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2010 Winningest Active Head Coaches in I-A College Football – Chris Petersen at Boise State Is Putting Up Some Incredible Win/Loss Numbers….Knute Rockne Type Numbers In Fact! – Boise State 2.5 Point Favorites Over Virginia Tech in Opener…Wow! – Tour de France Underway and Heading Through Some Beautiful Country This Year – Even the French Think the BCS is Total Bullshit You Say? – How Does One Say “Candy Ass BCS Bastards” In French?….Or Johnny Cash Will Do the Trick!

We have a lot of Rankings of College Football Coaches here at Coaches Hot Seat (a few public but most are private), but by far our favorite is the Winningest Active Coaches in I-A football.  We have been working our way through a number of things here at CHS, and we now have the Winningest Active Coaches list ready for the 120 Head Coaches in I-A football and it is mighty entertaining viewing.

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2010 Winningest Active Coaches I-A

 ….and here are the Top 25 Winningest Active Coaches in I-A College Football heading into the 2010 college football season.  

# Coach School Age Conf Salary Yrs W L T


1 Chris Petersen Boise State 46 WAC $1,500,000 4 49 4 0


2 Urban Meyer Florida 46 SEC $4,100,000 9 96 18 0


3 Mike London Virginia 50 ACC $1,800,000 2 24 5 0


4 Bobby Hauck UNLV 46 MWC $500,000 7 80 17 0


5 Bob Stoops Oklahoma 50 Big 12 $4,100,000 11 117 29 0


6 Chip Kelly Oregon 47 Pac 10 $1,950,000 1 10 3 0


7 Mark Richt Georgia 50 SEC $3,400,000 9 90 27 0


8 B. Mendenhall BYU 44 MWC $725,000 5 49 15 0


9 Gary Patterson TCU 50 MWC $2,500,000 10 85 28 0


10 Joe Paterno Penn State 84 Big Ten $1,500,000 44 394 129 3


11 Brian Kelly Notre Dame 49 Big East $2,750,000 19 171 57 2


12 Jim Tressel Ohio State 58 Big Ten $3,800,000 24 229 78 2


13 Paul Johnson Georgia Tech 53 ACC $2,500,000 13 127 46 0


14 K. Whittingham Utah 51 MWC $1,300,000 5 47 17 0


15 Bret Bielema Wisconsin 40 Big Ten $1,600,000 4 38 14 0


16 Bobby Petrino Arkansas 49 SEC $2,950,000 6 54 21 0


17 Steve Spurrier South Carolina 65 SEC $2,200,000 20 177 68 2


18 Bo Pelini Nebraska 43 Big 12 $2,100,000 3 20 8 0


19 Nick Saban Alabama 59 SEC $4,633,000 14 125 50 1


20 Les Miles LSU 57 SEC $3,900,000 9 79 36 0


21 Chris Ault Nevada 64 WAC $400,000 25 206 96 1


22 Mack Brown  Texas 59 Big 12 $5,100,000 26 214 101 1


23 Butch Jones  Cincinnati 42 Big East $1,400,000 3 27 13 0


24 Kevin Sumlin  Houston 46 CUSA $1,200,000 2 18 9 0


25 K. Niumatalolo  Navy 45 Ind. $1,115,000 2 18 9 0




As you can see Chris Petersen at Boise State is putting up some stunning win/loss numbers with only 4 losses in 4 seasons and we don’t care who you are playing, 49 wins in 4 seasons is just an incredible number of wins.  By the way, Chris Petersen and Boise State have played 5 “BCS” schools in the last 4 seasons and the Broncos are 4-1 in those games.  Chris Petersen is on a roll similar to the one that Knute Rockne put up in 13 seasons at Notre Dame (1918 – 1930) when The Rock’s/Irish record was 105 – 12 (.881)!  Wow!  As is Urban Meyer at Florida and Bob Stoops at OU (even with that subpar 2009 for the Sooners!).  One must also recognize Mike London at Virginia and Bobby Hauck at UNLV coming out of the I-AA football division with some great winning records as well.  One thing to note, we have looked at the win/loss records of the truly great coaches in the history of college football and  the .700 winning percentage number is a pretty good determining factor for a head coach that is winning a lot of football games and often headed to the College Football Hall of Fame.


WIN – Oregon State – 42 – 14

WIN – Oklahoma – 43 – 42


LOSS – Washington – 10 – 24


WIN – Oregon – 37 – 32


WIN – Oregon – 19 – 8

That makes that September 6 game this year in Washington DC between Boise State and Virginia Tech very Damn interesting!  Talk about an fascinating matchup, the Broncos vs. the Hokies promises to be very entertaining with talent all over the field and very good head coaches and coaching staffs on both sidelines.

According to the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, courtesy of Tomahawk Nation, Boise State is a 2.5 favorite over Virginia Tech!  Wow!  That tells you a lot about how much talent Petersen has recruited to Boise and how well his football team is coached that BSU is favored when traveling across the country to play one of the best teams in the ACC.

Not that we gamble much beyond the blackjack tables and our weekly pokers games, but we like Boise State over Virginia Tech which means that VT DC Bud Foster better be spending a lot of time figuring out a way to slow down QB Kellen Moore!

2010 Tour de France



The 2010 Tour de France got underway over the weekend and after the first three stages Lance Armstrong is right in the thick of things as the Tour heads into France from Belgium today. 

We get a great kick out of watching the Tour de France here at Coaches Hot Seat because of all the great places the Tour travels in France and neighboring European countries.  The 2010 Tour de France is traveling through some incredible sections of France including the French Alps along the Swiss and Italian borders….

 before swinging down to southern France and the Pyrenees Mountains on the border of Spain.  After the Pyrenees Mountain section the race heads north through the Bordeaux region of France.

Talk about some beautiful country, the Bordeaux region of France is a must-see if you are traveling in that part of the world.  The New York Times recently published an interesting travel story on following Thomas Jefferson’s footsteps when he was the envoy to France in the late 1780s, Following Jefferson Through the Vineyards, which gives one a good idea of what the Bordeaux region of France is like.

The Versus Network (Channel 603 on DirecTV)  has the coverage of the Tour de France and along with French TV they are doing a great job of providing some incredible video and the terrific commentators at Versus, with Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin calling the live action, are all doing a great job of covering this fascinating race.  (Some of the folks doing the play-by-play and color commentary in college football  today could learn a lot by watching/listening to how Liggett and Sherwin call the Tour de France, as they could learn a lot by getting out tapes of Keith Jackson or Al Michaels for that matter.  All of these announcers cover/covered the game they were sitting at always keeping the focus on the game that is unfolding in front of them, which is what the TV audience is really interested in…..)

Yes, even the French settle their championships on the Field of Play unlike those Candy Ass BCS Bastards!  One of us here at Coaches Hot Seat has a good friend that has been working in Paris, France for the past 3 years and he reports that over the New Year’s he tried to explain to some French friends of his the college football postseason, but his friends kept coming back to and asking about taking a “month off at the end of the regular college football season” and “why play any of these bowl games….they mean nothing.”  Man, if the French can’t understand the BCS and think it is Total Bullshit then you know that you are dealing with something incredibly Bogus! 

How do you say Candy Ass BCS Bastards in French you ask?

“Confire l’ane BCS batards!”

Or you can always just go with the Johnny Cash straight-forward approach when dealing with these BCS Boys!

Why does that make us feel so good