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Post Week 3 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Top 10 Coaches on the CHS Rankings – Crank It Up Johnny!

Post Week 3 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

Coaches Hot Seat Ranking

Top 10 Coaches on the Post Week 3 CHS Rankings

Crank it up Johnny!


1.  Tim Brewster, Minnesota – In his fourth season at Minnesota Tim Brewster is now 15 – 26  (.366) and Brewster’s immediate predecessor at UM (Glen Mason) that was fired for not winning enough football games had a record of…

Glen Mason – 10 seasons at UM – 64 – 57  (.529)

In Mason’s last 5 seasons at Minnesota his record was:

38 – 25  (.603)

…so Brewster took over a team that was coming off a .603 winner percentage in the last five years and Brewster’s winning percentage to date at UM is…


No, so far Tim Brewster was not an upgrade over Glen Mason and if you are going to fire a coach that is posting .500 plus records and taking teams to bowl games YOU MUST HIRE A COACH that will do better than that!

This is vey simple for Tim Brewster at Minnesota:  Minnesota is now playing in a fabulous new football stadium and the Big Ten conference is about to expand in the coming season and Minnesota football cannot continue to standstill or go backwards and that means Tim Brewster better start winning some football games…..AND QUICK!


2.  Paul Wulff, Washington State – Paul Wulff is now 4 – 24 in his third season in Pullman and those 4 wins are over…

2008 – Portland State, Washington

2009 – SMU

2010 – Montana State

Not very impressive.  In addition in his third season at WSU Paul Wulff’s record in the Pac-10 conference is…

1 – 15

Now that Washington State’s nonconference schedule is over for 2010 and Pac-10 play is about to get underway is there anyone that thinks that WSU will win a Pac-10 game this season?  Didn’t think so…..

What if Washington State does go 1 – 11 in 2010 that will put Paul Wulff’s record at the end of season at…

4 – 33

No, that kind of record is not acceptable at Washington State nor should it be acceptable at any school in the country.


3.  Mike Sherman, Texas A&M – When you are the head football coach at Texas A&M and your Aggie team has to come back in the fourth quarter at home in Kyle Field to beat a team like FIU that has won 9 games total in the last 4 seasons then your rear-end should be on the Hot Seat.  To see what Mike Sherman has accomplished at Texas A&M, or hasn’t accomplished, let’s go to the Cupcake Check:

Mike Sherman – 13 – 15 record at A&M

Cupcake Wins

2008 – New Mexico, Army (Lost to Cupcake Arkansas State!)

2009 – New Mexico, Utah State, UAB

2010 – Stephen F. Austin, La. Tech, FIU

Mike Sherman has 13 total wins at A&M

8 of those wins came against CUPCAKES!

As Big 12 play gets underway for Texas A&M a week from this Thursday on the road against Oklahoma State it is relative to look at Sherman’s Big 12 win/loss record with the Aggies:

2008 – 2 – 6

2009 –  3 – 5

Mike Sherman’s Big 12 record:  5 – 11

Yes, Mike Sherman needs to start beating some legitimate football teams, not just the Cupcakes that the folks in College Station like to serve up to their gullible fans!

Probably one of the most absurd things said last week, besides the usual nonsense coming out the BCS Boys’ mouths, was this comment by A&M AD Bill Byrne in the Houston Chronicle relative to Texas A&M getting their non-conference game on TV:

“”Our first three games were not selected for broadcast by our Big 12 Television Partners,” said A&M athletic director Bill Byrne, in a recent edition of his weekly online column on aggieathletics.com. “This leaves us with three options: no television, pay per view or Fox College Sports.”

Byrne wrote that an FCS broadcast would result in “limited distribution” and “we would receive no revenue from FCS because the game would fall outside the financial terms of the Big 12 contract.

“Less folks buy tickets when we announce home games will be televised. This affects our bottom line.””

