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College Football Is the Greatest Sport in the World and the Last Couple of Days Have Been EXTRA GREAT! – Tom Jurich Hired Bobby Petrino Because of What? – Nick Saban to Hire Lane Kiffin? – Oh Nick…PLEASE HIRE Lane Kiffin! – Memo to Almighty God on the Kiffin Hiring at Alabama

College Football Is the Greatest Sport in the World and the Last Couple of Days Have Been EXTRA GREAT!


College Football is the greatest sport in the world and it just keeps on giving to us here at Coaches Hot Seat with the last two days being nothing short of a…

Complete and All-Out Laughathon!

…..with Bobby Petrino being hired at Louisville and perhaps the greatest development in the 7 years that Coaches Hot Seat has been in existence….

Nick Saban is considering hiring Lane Kiffin to be his offensive coordinator at Alabama!

Before we get the potential great fun that would come from a Nick Saban – Lane Kiffin hook-up in Tuscaloosa we must first make a comment or two on Bobby Petrino returning to Louisville.

Coaches Hot Seat Members sat in stunned silence on Thursday as the “sick joke” came true as we watched Louisville AD introduce Bobby Petrino as the next head coach of the Louisville Cardinals and we could go on for quite awhile about why we believe that bringing Bobby Petrino back to Louisville is nothing short of a….

Complete Freaking Disaster

…but instead we will focus on Louisville AD Tom Jurich who in our opinion looked very “Un-Tom Jurich Like” on Thursday both when introducing Petrino and when he took questions from the media after Petrino’s statement and question time.

We have always put the KABOSH on adding lawyers as Coaches Hot Seat Members because….

Well, they are LAWYERS!

….but we do have a psychologist Coaches Hot Seat Member and on Thursday evening we had him watch the Tom Jurich portion of the Louisville press conference from earlier in the day and then asked him if he had any comments or observations about Jurich.


After the CHS Member psychologist watched Tom Jurich’s media appearance on Thursday:

Coaches Hot Seat Member:  “So, anything?”

CHS Member Psychologist:  “Troubling.”

Coaches Hot Seat Member:  “Troubling? Do you want to expand on that?”

CHS Member Psychologist:  “No.”

The CHS Member Psychologist then went over to the refrigerator, took out a cold Fat Tire beer, opened the beer up with a Stanford fight song bottle opener and then sat down on the couch and stared off into space until the Arizona – UCLA basketball game tipped off.



Hmmmmmm…..what the Hell could that mean?

Our guess of what our psychologist CHS Member friend meant by his “Troubling” comment when referring to Tom Jurich and it is nothing more than a guess….

There are dozens of Very Damn Good Football Coaches that Tom Jurich could have hired that DON’T HAVE the Complete Freaking Disastrous Wake that Bobby Petrino has left behind him in the last decade-plus of coaching football but instead Jurich went with someone that “changed or not” Jurich knows is a deeply-flawed individual that in our opinion has personality disorder that has been on public display many Damn times in the very bad way that Bobby Petrino has treated people over the years….and yet Bobby Petrino is “comfortable” and a “known quality” to Jurich which brings to mind the phrase….

“Better the Devil you know than the Devil you don’t know.”

There really is only ONE REASON why Tom Jurich would go back to the “Devil” who wronged him and the University of Louisville in the past when there are a dozen-plus Great Football Coaches that would have walked from where they are now working for the Louisville head coaching job and that ONE REASON is of course….


Now we happen to think that FEAR is a very valuable human emotion because FEAR can warn one ahead of time about something bad that might be coming around the corner BUT one of the worst things that someone in an executive/hiring role can do is making hiring decisions out of FEAR with the FEAR in the case of Louisville and Tom Jurich hiring Bobby Petrino being the…

FEAR of what hiring another coach might bring meaning…..losses and a declining Louisville football program into the future

…..and thus in our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat…

Tom Jurich’s FEAR of the unknown…of hiring a coach he did not know well and was unsure how he would perform….led Jurich back to Bobby Petrino to which we can only respond to by saying to Tom….

