come.


Hey, we have always thought a lot of Will Muschamp as a person and football coach even though we also thought that his temper and tendency to lose focus on what is most important would hamper his ability to be a top head football coach and if the Truth Be Told there are a lot of people here at Coaches Hot Seat that didn’t want to put Muschamp on the Hot Seat but with so much information in our heads on what is going on with Florida Football in our opinion the No. 1 Hot Seat is where Muschamp should be sitting and he would be higher if someone could think of a lower number than 1….besides Zero of course!

To understand what a Complete Freaking Disaster that the 2013 Florida Football season has been which culminated in Florida’s loss to Georgia Southern on Saturday which a lot of Coaches Hot Seat Members called beforehand….

I-AA (FBS) Georgia Southern is 7 – 4 this season and those four losses were to…

Appalachian State

…..which means the once Mighty Florida Gators football program lost to a team that lost to…


….and Wofford’s record in 2013 is….wait for it…..

5 – 6!

While you try to digest to the insanely low level that Florida Football has fallen to in 2013 consider this….

Florida’s record this season is 7 – 4 and the Gators have beaten the below teams with their win/loss records….

Toledo:  7 – 4
Tennessee:  4 – 7
Kentucky:  2 – 9
Arkansas:  3 – 8

Combined Record of Teams Florida has beaten in 2013:  16 – 28!

YES….there are some very obvious reasons why Will Muschamp now sits on the Hottest Seat in Major College Football and there are lots of other reasons that we are not going to write about in this blog because they were told to us by an American Citizen who has the ability to see what is going on inside Florida Football and Florida Athletics and who as an American Citizen has shared with us lots of interesting info over the years and up to this point NONE of that info has made it into the Coaches Hot Seat Blog and more than likely will never make into this blog UNLESS people at the University of Florida start making statements and declarations that we consider to be LIES which we will then counter with something we don’t do much around here at Coaches Hot Seat…

Good Old Fashioned Reporting using our “source!”

The people running the University of Florida certainly have ever right to keep Will Muschamp on as the head coach at Florida if they like especially IF the Florida alums, boosters and fans keep buying tickets in the aftermath of what was nothing less than the Florida Football team melting down and losing to a team (Ga. Southern) with less than 5 percent of the talent as was on the Gators sideline on Saturday BUT…

IF Stanford had lost to a 7 – 4 I-AA team at Stanford Stadium there would have been lots of Very Pissed of folks here at Coaches Hot Seat but then….

Stanford Football has Standards

AND now….

Florida Football is now run in the interest or protecting “people’s interests”

…..in our opinion of course which means Florida Football right now is not about Winning Football Games or Graduating Players but rather about saving the asses of a few people that are destroying the Florida Football program from the inside out…..in our opinion of course.

As to what Will Muschamp and the Florida Gators will face in 2014 like most SEC teams Florida has plenty of Cupcakes lined-up to pad the wins for a head coach that is clearly in over his head and here is that Cupcake Filled Florida 2014 Schedule:

Eastern Michigan
At Alabama
Georgia – Jacksonville
At Vanderbilt
South Carolina
Eastern Kentucky
At Florida State


Let’s see here….Bozo the Clown would win….

7 Games

….coaching the Florida Gators in 2014 and it seems that sitting on his perch of the Hottest Seat in the country we are all going to see if Will Muschamp can best Bozo!


2.  Norm Chow, Hawaii – Norm Chow and his Hawaii football team are getting closer to their first win of the 2013 season after a second-straight overtime loss to Wyoming on Saturday (San Diego State last week) but the Warriors are now…

0 – 11

….on the season and Norm Chow is sitting on a very Hot Seat at Hawaii that might or might not lead to his firing depending upon who Hawaii might have a chance to hire to replace Chow come December.

Would current SMU head coach June Jones return to The Islands to be the head coach at Hawaii which might be in the best interests of June Jones, SMU and Hawaii or would the folks at the University of Hawaii have to go out and hire someone else that they don’t know would be any better than Norm Chow….at least in the win/loss column since we cannot think of one bad thing to say about Norm personally?

We don’t have the answer to that question but in our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat Hawaii is a fabulous head coaching job for a coach that is just below getting hired at a BCS-level school and there has to be dozens of very qualified top assistants and even head coaches on I-A and I-AA level that would jump at the chance to be the head coach at Hawaii….we certainly the Hell would!