Memo to A&M AD Bill Byrne:  If you would quit scheduling Cupcakes to prop up the head coaches at A&M the networks and cable channels would televise the A&M games AND Kyle Field would also be completely sold out!  Schools that schedule Cupcakes deserve anything and everything they get negative wise because it truly is gutless to schedule the teams that A&M has played in Kyle Field the last few seasons:

A&M’ Kyle Field games:

2008 – Arkansas State, Miami (FL), Army

2009 – New Mexico, Utah State, UAB

2010 – Stephen F. Austin, La. Tech, FIU

Texas A&M has played 9 non-conference games at Kyle Field in the last three seasons and 8 of those games have been against Cupcakes!

Uhhhhh, Bill start scheduling legitimate football games and Texas A&M will get plenty of games on television!  Maybe though, Bill is just doing what the Aggies want him to do and that is schedule a bunch of Cupcakes because maybe when you get right down to it the Aggies don’t have the GUTS TO PLAY LEGITIMATE FOOTBALL TEAMS!

What are you Aggies, REAL MEN AND WOMEN….

Or Candy Asses?

Based upon who your school is scheduling games against there are a lot of Candy Asses in College Station that need to be coddled with a lot of servings of…


Eat up those Cupcakes Aggies, but please we don’t want to hear anyone from A&M talking about Junction or Paul “Bear” Bryant or anything else that has to do with REAL MEN AND WOMEN doing REAL THINGS in the REAL WORLD!


4.  Butch Davis, North Carolina – After another tough loss to Ga. Tech on Saturday Butch Davis is 20 – 20 in his fourth season at UNC and even if Davis didn’t have the NCAA and his own school investigating HIS football program he would be on the Hot Seat!  Here is the real problem for Butch Davis:  The Tar Heels are 0 – 2 this season and they have at Rutgers, East Carolina, Clemson, at Virginia, at Miami, William & Mary (Cupcake), at FSU, Virginia Tech, NC State and at Duke left this season.  There is a real chance that the Tar Heels will not win 6 games in 2010 and we rather doubt that Butch Davis can survive a losing season in his fourth year on the job, with or without the players that UNC has lost.  Maybe Butch Davis can survive a losing season in 2010, but if something else comes out NCAA-wise relative to HIS football program then Katy Bar the Door!  Yes, it is getting MIGHTY HOT in Chapel Hill!


5.  Mike Locksley, New Mexico – If the 56 – 14 beatdown by Utah wasn’t bad enough for Locksley and New Mexico, we had this bizarre story come out last week about Mike and a college newspaper reporter evidently getting into something at a local bar:

New Mexico football coach bar squabble makes headlines

Spokesperson:  Locksley disposed of surveillance tape

“University of New Mexico football coach Mike Locksley is making headlines for getting into a confrontation in an Albuquerque bar months ago.

In July, Locksley went to the ABQ Uptown Bar to talk to a Daily Lobo editor about an article that said the school’s football program was in shambles, a spokesperson for the UNM Athletics said.

The editor later claimed Locksley used profanity, prompting Locksley to get the bar’s surveillance video and show it to several people in the department, the spokesperson said.

“But there’s nothing to suggest on the video that there’s anything confrontational and out of the ordinary,” the spokesperson said.

That spokesperson said Locksley also took the video and showed it to an Albuquerque Journal reporter, who said it showed nothing and it wasn’t a story. Locksley threw away the video after that.”

Well, that’s good to know, but we would advise Mike that he not go to bars to confront newspaper reporters, even if they are with the UNM college newspaper!  We are betting Tony Dungy would give you the same advice!

Getting back to the field, after the Utah game the Lobos have now given up 180 points a game or an average of 60 points per game in 2010!  Wow!

It is our opinion that the New Mexico fans are willing to take a few losses as Locksley brings hoped for positive change to UNM but we rather doubt they are going to tolerate these blowouts forever…

Here a few comments from Lobo fans…

Lobo Fans Mixed on Locksley

Yes, things are Hot and are getting Hotter in Albuquerque and the Lobos and Locksley really need a win against UNLV in Vegas on Saturday!  The bad news?  New Mexico is an 8 point underdog to a winless UNLV team!  Ouch!



