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Come On… Is There Anyone On Planet Earth With A Working Brain That Believes the College Head Coaches, Who Watch Less College Football Than the Common House Cat Have A Clue to Which Teams Are Better Than Others Or How Teams Should Be Ranked? – Didn’t Think So Which Makes The USA Today Coaches Poll Nothing But ABSOLUTE NONSENSE! – What We Have With the BCS Is A Combination of Stupidity + Candy Asses Which Is Becoming More and More Common in America! – Coaches That Don’t Watch Games + Clueless Harris Poll Voters + Computer Dweebs = MORE ABSOLUTE NONSENSE or the “BCS” If You Happen to Be Standing Near A Candy Ass! – Coaches Hot Seat Changing Our 2010 Notre Dame Prediction After Trip to South Bend – 2010 Coach and Team Predictions: Army & Navy – 2010 Big Ten Network Tour

The USA Today Coaches Poll and P. T. Barnum’s Maxim

The next time you are in the local mall and you see the head coach of your favorite college football team hurriedly shopping for a birthday present for his wife (that he remembered at the last minute again) stop and ask him the following question (If he is one of the “chosen” coaches that votes in the USA Today Coaches Poll since all the coaches don’t vote which Birmingham News columnist Kevin Scarbinsky pointed out recently and which makes the Coaches Poll even more bogusThis is America, why not one coach, one vote? – Good question Kevin, but then the head coaches don’t even watch the games from around the country and thus don’t have a clue where teams will be ranked!):

Do you really know if one team is better than the other in college football?

If that head coach answers that question by saying:  “Yes.”

You then need to call the AD at your favorite school and have the head coach fired immediately. 

Please, is there anyone with a working brain that REALLY believes that the head football coaches know which teams are better than others and how teams should be ranked before, during and after the season?  Is there really someone out there Stupid enough to believe that fantasy?  Come on, we know the US educational system is an absolute disaster (If you don’t think the K-12 educational system in the United States is failing our kids and young people terribly just read this article in today’s Wall Street Journal:  Scores Stagnate at High Schools– Yes, that article will scard the Hell out of you if you Give a Damn about the future of America!), but is anyone REALLY so stupid and naïve to believe that the college head football coaches have a clue to which team is better than others when they vote in the USA Today Coaches Poll.  Sadly, there are a lot of Complete Morons in the world!

That’s not to say that IF the college head football coaches actually were able to sit down and watch lots of games each Saturday that they couldn’t come up with a pretty good ranking of teams each week during the season because we know they could.  The former head coaches voting in the Legends Poll that do get to watch a lot of football games do have the legitimate claim that they know the game of football and get to watch a lot of football during the season, but the current head coaches?  Please, GET A CLUE if you believe that nonsense!

Here’s the problem and we want you Complete Morons that believe the USA Today Coaches Poll is anything more than Absolute Nonsense to really listen up here:  College Head Football Coaches watch less football from teams across the country than the COMMON HOUSE CAT!


Yes, a COMMON HOUSE CAT when it is passing in front of the TV in homes across America watches MORE COLLEGE FOOTBALL than EVERY college head football coach in the country!

Now do you Complete Morons that believe the USA Today Coaches Poll is anything but Absolute Morons feel really foolish?  Sadly, the folks that think the USA Today Coaches Poll is legitimate are often beyond help or they are one of the Sorry BCS Boys that doesn’t give a Damn about anything just as long as colleges turn over their student-athletes to play in Meaningless Exhibition Games at the end of every college football season!

Yes, there are lots of Very Stupid and Very Greedy people in America, but then if your brain is working you already knew that….right?

What does a college head football coach know then you ask? 

1.  He knows the game of football

2.  He knows his own football team (Especially if he is paying someone from outside his program to scout his team for him and produce weekly reports on what the outside/former coach is seeing.  We always thought that former head coaches like Joe Glenn, Pat Dye, RC Slocum, Phil Fulmer, etc., would be a great asset to have as a paid consultant watching the games each week and then preparing a scouting report for a school on the school’s team!  Hey, Paul Bryant did that at Alabama!)

3.  He knows the teams he has played, the team he is about to play and something about every team on his schedule.

4.  He knows some things about the teams that have played the teams he is going to play after watching a lot of tape, but not a lot about those teams that are not on his team’s schedule.

5.  He knows that there is no chance in Hell he could accurately fill out a USA Today Coaches Poll ballot and that is why EVERY head coach that fills out a poll gets help from an athletic department employee or their PR hack.  (Here’s the problem with even that issue.  All athletic department employees and coaches’ PR hacks are AT THE GAMES EACH SATURDAY AND NOT WATCHING GAMES FROM ACROSS THE COUNTRY EITHER!)