Now at 0 – 11 Hawaii only has Army left in a game between two head coaches on the Hot Seat….Norm Chow and Army’s Rich Ellerson….and a game that might be the last for both at their respective schools.



3.  Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia – YES the money is a lot better in the Big 12 Conference compared to the Big East/American Conferences BUT we here at Coaches Hot Seat are beginning to doubt that ANY coach at West Virginia will be able to win consistently in the Big 12 Conference and look no further than Dana Holgorsen’s three seasons worth of win/loss records to back up our belief:

2011:  10 – 3 – Big East

2012:  7 – 6 – Big 12

2013:  4 – 7 – Big 12

Dana Holgorsen and West Virginia are now…

11 – 13

….in two seasons in the Big 12 Conference and a week ago the Mountaineers lost to KANSAS which on Saturday lost to a team that had only ONE win in 2013 (Iowa State) by the score of 34 – 0 and Iowa State is who West Virginia plays this coming Saturday in Morgantown!

Is West Virginia really going to fall from beating Oklahoma State on September 28 to losing their last two games to…..

3 Win Kansas
2 Win Iowa State


How in the HELL could a coach keep his job if his football team is falling complete to pieces as it looks to us the West Virginia football team is right now?

Oh, Dana Holgorsen has a…

$11.3 Million Dollar Buyout?


Holgorsen Buyout: $11.3 million?, Jay Taylor, Mountaineer Sports Report


IF the above is true that Dana Holgorsen has a $11.3 Million Dollar buyout then ALL of the respect we had for WVU AD Oliver Luck just went out the Freaking Window!

Just our opinion….BUT…having followed Dana Holgorsen’s coaching career for the past decade or so there is NO WAY IN HELL Holgorsen would have gotten a buyout from us over….

1 Year’s Salary IF THAT

…..and if Holgorsen does have a $11.3 Million Dollar Buyout then Oliver Luck should be FIRED…..THIS MORNING…because that is not only an absurdity it borders in our opinion on a crime against the fans of West Virginia University football who will be on the hook for this buyout not to mention where else in the WVU athletics department these Millions of Dollars could be spent in future years!

Oh by the way here is West Virginia’s 2014 Football Schedule:

Alabama – Atlanta, GA
At Maryland
At Texas Tech
At Oklahoma State
At Texas
Kansas State
At Iowa State

Is there anyone reading this blog that believe West Virginia Football will have a winning record in 2014?

Didn’t think so.

IF West Virginia does lose to Iowa State at home to end the season then WVU AD Oliver Luck is going to have a Helluva mess on his hands….of his own doing….make that Very Damn Stupid Doing Oliver.


4.  Ron Turner, Florida International – Ron Turner and FIU lost again on Saturday…this time to Marshall…by the score of…

48 – 10

…which runs Ron Turner’s record this season at FIU to…

1 – 10

….and we fully expect FAU to destroy FIU in the last season of the game which raises the question again:

Why in the Hell exactly did FIU hire Ron Turner?

IF we had been the athletic director at FIU we more than likely would have never fired Mario Cristobal (who won 27 games in his last 5 seasons on the job at FIU) but if we had fired Cristobal and were tasked with hiring a new FIU head coach in December 2012 IF the list that we had drawn up of potential next head coaches for FIU had 10,000 names on it….

Ron Turner’s name would NOT have been on that list of 10,000 coaches

Again we ask….

Why in the Hell exactly did FIU hire Ron Turner?

Answer that question and you will have solved one of the great and unexplainable riddles of our time!



5.  Charlie Weis, Kansas – On Saturday night Charlie Weis’s Kansas football team lost to a ONE WIN Iowa State team by the score of…

34 – 0

…and Weis’s win/loss record in two seasons at Kansas now stands at…

4 – 19

…and those four wins have come over…

I-AA (FCS) South Dakota State
I-AA (FCS) South Dakota
La. Tech
West Virginia

Is that what Kansas football really all about?

Seriously, we don’t know BUT if Kansas football is about winning FOUR games over two seasons and the two wins over I-A (FBS) teams were over teams with losing records then we can only say….

Thank God we are not fans of Kansas Football!