Making decisions out of FEAR Tom is no Damn way to run an Athletic Department, a University or Any Damn Thing for that matter.

Be careful Tom because you are treading in very dangerous territory….

A Fearful AD and an Angry Head Football Coach?


Saying a Prayer tonight we are not alums or fans of Louisville Football!


Nick Saban to Hire Lane Kiffin?


Now to what could be the Story of the Year for us here at Coaches Hot Seat…

Nick Saban hiring Lane Kiffin to be his Offensive Coordinator

….and to be very Damn clear we are….

ALL DAMN FOR Nick Saban hiring Lane Kiffin to be his Offensive Coordinator

….and in many ways this match between Saban and Kiffin is a match….

Made in Heaven!

Just imagine two human beings coming together….

Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin


….that have both…

Never Been Wrong in Their Time on This Earth


Never Done Anything Wrong During Their Time on This Earth


When Things Do Go Wrong both Saban and Kiffin turn on its head the quote of the Great Paul “Bear” Bryant….


“If anything goes bad, I did it. If anything goes semi-good, we did it. If anything goes really good, then you did it. That’s all it takes to get people to win football games for you.”

….to something akin to….

“If something goes wrong it sure the Hell isn’t my fault!

Once two Coaches Hot Seat Members were discussing Nick Saban with an NFL executive and this executive said something very interesting about Saban….

“I have searched high and low of a video of Saban taking responsibility for his team losing a game or responsibility for ANYTHING and that video does not F-ing exist!”

Have you heard the latest out of Tuscaloosa on why Alabama lost the Sugar Bowl to Oklahoma which a “little birdie” said across the table in a BBQ joint in Atlanta earlier this week and which was repeated on the Paul Finebaum show on Thursday afternoon:

“These (Alabama) players just wouldn’t listen to Saban!”

Oh, that’s just too Damn perfect and Surprise – Surprise….NOT…..a couple of years ago someone in Los Angeles said to us about why Lane Kiffin wasn’t winning more games at USC:

“The players will just not listen to what Kiffin is saying!”

Nick Saban + Lane Kiffin = A Match Made in Freaking Heaven!


Memo to Almighty God:  Almighty God we don’t ask for much from you and God knows….meaning You know….that you have blessed us with so much on this Earth with our good looking wives, our intelligent children who for the most part behave, the wonderful American Republic that we were proud to serve in the US Military for and are thankful to live in, cold beer, great wings, other good looking everywhere we look in the Greater Atlanta area and many other things that we would rather not list in this memo….BUT…..we would ask two things of You Almighty God and those two things are:

Please, Please, Please guide Nick Saban to hire Lane Kiffin as his offensive coordinator at Alabama


Please, Please, Please guide Nick Saban to think that it would be best if Lane Kiffin called the offensive plays from the Alabama sideline because Saban jumping on Kiffin’s ass about 100-plus times a game like he jumps on Kirby Smart’s ass all the time would be High Theater and Must Watch TV!



Memo to Nick Saban:  HIRE LANE KIFFIN! We have lots of stories about Lane during his time at USC and with the Oakland Raiders that we have not told yet and besides if you are going to go down why not go down in flames with Lane Kiffin at your side in a blaze of glory!

Oh by the way Nick….

We made a commitment that the next MORON that hires Lane Kiffin will rocket-up to the Top 20 of the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings so if it is going to be…

Lane Kiffin calling the offensive plays at Alabama

….expect your precious “Never Been Wrong and Don’t Feel Appreciated Rear-End” to HEAT UP IN A HURRY!

A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

Nick Saban hasn’t been on the Hot Seat here at Coaches Hot Seat since that Alabama player was caught selling cocaine in the parking lot just outside the Alabama athletic building in the Summer of 2008 so…

Welcome back to the Hot Seat Nick Saban!


2014 Promises to be GREAT DAMN FUN!

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