Are you starting to see why it is our opinion, and should be the opinion of anyone with a working brain that the USA Today Coaches Poll is nothing but an…


Here’s another little factoid for you:

No one, the college head coaches voting in the USA Today Coaches Poll, people in the media, America citizens (including us here at Coaches Hot Seat), and anyone else you can think of that has an opinion on which team is better than another team before the season has even kicked has…


That’s right, no one has a clue to if Alabama is better than Ohio State or if TCU is better than Oklahoma or if Iowa is better than Oregon and that makes the Preseason USA Today Coaches Poll not only an Absolute Fraud (in our opinion) but something akin to a bunch of modern day Nostradamus’ spinning their magic (That old black magic….)!

So we have an USA Today Coaches Poll that anyone with a working brain knows is an Absolute Fraud which is used along with the Harris Interactive Poll (which is filled with people that have admitted in the past that they don’t watch teams in whole sections of the country and entire conferences) and the average of six computer rankings to determine who plays in a mythical bogus national title game and seeds 4 meaningless exhibition games.  Coaches that don’t watch the games + Clueless Voters in the Harris Poll that brag about not watching games from around the country + Computer Dweebs drinking Mountain Dew!  Yes, that is the BCS for you in ALL ITS GLORY!  And there is someone with an IQ over the number of stars in our solar system that thinks the BCS is legitimate (Uhhh.. for the slow one’s out there that would be one star in the solar system and thus an IQ of 1!)?  Oh, where did our educational system go wrong?  Dumb people and Candy Asses all rolled into one!

Yes, that system would make a lot of sense to Candy Asses that talk like this…

Americans settle championships in sports on the field of play in every other athletic event in our country?  Are we wrong?  No, we are not wrong and….

Yes, sports teams on all levels in the United States settle championships on the field of play including ALL LEVELS OF FOOTBALL including at the high school level where amazingly the players have been able to play lots of games after the regular season in postseason playoff for 50 plus years!  Yes, if you say that I-A college football players could not handle the extra games with a postseason playoff you are not only a flat-out liar you are a Gutless Buffoon as well!

Yes, there are a lot of Candy Asses in the world today and they along with the Very Stupid people that believe the USA Today Coaches Poll is actually voted on by people that watch football games across the country are as P. T. Barnum said:

“A Sucker is Born Every Minute”


And anyone Stupid Enough to believe in this Bogus BCS is a Classic Sucker!

Of course, if Bill Hancock and the Candy Ass Gang (Led by King of the Candy Asses Jimmy “I cry when I see the Rose Bowl Queen and her court!” Delany – Yes, that is our opinion!) could move their Bogus BCS over to other college sports like college basketball they would love to…..right?  Please, if you are stupid enough to think that anyone would swap the NCAA postseason playoffs that now exist for every other sport in intercollegiate athletics for the Bogus BCS then you are someone P. T. Barnum would have been hoping and praying would have shown up to have their money taken at the circus!

What would have happened this past I-A NCAA College Basketball Season if the Bogus BCS was in place in that great sport you ask?

Here are the Final Top 12 Rankings from the 2010 college basketball season:

1.  Kansas

2.  Kentucky

3.  Duke

4.  Syracuse

5.  Ohio State

6.  West Virginia

7.  Kansas State

8.  New Mexico

9.  Villanova

10. Purdue

11.  Butler

12. Temple

So, I guess that would mean that Kansas and Kentucky would have played for a Bogus national title and the other teams above would be paired off in MEANINGLESS EXHIBTION GAMES.

Yes, that would make perfect sense….and there would not have been a Duke – Butler game to settle the National Championship on the court!


And make no mistake about it if you are a head football coach and you favor the Bogus BCS over the postseason playoff system that is used on every level of football from Pee Wee, Junior High, High School, Division II, I-AA, CFL, and the NFL then you are also a…

CANDY ASS!  Do you have Guts or are you a Candy Ass?  Sadly, we have lots of head coaches that are dreaming of going to bowl games because when you get right down to it…it takes real guts to have to play and earn a championship on the field of play and if you put up a mediocre season, go to a bowl game and claim you achieved something then a Candy Ass will do just that.  Here’s the problem.  If these Candy Asses coaches had been around and on the beaches of Normandy and Iwo Jima our country might be in a world of hurt right now which makes us thankful they were not on those beaches where EVERYTHING HAD TO BE EARNED right do to each football of territory.

Lastly, on a related subject to the Bogus Polls and the Bogus BCS, one thing one often hears when listening in to radio shows around the country is things like…

“If TCU, Utah, Boise State had to play in the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, etc., they wouldn’t be able to go through the season undefeated.”