Oh, by the way Kansas finishes their 3 – 8 season at home against Kansas State and if there was a season that Charlie Weis and his KU football team might just beat KSU then 2013 is it because this Kansas State football team is…



6.  Mike London, Virginia – In 2008 Mike London and his Richmond Spiders football team won the…

I-AA (FCS) National Championship

….after London took over a very strong Richmond football program from Dave Clawson and in 2010 Mike London took over a very mediocre Virginia football team from Al Groh and London has put up records of…

2010:  4 – 8
2011:  8 – 5
2012:  4 – 8
2013:  2 – 9

Overall:  16 – 30

ACC:  8 – 23

8 ACC Conference Wins in FOUR seasons and with Virginia Tech left to played in 2013 more than likely NO ACC Conference Wins this season?

Geez, we knew Virginia football was pitiful BUT this is PITIFUL on Steroids!

Here is Virginia Football’s 2014 Football Schedule:

Kent State
At Florida State
At Duke
At Georgia Tech
North Carolina
At Virginia Tech

Barring a complete turnaround of the Virginia Football Program in the offseason in our opinion Virginia would be lucky to win…

More Than 4 Games in 2013

….which should tell everyone what we think of Virginia football but more important is…

What do the alums, boosters and fans of Virginia football think about THEIR football team right now?


Why do we have a sneaking suspicion that there are lot of fans of Virginia football and people in administrative positions at the University of Virginia that rather like their team being…


Because it is probably TRUE!


7.  Kevin Wilson, Indiana – In three seasons as the head coach at Indiana Kevin Wilson has put up win/loss records of…

Overall:  9 – 26

Big Ten:  4 – 19

….and at 4 – 7 on this season and with only a game against Pitiful Purdue at home on Saturday left on the schedule the last thing that needs to happen now is for the Hoosiers to lose to this Pitiful Purdue team because a loss in this spot and Kevin Wilson might want to stop by The Home Depot on the way home from the game to pick-up some moving boxes because we just don’t know if Wilson could survive a loss to this Really Damn Bad Purdue football team.

For Damn sure from what we have seen of Purdue this season if we were the AD at Indiana and the Hoosiers lost to Purdue at home on Saturday we would tell Kevin Wilson before he talked to his players that he was…


….and to make Damn sure to say goodbye to his players in the locker room because when he finished talking to his players University of Indiana security officers were going to take him back to his office to clean out his desk and make Damn sure he was off the campus within the hour!

YES…this Purdue team is THAT BAD!

YES….Kevin Wilson will be back to coach Indiana in 2014……unless his football team loses to Pitiful Purdue on Saturday!

In our opinion of course!


8.  Todd Monken, Southern Miss – What the Hell can anyone say about Southern Miss football right now BUT…

Southern Miss Football is a Complete Freaking Disaster!

Todd Monken in his first year at USM is 0 – 11 after the loss to Middle Tennessee on Saturday which means the Southern Miss has now lost…

23 Straight Football Games!

….and USM has left in 2013 a game against…

UAB in Birmingham

….in a Hot Seat Coach vs. Hot Seat Coach match-up which should be rather entertaining just because the Golden Eagles might find a way to get a WIN in this spot!

What would we do about Southern Miss football if we took over the Southern Miss athletic department tomorrow?

Well….we would go to a few practices and then to the UAB game and we would know by that end of the UAB game if Todd Monken was the man to turn things around for Southern Miss and if we thought he wasn’t the man to turn things around we would fire him immediately and go hire a great coach preferably a sitting head coach on either the I-A (FBS) or I-AA (FCS) level or maybe even….

Bob Stitt, Head Football Coach Colorado School of Mines!


A I-A school is going to hire Bob Stitt one of these days and great fun, hilarity and probably a lot of win will ensue in the wake of that hiring!


9.  Charley Molnar, Massachusetts – In two seasons as the head coach at UMass Charley Molnar has put up records of…

Overall:  2 – 21

MAC:  2 – 13

….and whether the folks making the hiring/firing decisions at UMass think that Molnar has done a good job or not….

We Don’t Have A Freaking Clue

….but TWO WINS in TWO SEASONS will land your butt on the Hot Seat and that is where Charley Molnar now sits!



10.  Bret Bielema, Arkansas – A few Coaches Hot Seat Members caught the end of the Mississippi State – Arkansas overtime game on Saturday and after the Razorbacks lost the game those CHS Members could not help but say in unison and very loudly….