6.  Dan Hawkins, Colorado – After a very important win over Hawaii on Saturday, that is coached by another coach on the Hot Seat, Dan Hawkins is 18 – 34 in five seasons at Colorado and he is still facing a gauntlet of games that continues with Georgia after an off week.  A win over Georgia would be very important, because CU’s Big 12 schedule is a back breaker in 2010 that includes:  at Missouri, Baylor, Texas Tech, at Oklahoma, at Kansas, Iowa State, Kansas State and at Nebraska.  Ouch!  It is our opinion that Dan Hawkins needs 6 wins at a minimum in 2010 to return in 2011 and if Hawkins and the Buffs can’t win 4 of their last 9 games then it probably is time for Hawkins to go.



7.  Todd Dodge, North Texas – After a tough loss to Army, that included more injuries than we have ever seen to starters in a college football game, UNT is now 0 – 3 on the 2010 season and now has an overall record with the Mean Green of 5 – 34.  Ouch!  What Todd Dodge needs is some wins and Todd Dodge knows he needs some wins and that starts with a game at FAU this Saturday.  FAU is a team that North Texas can beat and that is the only thing Todd Dodge and his football team should be worried about right now.  Beating FAU!



8.  Ralph Friedgen, Maryland – Friedgen and the Terps took it on the chin at West Virginia on Saturday and UM is now 2 – 1 on the season which is a season that needs 6 or 7 wins on the board for Friedgen to return in 2011.  Maryland has ever chance to get things going back in the right direction with FIU and Duke up next and if the Terps really want to get their coach off the Hot Seat then they better come to play in the next two games and beat two teams that they more talent than and should beat every day of the week.  The immediate task at hand is to beat FIU and if the Terps lose to FIU it is going to get “Florida in the Summer Type” Hot in College Park, Maryland!




9.  Greg McMackin, Hawaii – Here are the numbers that kill Greg McMackin at Hawaii:

June Jones – 9 seasons at Hawaii – 76 – 41  (.650)

June Jones – Last 2 seasons at Hawaii – 23 – 4  (.852)

Greg McMackin – 3 seasons at Hawaii –  14 – 16  (.467)

Clearly, the Hawaii football program has gone backwards under Greg McMackin and unless he gets things back onto the positive side of the ledger the folks at UH are going to go out and get themselves a new head football coach. 

Up next for the Warriors:  Cupcake Charleston Southern, La. Tech, at Fresno State, Nevada, at Utah State, Idaho, at Boise State, San Jose State, at New Mexico State, UNLV.  Ouch!

We are thinking that Greg McMackin needs at least 6 wins off of a 13 game regular season schedule to return for 2011 and it is going to be very Damn difficult for the Warriors to find 5 wins out of the next 10 games even spotting them the Cupcake win over Charleston-Southern!

It’s Hot in Hawaii and its getting HOTTER!



10.  Mark Richt, Georgia – Mark Richt is 91 – 29 in 10 seasons at Georgia which is an incredible win-loss record but the real ugly numbers are with what Richt and his Dawgs have done starting with their home loss to LSU last season…

Overall:  6 – 7

SEC Games:  2 – 6

Ouch!  Throw in the fact that Mark Richt is 2 – 7 against the Florida Gators and you have a bunch of Bulldogs that are hopping mad and a head coach on the Hot Seat!

Richt and Georgia have coming up:  at Mississippi State, at Colorado, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, at Kentucky, Florida, Idaho State (Cupcake), at Auburn and Georgia Tech.  Ouch!

If Georgia doesn’t start playing better football the Dawgs could lose 9 games in 2010!  Would a 3 – 9 record lead to Mark Richt’s firing?  If it didn’t then Georgia football would be dead!

Memo to new Georgia DC Todd Grantham:  It’s not the defensive scheme or alignment that counts in college football, but rather how bad your players want to win compared to the players they are lined up against.  Either the Georgia defense is going to start playing more physical football and start tackling and taking people to the ground or the Dawgs or going to lose a lot of football games this season.  If we took over the Georgia defense tomorrow the last thing on our minds would be where the Georgia defense is going to line up on the field, but rather if the Georgia players had enough “want” in them to stop the other team.  Believe it:  If we took over the Georgia defense today the Bulldog players would have plenty of “want” in them by Friday and the UGA players that didn’t “want” to play football would find themselves in the stands on Saturday!

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