Uhhhhh, listen up everyone out there that says something like the above statement or agrees with the above sentiment…

If TCU, Utah, Boise State or any other these other teams that play in the “Second-Class” Citizen conferences WERE IN the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, etc., they would be recruiting and on a level playing field with the schools from the “BCS” conferences and would thus be on a equal playing field.  It just so happens that college football has a postseason system that treats one group of Americans like “Second- Class” Citizens, the student-athletes on the TCU, Utah and Boise State’s of the world, and that is not those teams or players’ fault!  Those schools, coaches and players are just doing the best they can in recruiting players to their schools and then playing the games on their schedules and for those of you out there that don’t know up from down and the confused morons in the crowd that support the Bogus BCS, they are beating the teams that have more resources and supposedly more talent from these BCS conferences on a pretty regular basis.

But, let’s not CONFUSE THE MORONS WITH THE FACTS of what happens in every sport in America except of course I-A college football….

Namely that Real Americans, Real Men and Real Women, settle CHAMPIONSHIPS on the Field of Play.  If you believe in any other way to settle a CHAMPIONSHIP then you should be ashamed to call yourself an American….

But then there are a lot of people in America in the “Everyone’s A Winner” Crowd and those folks whether they realize it or not (most don’t realize it because they are Candy Asses 24/7) directly responsible for the current state of our K – 12 schools and all the other nonsense that gets shoveled into our kids brains by the Candy Asses that are running around screaming that “Everyone’s A Winner” all the time.  No, everyone’s not “A Winner” all the time you Candy Asses….


Revision of Coaches Hot Seat 2010 Notre Dame Prediction

After attending the PGA Championship over the weekend and waking up along Lake Michigan in Wisconsin a Coaches Hot Seat member made the 250 or so mile drive along the Lake down through Chicago and then over to South Bend, Indiana to check on things with the Notre Dame football program.

We have a few friends around South Bend, Indiana that keep their eyes on things at Notre Dame and they were during the Weis era incredibly negative about things with the Irish football team and those same folks have brightened a good bit since Brian Kelly arrived on the scene and got things back to what they consider “normal.”

After our CHS member met with our friends and we discussed what he had heard we have decided to revise our predictions for Notre Dame in 2010.  A week or so we predicted that Brian Kelly and Notre Dame would put up a 7-5 record in 2010 but we are now predicting that the Irish will go 9 – 3 and we are changing from losses to wins the games against Utah (South Bend) and USC (Los Angeles).  See our Notre Dame prediction for 2010 below

Notre Dame 2010 Schedule

9 – 4 Purdue W
9 – 11 Michigan  W
9 – 18 @ Michigan State L
9 – 25 Stanford L
10 – 2 @ Boston College L
10 – 9 Pitt W
10-16 Western Michigan  W
10-23 Navy W
10 – 30 Tulsa  W
11 – 13 Utah  W
11 – 20 Army W
11 – 27 @ USC W

CHS Predicted 2010 Record:  9 – 3

The main reason for changing our prediction for Notre Dame this season is that we now believe that Brian Kelly and his coaching staff have been able to make some pretty big leaps on both sides of the ball and that the Irish are going to be very competitive in every game they play in this season. 


2010 Coach and Team Predictions



Conference:  Independent

Head Coach:  Rich Ellerson

Age:  57

Salary:  $420,000

Head Coaching Years:  10

Overall Record:  65 – 48  (.575)

Years at School:  1

Record at School:  5 – 7

2009 Record:  5- 7

2009 CHS Prediction:  5 – 7

ESPN.com Army Webpage

Army 2010 Schedule

9 – 4 @ Eastern Michigan W
9 – 11 Hawaii  W
9 – 18 North Texas  W
9 – 25 @ Duke L
10 – 2 Temple L
10 – 9 @ Tulane W
10 – 16 @ Rutgers L
10 – 30 VMI W
11 – 6 Air Force L
11 – 13 @ Kent State W
11 – 20 Notre Dame L
12 – 11 Navy L

CHS Predicted 2010 Record:  6 – 6 

CHS Analysis:  Whenever any of us here at Coaches Hot Seat got the chance in recent years to see Rich Ellerson’s Cal Poly team play we always took advantage of it because there really is nothing like watching a triple-option attack that is run by college football players that have a head coach and coaching staff that knows what it is doing.  Ellerson and Company knew what they were doing at Cal Poly and Ellerson knows what he is doing as he rebuilds the Army football program.  After putting up a very respectful 5 – 7 record in his first year at West Point including a big win over Vanderbilt, we see Ellerson continuing to build the Cadets into a force in college football and being a serious thorn in the side of Navy, Air Force and anyone else that shows up on Army’s schedule.  Army is back in the college football business in a serious way for the first time in a long time and that is a very good thing for the entire game.