Let’s see here….Arkansas is 3 – 8 on the season and their wins are over….

La. Lafayette – Decent Team
I-AA (FCS) Samford – I-AA (FCS) Team
Southern Miss – Horrendous Team

….and after those three opening wins Arkansas is now on an EIGHT GAME Losing Streak and they still have a game to play….


….and if LSU did slip-up and lose to Arkansas on Saturday that loss would be so bad we would immediately put LSU head coach Les Miles on the Hot Seat!


Got 3 – 9

…in your first season at Arkansas and in the SEC Bret Bielema?

Why Yes YOU WILL HAVE Come Saturday Bret!

OK, let’s all say it together…..


Do we here at Coaches Hot Seat believe that Bret Bielema is a good football coach?

IF someone hiring a football coach….say an athletic director….had asked us the above question last December we would have said….

YES….Bret Bielema is a solid coach….BUT….he coaches in the Big Ten Conference and solid coach can win a lot and even win Big Ten Titles in the Big Ten and conversely just a “solid coach” in the SEC will more than likely…..

Get His Ass Whipped On A Regular Basis!

….and that is why if Arkansas AD Jeff Long had asked us for a list of 25 Coaches that Arkansas should consider hiring in the wake of the disaster that was Bobby Petrino – John L. Smith….

Bret Bielema would have NOT been on that list of 25 Potential Head Coaches at Arkansas

Why would Bret Bielema NOT have been our recommended list of 25 Potential Head Coaches for Arkansas you ask?

Because we have had some very good friends in the great town of Ft. Smith, Arkansas area for a couple of decades now which is only about 60 miles south of Fayetteville, Arkansas off of I-40 and in our opinion….

Bret Bielema is NOT a great fit with the alums, boosters and fans of Arkansas football not to mention the People of the Great State of Arkansas

….AND if Arkansas keeps losing under Bielema he will be an especially bad fit because we don’t think Bielema is going to handle well losing in the SEC and unless something changes in a hurry Bret Bielema is going to be losing A LOT of SEC games at Arkansas.

Here’s is Arkansas Football’s Schedule for 2014:

At Auburn
Nicholls State
At Texas Tech
Northern Illinois
Texas A&M – Dallas
At Mississippi State
Ole Miss
At Missouri

In our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat….we would be STUNNED if Arkansas wins…

6 or More Games in 2014

….and anything less than 7 wins in 2014 would keep Bret Bielema on the Hot Seat through all of next year.

Oh, by the way if Arkansas did have to fire Bret Bielema in December 2014…which we believe would include Arkansas AD Jeff Long being fired as well since he hired Bobby Petrino and John L. Smith also….Arkansas would owe Bielema…

$12.8 Million Dollars!

….which is a buyout that in our opinion makes Arkansas AD Jeff Long a prime candidate for…..

The Stupidest Man on Planet Earth!

Why not just give Bret Bielema a buyout of 1 Year’s Salary which would be $3.2 Million Dollars anytime during his contract?

Our answer to the above question: Because Jeff Long is a Very Damn Stupid Human Being as are dozens of athletic directors across America that get run and played by coaches and their agents all of the Damn time at the expense of…

The Alums, The Boosters and The Fans

….that eventually have to pay all these extravagant and insane buyouts for coaches that are in the end PAID NOT TO COACH and paid a Helluva LOT of $$$$$$ because there are so many Athletic Directors in America that have never worked a day of their Precious Lives on this Earth OFF of a college campus and thus they have NO Damn Clue how the Real Freaking World works!

Memo to College Presidents and Chancellors of Colleges/Universities Everywhere Across America:

Is your Athletic Director a MORON?

If your Head Football Coach has a buyout over 1 Year’s Salary your Athletic Director is a MORON….PERIOD.



11.  Mack Brown, Texas – Mack Brown’s Texas Longhorns are….

7 – 3

…in 2013 BUT the bigger and more important story is the win/loss records of the Longhorns since Texas lost to Alabama in the Bogus BCS National Title Game in January 2010:

Overall:  29 – 19

Big 12:  17 – 16

Sorry, but the above win/loss records for Mack Brown at Texas over the past four seasons are….


….and well below the standard that Mack Brown set himself at Texas and the standards set by the head coaches that preceded Brown as the head coach of the Longhorns.

We one realizes that Bozo the Clown could have won…

28 Games

….coaching the Longhorns over the past four seasons the reality of the situation comes into starker focus and now with games against…

Texas Tech
At Baylor

….left on the schedule probably nothing less than wins in both of those games will lead to Mack Brown coaching the Texas Football team in 2014 unless of course Mack wants to come back for one more season and plays his earned TRUMP card to get one more season coaching the Longhorns which we guess Mack has rightly earned…..although we are not big on giving passes to people because of something they have done in the long gone past.

Mack Brown turned 62 years old in 2013 which is Ten Years Older than Darrell Royal was when he retired after the 1976 season and what that means exactly we don’t rightly know but Brown’s next two games promise to be very interesting not only for Mack but for the future of Texas Longhorns football as well.



12.  Randy Edsall, Maryland – Since Randy Edsall snuck out in the middle of the night without telling his UConn football players goodbye three years ago Edsall has put up the following win/loss records at Maryland:

2011:  2 – 10
2012:  4 – 8
2013:  6 – 5

Overall:  12 – 23

ACC:  5 – 18

The head coach that got fired at Maryland, Ralph Friedgen, put up the following records in his last three years on the job in College Park:

2008:  8 – 5
2009:  2 – 10
2010:  9 – 4

Overall:  19 – 19

ACC:  10 – 14

Is Maryland football better or worse after firing Ralph Friedgen and hiring Randy Edsall?

In our opinion……WORSE….but then what the Hell do we know about football?

Edsall and Maryland are 6 – 5 in 2013 and still have a game to play at NC State so there is a chance the Terps could get to 7 wins this season which if it happens…..might just get Randy Edsall off the Hot Seat!

Coach Hard Randy Edsall!


13.  Darrell Hazell, Purdue – With only ONE WIN over I-AA (FCS) Indiana State in 2013 the Purdue Boilermakers might be the worst BCS Conference team in the country and with a record of 1 – 10 and with only a game to play at Indiana left on the schedule we fully expect Purdue to finish the season at…

1 – 11

….which will put Darrell Hazell onto a Very Damn Hot Seat heading into the 2014 season.

Here is the 2014 Purdue Football Schedule:

Western Michigan
Central Michigan
At Notre Dame
Southern Illinois
At Illinois
Michigan State
At Minnesota
At Nebraska
At Indiana

Even with THREE CUPCAKES Darrell Hazell and the Boilermakers will probably have a tough time winning more than…

4 Games

…in 2014 unless the Purdue football team goes through a massive and positive transformation in the offseason which may be the only way Darrell Hazell saves his head coaching job.


14.  Sonny Dykes, California – Several Coaches Hot Seat Members got to see the 2013 version of Cal Football on Saturday in the Big Game against Stanford and all we can say about the current state of Cal Football is what Jed Clampett used to say about those “city folks” wasting their lives doing very Damn stupid things….


“Pitiful….Just Pitiful!”

Seriously, the Cal Football Program and Cal Athletics are nothing short of a…

Complete Freaking Disaster Right Now

….which was highlighted in this story in the San Francisco Chronicle last Friday:

Why do many Cal athletes not graduate?, San Francisco Chronicle

In the above SF Chronicle story we learned the following rather shocking FACT:

College Football Players’ Graduation Rates

Stanford University – 93%

UCLA – 82%

Michigan – 66%

UC Berkeley – 44%

What the Hell?

ONLY 44% of Cal Football Players Graduate from Cal?

Memo to all the Members of the Media that were defending former Cal head football coach Jeff Tedford to the end:

You are IDIOTS and don’t have a Freaking Clue what is REALLY going within football programs and on college campuses beyond what you are spoon-fed by the schools….PERIOD.

We could go into a long rant in this spot about that the media has become little more than people regurgitating PR Crapola and Uninformed Opinion and that there is No Damn Real Reporting going on anymore in the media but then most people with an IQ over room temperate know that to be TRUE.

Hell, the complete Manti Te’o’s entire fraud could have been found out with a simple Google search which was a Google search that not one Damn member of the news media did…until Deadspin.com came along that is!

Getting back to Sonny Dykes and Cal Football below is Cal head coach Sonny Dykes press conference after the Bears’ 63 – 13 loss to Stanford in the Big Game.

Forget about the current state of Cal football for a second and ask yourself after seeing Dykes in the above video:

Do you think that Sonny Dykes is happy and excited about being the head football coach at Cal?