CHS Maximum 2010 Upside Record:  8 – 4

CHS Maximum 2010 Downside Record:  2 – 10

Hippopotamus Standard Wins for 2010*:  1 – 11

*How many games the team would win if a HIPPO was their head coach.  We here at Coaches Hot Seat believe that many schools have softened up their schedule to such a degree that many coaches are getting credit for piling up wins against mediocre foes. Therefore, Coaches Hot Seat introduces for the 2010 season, the “A HIPPO Would Win….Games in 2010″ Standard.  We have been very lenient in our picks, and we think very fair to the coaches, especially because the competition within the conferences is getting so tough, but we do believe that every coach should be held to a minimum standard of games won (and of course they will certainly be on the Coaches Hot Seat if they cannot beat the HIPPO!), and thus we introduce the HIPPOPOTAMUS STANDARDS FOR 2010! 


Conference:  Independent

Head Coach:  Ken Niumatalolo

Age:  45

Salary:  $1,115,000

Head Coaching Years:  2

Overall Record:  18 – 9  (.667)

Years at School:  2

Record at School:  18 – 9

2009 Record:  10 – 4

2009 CHS Prediction:  8 – 5

ESPN.com Navy Webpage

Navy 2010 Schedule

9 – 6 Maryland W
9 – 11 Georgia Southern W
9 – 18 @ La. Tech L
10 – 2 @ Air Force L
10 – 9 @ Wake Forest L
10 – 16 SMU W
10 – 23 Notre Dame L
10 – 30 Duke W
11 – 6 @ ECU W
11 – 13 Central Michigan W
11 – 20 Arkansas State W
12 – 11 Army W

CHS Predicted 2010 Record:  8 – 4

CHS Analysis:  Ken Niumatalolo has done a very good job of following up Paul Johnson’s tenure at the Naval Academy and we expect Ken to keep things rolling with the “Anchors Away” gang.  Air Force under Troy Calhoun has become a very solid football program and that means that we are going to have some great years ahead with Navy, Air Force and eventually Army under Ellerson all playing some very good football.  Navy again in 2010 has a very tough schedule to deal with and the opening game against a down Maryland team could set the tone for the season.  With road trips to Air Force, La. Tech, Wake Forest and ECU the Midshipmen will have their hands full to match the 10 wins they had in ’09 but Navy is now a very tough football program and they might just surprise us again this year. 

On a side note there are several of us here at Coaches Hot Seat that served in the US Navy and we are always very proud to see the Navy Midshipmen playing very good football and we always had great fun when we ran into former Navy football players out in the “Fleet.”  When picking touch (really tackle) football teams while in homeport or overseas on liberty (nothing like a good football game to wear off a long night on the town in Europe!) we would always know who the former Navy football players were and we would quietly get them on our teams!  Nothing like a good ringer when there is food and beer on the line for the losers of the football game to buy for the winners!  Did we have as much fun as the actors/characters in the movie M.A.S.H.?

Actually…..MORE FUN!

CHS Maximum 2010 Upside Record:  10 – 2

CHS Maximum 2010 Downside Record:  4 – 8

Hippopotamus Standard Wins for 2010*:  2 – 10

*How many games the team would win if a HIPPO was their head coach.  We here at Coaches Hot Seat believe that many schools have softened up their schedule to such a degree that many coaches are getting credit for piling up wins against mediocre foes. Therefore, Coaches Hot Seat introduces for the 2010 season, the “A HIPPO Would Win….Games in 2010″ Standard.  We have been very lenient in our picks, and we think very fair to the coaches, especially because the competition within the conferences is getting so tough, but we do believe that every coach should be held to a minimum standard of games won (and of course they will certainly be on the Coaches Hot Seat if they cannot beat the HIPPO!), and thus we introduce the HIPPOPOTAMUS STANDARDS FOR 2010!

2010 Big Ten Network Football Tour

The Big Ten Network is doing their annual Preseason Tour of all the Big Ten schools and these shows are well worth one’s time.  Here’s a link to the Tour.

2010 Big Ten Network Football Tour

The Big Ten Network is just a great media platform for the Big Ten schools’ sports teams and for the universities as well and we here at Coaches Hot Seat look forward to a Pac-12 Network that will also become a constant in Coaches Hot Seat Central.  Kudos to the Big Ten Network and everyone there keep up the great work!  As for Gerry DiNardo…..OK, we even enjoy Dinardo’s commentary!  Actually, Jerry has forgotten about the game of college football than we have ever known.  Keep it up Boys and Girls there at the Big Ten Network!

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