In our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat which we have held for many weeks now….


What does the future hold for Sonny Dykes and Cal Football?

We honestly don’t know BUT Sonny Dykes is a good football coach and at the right BCS Conference School Dykes would be a very successful head coach and we just don’t know if Cal is that right school or not.

Good Luck to you Sonny Dykes.


15.  Garrick McGee, UAB – Head coach Garrick McGee and the UAB Blazers had an excellent chance to get a BIG Win last Thursday night losing in overtime to a very good Rice team and if UAB plays the same way against Southern Miss this coming Saturday then the Blazers should pick-up their third win of the season which would get McGee of the Hot Seat….at least for now.

Coach Hard Garrick McGee!


16.  Skip Holtz, La. Tech – Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Skip Holtz and La. Tech the Bulldogs up and lost to a very weak Tulsa team on Saturday which dropped La. Tech’s 2013 record to…

4 – 7

….with only a game against Texas-San Antonio left on the schedule.

Here’s the REAL problem for Skip Holtz at La. Tech:

Skip Holtz took over a La. Tech team from Sonny Dykes that had won 22 games in three seasons and Holtz is headed straight toward a 4-win season in 2013 which means Skip Holtz will be on the Hot Seat for some time to come short of the Bulldogs rising up and beating UTSA on Saturday!

Coach Hard Skip Holtz!


17.  Rich Ellerson, Army – In five seasons as the head coach at Army Rich Ellerson has put up the following win/loss records:

2009:  3 – 7
2010:  7 – 6
2011:  3 – 9
2012:  2 – 10
2013:  3 – 7

Overall: 20 – 39

Sorry, even though Rich Ellerson is a very good football coach and the Army team we saw in person play Stanford earlier this year looked like a pretty well coached football team the above Win/Loss Record is just flat-out NOT GOOD ENOUGH for Army football and save Army beating…


…to end the season more than likely Army will be looking for a new head football coach come December.

Coach Hard Rich Ellerson!


18.  Paul Rhoads, Iowa State – Paul Rhoads and Iowa State have won TWO football games in 2013 over…


…and the combined win/loss records of those two teams are…

6 – 16!

And yet….Iowa State BEAT Kansas by the score of 34 – 0 and the Cyclones get to play a team on Saturday that also has a head coach on the Hot Seat in Dana Holgorsen and West Virginia and if Iowa State can get a win in this spot….

Paul Rhoads would be OFF the Top of the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings!

Hell, let’s just go ahead and say whichever head coach wins this Saturday’s game between Iowa State and West Virginia the Winning Head Coach…

WILL BE OFF the Top of the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings!

Coach Hard Paul Rhoads and Dana Holgorsen and may the best coach win and for the losing coach we only have two words for you…



19.  Jim Grobe, Wake Forest – Jim Grobe has had a decent 13 year run as the head coach at Wake Forest but after the Demon Deacons loss on Saturday to Duke the FIFTH straight losing season was sealed for Grobe and barring a win over Vanderbilt in the last game of the season which is being played in Nashville Jim Grobe might just be out of a job come December.

Jim Grobe proved in the 2006 – 2008 period that Wake Forest can be competitive and even win the ACC Conference and now it may be time for Wake to find some new blood and a new head coach that bring some fresh energy to the Wake Forest Football Program because as of right now to us at least….

Wake Forest looks tired and beat down

….and that is always the sure sign that a new head coach is needed to bring things back to life.

Find some energy Jim Grobe and BEAT Vandy and we might just change our opinion but then does anyone really think Wake Forest can BEAT Vandy in Nashville?

NOT if Vanderbilt is ready to play the game….NO way in Hell.


20.  Tim Beckman, Illinois – Tim Beckman got his first win in Big Ten Conference play on Saturday with a win over Purdue….BUT….beating Purdue is like beating the passing breeze and now it is up to Beckman to get his team ready to play in-state rival Northwestern on Saturday because a win in this spot against a reeling Northwestern team would provide a nice springboard for the Illini heading into the offseason and would get Beckman OFF the Hot Seat and put Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald ONTO the Hot Seat!

Coach Hard Tim Beckman!

The Same Goes for Pat Fitzgerald because Fitz doesn’t want to be on the Hot Seat during the entire offseason…..right Pat?

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